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Ruth Miller
Ruth Miller - 13 hours ago
I love the tea set!!! Want one of my own (with a supply of tea and a plain ticket to Singapore).
Candace Sherman
Candace Sherman - 17 hours ago
wish issac would have gotten a cameo
Anne Corey
Anne Corey - 21 hour ago
Mikey he love a lots of the noodle dry or with soup he knower what he like to eat very lucky to go round the World for your healthy food thank you for sharing your beautiful healthy foods love it all thanks
Simonio8 - Day ago
How are you still eating after that breakfast???!!! I would be done for the day.
Dieba - 2 days ago
"It's like I am walking in a chive garden" dumplings poetry. Your style have evolve elegantly over the years. I love seeing you mix and match different dishes.
MrRookie - 7 days ago
Strictly Dumpling is like anime dont watch the intro ITS FULL OF SPOILERS
cherokee adamson
cherokee adamson - 9 days ago
I honestly can't help but watch every video on a empty stomach. Always and now I'm hungry again. Could watch these videos for days
Martin Castillo
Martin Castillo - 11 days ago
MSG is just salt. It’s not as bad as the racist white people put it.
Reysi Munoz Paula
Reysi Munoz Paula - 14 days ago
Please I would like to encourage you to keep uploading your restaurants/gastronomical videos because you are truly helping people like my friend, to improve their appetite and to overcome eating issues. Thanks! Keep it up! 🍚🍱🥗🥙🥘🍛
Reysi Munoz Paula
Reysi Munoz Paula - 14 days ago
Oh 😯 then you should encourage her to watch more those kinda videos 👍 are very helpful!!!
melangedenoir - 14 days ago
how funny, my sister has an appetite issue and these are helping her too!!
Happy Michie Worriah
Happy Michie Worriah - 15 days ago
Happy Michie Worriah
Happy Michie Worriah - 15 days ago
WA N GO centrepoint orchard ..u were there
Happy Michie Worriah
Happy Michie Worriah - 15 days ago
You can eatt
Happy Michie Worriah
Happy Michie Worriah - 15 days ago
Tart frm oh there and le tart
Happy Michie Worriah
Happy Michie Worriah - 15 days ago
Coconut tart I gott
Happy Michie Worriah
Happy Michie Worriah - 15 days ago
Soya gluren? Get drumstick
Happy Michie Worriah
Happy Michie Worriah - 15 days ago
Curry us u Q-ing
Happy Michie Worriah
Happy Michie Worriah - 15 days ago
Lol aids your digestion limeee.lotsa vege or supplements ok
Happy Michie Worriah
Happy Michie Worriah - 15 days ago
Oh this honglimmm kwayteowww
AngryTypingGuy27 - 16 days ago
I want know how many miles this guy has racked up, and how he manages to survive these supposed 18 hour flights between NYC and Singapore
Npc Mark2.0
Npc Mark2.0 - 20 days ago
and to think bak kut in my language says container pussy.. funny
Anne Corey
Anne Corey - 21 day ago
This place is very clean beautiful place fresh healthy foods love the foods so good thank you for sharing your beautiful healthy foods love this place thank you
Selena Cole
Selena Cole - 25 days ago
"Christmas in a bowl .." ha😊 You have some cute metaphors! The food looks dang good! Hungry!!!!
Anne Gray
Anne Gray - 26 days ago
Pulls string* Your my Faveeerouite YouTuber
Dylan Lee
Dylan Lee - 26 days ago
You should go to suntec city and film the water of wealth.
Jerry Smigiel
Jerry Smigiel - 26 days ago
What about chili crabs? I thought that was a popular dish in Singapore.
Rhi M
Rhi M - 26 days ago
Anyone else hear Titty Bear not Teddy Bear xD
Ludwig Van Pictures
Ludwig Van Pictures - Month ago
Plot twist Chinatown food center just reopened in end of may
Draco Lloyd Malfoy
Draco Lloyd Malfoy - Month ago
Is it bad that Im Singaporean but I've never been to Chinatown?
Take The L
Take The L - Month ago
Anti social virgin hahahhaa
Take The L
Take The L - Month ago
Is okay me too :)
Snipe Rider
Snipe Rider - Month ago
those dishes are so cheap they are worth it. I'm so hungry
Michelle Wong
Michelle Wong - Month ago
Hi Mike , that’s not gluten. That’s beancurd puffs that’s been sliced into thin strips :) Glad to see u enjoy our local food!
margreet zijlstra
margreet zijlstra - Month ago
Hello mike wonderful show.
I learn so much about the world foods and makes me hungry.
I would eat and try it all, it’s that I live in the middle of the bush Australia and not near any where.
What the secret to stay trim and fit?????
Santos Lewynn
Santos Lewynn - Month ago
For some reason the food all looks like they came out of a 3D printer.
Muna Pun
Muna Pun - Month ago
How is your skin not bad but whyyyyyyy my skin get breakout so fast🐨🐨🐨🐨😔
Nurhidayah Suhaimi
Nurhidayah Suhaimi - Month ago
I really wanna see mike do 7/11 eating brunch in sg tho
2011kathyd - Month ago
I love how you love food. Every girl should have a guy like you! 😄
hornetknight - Month ago
Only you can get me to laugh at 4am over "If dish is so heavy, how can it taste like it was made... up there?"
Diamandinae - Month ago
Our Chinatown has really changed for me so hard now! Miss what I use to eat for under 5 dollars!
Sophiathepotato XD
Sophiathepotato XD - Month ago
“ like an air tato”
Me looks in the air

8 hours later “darn I need to fly across the country my credit card has been due for 1 year crap”
Gacha Maia565
Gacha Maia565 - Month ago
I thought he said titty bear at 2:20 for a second lol
baekhyun's doll
baekhyun's doll - Month ago
Nequia Leanne
Nequia Leanne - Month ago
I wish to trry the foods your eating but at the same time I wish to meet you in the future too❤❤
Mrs. Puff
Mrs. Puff - Month ago
I’m getting sick just to watch this video..I’m so hungry so hungry.
Dwitomo winarso
Dwitomo winarso - Month ago
i want to ask ur stomach were made of gummy broo love it !
Zz Zz
Zz Zz - Month ago
this video also taught me how to spend 6-7 hours in Chinatown queuing and eating, thanks... I found a new way to spend my weekend
Harim - Month ago
Starving and watching Mike.. Oh yes, I live dangerously 😂
Jeffrey Nerhood
Jeffrey Nerhood - Month ago
Great presentation Mike. I'm very interested in a trip to Singapore AND Hong Kong as well. Looking forward to your next presentation. Be safe and God Bless.
raven scott
raven scott - Month ago
eat , and eat some more. you know that s not enough.
mariah arthur
mariah arthur - Month ago
My favorite restaurant in Bradenton fl plays your vids
one two
one two - Month ago
It’s 5 am where I’m at and this is just torture but I can’t stop watching
nel c
nel c - Month ago
Bro WTF you ate all that in one single day!!??!!??? 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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