Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Co-op Gameplay - Nintendo Minute

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Alexandro Collings
Alexandro Collings - 5 months ago
Why is there so much devolver digital references? This game isn’t made by them
Jayden Hamilton
Jayden Hamilton - 5 months ago
I hope we get a real no more heroes 3 on Switch.
Tadhg Walshe
Tadhg Walshe - 5 months ago
Can you remake the power glove but to make it better please 🥴
pkleaf - 5 months ago
As soon as we have the tech to let men have babies I want Suda 51 inside of me.
AWF1000 - 5 months ago
I don't think i ever seen Nintendo support a 3rd party game like this before.. they usually show a gameplay ad and that's about it, move on.. but with Travis Strikes Again they released 9 videos and actually have a topic on the game in the channel. lol
TGS HALOmaster
TGS HALOmaster - 5 months ago
Do more Nintendo 3ds plz I love the 3ds
mario gaming
mario gaming - 5 months ago
Nintendo can you put shadow the hedgehog in the new smash game we need more strong characters in smash
SeriousMcnegative - 5 months ago
Not the reunion I was expecting (in more ways than one) but it's a welcome reunion nonetheless. If the buzz surrounding this game doesn't convince Nintendo to add Travis Touchdown to SSBU, then I don't know what will. There are untold numbers of NMH fans aching to see the most badass assassin in videogames join the smash roster. Nintendo: for the sake of Smash Bros. and the continued success of the Switch going forward, give in to this one fan demand.
TPF - Theology, Philosophy, & Fun
Please make NMH3, Nintendo...that would be a pre-order for doubt.
Durpity Durp
Durpity Durp - 5 months ago
Nintendo Please Add Travis Touchdown in Smash Ultimate i mean you have Snake and Bayonetta both are from Rated M games and all of No More Heroes have been exclusively from Nintendo unlike Joker lol
Travis Garbutt
Travis Garbutt - 5 months ago
Travis see you thank you do you love it
Toinho Da pamonha
Toinho Da pamonha - 6 months ago
Richard - 6 months ago
This game sucks
persnickety demon
persnickety demon - 6 months ago
Yes! Fallen legion is popular even there is only in the shirt
Troy Shrauger
Troy Shrauger - 6 months ago
Will Pender
Will Pender - 6 months ago
Get rid of that Travis guy.
Dx Marvelous
Dx Marvelous - 6 months ago link about Nintendo doesn't care about their fans
Golden Manny
Golden Manny - 6 months ago
Please swap Krysta out for somebody actually charismatic and fun to listen to.
Da Chop Up
Da Chop Up - 6 months ago
Are they a couple
Prima Materia
Prima Materia - 6 months ago
Emmanuel Engombia
Emmanuel Engombia - 6 months ago
Me mandan in Nintendo topics la goiteruor Cass Verde no tego
Gray Ayakashi
Gray Ayakashi - 6 months ago
Am i the only one who wants Travis for Smash? I know if wont happen because he is not child friendly though.
Mo Morris
Mo Morris - 6 months ago
These two bang in breaks?
Javier eliceo Rosas Guancin
Me justaria que Nintendo again UN Zelda twilight princes end 3ds si es que pronto dejatian de lanzar juegos yo Digo que esa joya no ppdria faltar Como ultimo lanzamiento like si quisieran UN Zelda twilight princes like
polasboek - 6 months ago
Killer 7 should come to the Switch!
Ketorulz - 6 months ago
Travis Touchdown for smash!
Old Logan
Old Logan - 6 months ago
Is there a retail version or is digital only??
RantKid - 6 months ago
I'm sorry but this looks awful
Gustavo Blener
Gustavo Blener - 6 months ago
El Indigeno
El Indigeno - 6 months ago
Can you do a Nintendo minute of the boxing game please. I'm interested.
TaroT SselluosS
TaroT SselluosS - 6 months ago
*Fix your drifting joycons issue*
Banana Child
Banana Child - 6 months ago
Travis Touchdown is probably the most douchiest, yet also ridiculous American high school jock name a human could ever come up with
Wolfen Way
Wolfen Way - 6 months ago
#CompletedOnSwitch I completed Mario odyssey, Breath of the Wild and Pokemon let’s go eevee!
TravisTouch69 Travis
TravisTouch69 Travis - 6 months ago
Big Duke
Big Duke - 6 months ago
Goichi Suda is God.
Sotir Deckas
Sotir Deckas - 6 months ago
can nintendo do a vide
Sotir Deckas
Sotir Deckas - 6 months ago
hey guys what to you say
Sanod - 6 months ago
FathomMe - 6 months ago
Please nake online play free!
Julian Reichinger
Julian Reichinger - 6 months ago
I want a Direct with animal Crossing or Luigis Mansion!
Bottle_Watterson - 6 months ago
Glad SOMEONE would advertise a No More Heroes game.
Ghoul Plays
Ghoul Plays - 6 months ago
Do batman for smash dlc
Ten Kaze
Ten Kaze - 6 months ago
Looks fantastic, so i must play it.
LycanLink - 6 months ago
I really hope these two are just teasing each other playfully, because their banter seems borderline friendship-breakup. :(
dark_ Gamer
dark_ Gamer - 6 months ago
Hola nitendo pueden agregar gta 5 si lo agregan los agradezco
Catalan Don
Catalan Don - 6 months ago
How people play this game. LAME!!
ThatOneGuyWes - 6 months ago
SmASh BrOS SuCKs gO BaCk tO ARmS.
HivePanda - 6 months ago
Nintendo can you add roblox or call of duty to the switch that will be AMAZING
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez - 6 months ago
The game is a huge mistake, is not final fight....Even a good no more héroes.
No Exposing me
No Exposing me - 6 months ago
I still wish that Nintendo would add wheelies to the bikes in mario Kart 8 deluxe, as well as an off road stat. I mean the motorcycles are in the game, and 4 drift inward, and there is off road tyres.
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