Will It Gravy? Taste Test

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Chillallthe Kildren
Katarina Zuder
Katarina Zuder - 3 days ago
Link is so damn cute
Noblesix0408 - 4 days ago
100,000 subscribers without a single vid challenge
" gravy my biscuit"
I'm dying... 😂
Rebecca Rivard
Rebecca Rivard - 5 days ago
2:37 *Global warming has left the chat*
idrees mahmood
idrees mahmood - 5 days ago
Should of been “Will It Gravy” with Yung Gravy
I'm a little retarded
I'm a little retarded - 8 days ago
9:52 what a Link thing to do lol
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. - 10 days ago
"Is that mine?! Hold on i did that unconsciously, I thought I swallowed it."
😂😂😂 well he was right in a way 👍
leilah !!
leilah !! - 10 days ago
love that link doesnt get utensils
Tyler M
Tyler M - 10 days ago
1:00 Link loves his children with his gravy :thinking:
Shelby Solem
Shelby Solem - 14 days ago
Put Oreo gravy on a funnel cake. Like Bavarian creme but chocolate and amazing.
joe waters
joe waters - 15 days ago
Did you say there was marshmallow on the sweet potato!?
Fandom Representative
Fandom Representative - 18 days ago
"50 Shades Of Gravy"
I love that
Roland Mendoza
Roland Mendoza - 21 day ago
That's gravy-tastic
MSC Spooks
MSC Spooks - 21 day ago
At 9:24 is Rhett saying he likes to eat ass?
Solle_il - 26 days ago
Blaize Burley
Blaize Burley - 27 days ago
Funniest 20 seconds in GMM history! Will it gravy? NOOOO
calebdasavage 123
calebdasavage 123 - 29 days ago
North Carolina is where I live!!!!
Ted Zhang
Ted Zhang - 29 days ago
50 shades of gravy 😂
softball lifestyle
softball lifestyle - Month ago
Am I the only one who eats pudding warm/hot
Melody Canada
Melody Canada - Month ago
My grandma makes Chocolate gravy for breakfast all the time, it’s good
Seif Eldin
Seif Eldin - Month ago
Wasn't this a family-friendly show
James Stray
James Stray - Month ago
I do think they go overboard sometimes.
Sean Ward
Sean Ward - Month ago
I really want a side channel where we just watch Josh cook
Player 2
Player 2 - Month ago
Like for smell-o-vision!
Kyle Anderson
Kyle Anderson - Month ago
The best part of the video 😭 13:17
Adam Gough
Adam Gough - Month ago
Food episode “gelatinous” check ...
Yes! 5:02, 5:07
WhiteWhelfis-Meow - Month ago
I need to stop watching these while im eating dinner
- - Month ago
*_g a r l e e k_*
random girl
random girl - Month ago
10:34 “yum” 😂
Caleb Sinsel
Caleb Sinsel - Month ago
Rhett is the dad and Link the mother. they are divorced and trying to convince their son josh to come to their house instead of the others for thanksgiving
Yung GFA
Yung GFA - Month ago
Link is always messy af😂
Hannah Grill
Hannah Grill - Month ago
2:51 "ya thats nice"
jacob briand
jacob briand - Month ago
This is a good episode but there is no denying that this episode is quite strange.
Davini The Great
Davini The Great - Month ago
Yo get Juice WRLD to be on the show
Alex Blood
Alex Blood - Month ago
Rett:no one's agruing everyone getting along
Me:(thinks of the past Thanksgivings)............rett im sorry but.....I'm glad you haven't met my family
Lauryn Jirby
Lauryn Jirby - Month ago
Pause the video at 0:02 ! Do it now! Look at link!😂😂😂👌🔥😉😘

You’re welcome 😊
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed - Month ago
Look at link's face from 0:00 to 0:02 it's hilarious😂😂
Garret Galloway
Garret Galloway - Month ago
rhett and link have never had biscuits and chocolate gravy
Boatloadofface 1
Boatloadofface 1 - Month ago
Pond those ores rett
Mad Queen
Mad Queen - Month ago
3:30 as an Arkansas native, all I’m thinking is that it’s basically CHOCOLATE GRAVY
Trevor manzo
Trevor manzo - Month ago
That pizza gravy was like the inside of a hot pocket
KillShot Kev
KillShot Kev - Month ago
The Portuguese created rose and we don’t even drink that crap 😂
Ashley Allen
Ashley Allen - Month ago
I love gravy
Juanpa Lopez
Juanpa Lopez - Month ago
You should do will it pumpkin pie
Darian Dees
Darian Dees - Month ago
not a prius. just saying
Snayl 2.0
Snayl 2.0 - Month ago
...... the hag fish slime looks like... somethin else..
everyone was thinkin it lmao
Drew Matthews
Drew Matthews - Month ago
Will it brownie???
Sheila Rideout
Sheila Rideout - Month ago
Were did Josh go for Thanksgiving, that's the real question here
Mary Ann Johnson
Mary Ann Johnson - Month ago
Cash n. Ain't weekend a aypy swb can is lunch bag. Ssou take
Mary Ann Johnson
Mary Ann Johnson - Month ago
Jay are you going weekend
C.L. Visions
C.L. Visions - 2 months ago
Nicholas Oliveira
Nicholas Oliveira - 2 months ago
What about watermelon gravy.
Patrick Fairbanks
Patrick Fairbanks - 2 months ago
Wow....Link in edible undies....coulda gone my whole life without seeing that.
Kawaii_potato 136
Kawaii_potato 136 - 2 months ago
I don’t like gravvy
Insane Gaming
Insane Gaming - 2 months ago
That pizza gravy would be real good on PINEAPPLE... YUM (ODVIOSE JOKE)
Federico Oliva
Federico Oliva - 2 months ago
Porco dio
A Griebel
A Griebel - 2 months ago
but... will *GRAVY* gravy? That's the true question
Lars Olovsson
Lars Olovsson - 2 months ago
Iam the only who watches this video every day but only 2:10-2:15 ?
Brandon Delgrosso
Brandon Delgrosso - 2 months ago
Zorgo difuse
Skyler Newton
Skyler Newton - 2 months ago
Anyone else die laughing when the edible under where candy went flying everywhere from links mouth
Rylen Exp
Rylen Exp - 2 months ago
The title should be will it gravy cause I’m cravi...ng
Josiah Soenen
Josiah Soenen - 2 months ago
Link I did it (retches) *gag I did it! (Retches again)
ThyBonesReloaded - 2 months ago
Rozay = Rick Ross.
Jazzy Wolf
Jazzy Wolf - 2 months ago
*it changed. Link did it*
Sofia Belts
Sofia Belts - 2 months ago
MultizombieMC - 2 months ago
“”Gravy’s not gravy it ain’t smothered in something, which is the way I love my children”
James SAP
James SAP - 2 months ago
I kinda don’t wanna believe that Rhett and link don’t hang out outside of work that much
James SAP
James SAP - 2 months ago
Shannon M. Thank god
Shannon M.
Shannon M. - 2 months ago
They actually do. Watch their Ear Biscuits podcast. They talk about it more there.
Stalin Sauce
Stalin Sauce - 2 months ago
13:17 It went out as fast as it went in
Kourtnie Sanders
Kourtnie Sanders - 2 months ago
Truly happy that smellevision does not exist
Álvaro Serrato Mendez
Álvaro Serrato Mendez - 2 months ago
OMG!!! I wanna thank you guys for making me laugh so hard, especially you Rhett!!! I haven't laughed that hard in years!!! I was literally crying of laughter!!! When you spit the mashed potatoes with hag fish gravy!!! lmfao!!! I was dying!!!
Álvaro Serrato Mendez
Álvaro Serrato Mendez - 2 months ago
When he breaks his edible underwear and remains totally calm!!! hahaha
Stew Gru
Stew Gru - 2 months ago
I'm sorry, but I think they were very unwise to use hagfish slime. It is a defense mechanism to choke and suffocate attackers, so its not meant to be eaten.... its actually designed to harm whatever tries to eat it. Just saying, be safe Rhett and Link.
Toffee_ Apple
Toffee_ Apple - 2 months ago

gArLieEk- Link 2019
Marshall Iversen
Marshall Iversen - 2 months ago
lightning dragon3
lightning dragon3 - 2 months ago
I gagged alot when it came down to the gravomit
Jamie Elizabeth
Jamie Elizabeth - 2 months ago
Piece of gravy~
Meghan Pai
Meghan Pai - 2 months ago
“You just don’t wanna touch it with your hand.”

Yet they’re eating it. 🤦‍♀️
Braden Daniell
Braden Daniell - 2 months ago
7:21 The saddest comment in GMM, Love you Josh!!!
Ian Santos
Ian Santos - 2 months ago
I'd dip an oreo in that oreo gravy
Panther Nation
Panther Nation - 2 months ago
As an Italian, i thought they were going to talk about red gravy.
Mia Liddell
Mia Liddell - 2 months ago
sam 876
sam 876 - 2 months ago
Who's from the great NC
Evan Kurtz
Evan Kurtz - 2 months ago
Ok, that hagfish is officially the grossest thing I’ve ever seen on Gmm.
Irma - 2 months ago
No im taking it back
Evan Kurtz
Evan Kurtz - 2 months ago
That was a graaavvet episode(I’m sorry that was awful)
Sharra Miller
Sharra Miller - 2 months ago
You guys should write a cook book with all your good recipes in it 🤘
Dreaded TV
Dreaded TV - 2 months ago
Watch Rhett spit hiss hag fish stuff on the table
Chase Cummings
Chase Cummings - 2 months ago
Will it coffee creamer?
Max Wilson
Max Wilson - 2 months ago
the hagfish slime didnt disenigrate the prius. with one search i found it and the car was run into
Its Lawl
Its Lawl - 3 months ago
Will it gravy?

LtPhxyx - 3 months ago
😂😂💀💀 when Rhett immediately spit out the gravomit and it stuck to the table😂😂😂
ArtisticNurse - 3 months ago
Oreo gravy for dipping for fried Oreos!
superrowen - 3 months ago
Rhett's mouth rocket
wt f
wt f - 3 months ago
Cris G.
Cris G. - 3 months ago
Darren James
Darren James - 3 months ago
Anyone else get that awkward moment they interrupted josh?
Bat's Shadow Studio's
Bat's Shadow Studio's - 3 months ago
7:49 sorry, but that is Thanksgiving with my family, every year.
wayde selwood
wayde selwood - 3 months ago
i cant enjoy this knowing that they are millionaires
alex barty
alex barty - 3 months ago
Rewatching Rhett with the hagfish in 0.25x speed. Best thing on the internet
Tom bear
Tom bear - 3 months ago
Fml I just died!!! You gotta watch this from 13:13 to 13:52 in 0.25 speed (the slowest speed)
Rett . "How did you do that.?"
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