Julian Newman SNAPS! "You're Not Ready For This" NEO 2017

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Arie dharmawan
Arie dharmawan - 39 minutes ago
Fucking negro... All of you negro.. You are suck
jada melendez
jada melendez - Hour ago
julian newmanis trash I am calling tou out for a 1v1 in basketball
lil 15
lil 15 - 2 hours ago
Julian trashtalk a lil boy but in hs he don't have the balls for trashtalk
Lucas Tavares
Lucas Tavares - 2 hours ago
Julian is a bitch
j k
j k - 3 hours ago
Tem que encarar o professor.
Ian Lim
Ian Lim - 4 hours ago
He cant even guard without harrasing or grabbing the arms of 413 newman was trashed ✌️
Ian Lim
Ian Lim - 4 hours ago
Actually julian was a big trash in the leauge of basketball.
Ben Ben
Ben Ben - 10 hours ago
Devin X SnkrS
Devin X SnkrS - 12 hours ago
5:13 Julian teammate in the background summarizes this whole video
eljun abapo
eljun abapo - 15 hours ago
404 is a piece of shit! fck u ur a BULLSHIT
Mase Money
Mase Money - 17 hours ago
Why does this channel show this Newman kid. He's hot garbage
Mase Money
Mase Money - 17 hours ago
2:23 was the moment of thruth
gondez su
gondez su - Day ago
404 🖕
Ricardo Flores
Ricardo Flores - 2 days ago
F*cking nigga
Oscar Lai
Oscar Lai - 2 days ago
I mean~At least the white kid is not a midget. So surely will have a lot more potential in the future, can’t wait to see him dunk on Julian one day
Carlos Lucero
Carlos Lucero - 2 days ago
Julian Newman = Arrogance
Michael Resendez
Michael Resendez - 3 days ago
NTAV-Gaming - 3 days ago
413 i like you
Diyos TV
Diyos TV - 4 days ago
Bad atittude
RJ Levy
RJ Levy - 4 days ago
Juilan said don't be scared lil boy
Khid Mhiles Managantan
Khid Mhiles Managantan - 5 days ago
Bobo Naman ni julian
Duane Hislaw
Duane Hislaw - 5 days ago
This guy is cheating he can't do that
RJ Levy
RJ Levy - 6 days ago
Juilan is Punkin That boy alot
Charm Niceed
Charm Niceed - 6 days ago
Pak i tooo broooooo blueee
Charm Niceed
Charm Niceed - 6 days ago
Pak u bro
LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball - 7 days ago
Everyone knows I’ll block Julian’s shit all day 😂🙅🏽‍♂️
Miguel Ugsimar
Miguel Ugsimar - 7 days ago
John luke Mondejar
John luke Mondejar - 7 days ago
Pongulay ahhh
gerarlcan - 7 days ago
Al 404 lo veo en prisión dentro de un par de años.
RJ Levy
RJ Levy - 7 days ago
he coooldd for doing that
RJ Levy
RJ Levy - 7 days ago
Julian newman is so coooldd
RJ Levy
RJ Levy - 7 days ago
Juilan newman is better
Zulfikar Hamid
Zulfikar Hamid - 8 days ago
respect 413
404 fucking
gio gio
gio gio - 8 days ago
Wtf julian is a bum i can take him on 1v1 ez
Влад Агейчик
Ахахаха все негры крысы
Aryan Sengar
Aryan Sengar - 8 days ago
Ajay Pancras
Ajay Pancras - 9 days ago
Not so good player
Nikita Lukosevicius
Nikita Lukosevicius - 10 days ago
Julian Newman or that kid?
IGNUS tmd - 10 days ago
Stupid nigga 404 eat my shit
Sebas Rios
Sebas Rios - 10 days ago
2:24 can somebody tell me the name of that move
Naru Kami
Naru Kami - 10 days ago
That black kid has made me racist.
Miguel LaChica
Miguel LaChica - 10 days ago
2 years later I think he has less of an attitude now
marlowe raffles
marlowe raffles - 11 days ago
Exactly this nigga play at a varsity level n he bearly beat an 8th grade team by a basket ? The world is not ready for julian lmao
Calvin Samonte
Calvin Samonte - 11 days ago
Nimal a buluk mu butu
James Simmons
James Simmons - 11 days ago
Dang he said don’t be scared lil kid
木鳥卓 - 11 days ago
Bunny Hug
Bunny Hug - 11 days ago
All respect to 413. All understanding to 404 who's suffering from Small Man Syndrome
Dooflamingo Capt
Dooflamingo Capt - 11 days ago
U know, julian if u are here in my country, and doing these toxicty , RiP man i will gonna beat u until u cant go up. COME HERE IN PH!
BRENSCHY1 - 11 days ago
I never saw 404 completely go to his left one time that shows a weakness I would have guarded him on his right side....I saw him make shots but was the point of all the extra dribbling if you not shaking no one🤔🤷🏽
Tristan P
Tristan P - 12 days ago
404 you sicken me
Anonymplayer _._
Anonymplayer _._ - 12 days ago
Julian is trash
Asharee McWilliams
Asharee McWilliams - 12 days ago
404 is a bitchass dude
Jokjok Mangaoang
Jokjok Mangaoang - 12 days ago
Negative player hahaha
Johnny McKinney
Johnny McKinney - 12 days ago
Julian ain’t gone be shit tho he got no handles and too small. He will get ate up in real competition
elai eusebio
elai eusebio - 13 days ago
such a bad attitude for that black guy
zIKayyuun - 14 days ago
Im so happy this Julian kid is to small to ever compete at a high level, no one needs players like him
xRyalsx - 15 days ago
hold up so this autistic mixed mutt was getting shit on by a kid 4 years younger
Norcalflat - 15 days ago
Little Carlton Banks lookin' dude needs to chill. All of that fancy showboat dribbling in place is just wasted energy. And tossing the ball at a defender when there is no loose ball or risk of going out of bounds is petty. Leave that shit on the playground.
mr conqueror
mr conqueror - 15 days ago
kids trynna play the game peaceful but this Julian NewBitch is being a pussy
Dávid Farkas
Dávid Farkas - 16 days ago
Testosteron titans
Kote nou ye la?
Kote nou ye la? - 16 days ago
Hi dear touch mee
Darrell Vazques
Darrell Vazques - 16 days ago
I hate that kid 404 fuck off with that shit he got no respect to the opponent
Solid Duce
Solid Duce - 16 days ago
This kid fuck suck 👎👎👎👎 he look like a rat 🐀
Bandages-_- -
Bandages-_- - - 16 days ago
Julian won the matchup regardless trash talk is apart of basketball if you can’t handle the heat stay tf out the kitchen
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo - 16 days ago
Só o mlq do time de branco joga tmbm vsfd
Travis Thompson
Travis Thompson - 17 days ago
Julian Newman is the biggest bitch in highschool basketball. All that dribbling and most the time he going no where
Cassidy Yung
Cassidy Yung - 18 days ago
Bruh Julian said, why you scared little boy when he the one who never grew since he was 4 😂😂
miguel sebastian
miguel sebastian - 18 days ago
Aghhhhh men
Bence YT
Bence YT - 19 days ago
404 a csaló👊
milo - 19 days ago
Julian to stack, a little jerk I would do his education
Homer Zanches
Homer Zanches - 19 days ago
puto negro pelionero
WEST TUNE - 19 days ago
Arrogant loser karma will comes to you amin
Toni 93
Toni 93 - 19 days ago
Noke ta mere
Mark Fernandez
Mark Fernandez - 19 days ago
I want to teach newman real manners tho😂 slap his ass 100x 😂
Mark Fernandez
Mark Fernandez - 19 days ago
Newman is just bigmouth talker but melo crush his confident 😂 i watch their match 😂
alvin fuk
alvin fuk - 19 days ago
Bgst baju bru
Mighty Spirit
Mighty Spirit - 20 days ago
The white boy is so sick jullian is so rude he always trash talk to the white boy
SJ & MI - 20 days ago
Yabang ng 404 kala naman magaling
Kayla Barbella
Kayla Barbella - 20 days ago
Am I mistaking?? Why doesn’t this show the entire video...you know the part where 413 wins the game?😳🤷🏼‍♀️
Kayla Barbella
Kayla Barbella - 19 days ago
The video I saw before this one shows the opposite
EliteMixtapes - 19 days ago
Julian’s team won lol
ISOGOD - 21 day ago
At this point he need to get punched. Julian is a good player and I don’t hate him at all but he need to fix his additude
Alexander Morales Acevedo
Julian is a fucking idiot, he is trash bro
Sergio Díaz SD
Sergio Díaz SD - 21 day ago
Julian Newman aprende a respetar gilipollas.
Fuck you late suck dicks
Angel Ventura
Angel Ventura - 22 days ago
413 the best!
Anderson LaRue
Anderson LaRue - 22 days ago
pooer kid gets broken
Kiki Taboti
Kiki Taboti - 22 days ago
Over over .. kecil / mini 😂😂😂
PeшDiePie - 23 days ago
That black kid is Russell Westbrook 's son
Kit Amba
Kit Amba - 23 days ago
This black kid has talent but he also has attitude. The kid in white is patience. He has a humble attitude i can tell.
Michaelearnstoplay - 23 days ago
404 you don't have talent you don't have heart your a black and ugly as fuck you don't deserve a respect word I hope you die
Michaelearnstoplay - 23 days ago
I want to see professor teach this nigga a lesson
Michaelearnstoplay - 23 days ago
I'm going to KO that nigga at the octagon
flz Khiangte
flz Khiangte - 23 days ago
Whos that jersey no. 404??
Leva YCD
Leva YCD - 23 days ago
I'll punch the fuck out of this midget nigga brah if i was there
Predrag Šinko
Predrag Šinko - 24 days ago
White boy is god person. Chocolate=idiot
Dorina Cardia
Dorina Cardia - 24 days ago
Dorina Cardia
Dorina Cardia - 24 days ago
Exal Rush
Exal Rush - 24 days ago
Julian are too much in trashtalks... Stop speak and played. Respect for the white kid.
nash gilua
nash gilua - 24 days ago
Buvo nung naka blue mmamatay kana
Jho mabangis
Jho mabangis - 24 days ago
thats why that cocky neman is trash he is small yet he is so arrogant... no career waiting for you cocky small man...
Bulian Bhavez
Bulian Bhavez - 24 days ago
And then he meets Ramone woods
morgen stern
morgen stern - 24 days ago
overrated midget
Lalo Hernandez
Lalo Hernandez - 24 days ago
Julian Newman a bitch 😂
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