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Yankee Skunkee
Yankee Skunkee - 18 hours ago
O Boy! can't wait till one of the biggest pack of inbreeds on the planet, the ASHKENAZI jews have a Dating Game sketch!! These European Hicks be funny af.
How about showing them fake ficking that Wailing Wall! Do those primitive freaks have a stash of 'wall porn'? Inquiring goys want to know!(Goyium- when you see those wool coat wearing ,bearded men rockin back n forth at the Wailing Wall, they are having intercourse with the wall, yes, you read that right! So bizarre n funny yet NEVER mentioned) Or how about a skit on the (no Semitic DNA- Russian Khazer converts) spitting on little girls for showing their legs! Imagine a hook-up with them! Geesus! hahahahha so funny.
Oooo No wait, that'll never happen, cause it's AshkeNAZI jews who produce this sihite.
The brilliant Irish American Marlon Brando called these disgusting hypocrites out on this years ago.
Hope you had a Christy, Christy Christmas and Summer Solstice !
AKÜMA YOXİRÜMA - 19 hours ago
That's not how to pronounce 'Siobhan', it should sound like 'Shavawn'.
Allen Iverson
Allen Iverson - Day ago
Holy crap prob the funniest snl skit ever. Not that it’s that hard to win that title. Hader is hilarious and the 2 Irish ones were perfect. Jokes were nuts!!
FFM0594 - 2 days ago
He'd a taken the yank. Ka-Ching!
Liv Berg
Liv Berg - 3 days ago
Someone teach me how to do an irish accent
Some Won
Some Won - 3 days ago
bloody awful accents
Payton Delaney
Payton Delaney - 4 days ago
Ireland. Europe’s Alabama
Yankee Skunkee
Yankee Skunkee - 18 hours ago
Well shill, at least we don't pay a grown man to come, cut and then literally suck off the bloody skin from poor baby boys pricks. Ewwww sick, sick and should be criminal
Anthony H
Anthony H - 4 days ago
Picky picky - classic 😅😂
Wildman Samurai
Wildman Samurai - 4 days ago
We need a sequel to this!
Nomad - 4 days ago
Funny,because it's actually based on facts
Katie Coleman
Katie Coleman - 5 days ago
I'm Irish but there accents are noooo way like what there are here 🤣🤣🤣🇨🇮🤣🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮
Albert De Rohan
Albert De Rohan - 6 days ago
I never heard anything about Irish inbreeding. wtf? they should have Dione this sketch about ashkenazi jews or something. would have been funny.
therealeggplant - 6 days ago
After the show, they all went out to WEE LITTLE BABY and hit the dance floor with hoombas!
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan - 6 days ago
If they ever did this skit using Africans or Jews, you’d start WWIII
Jaggybabs - 6 days ago
I cant stand the fat one she ruins most of the sketches Iv seen her in. Cant even do an Irish accent.
Tabatha Feucht
Tabatha Feucht - 7 days ago
" I've got 35 suspicious freckles on my body...." 😂😂🍀
Abigail Zimmerman
Abigail Zimmerman - 7 days ago
You know this wouldn’t be much different if it was in Alabama.
ellie riseley
ellie riseley - 7 days ago
The guy sounds like he’s from Liverpool half the time
Katie B
Katie B - 7 days ago
I find it funny the way the American thought it was weird that they were cousins because SWEET HOME ALABAMA
Ben McKenna
Ben McKenna - 8 days ago
Eileen's accent is decent for Belfast. Siobhan's was fucking brutal!
Aaron Marks
Aaron Marks - 8 days ago
Kate McKinnon looks amazing here
Queen Charlotte
Queen Charlotte - 8 days ago
As a Brit, I can confirm that Ireland is Alabama.
Yankee Skunkee
Yankee Skunkee - 18 hours ago
I can confirm that this creep is a shill who goes under different names. He's a real sneaky ashkeynazi bore. Probably a Hasbara troll on the side.
Exploding llama
Exploding llama - 7 days ago
As an Irish, I can confirm that you’re a shithead
Ben McKenna
Ben McKenna - 8 days ago
As an Irish person, I can confirm that you're a cunt.
Dutch Van Helsing
Dutch Van Helsing - 8 days ago
McKinnon is sexy
Morpheus - 9 days ago
This is pretty racist SNL.
Sway Paul
Sway Paul - 9 days ago
But, who won
Martina Murray
Martina Murray - 9 days ago
cecily strong sounds half northern Ireland and half Wales
Elmer the Ignorant Gnome
Elmer the Ignorant Gnome - 10 days ago
I would choose Molly.
Boston3233 #JMosh420
Boston3233 #JMosh420 - 10 days ago
Are they basically saying that Ireland is Alabama or Alabama is Ireland?
Ben McKenna
Ben McKenna - 8 days ago
We've been around longer. Up the Ra!
Wolf Quartz
Wolf Quartz - 10 days ago
Galway humor~🍀
Alex Is Playing
Alex Is Playing - 11 days ago
Exploding llama
Exploding llama - 7 days ago
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson - 12 days ago
Contestant 2 is pretty judgemental, she should change her attitude or none of her cousins are going to want to marry her.
Lone Some Road
Lone Some Road - 12 days ago
This should be the Alabama game show
Leona Appleton
Leona Appleton - 12 days ago
Addison Carlson
Addison Carlson - 13 days ago
Omg hahahahaha
DeSportsHighlightChanel - 13 days ago
I thought this was supposed to be all Irish not Alabamian people
Kapitain von Hass
Kapitain von Hass - 14 days ago
Who else came here because of Game Grumps? I was not disappointed in the slightest. Thank you Danny!
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez - 14 days ago
Contestant #2 should've ended up being an American cousin.
Stefanella Sizzarettia
Stefanella Sizzarettia - 14 days ago
I’m not like offended at all i’m just confused, do Americans actually see us this way 😂
Shanna Mc manus
Shanna Mc manus - 14 days ago
Do people acc think we marry are cosines
Alex Bayless
Alex Bayless - 14 days ago
I love me some Kate McKinnon... and then she knocked out an irish accent and I can't take it anymore!
TJ Firefly
TJ Firefly - 15 days ago
One of my all time fav sketches !!!
rottiesdad - 16 days ago
Lyndsay Wilson Love
Lyndsay Wilson Love - 16 days ago
I still want to find out who he'd choose!
Misty - 17 days ago
Kiss me, I’m from Alabama
MoreGaming - 17 days ago
I’m surprised I’ve only seen one Alabama joke .
TheVelvetCat 1419
TheVelvetCat 1419 - 17 days ago
They should have gotten Saoirse Ronan for this
Cosmic Aviator
Cosmic Aviator - 18 days ago
Woah what are you tryna to say about the Irish
Elise Bauer
Elise Bauer - 19 days ago
Damn I miss bill hader
Depressed And Confused
Depressed And Confused - 19 days ago
Oh my good god. I love this so freaking much.
B2017 Xxxx
B2017 Xxxx - 19 days ago
Fucking ignorant yanks we don't talk like that 😠
Brendan Michaels
Brendan Michaels - 19 days ago
Cecily is p hot in this
Charles Zucker
Charles Zucker - 19 days ago
i’M iRIsH aND ThIs wAs unFuNNy AnD unTRUe
Michael Mullins
Michael Mullins - 19 days ago
I don't understand the incest joke that just isn't an irish stereotype all the other jokes and references were good but that one just went on too long
shatter glass
shatter glass - 19 days ago
Ireland is not alabama
Alien Z
Alien Z - 19 days ago
Went on a few weeks ago, and I found out that I am 44% Irish!
Alien Z
Alien Z - 17 days ago
@F Con Maybe! Edit: Ha! I see what you did there.
F Con
F Con - 18 days ago
Me too! Maybe we're related. Fancy a shag?
A1sausie - 19 days ago
Bird bones
Q Spencer
Q Spencer - 20 days ago
Game Grumps brought me here😂😂😂😂
Daniel Wallace
Daniel Wallace - 20 days ago
Afarin Rahnama
Afarin Rahnama - 20 days ago
ah i'm dead , so funny
Chris Michael
Chris Michael - 20 days ago
I know she was from a rival sketch comedy show... But I think it would be so awesome and unexpected to see Alex Bornstein as a guest host for one of the Saturday Night Live episodes...
Especially if she gets to do her famous Miss Swan impersonation.
The fact that she was from a rival sketch comedy show is what would make it so weirdly funny and unexpected.
TPTGopher - 8 days ago
Not really, seeing as how the stars of her two main gigs have both hosted.
Tyler Lang
Tyler Lang - 21 day ago
Wait, I wanna know who won...
JUSTIN PICKENS - 21 day ago
☘🤣😂🤣😂Picky ....Picky🤣😂🤣😂☘
Matt Finley
Matt Finley - 21 day ago
"...Brown blood..." LMFAO!
WhyNot BeWeird
WhyNot BeWeird - 21 day ago
Jacksepticeye should watch this
WhyNot BeWeird
WhyNot BeWeird - 21 day ago
who won?
Alexa S.
Alexa S. - 21 day ago
"Diner with someone I'm not related to
_ Picky picky" 😄
Skiles - 21 day ago
Before Game Grumps mentioned this video, it had 17 views
Skiles - 11 hours ago
@Sterno Saur I don't see it. All of these views are Grumps.
Sterno Saur
Sterno Saur - 11 hours ago
@Skiles over 7 million views doesn't come from a game grumps episode that less than 300 thousand people saw, learn to math lol old SNL doesn't need youtubers to get views, that stuff is hilarious enough to stand on their own.
Skiles - 4 days ago
@Sterno Saur Well, yeah. Look at the view count. Literally thousands of people came from Game Grumps.
Sterno Saur
Sterno Saur - 4 days ago
notice how none of the top comments are *game grumps brought me here, durhur*
Tommy A.
Tommy A. - 21 day ago
I sent this to my friend from Ireland and she replied with “It’s not our fault Ireland is so small”
Leonie Campbell
Leonie Campbell - 21 day ago
#3 has a good accent and I’m from south Dublin In Ireland 🇨🇮
Ben McKenna
Ben McKenna - 8 days ago
I thought 3 was shite but 1 was a decent Belfast accent
AWOOGO - 21 day ago
wait is it a stereotype that irish date their cousins?
Elizabeth Vinson ASMR
Elizabeth Vinson ASMR - 21 day ago
I’m Irish and my skin is bright red under the makeup I’m ALWAYS wearing😂😂😂
Lone Jedi
Lone Jedi - 21 day ago
Ainsley Cowan
Ainsley Cowan - 21 day ago
WHO WON!!?!?!?!
Lobo Rojo
Lobo Rojo - 21 day ago
"What... like bird bones? Soft skull? Strawberry nose? Tic-tac teeth? Brown blood? One big toe? Great advice, but you're about 500 years too late."
Chase Roush
Chase Roush - 21 day ago
All three of the ladies are button-cute in this one, but Cecily is irresistible with the bangs and dimples.
Chase Roush
Chase Roush - 18 days ago
That's just cold. lol
A1sausie - 19 days ago
Chase Roush The one in the middle needs to lay off the Shepard’s pie.
Melissa Godwin
Melissa Godwin - 21 day ago
I actually wanted to see who he chose
Super8 Dover
Super8 Dover - 22 days ago
Evatan - 22 days ago
Guess they couldn’t use Kenan for the host of this gameshow
Bolshoi333 - 22 days ago
I was really hoping contestant 2 would turn out to be related as well
Abbie Plays
Abbie Plays - 22 days ago
I’m Irish and this is not true at alll
Stephanie McDevitt
Stephanie McDevitt - 22 days ago
Y’all are racist
Jayoc13 - 22 days ago
Wtf y is she pronouncing siobhan like shivan
Mason Hall
Mason Hall - 23 days ago
03:52 Does she mess up by saying “we didn’t have sex” and then correct herself by saying “we he just had sex”? It’s hard to tell.
thatonemanga- reader
thatonemanga- reader - 23 days ago
The host's name is I Didn't Kill Kenny lmao
Crispy Crunch
Crispy Crunch - 23 days ago
Grump bump! Hilarious skit!
Lofty Smalls
Lofty Smalls - 23 days ago
Thanks Danny
whizwart1 - 23 days ago
So...anyone else here cause Game Grumps?
emily - 23 days ago
here from game grumps lolllll
Hillary Hussein Clinton
Hillary Hussein Clinton - 23 days ago
Incest Irish!
myriad d
myriad d - 23 days ago
wait... but who won? I wanna know!
get shocked
get shocked - 23 days ago
We're not all fucking inbreed
Michael Hennigan
Michael Hennigan - 23 days ago
I don’t even know if I should be offended
Valentina Rose
Valentina Rose - 24 days ago
Can I give this multiple thumbs up??? 🤭
clevelandcbi - 24 days ago
2:22 "Settle down. There's plenty of bachelors on the show."
Teaen Davis
Teaen Davis - 21 day ago
...that picked their non-cousins"
Mehdi nisrullah
Mehdi nisrullah - 24 days ago
part 2 plz!!
bobolicioussquid556 - 24 days ago
I'm irish
I'm not Batman
I'm not Batman - 24 days ago
Dan Avidan sent me here.
玫RADIO-ROSE - 24 days ago
TheNews1990 - 24 days ago
Oliver Graham-Horne
Oliver Graham-Horne - 24 days ago
Te catholic cunts from game grumps sent me
Sup3rD4ve - 24 days ago
Wait, it just ends like that? We don't even get to find out who won?
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