5 Dog Gadgets Put to the Test - Part 7

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savagebro 302
savagebro 302 - Hour ago
3:43 he hits his head
FloydMuser - Followback
FloydMuser - Followback - 20 hours ago
Im here for the diy but Im staying for the dogs
Emily Mac
Emily Mac - 3 days ago
This popped up in my recommended and now im just binge watching every single one of his dog vids.
Anyone else doin the same??
Branson Novsam
Branson Novsam - 3 days ago
The dog ramp is plastic it’s slippery it it was rubber it’s fine
kate rao
kate rao - 4 days ago
12:12 that looks fun haha
Know me gaming
Know me gaming - 4 days ago
3:43 ahahahhaha he hit his head on the car
Timothy Viard
Timothy Viard - 9 days ago
Try with the dog shoes on.
Boarhaven - 10 days ago
Why buy a ramp when you can *HANDCARRY* them.
J Can du
J Can du - 11 days ago
The ramp sucked because it was slippery. If it had rubberized surfaces it would have been great.
Mateo Moreno
Mateo Moreno - 11 days ago
sww the dog is stuggling it should be rubber
Sushma Sahu
Sushma Sahu - 14 days ago
you can bring one bowl stand
Stinky - 15 days ago
His accent is the best part of these videos
esticazzi - 15 days ago
man just let the dogs jump
Frank Hurlburt
Frank Hurlburt - 19 days ago
Ramp to slick need to glue some carpet on it.
Thnx for makin these kinda vids
grayarea - 22 days ago
One punch dog
Doglexus 123
Doglexus 123 - 25 days ago
one punch doge
Web Find
Web Find - 26 days ago
I love Ur all dog... They r so nice
Venomous Sniper FTW
Venomous Sniper FTW - 26 days ago
The ramp is just to slippery
Deadly Wolfy
Deadly Wolfy - 26 days ago
The ramp is slippery because I think he has it on the car backwards....the groves should be the opposite way
robdog15001 - 29 days ago
ladder /ramp has to be wider
Suman Mondal
Suman Mondal - Month ago
My last gadget is favourite
Otosaka Yuu
Otosaka Yuu - Month ago
*One Punch Dog*
Jon Cairy
Jon Cairy - Month ago
Now I see why u have 11million subscribers
Desmond's Corner
Desmond's Corner - Month ago
that ramp would probably be so much better if the part they walk on was rubber or at least rubber coated, less slipping
These gadgets will make your dog a *dawg*
Azoztareq 123
Azoztareq 123 - Month ago
1:54 why he said pappies confused
CarolinaGirl - Month ago
Tara’s: Unspillable bowl.
Gus: Steps in it and spills water. 😂😂😂
Tweeny Twinkies
Tweeny Twinkies - Month ago
The ramp is either too steep or too slippery, or both. I have a ramp for my English Mastiff and she likes it. It has friction on the ramp. The ramp seems way more stable that this one. It is heavier but it’s safer
zoe balafoutis
zoe balafoutis - Month ago
If you love Gus like this comment
Abhijeet Singh
Abhijeet Singh - Month ago
I am from India🇮🇳 and I love your videos🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥
Sara juršič
Sara juršič - Month ago
Oh god i looooove this videos with dogs😍💕i have two dogs and they are little bit smaler and both more like Gus(playful) 😂😂
Leah Rose
Leah Rose - Month ago
Im in love with your voice
The fuc*ing ramp is backwards bc it it was flipped to the side that’s on the ground into the car there are lips for the dogs
Hokey - Month ago
Your dogs are such good sports for helping you test all these products!
kelvynification - Month ago
Why do I like this so much😃
John Dough
John Dough - Month ago
5 gallon bucket works probably better
Kendra Marshall
Kendra Marshall - Month ago
5:30 was the cutest thing ever he’s like I didn’t do anything....like if you agree
Zinger_Beatbox - Month ago
put a rubber mat on the ramp and it should be fine
Jon Jacob Valderama
Jon Jacob Valderama - Month ago
Gras is the one punch dog
Aidan Murray
Aidan Murray - Month ago
i love gus
Wesley Dechavez
Wesley Dechavez - 2 months ago
welcome back to moeleboeletuuur
may day
may day - 2 months ago
made for a little dog
iff sha
iff sha - 2 months ago
I Absolutely love this guy's accent
Klajdi z7
Klajdi z7 - 2 months ago
Almtyhalfbreed - 2 months ago
I think the unspillable bowl wasn't used right
Tulatinoheat PS4 Gaming Channel
For water, i always wanted to try a decorating fountain with pure clean water, off course.
Inmydreamsimhunglikeabear 2
What breed is gus? He’s beautiful
Kert P
Kert P - 2 months ago
john-DMC - 2 months ago
Your house is beautiful, please show ur house to us
Dippy._. - 2 months ago
Put some grip tape on it
PrescribedPsych0 - 2 months ago
50% comments: the ramp too slippery put rubber on it.
15% comments: Gus is so big!
5% comments: who reading comments when watching video?
Joy Virrey
Joy Virrey - 2 months ago
He's always say boom
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget - 2 months ago
*One Punch~*
sundragon1976 - 2 months ago
They should put rubber on those ramps
f0rgg13 - 2 months ago
I like the bathtub he used to clean gus. What's the name? Where can I buy it?
Kylan Thefox
Kylan Thefox - 2 months ago
Gus "I am one punch dog"
UKPurplePanther - 2 months ago
An _unspillabubble_ bowl 🤪
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith - 2 months ago
This best video ever!! Laughed so hard!! Thank you Gus! Good dog!
Yeezy The Husky
Yeezy The Husky - 3 months ago
My dog would jst laugh if i bought that ramp
Craftyhippie - 3 months ago
they could of called it the unspillabowl
Steph Gigantino
Steph Gigantino - 3 months ago
My husky swam and dug and pulled on her water bowl when she was a pup too 😂
Ethan Alcock
Ethan Alcock - 3 months ago
I love luke Hugo and gus there all so cute
Katlin Wilson
Katlin Wilson - 3 months ago
I just love you!!😂Your videos are amazing and Your have such a pure sweet personality & you also have amazingly cute an goofy dogs. I really love that u make these videos. I have a great dane and it so hard to find products to use on him and this soooo help🙂
David Anderson
David Anderson - 3 months ago
Rubber coat the ramp
Varun Patil
Varun Patil - 3 months ago
Ur dogs r cute
vivian barajas
vivian barajas - 3 months ago
singingfan - 3 months ago
I do a lot of brushing to my Labrador retriever, then I give her bath. Makes it so much easier in bath.
singingfan - 3 months ago
Return or scrap the ramp
Star Child
Star Child - 3 months ago
4:25 poor puppy
Shri Aman BaBa Ji Ldh Punjab India Singh
Jai shri Krishna
Cindy Clark
Cindy Clark - 3 months ago
I'm more interested in that bathing tank you have
dRexter - 3 months ago
for pet xd
Geoff Brasier
Geoff Brasier - 3 months ago
a bit of carpet???
Skelton Slay8er
Skelton Slay8er - 3 months ago
Is this just a convenient way to show off your dogs
Biohazard Tanner
Biohazard Tanner - 3 months ago
Every dog video i see 1 more dog
Elena Uchtman
Elena Uchtman - 3 months ago
I sprayed flex spray on my ramp to give the dogs traction. Worked great after that.
Some random Person
Some random Person - 3 months ago
One punch dog XD
Gustavo Martinez
Gustavo Martinez - 3 months ago
Guss is so funny
simply danLrene
simply danLrene - 3 months ago
We got stick on carpet squares and put on ours and worked like a champ. One square for each fold section.
Bass Fishing with the AntiChrist
We can bring Grandma now!
Thebeautiful11 - 3 months ago
Oh, the puppy is a malamute! Ok.
Jan Allen Munoz
Jan Allen Munoz - 3 months ago
Kunal Kumar
Kunal Kumar - 4 months ago
I want a puppy like GUS, can u plz tell me at white i can get puppies?
Ryan Sinnung
Ryan Sinnung - 4 months ago
its one pucnh dog!!!!! :)
ANURANJ M - 4 months ago
1st 2 gadgets were useless. ..
Last one was nyc ...
KamikazeKid6199 - 4 months ago
The Ramp need rubber or something for grip.
Margaret O
Margaret O - 4 months ago
Awesome leashes...I totally need two of them for my four white huskies, your fur babies are beautiful!
Jennifer F
Jennifer F - 4 months ago
Sliding much more than a little bit!
Angelica Gutierrez
Angelica Gutierrez - 4 months ago
0:36 weird flex but okayy
LifeAsWeKnowIt - 4 months ago
awww you have a black and white malamute. that is my favourite malamute colour. I have 2. and 1 grey one.
Kabadjangan Panaytayon
Kabadjangan Panaytayon - 4 months ago
Gus: why does it have to be me...?
Alexandra Dorn
Alexandra Dorn - 4 months ago
When huskies or wolves or German shepherds put their feet in the water, they're trying to stir up minerals from the bottom of the "puddle" to cure a mineral deficiency.
Raven - 4 months ago
for the ramp, spray some rubber coating or plastidip on it. way too slippery otherwise.
Kat Kelly
Kat Kelly - 4 months ago
I mean, puppies for sure, they're beautiful! But thanks for the testing. my guy is a little bitty next to huskies but definitely the bath gadgets are great!
Melo - 4 months ago
The ramp is too steep
BrattyBatz - 4 months ago
I had an Alaskan Malimute, husky, timber wolf mix growing up. Her name was keyna. She was so fluffy and big. I miss her so much.
CitizenPerkins - 4 months ago
Loved the "hand washer" and the "shampoo dispenser."
The "Doggie Ramp" is too short for your car. Those dogs need a less-steep angle. It's too plastic-y, as well.
SaayCheesee - 4 months ago
I really liked the tub and the hand product!
Shan Khan
Shan Khan - 4 months ago
The gadgets that worked were soo cool. Nice vid
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