Irish Dating Show - SNL

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JCRivera98 - 5 hours ago
So the Irish fuck their cousins??? 🤔🤢
Taecoholic - Day ago
ycAuntieLala - Day ago
That I do. That I do!
Grace Colville
Grace Colville - 2 days ago
my favourite food is gray
Tree Thoughts
Tree Thoughts - 2 days ago
But.. who won???
Merrilee McWeeney
Merrilee McWeeney - 2 days ago
NO WAY ι нανє α ¢συѕιи иαмє∂ SIOBHAN
Dauda Bappa
Dauda Bappa - 2 days ago
When watching various SNL videos on YT, I always come back to this one!
Yankee Skunkee
Yankee Skunkee - 3 days ago
O Boy! can't wait till one of the biggest pack of inbreeds on the planet, the ASHKENAZI jews have a Dating Game sketch!!
How about showing them fake ficking that Wailing Wall! Do those primitive freaks have a stash of 'wall porn'? Inquiring goys want to know!(Goyium- when you see those wool coat wearing ,bearded men rockin back n forth at the Wailing Wall, they are having intercourse with the wall, yes, you read that right! So bizarre n funny yet NEVER mentioned) Or how about a skit on the (no Semitic DNA- Russian Khazer converts) spitting on little girls for showing their legs! Imagine a hook-up with them! Geesus! hahahahha so funny.
Oooo No wait, that'll never happen, cause it's AshkeNAZI jews who produce this sihite.
The brilliant Irish American Marlon Brando called these disgusting hypocrites out on this years ago.
Hope you had a Christy, Christy Christmas and Happy Easter
85BRox - 3 days ago
Awesome host name; a shame it was drowned out!
Princess Panda
Princess Panda - 4 days ago
Jacksepticeye is shaking
the doom Brothers
the doom Brothers - 5 days ago
I am Scottish I think all British should git bashed over hed wa iron bru bottle
So you're just going to end it there and not tell us who won?
Jay Mandal
Jay Mandal - 6 days ago
Audience really like that
Hello There
Hello There - 6 days ago
Hello There
Hello There - 6 days ago
Eve Mulhall
Eve Mulhall - 6 days ago
Ah sure the accents were ok I guess
Scar Face boy
Scar Face boy - 6 days ago
They really do that..cuz ..I seen that on gypsy weddings.. People like to keep families together.. Less drama..Lol
The Occupied Rebel
The Occupied Rebel - 8 days ago
Why tf is the 6 counties cut out of the map???
MJade - 8 days ago
😁😂more like 5000 years too late
Yes, I'm Irish And Scottish. Thank youAnd I'm bright red under me makeup too😅
myles depinna
myles depinna - 9 days ago
If this exact same skit was made with an asian/african country it would be considered racist
Lil Wigga
Lil Wigga - 10 days ago
Sweet Home Ireland?
Kay Olive
Kay Olive - 10 days ago
these accents are impressive. the dialect coach on snl must be proud
Peakworlds Studios
Peakworlds Studios - 11 days ago
picky, picky..
Shannon Hunley
Shannon Hunley - 11 days ago
Sarah Khan
Sarah Khan - 12 days ago
devilpupbear09 - 12 days ago
That's a damn good Scottish accent
windsongshf - 12 days ago
Hey! I'm an inbreed and I find this highly offensive... I mean amusing! Lol!
tom ten heuw
tom ten heuw - 12 days ago
Alabama 100
Travis Besst
Travis Besst - 13 days ago
Kate is smokin' as an Oirish lassie. 😍
Jason Carson
Jason Carson - 13 days ago
Kate McKinnon is a national treasure
Impromptu DTour
Impromptu DTour - 14 days ago
lol.. ?? the hosts name is "Aiden KillKenny"? ... that.. not Bastard!
sylvia murphy
sylvia murphy - 14 days ago
My mom is Irish and she has over 70 cousins so this is perfect.
Denny Le
Denny Le - 15 days ago
Is everyone here posting Irish? Lets hook up. I am Irish too. Lady only*
Background Music
Background Music - 15 days ago
Bill Hader's accent is the worst Irish accent I've ever heard. He sounds like a Danish person who lived in Belfast for two years and then the next 50 years in Hong Kong.
Eibhlin O'Regan
Eibhlin O'Regan - 15 days ago
We should find this offensive but we just dgaf hahahaah
Some guy Named Alex
Some guy Named Alex - 15 days ago
Iam irish and this is Feckin hilarious the shitty accents the stereotypes love it
Coolio P
Coolio P - 16 days ago
This skit was created by the British
Fahmi Ahmed
Fahmi Ahmed - 17 days ago
Kiss me I'm kin
Rishi Sharma
Rishi Sharma - 17 days ago
Who win!! Tell me before the inbred takes over!!!🤣🤣
DeenG - 18 days ago
4:16 Oh my God I laughed so hard - Kate is crazy funny lmao!
thomas allen
thomas allen - 18 days ago
My gf is Irish she made out with her cousin and kissed her sister I'm from Alabama must be a match made in heaven 😂😂😂
cable wire
cable wire - 19 days ago
shoot i would have watched an entire episode of this
Tim Mill
Tim Mill - 19 days ago
Jewish writers often project their own culture on to others - the negative aspects.
Hadrian Valarius
Hadrian Valarius - 19 days ago
Irish pussy ..
Wayne Whelan
Wayne Whelan - 20 days ago
For once Americans are not a million miles away from a proper Irish accent.
Zellder - 20 days ago
Sooooo are they saying Irlend is the deep South of the British isles?
Zellder - 20 days ago
I really thought it was gonna turn out number 2 was related to him as well.
squitzy - 20 days ago
Very funny and oh so original with the typical stereotypes. I am Irish. Just wonder how it would have been taken if it were about any other nationality. To SNL they know they are safe lampooning the Irish because we have always been willing to laugh at ourselves. Thanks for posting and reminding me why I stopped watching this show about 25 years ago.
Greg Homan
Greg Homan - 20 days ago
1:35 "#3 is my cousin, so she's definitely off to an early lead."
Troy Stephens • artist
Troy Stephens • artist - 20 days ago
You can't offend the Irish. It'll only encourage them.
simplyafederalist - 20 days ago
Wow I did not know snl was actual able to write a funny anymore. Its been years since i saw anything genually funny.
k d
k d - 18 days ago
This writing is like high school level. What the hell is going on there?
Gay cheese
Gay cheese - 20 days ago
*AlaBaMa 1o0*
Alex Askin
Alex Askin - 21 day ago
I’m Irish and we don’t say “kiss” or “snog” we say meet. Also I know i shouldn’t have to say this but we DONT meet our cousins like🤢🤮🤮🤮
thomas allen
thomas allen - 18 days ago
Its a joke I'm from Alabama we are made fun of for the same stuff do some folks do it yes do I personally do it no does my Irish gf hook up with her cousin and kiss her sister yes
Chris Finney
Chris Finney - 21 day ago
I would be offended but, I'm Irish and nothing offends us...because we aren't pussies
maninredhelm - 21 day ago
No, the Irish don't have a reputation for being inbred in the States. I bet the original concept for the skit was they were going to play up on the stereotype that everybody in Ireland already knows each other, and that would mess up a gameshow like this that depends on anonymity. My guess is that, due to the short amount of stage time to do the skit, it was re-written as 1st cousins meeting other because that doesn't require establishing how the characters know each other and why it would be a problem, and the audience will get the joke immediately.
mikey bombers
mikey bombers - 21 day ago
This is awesome watching it high as fuck
Sonagi Something
Sonagi Something - 22 days ago
*sweet home alabama has entered the chat*
Cilantro - 22 days ago
Is no one realizing that the one in the middle shouldn't have a chance anyway cause SHE'S MORBIDLY OBESE!!!!!?!?!?! Not even funny! 'Muricans... but go on with the fat empowering, they'll die sooner then.
billy madison
billy madison - 22 days ago
Please put this show out of it's misery. It has not been funny in 20 years. It is just a propaganda show for the left trying to get an occasional laugh. GIVE UP!
Bridget Murphy
Bridget Murphy - 22 days ago
Oh jesus
papefb - 22 days ago
aiden killkenny
Matthew Dunham
Matthew Dunham - 22 days ago
Southern Irish American.
Matthew Dunham
Matthew Dunham - 22 days ago
Jason King
Jason King - 23 days ago
I would really really like to have intercourse with Cecily. ....She wouldn't forget it.
Decent Angel
Decent Angel - 23 days ago
Cousin marriage is so normal in my family lol 😂😂😂😂😂
CatMom Of2
CatMom Of2 - 23 days ago
Darn! I was morbidly curious what his choice would be!
Sromotny Kobziarz
Sromotny Kobziarz - 23 days ago
Automatic subtitles challenge
Eric Balboa
Eric Balboa - 23 days ago
"Hey they killed Kenny"
Agent CodyBanx
Agent CodyBanx - 23 days ago
Wait, who'd he choose? I gots to know
Kyla Not Kayla
Kyla Not Kayla - 23 days ago
When Ireland meets Alabama
Excel Ace
Excel Ace - 23 days ago
Jack should watch this:3
Paige Backman
Paige Backman - 23 days ago
Joachim Kane
Joachim Kane - 24 days ago
unbelievably good. See what happens when ya leave politics aside once in awhile?
Rosemary Williams
Rosemary Williams - 24 days ago
Lol Picky Picky ....priceless
lambent123 - 24 days ago
Missouri believes she has a great chance and wants to have a chair among the contestants.
Beck Bennett: Hold on a second please, we've getting a call from....
Texan: Howdy, Y'all!
Donna Inari *
Donna Inari * - 24 days ago
Why don't they revamp this skit using, instead of Irish, people of a certain middle eastern decent that consider it fine to marry 9 year olds. They're far more inbred than Irish or Southerners combined!!
Ellie Johnston
Ellie Johnston - 24 days ago
If it was really Irish they would have had Ireland united 🇮🇪
HeyI'm Irony
HeyI'm Irony - 24 days ago
Anyone offended by this most likely isn't Irish, its just a piss take the make people laugh, and if there's one thing us Irish love it's taking the piss. Haha
SirEriol - 24 days ago
"I'm a good catholic girl, which means I love God and God hates me".
I'm no longer catholic anymore, but this hits so close to home.
justafanintexas - 24 days ago
Aidan Kilkenny> Naming him after one of the Counties?
Eric Balboa
Eric Balboa - 23 days ago
I thought it was a South Park shout out..."Hey they killed kenny"
Joe Freeman
Joe Freeman - 24 days ago
Cecily Strong; the Queen of Accents
Joe Freeman
Joe Freeman - 24 days ago
Bill Hader; the King of Accents.
Prettygirlcn5 - 24 days ago
I can’t help but read these comments with an Irish accent in my mind now 😄💚🧡
MsBettyR. - 22 days ago
OMG I was doing the same. Lol
Luke Bannon
Luke Bannon - 24 days ago
Where in the sweet Jesus are those accents coming from? Also this is a low point for SNL. Slow day at the office?
purplecatlover1825 randompizza
I'm Irish american
Abbreviated Reviews
Abbreviated Reviews - 25 days ago
1:44 The closed captions say "Corn Test Ants One and Two" and that's the best thing ever.
Alex Ma
Alex Ma - 25 days ago
I really wanted #2 to be related
Crazyanimal guy
Crazyanimal guy - 25 days ago
I love how they knew about "The Feckin British" (obviously I'm Irish) So funny though lads! I also love "wedding, funerals and holy communion!" Well done Lads!
luke mccarthy
luke mccarthy - 25 days ago
*Alabama intensifies*
Abby Ní Loingsigh
Abby Ní Loingsigh - 25 days ago
He says he’s from dingle but his voice says Derry
S Mac Í
S Mac Í - 25 days ago
Who’s the beautiful redhead!
Blondie Seeker
Blondie Seeker - 25 days ago
I’m with Aidy! 😂😂😂 I’m Irish American too and that game’s a whole lotta disturbing 😂
Scott Lee Clayton
Scott Lee Clayton - 25 days ago
He sounds Indian..
Elisa Vieira
Elisa Vieira - 26 days ago
Ahahah xxx
animalcol1 - 26 days ago
Jaysis, that was nuts. On the upside my cousins are now part of my hook up opportunities, so that's good news! Begorra and bejaysis 🤪🤪
Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu - 26 days ago
I'm Scottish and I found this offensive!
jinxinternet - 26 days ago
The, my...
Mike Sam
Mike Sam - 26 days ago
TBBT shoe male cast really fucks there family's in Guy's shit.
christopher hennessey
christopher hennessey - 26 days ago
Very good with the Irish accents.
Sarah Giffin
Sarah Giffin - 26 days ago
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