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Maria Do Carmo
Maria Do Carmo - Day ago
Algum 🇧🇷🇧🇷
KiNG jAWBo - 10 days ago
I don't know what this line is for but I'm getting in it LMFAO
sam JD
sam JD - 10 days ago
Did u eat all that in one day or over afew days of filming?
Pauline Ng
Pauline Ng - 16 days ago
You sure made the food taste good, so yummy descriptions! Glad you enjoyed Spore hawker food which we love.
lestat soria
lestat soria - 17 days ago
Hokkien mee and bakuteh are my favorites when I'm in Singapore
Jason Yip
Jason Yip - 20 days ago
My european colleagues eat mala pot 3 times a week!
Jean De Leon
Jean De Leon - 23 days ago
I want to taste all thst noodles yummy
Damian Tan
Damian Tan - Month ago
All the mala stuff are not really that Singaporean. They are brought in together with the new migrants. And for wanton mee, you can always order the soup version.
Deathsaw x1
Deathsaw x1 - Month ago
You should collab with nightowlcinematic, they know alot of good food spots
kylin kho
kylin kho - Month ago
Wait till u come to Penang, Mike! I hope u will have space for the even more AMAZING food we have!
Emillio - Month ago
I can't wait to go to eat in chinatown in Nov !! Thanx Mike !!
Amelia’s Room
Amelia’s Room - Month ago
heii,, i think you are looks like Jackie Chan.
Kai Xian Wong
Kai Xian Wong - Month ago
How to torture Mike:Tie him up in a chair make watch a tape of yourself pouring down tons of good B R O T H down the toilet
Kai Xian Wong
Kai Xian Wong - Month ago
Wen Liueh Kueh
Wen Liueh Kueh - Month ago
Cantonese delight stall has better curry than ah hengs. Pls try their curry noodles next time.
Bou William
Bou William - Month ago
I am from 🇸🇬
weissweiss - Month ago
Ah Mike the wanton noodles would indeed benefit from something vinegary - that's why we eat it with the green sliced chili :D they're pickled and sour and are available at the front of every wanton mee stall
Tan Kok Leong
Tan Kok Leong - Month ago
I stay in an apartment above hong lim food centre! Missed the chance to bump into u
Casey Jayne
Casey Jayne - Month ago
So keen to eat Singaporean food 😭
Laksa... chicken... egg tarte
Thinking 4 days isn't going to be enough
Hikarinx - Month ago
After watching your Singapore food videos, I’ve decided my winter break vacation destination is now going to be Singapore 。🤤🤤
SandStorm XII
SandStorm XII - Month ago
Annonymous Anonymous
Annonymous Anonymous - Month ago
Makes me jealous
Markson Png
Markson Png - Month ago
You make me want to go to *Singapore*
But my
pocket is *poor*
joyce koh
joyce koh - 2 months ago
gluten = tau pok
Karen Young
Karen Young - 2 months ago
I am English And i Always use White pepper, So much nicer than black pepper
Headless Chicken
Headless Chicken - 2 months ago
That's racist af
TheNYC Tanster
TheNYC Tanster - 2 months ago
Where would you recommend for the best Zha Jiang Mien in New York City?
Joel Martinez
Joel Martinez - 2 months ago
Don't get jealous guys but our Singapore friend is cooking for us just now!!!i smell yummy! greatings from South America!
scottonspruce - 2 months ago
This gentleman has infectious enthusiasm and verve. What a delight!
Neil LaTouche
Neil LaTouche - 2 months ago
Typical Singapore kapoh in pink shirt
Fiona de los Reyes
Fiona de los Reyes - 2 months ago
Where can we find the XLB and fried dumplings
M Gil
M Gil - 2 months ago
This food is just beautiful!! Singapore has a love of spice, like I do!
bhagya fernandes
bhagya fernandes - 2 months ago
Please eat apple pie at McDonald's
J P - 2 months ago
Jesus, you can eat! You've got a bottomless pit!
kc8767 - 2 months ago
4:45. The guy on the left got some free entertainment while he was eating.
Barbara Maric
Barbara Maric - 2 months ago
Everything looks so tasty in Singapore. Can’t wait!
cheetor5923 - 2 months ago
Every time I go to Singapore, when I come back to New Zealand... I just can't eat. there is SO MUCH good food in Singapore it's crazy I love it so much!. I am only saved because there is a REALLY good Malaysian restaurant near my house that does a great Char Kuay Teow
lika - 2 months ago
I love singaporean food so much! So glad you enjoyed it ❤️❤️
G Naidoo
G Naidoo - 3 months ago
I like watching you while eating the "lesser" version" of it
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Dioxide - 3 months ago
Lian He Ben Ji Clay Pot Rice
Chinatown Complex
BLK 335 Smith Street
Really good!!
United Condom
United Condom - 3 months ago
My man.. Where can i find *Chinese Spicy BBQ Dog* in Singapore chinatown?
jrukawa11 - 3 months ago
Colon cancer or kidney failure
ElectraViolet - 3 months ago
Look at the egg tart dance, it has more moves then I do 😂
Sergio Carrillo
Sergio Carrillo - 3 months ago
Nice nice
Rebecca Ben-Avraham
Rebecca Ben-Avraham - 3 months ago
i found white pepper when i started making Asian food at home, it is now the only pepper i use!!!! it is soo much better!!
oneluckydude - 3 months ago
I like watching this guy because he eats in one day what most people would eat in a week or more.
Dragonmaster 61
Dragonmaster 61 - 3 months ago
The curry noodles cut the meat in my mouth above my tongue 'cuz the broken chicken bones are freakishly sharp.
Veronica Boerks
Veronica Boerks - 3 months ago
Soup dumplings in Milan, Italy? 9 USD for 4 pcs. Hot oil wontons? You get max for pieces for - again 9 USD :-( And OMG that mala hot pot you ate, totally worth its price. I'd eat it every day
John A Neufeld
John A Neufeld - 3 months ago
I'm so glad your not retarded mikey
John A Neufeld
John A Neufeld - 3 months ago
O no more cupcakes tarts
John A Neufeld
John A Neufeld - 3 months ago
ram commercial took me to the bush sorry for sidetracking mikey
John A Neufeld
John A Neufeld - 3 months ago
the guy on the left of camera frame probably thinks you nuts mikey
John A Neufeld
John A Neufeld - 3 months ago
totally marinated for an hour
John A Neufeld
John A Neufeld - 3 months ago
so nice to get good food in a mall food court
John A Neufeld
John A Neufeld - 3 months ago
you so busy lately mikey i luv the shows especially when you have young baebes for guest appearances
phia3287 - 3 months ago
Why you are able to eat a lot!!! I ate 1 curry chicken already so full. Please come back to SG!!
peko - 3 months ago
Singapore is food heaven. So much delicious food choices for reasonable prices
peko - 3 months ago
Mike looks slimmer. Mike, you need to eat more!
Mike Georgius
Mike Georgius - 3 months ago
1:54 the 2 men in the back on the left...???
7:35 that's one auntie I would get with. HumanHumana. Uhuuuuu!!!
Chuks Azu
Chuks Azu - 3 months ago
Did you feel nutty after eating that "coconutty" snack?
Michelle Diane
Michelle Diane - 3 months ago
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