Julian Newman SNAPS! "You're Not Ready For This" NEO 2017

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k M
k M - 2 hours ago
fucku nigga
るんタコ - 7 hours ago
jenxger - 7 hours ago
😂 he said Jaythan was too little... but the next time they met Jaythan was almost a head taller and Julian remained the same height 😂
T W - 7 hours ago
6:13 pussy!
Dennis Cordovez
Dennis Cordovez - 9 hours ago
he's inviting defense, then ramone woods came and bullied him on defense haha
Mikhael JIRO
Mikhael JIRO - 11 hours ago
Julian Newman Your a Dirty Player
IDEA - 17 hours ago
Porque el blanco siempre tiene que ser el buenoxd?
Abdullah Aguillon
Abdullah Aguillon - 19 hours ago
I don't think newman can reach NBA
Welmar Lagunoy
Welmar Lagunoy - Day ago
Fuck You 404 arrogant kid!!!
Dario Courtney
Dario Courtney - Day ago
Julian Newman still gonna be 5 foot 3 when he tries to get drafted lol
RaGe Animations
RaGe Animations - Day ago
julian newman is far *REALLY BAD* then Lamelo
Brian Conceicao
Brian Conceicao - Day ago
Those games were terribly refereed!! Refs should be ashamed of themselves
Ricardo colin
Ricardo colin - Day ago
Face The North
Face The North - Day ago
Julian a fuck nigga
Hank Potter
Hank Potter - Day ago
he wastes time on the shot clock to try to impress all his friends when he all he does is dribble and think he’s something special @julian
Koç Yıldırım
Koç Yıldırım - Day ago
number 413: good handles, good vision, team player, good defender, respectful and handsome
number 404: good handles, blind vision, selfish, 'almost his every defensive intervention is foul', disrespectful and ugly
Buk0r4c 23
Buk0r4c 23 - Day ago
Alakazam,crnje nemaju penis
Kaden Runge
Kaden Runge - Day ago
Julian is a bitch. He so cocky and dirty. 413 is much better!!!
Maldito asqueroso africano el blanco siempre humilde y respetuoso y ese negro asqueroso agrandado
Mateus Baldo
Mateus Baldo - Day ago
Julian is a twisted, toxic girl who wants to fix a boyfriend. In Brazil, it would have taken a punch in the mouth during the game to stop being arrogant and sucker
Ben Fisherman
Ben Fisherman - Day ago
Ya he is a jerk
Crossed Fingers
Crossed Fingers - 2 days ago
Lol dribble dribble then shoot. He knows he cant pass through the white kid
森林大 - 2 days ago
Catalyst - 2 days ago
so toxic
Newman is my cousin
Sabino Nuñez
Sabino Nuñez - 2 days ago
Le hace a la mama ese vato vale para pura vrg🖕🖕🖕😂😂😂
Mike Wade
Mike Wade - 2 days ago
Tell Julius Newman that he needs to shoot overhead dog
Jorge Santos
Jorge Santos - 2 days ago
That nigga is too boastful!
Bryan Amb
Bryan Amb - 2 days ago
Cocky idiot man. When he goes to real basketball he's gonna get his mass schooled
BikeLife T
BikeLife T - 3 days ago
Entertaining 👍🏽
Therdiejoy Catsao
Therdiejoy Catsao - 3 days ago
Fuck 404
Roque Mendez
Roque Mendez - 3 days ago
Julian Newman is very estúpid in this game
Erithson Quiroz
Erithson Quiroz - 3 days ago
Look at the girl with pink shirt she is good basketball player she crossed him the 404 kid in epic books you can go and put basketball and go to videos and ya
challenge-x - 3 days ago
Nigga noob
Buğrahan Aydemir
Buğrahan Aydemir - 3 days ago
I didn't like Julian's unsportsmanship, and cockiness
Milan Gurung
Milan Gurung - 3 days ago
404 too rude man
Bubee - 3 days ago
Be humble
廖均文 - 4 days ago
It’s all about attitude, especially in sports. When you got better talent and higher skills, you should be more humble. Or else? Everyone can tell who is actually not ready for this in the video
TheRiceguy78 - 4 days ago
I know that this is an old vid but did an 8th grader keep up with a dude deep in high school?
Justin Tibbers
Justin Tibbers - 4 days ago
Stupid black boy thinks he's good
rap cee federico
rap cee federico - 4 days ago
respect is the key fucc yah negga jew...
rap cee federico
rap cee federico - 4 days ago
trashtalking is a shit doings neggah
Nathan Fellype
Nathan Fellype - 4 days ago
Ah se fosse no Brasil mlk ! Sou muito mais o branquim ai na dele , joga muito mais que esse exibido ai
James Gillenwater
James Gillenwater - 4 days ago
413 was a really good player!!! Julian’s attitude was trash!!!
Chuy Mora
Chuy Mora - 4 days ago
Alyzel Wapyy
Alyzel Wapyy - 4 days ago
Actually Julian is a gay
Nate Shxyh
Nate Shxyh - 4 days ago
I am just so mad that this man gets followers and fam when he goes is a really big asshole
Vanessa Rosero
Vanessa Rosero - 4 days ago
413 juega hermoso jugando con humildad gestos q no se diga WOW pero 404 juega mmm manejo de balón pero es muy grosero se cree mucho
Erick Hernandez
Erick Hernandez - 2 days ago
Lo mismo digo se cree mucho para mi el 413 lo supera
Dirt DD
Dirt DD - 5 days ago
He gon regret this when trying to get into college basketball and the coaches see his attitude...btw he wasnt that good...white dude was better
Foehn Kurt Dagsa
Foehn Kurt Dagsa - 5 days ago
Julian newman is trash talker no respectful
Gamer Pacman RPG
Gamer Pacman RPG - 5 days ago
Pinches negros de mierda v:
Hengky Firman
Hengky Firman - 5 days ago
Julian fuck attitude
Mflow Moo
Mflow Moo - 5 days ago
You would be better if you would shut your mouth arrogance isnt cute kid
Finders Keepers
Finders Keepers - 5 days ago
Need to stop wasting so much time dribbling and use that time wisely, like to find a better barber...
Zak Zaid
Zak Zaid - 5 days ago
That white boy is gonna to be legend
Norma Alzualde
Norma Alzualde - 5 days ago
Yo ya le estaría partiendo la cabeza con la pelota
Salvador Ortega
Salvador Ortega - 5 days ago
Déjenme Ami el pichne negro
VOJTA PECHO - 5 days ago
LIKE A boss_!_
RaneyThe Slytherin
RaneyThe Slytherin - 6 days ago
Julian has no offers because of his attitude
killfor_ Win
killfor_ Win - 6 days ago
The white boy destroying the black one no hate no nothing just I don't know the name sry :)
Robert Smith
Robert Smith - 6 days ago
Why do all you commenters have to push racism on these kids, that's why they have Jersey numbers and colors, in sports if you don't know the guys name you say number this and number that you all act like it's a battle of the ethnicities and humans only have a few shades anyway, not like animals with pinks and spots and breeds, just different shades, environments and upbringings. This is basketball for the youth not a war of races.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith - 7 days ago
That hard ball to the face should've been benched!
Agung bu'ulolo
Agung bu'ulolo - 7 days ago
Your ju ju is a glitch
jimmy jim
jimmy jim - 7 days ago
Jaythan grew couple of inches and newman still that arrogant hard dribbler with no direction midget
Marco Sanchez
Marco Sanchez - 7 days ago
All he can do is shoot. Pussy ass can’t even take it to the rim 🤣
Johmar Cadeliña
Johmar Cadeliña - 7 days ago
Julian can't guard me💪 come here in Philippines bro
X L - 7 days ago
Julian is the rude one? Okay skill but trash person.
Divine Jacob Mathew
Divine Jacob Mathew - 7 days ago
Error Server 404!
RayeNetwork - 7 days ago
I dont't like this Julian
Edilberto Alvarez
Edilberto Alvarez - 7 days ago
404 don't got no respect for the game
Edilberto Alvarez
Edilberto Alvarez - 7 days ago
White boy had my respect all time 404 was to cocky
Xade Gonzalez
Xade Gonzalez - 7 days ago
Pinche morriyo cremas
João Victor Brabo
João Victor Brabo - 7 days ago
Zidan tgr
Zidan tgr - 8 days ago
416 what are you doing man
Stanley _ Official
Stanley _ Official - 8 days ago
Here in the Philippines, if Julian acts like that we will really beat him up. The whole camp will...
Brandon Jeffries
Brandon Jeffries - 8 days ago
Newman been trash he can dribble and shot a lil but put him aginst sum competition he won’t do shit lmao it kill me how cocky he is cause he anit shit the leauges he playing in a it no competition at all
Andrey Sotnya
Andrey Sotnya - 8 days ago
This boy better then JN...
Greg Love
Greg Love - 8 days ago
5:11 mood: when you get home after a long day to leftovers to only realize someone then ate yo food lmmfao
Mr. Mob
Mr. Mob - 8 days ago
He can't even guard Ramone Woods
Brian James
Brian James - 8 days ago
Here's the thing... Blue might've won, but that was terrible sportsmanship. I feel the only reason they win is because every time Julian had the ball, he wanted to face 413 because he knew he could do better against him. He didn't want to play any others just to make him look bad. And in NBA, a lot of that stuff he did would be fouled real quick but he got away with it because it was like a school game or something like that. He needs to learn respect and sportsmanship because over time, the real person who wins is there other guy and the only person he is hurting the most is himself and he's not gonna turn out so good in the future.
Its Juxlz
Its Juxlz - 8 days ago
People saying “404” and “413” like they didn’t show there names in the start
S S - 8 days ago
As coach Carter said "What gives you the right to the game that I love with trash talk and taunting?" You have a lot to learn kid.
MrAxolotl GT
MrAxolotl GT - 9 days ago
What a bitch
Ball - 9 days ago
And julien newman is still the same height lol
Dyerlley Andrade
Dyerlley Andrade - 9 days ago
Esse menino e mitido demais mano
Trails - 9 days ago
Bro Julian acting liked he clapped but man.......
That white boy had some crazy moves
Juliet - 9 days ago
De azul é bom mas o de Branco deu um banho nele!!!
Charlie McKinney
Charlie McKinney - 9 days ago
White boy all the way
XxMentallyxX - 9 days ago
What a retarded Julian
TheDjcobra2001 - 9 days ago
If i ever threw the ball at someone while dribbling, coach would have kicked me off the team. But i guess dad being coach and cheering him on created this monster. Juilian, you are talented man but the attitude will get you NOWHERE in basketball. Dad cant coach you forever.
TheDjcobra2001 - 9 days ago
0:48. I hate players like that. I tore everything in my right ankle and knee in high school by someone pushing me when i got past them. Not cool.
michael labton
michael labton - 9 days ago
your strong julian newman? But your attitude is bad useless😑
Rocky jet Daguyen
Rocky jet Daguyen - 6 days ago
Not that strong. He got smoke by another school team the score gap was a mile away. Turns out he cant do offense on a tall player and his 3's are useless and easy to block.
West tv
West tv - 9 days ago
Donkeys 💩💩💩💩🐒🐒🐒
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez - 9 days ago
Julian is like 3 years older than him
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga - 9 days ago
413 pure class 😵
Saša Matić
Saša Matić - 9 days ago
Newman is soo arrogant
JAKE OLMSTEAD - 9 days ago
At 2:55 a kid in the stands is picking his nose I'm dead
Derrick Young
Derrick Young - 9 days ago
I had to replay the video
southchum101 - 10 days ago
He stepped up to a 8th grader?
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez - 10 days ago

Julian: 3:48
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