Recreating Discontinued Burger King Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

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Poo Poo
Poo Poo - Hour ago
Return of the Mac! Why they hating
BL000OOO000D - 2 hours ago
cardiologists would argue with it hahahahaha!
levi m
levi m - 3 hours ago
They brought the chicken parm back!!!!
Zaid - 17 hours ago
What? A monarchy not listening to the people? I definitely did not expect this *at all*
Sir Pineapple
Sir Pineapple - 23 hours ago
The Burger King isn't a great King tbh.
Westcoast Livinlife
Forget BK, we need to march on McDonald’s to bring back the McSkillet Burrito !!!
Pretty Clapped
Pretty Clapped - Day ago
The Australian sandwich is called a sammie
Brooke Warkentin
Brooke Warkentin - 2 days ago
I remember mac&cheetos
Kevin Mitchell
Kevin Mitchell - 2 days ago
Burger king did chicken parm sandwich rhett
aped3 - 2 days ago
Do the BK breakfast discount sandwich !!!
Max Cumbie
Max Cumbie - 2 days ago
Hamburgers were invented in Hamburg, Germany. Thus why it is called a hamburger.
Lily Scherbatsky
Lily Scherbatsky - 2 days ago
Mac and Cheetos are not good lmao
Jeanette Haas
Jeanette Haas - 3 days ago
I miss the hot cheeto mac bites😥
Mary Ann Johnson
Mary Ann Johnson - 3 days ago
Johnny Angel
Johnny Angel - 3 days ago
Thumbs down just for the Whopperito! It was brilliant and delicious. Not a sponsor. Lol
CBF Australia
CBF Australia - 3 days ago
Another word for sandwiches is sanga down here? Weird if they said anything else, ham sanga makes sense though
Ismael Macias
Ismael Macias - 3 days ago
Cool put regular cheese on it or as they call it "QUESO" automatically makes it Mexican food
Ryan benton
Ryan benton - 4 days ago
The Angry Whopper???? Bring it back!!!!
Robert Millard
Robert Millard - 5 days ago
Had a whoperrito back in the day, and I hated it!!
Robert Millard
Robert Millard - 5 days ago
McDonalds serves a Pizza Mac in Germany. It changed my life when I discovered it at 3am after a night of some alcohol.
Libby_l1øø Lyman
Libby_l1øø Lyman - 5 days ago
Is it just me or does link have Brendon urie hair?
Count Chronic
Count Chronic - 5 days ago
hoppy Blox
hoppy Blox - 6 days ago
Yo that cheetos song was fire🔥🔥🔥
Jacob Wright
Jacob Wright - 6 days ago
And Burger King finally brings it back today 05/16/2019
Jacob Wright
Jacob Wright - 6 days ago
+Gabe Jones-Lang yes, do ik you?
Gabe Jones-Lang
Gabe Jones-Lang - 6 days ago
Jacob Wright ?
one spicy boye
one spicy boye - 6 days ago
Dam. The Whopperito looks delicious
Roland Mendoza
Roland Mendoza - 6 days ago
3:13 link gotcha
coopatroopa _42
coopatroopa _42 - 6 days ago
What about their hot dogs?
let me live
let me live - 6 days ago
the chicken fries are the best thing at burger king and i’ll be so sad if they ever discontinue them
Andrew Sanchez
Andrew Sanchez - 7 days ago
They need to bring back the angry whopper!
colby stackpole
colby stackpole - 7 days ago
They did altleast in Florida they did
Max Pennington
Max Pennington - 7 days ago
You can get a ham crossanwich at burger king
Alexis Knight
Alexis Knight - 7 days ago
Am I the only one that can’t stand how Link eats, and plays with his food? Like Rhett doesn’t bother me at all, but omg Link 🤦🏽‍♀️😂
KING_ BRADJ - 7 days ago
Me as an Australian have only ever heard of a sandwich
O’ Malley O’No Family
KING_ BRADJ that’s a lie lol
Patrick Pascua
Patrick Pascua - 8 days ago
It's called Vegemite
Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem - 3 days ago
Vegemite is not another word for a Sandwhich
90's Punk Revival
90's Punk Revival - 8 days ago
I work at a dutch bk and we still have your elongated chicken burger
O’ Malley O’No Family
90's Punk Revival they all do
GrubWarp - 8 days ago
Mac n Cheetos were so good
TheDragonstorm1993 - 9 days ago
Burger King needs to bring back the Old Nuggets
SALTY MCNUGGETS - 9 days ago
It's all fun and games until you get a job at burger king😂😂😂
FORTNITE GAMING - 9 days ago
Asmr ????
Demetrius Houston
Demetrius Houston - 9 days ago
I loved the Whopperito. I miss it.
Nah Iduntolja
Nah Iduntolja - 10 days ago
Tendercrisp bacon cheddar ranch should have been in here. Hootie didn't write that song for nothing.
Also the cheese powder for the fries
MorphManDude - 10 days ago
Hamburgers are named as such because they are from Hamburg... Not because they contain ham...
Like a frankfurter is from Frankfurt..
Justin Powell
Justin Powell - 10 days ago
I watch this show for Mythical Chef Josh
Jade Curran
Jade Curran - 10 days ago
Sangas? We call sandwiches sandwiches unless they were rolls
Paul Wehner
Paul Wehner - 10 days ago
Create good mythical evening
Sean Hart
Sean Hart - 10 days ago
Link your shirt is a burger in a taco.... lets not talk about the integrity of a deep fried cheese filled cheeto. Lol
A SPADE - 11 days ago
They become more idiotic every video
Marshall Crabtree
Marshall Crabtree - 11 days ago
I am souly responsible for the rodeo burger comming back. YW world
Ace Chronic Music
Ace Chronic Music - 12 days ago
Id like to try the Hot Cheeto One
D Toy
D Toy - 13 days ago
Back when bk was good
no one
no one - 13 days ago
Link is such a weakling
MrSparklez125 - 13 days ago
How is bk still open? It’s so...... “amazing”
Lakaiyah Haggan
Lakaiyah Haggan - 14 days ago
Can we just take a moment to admire the craftsmanship of the recreated food
210ds - 14 days ago
Mac and Cheetos still do exist, they’re just frozen foods at the super market now.
Timmy_Manz - 14 days ago
Rhett takes huge bites, and Link like nibbles him food.
Master SUSHI
Master SUSHI - 15 days ago
mrspetznaz - 13 days ago
Jen Collins
Jen Collins - 15 days ago
Can you do the 90's? bk??!?
Max Merrill
Max Merrill - 16 days ago
fried cheetos by themselves tho... yea im not sure bout that bros
The Chef
The Chef - 16 days ago
Hamburgers were named after the city of Hamburg
lgnfve - 17 days ago
snopes as a source ???? bahahahahahahahaha
SpacemanFan1988 - 17 days ago
My Dad told me about the Yumbo, they were extremely popular during that time
Uriel Fulgencio
Uriel Fulgencio - 19 days ago
That’s was a great intro lol , hail BK
dogfish - 19 days ago
The guys in the glasses tries way to hard to be funny and clever.
Lysa - 19 days ago
He would have called it a sanga. Its Aussie slang for sandwich.
CM99501 - 20 days ago
Reminds me when they get rid of the Angry Whopper. Im so happy they brought it back.
ernesto miguez melendrez
ernesto miguez melendrez - 20 days ago
No food should have the word perrito in it
Brennen Randolph
Brennen Randolph - 20 days ago
Whopperitto was bomb
Hunter Holley
Hunter Holley - 20 days ago
I liked the whopperito
Dennis Hamm
Dennis Hamm - 21 day ago
A sandwich is referred to as a Sanger.
kupo x
kupo x - 21 day ago
For future references, us australians calls our sandwiches sangas.
II Corps Gaming
II Corps Gaming - 21 day ago
Mark Morrison makes my ears sing. I love 90s club music.
A fox Typing on a computer.
Hot ham and cheese is disgusting. If you accidentally asked people at subway to toast your ham and cheese sandwich you will be in a state of ham and cheese depression.
Burger Boy
Burger Boy - 22 days ago
I actually had a yumbo when they rebooted it.....just a typical ham and cheese. Pretty good tho
Jacqueline Lopez-Diaz
Jacqueline Lopez-Diaz - 22 days ago
the whopperito reminds me of the big mac snack wrap from McDonald's it was as if burger king was copping McDonald's since they can't think of new stuff of their own
Priyanka S
Priyanka S - 22 days ago
I was captivated by Rhett at first but if I talked to him I would rather go out with link for theme parks and eatings
hecatine -13
hecatine -13 - 22 days ago
cheese tots, the big king , or the original bk fries I honestly thought the old original bk fries were better than mcdonalds the original bk fries didn't need ketchup or anything they were so good on their own perfectly seasoned why they changed them to what they are now is a mystery really wish they would change them back
James Masters
James Masters - 23 days ago
In the 90's we had, Men on Films, now we have, Men on Food.
Hated it.
Heath Johnson
Heath Johnson - 23 days ago
Burger King needs to bring back the double stack. My favorite thing ever at burger king
Wade Danger
Wade Danger - 23 days ago
ham n cheese sanga mate haha
Mariofan2001 - 24 days ago
Noooo you didn’t make the whopperito right it’s supposed to be bigger and have a special queso sauce
Hosea Matthews
Hosea Matthews - 24 days ago
What's Link problem with tomatoes? I get Rhett's problem with liver, it's awful
Gabby Metcalfe
Gabby Metcalfe - 24 days ago
tour guy probably called them sanga's
Dylan Carter
Dylan Carter - 24 days ago
Who Gabe link a knife?
chris - 24 days ago
the bk cheetos thing looks nothing like the original
Jeremiah H
Jeremiah H - 24 days ago
Part of the taste of a Whopper is the bun.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow - 26 days ago
The mac-n-Cheetos are still available at walmart neighborhood market.
Kandi Henderson
Kandi Henderson - 26 days ago
U can get mac n cheetos at walmart
JL Sagely
JL Sagely - 26 days ago
Why does Link whisper to his food?
Tractorcarsen 9
Tractorcarsen 9 - 27 days ago
I think yumbo should come back
lamemoviesdude1011 - 27 days ago
They brought back the Angry Whopper, so anything seems possible
Vincent Chen
Vincent Chen - 27 days ago
It call a sanga( sandwhich)
Elsa Gillespie
Elsa Gillespie - 27 days ago
Fun fact: Burger King is called Hungry Jack's in Australia.
WY477 H4RR15
WY477 H4RR15 - 28 days ago
3:13 at 0.25x speed. You'll thank me later
Joseph Edwards
Joseph Edwards - 28 days ago
Hey the whopperito was great
Mini Donutz
Mini Donutz - 28 days ago
Link and his damn tomato ban lmao why did I find it so funny when he fingered them out lol
Magic Siddiq
Magic Siddiq - 28 days ago
Do arbys
Taylor Bain
Taylor Bain - 28 days ago
I’ve never been so excited for something in my life as I am for endgame.
Jake J Ames
Jake J Ames - 28 days ago
Me-Thats why we call them Beef Burgers in UK
Isaac Villegas
Isaac Villegas - 26 days ago
Meh to much aliteration.
KreyzyChild - 28 days ago
The "Mac N' Cheetos" were actually just- hollow non-dusted and burnt cheeto balls with mac n' cheese in the center- they tasted stale and super dry
Blueberry GamerTM
Blueberry GamerTM - 24 days ago
KreyzyChild I guess Josh did a WAY better job preparing them.
Ray Ceeya
Ray Ceeya - 28 days ago
Where I'm from they call them "Steamed Hams".
Jeroen Van Zwam
Jeroen Van Zwam - 28 days ago
You guys like the name Yumbo, here in the Netherlands we have a supermarket chain named Jumbo.
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