The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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Patrick Tannian
Patrick Tannian - 4 hours ago
good content but the way you talk is kinda annoying and makes you sound weird when you put a certain emphasis on words. Also what the hell is that moving camera shot.
Victor A.
Victor A. - 9 hours ago
What the Justice Democrats did is appalling.
Nomiz - 11 hours ago
Very funny man, you should do more satirical videos like this one
Craig Wooldridge
Craig Wooldridge - 13 hours ago
I'm sure this video actually has a lot more than 2.4 million views, probably closer to 10 million...or more.
Tobias Remy
Tobias Remy - 23 hours ago
She's controlled by a group of people behind the curtain trying to obtain more power and wealth for themselves? how is she different from every other politician?
k hunt
k hunt - Day ago
your "fictional" screen play about how all in DC are owned and controlled meat puppets was a reality even before you learned to write or speak and remains that way except now it is not remotely concealed and only lunatics deny this is the way it has been and still is
Kaidong Nie
Kaidong Nie - Day ago
it's almost like Justice Democrats represents an ideology, and as long as the policies they endorse are getting pushed by their politicians, it doesn't matter who that person is?

Your entire point of this video depends on the assumption that JD is consisted of evil people who have malevolent intentions. If you don't frame it that way, the video will convert quite a lot of neutral people into supporting JD.
- You criticize that AOC doesn't come up with her own scripts, but don't you think that other politicians in Congress also have a team that handle promotion and social media? You pretend that AOC is the only one.
- You frame your video to imply that having a team in the background that comes up with policies is an unethical thing, but what do you think about senators who take a fat check from an industry lobby and turns around to support policies that the industry wants? At least JD has their platform publicly available on their website and you know exactly what they stand for.
- There is also the sleazy association that you assign between Cenk and a genocidal group, just because his network is named the same thing? The same thing happens with Chakrabarti and Bose, where you claim that Bose is an influence on Chakrabarti just because he wears a shirt with Bose's face on it.
- You also say that JD wants total Control of Congress..... isn't that EVERY political parties' goal? And you totally ignore the fact that they still have to win elections using votes from the people in the districts, not using unfair tactics.

This video is not convincing in the slightest. It's just a dog whistle for an audience that already agrees with you. You will need to go to JD's platform and debunk that in order to convince me.
Sandy Degener
Sandy Degener - Day ago
Well THAT explains it, you need brains IN your head.
PATRICK McShane - 2 days ago
I wouldn't mind her replacing one of my senators for a term.
xmfclick - 3 days ago
BPS has gone (12 June 2019) - how much longer will Mr Reagan be around on YT? Mirror any of his videos that you like and be prepared to follow him on BC - in fact, follow him there Now, if you can find the link
xr28y ge3fl1
xr28y ge3fl1 - 3 days ago
Mr. Reagan your claims have stood both the test of time AND logic. Congratulations. Good job.
Douglas Scroggs
Douglas Scroggs - 3 days ago
GREATwatched this video when there was 7875 views. knew it was one of the best , informed videos i've ever seen. you win. great
Christian Simmons
Christian Simmons - 3 days ago
Why doesn't this video show up when I type the title VERBATIM in the search bar? Fishy...
Justice USA
Justice USA - 4 days ago
On point 👍
For REAL - 4 days ago
They are TRAITORS and TERRORISTS and need to be found and hung for treason including AOC and everyone else that they put up on ballots.
A9 - 4 days ago
Fucking killing me with the constant camera changes. I'm sure it was a fun trick, but it's overdone and disorienting.
A9 - 4 days ago
These camera switches are annoying. Just leave the main one going. No need for a side view of you.
Brian Lopez
Brian Lopez - 4 days ago
Ok, if this is true, what is their end goal? Healthcare for all and better wages? I'm not seeing the connection here.
Stan Leery
Stan Leery - 4 days ago
The young turks basically verified everything you're saying here by posting a response video to this trying to paint you in the most ridiculous light possible. Truth is, if you were way off, I don't think the young turks would pay you any mind. If you were on to something, it seems the young turks would be more inclined to respond. They played their hand when they responded.
Christian Jadot
Christian Jadot - 4 days ago
Are there links to the original videos?
Mike - 4 days ago
They need to do a better job, that chick is dumb.
Cold Beer
Cold Beer - 4 days ago
Make no mistake, the children of the world's failed socialist states are now in the US and are hell bent for leather to bring this nation down with socialism. Like locusts moving from field to field.
jwsterlace - 4 days ago
Sitting on the sidelines...waiting
Tic toc tic toc
Robert Paulson
Robert Paulson - 5 days ago
Jenk Uger is undeniably dishonest.
alon rimon
alon rimon - 5 days ago
What about that Somali with the head towel? Which garbage bin did she come out of ? Cenk still has the tyrant Muslim in him ...
Robert Paulson
Robert Paulson - 5 days ago
This sounds plausible
Jon Jon
Jon Jon - 5 days ago
Just because Russia installed Donald Trump as a puppet president doesn't mean everyone you don't like is a puppet politician. lol 😁😆😂🤣🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
calo10able - 7 days ago
Amazing I didnt see any white people the justice Democrats are running
calo10able - 7 days ago
Conservatives and Republicans are always late to the game and have no balls which is why they hardly win
Eagle Arrow
Eagle Arrow - 9 days ago
I think both sides have done this except for JFK & Trump (Trump is a brand, however, he fooled them as he is a Patriot why Congress hates him as most of Congress is not genuine, they're just playing a role. Q, Trump & Shakespeare have said, "The world is a stage."
Tdew DN
Tdew DN - 9 days ago
Buzzfeed is trying to say this is lies, go research it and you will see everything he says is true
Eagle Arrow
Eagle Arrow - 9 days ago
If you watch AOC at the State of the Union, she was coached when to stand or sit if one watches her behaviours.
Krista Flores
Krista Flores - 9 days ago
Wow, you sheeple are truly ignorant. The hypocrisy of you all believing AOC to be a puppet, but not trump....groomed by russia for years. I just can't even anymore. smdh
basschica - 10 days ago
When will we do the same to get out the RINOs?
Malamute Aerospace
Malamute Aerospace - 10 days ago
What brains????
Jaden Jesus
Jaden Jesus - 10 days ago
U meant 'Brainless behind Brainless AOC'??
Raymond Mccomas
Raymond Mccomas - 12 days ago
You mean there are brains behind her? More like the blind leading the blind.
BRILHANTE USTRA - 13 days ago
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa - 13 days ago
They do not care about qualifications... they care about acting ability? Seriously? So, basically New Yorkers are willing sheeple? I am afraid for America. Wake up American... there are forces at hand trying to destroy our country!
internet !
internet ! - 13 days ago
Asshole of Congress
Wesburbs Tally
Wesburbs Tally - 13 days ago
This guy is corporate clown
Banned Deplorable
Banned Deplorable - 14 days ago
ALL Hispanics should be exiled from this country. ALL...
Chip IS POWDER COATING charles brann
Same thing was done with barry sotoris
LEEboneisDaMan - 15 days ago
that was... laughably stupid. Like... I'm actually laughing for minutes on end at how dumb this was.
Antoni Canada
Antoni Canada - 15 days ago
Go ahead and vote for old farts, and disintegrate slowly like them... Vote the OLD blood out, their future IS NOT your future... smh Their damage will affect your childrens children, not them or theirs....
btw, you did vote in a reality actor {cough}
reagan was an actor, you all went from peanuts to popcorn
and the problem is?
Drew Babos
Drew Babos - 15 days ago
As a obama fan ill take this video as food for thought
Broke Bear
Broke Bear - 15 days ago
fooled me, I didn't think there were any brains behind her
Wesburbs Tally
Wesburbs Tally - 12 days ago
Kiki Neener did you know that Donald trump wanted to cut corporate taxes from 35% to 15% but the republicans only let him do 20%. Why do you think he wanted to cut their taxes even more? I think it’s because they’re all friends and don’t care about the AMERICAN PEOPLE!
Broke Bear
Broke Bear - 13 days ago
@Wesburbs Tally yup, bingo.
Wesburbs Tally
Wesburbs Tally - 13 days ago
Kiki Neener she helped Bernie Sanders in his 2016 presidential campaign. That’s before running for Congress, I wonder why she did that? I think it would be the same reason he has over a million people helping him with his campaign this time around. Yeah it is because he has us AMERICANS not GREEDY CORPORATIONS in mind. Corporations can’t buy Bernie or AOC so they smear them with lies.
Jorge Antunes
Jorge Antunes - 15 days ago
This sh... T politicians are always with support behind.... Loke trump... With the Russians
Retaw Yllil
Retaw Yllil - 16 days ago
How utterly terrifying.
M D - 16 days ago
"The people controlling (him/her) are very dangerous" - you can say this about every Democrat in the federal government.
Wesburbs Tally
Wesburbs Tally - 13 days ago
M D just look at policies being passed by trump lol... those are for corporations and their masters. Huge tax breaks to corporations while we already know that trickle down economics doesn’t work. The whole Republican Party is funded by corporations, why wouldn’t they do they’re bidding. Now you look at Bernie Sanders and AOC all grass roots small donors, why would they do the bidding of corporations? They actually stand against them lol... but corporate tools like this guy and the mainstream media try hard to smear progressives. He lies in this video about AOC, and didn’t need to do the so called research he did to find out lol. It’s well known and documented, so why did he lie?
M D - 13 days ago
@Wesburbs Tally The biggest corporations are controlled by the biggest banks - names that most people don't know: Rothschild, Kuhn, Loeb, Warburg, etc. Corporations are 2nd tier (all corporate CEOs are really working for their masters), the "cabal" is top-tier (bankers, monarchs, industrialists). Now the whole Dem party is cabal-controlled, and there's a few R's, too.
Wesburbs Tally
Wesburbs Tally - 13 days ago
No corporate politicians are the problem, if you can’t see that then you’re blind. That means democrats and republicans. Why do you think corporations got a big tax cut! Everyone knows trickle down economics doesn’t work. That’s why corporations pay a lot to get corporate politicians to do their bidding! You can easily prove this guy lies about AOC not being in politics before running for Congress lmfao.
qazyman - 16 days ago
It's interesting how people that have forsaken their own salvation are so committed to saving everyone else.
Bruce McCaskey
Bruce McCaskey - 16 days ago
Brilliant journalism, great organization and compelling logic, and great use of clips.

Think of people with a unique style: Milo; Tucker; Rush; Mark Steyn. Joe Cocker; Joni Mitchell; Susan Boyle. *Donald Trump*. None of them sound like anyone else. You sound like you listen to NPR / BBC and can't get it out of your head.

You have a tiger by the tail here, and you need a better handle on the dynamic of the act. The suggestion of and association with Reagan is golden, but it won't sustain the whole video. It's too weak in the beginning, and peters out from there, so it has far less impact than it might.

Really *hook the heck out of people*: start off in character as Reagan to briefly introduce the topic using relevant actual quotes from him. Wear a suit, tie, white shirt, highly shined shoes, make a simple a set that suggests the Oval Office: all you need is flags and a desk, curtains behind, to start out. Copy his mannerisms precisely: emotional connection, head tilt, head bob and smile when he telegraphs a punch, posture, etc. Ham it up, put all the emotion and drama into the opener. Make them think they are going to hear thoughts that could have come from Reagan, had he lived. It's an extremely powerful technique, that's why Stalin used it with huge posters of himself with the caption "On the Path Pointed Out by Lenin."

Then step out of character, go back to being your normal self. Your normal self is not on display anywhere in this video. You should see a voice coach. Show them some demos where you deliberately focus on eliminating every trace of affected 'style', and return to a personally organic and natural pace, diction, emphasis. Let them help you find a neutral voice, and then slowly allow your natural expression to emerge. Forget everything you have heard and seen from other on-camera talent, and find your own way. You sound like you're copying a style of enunciation that I've heard everywhere else and it erodes your effectiveness because it sounds fake. You know what they say: 'in politics, sincerity is everything. If you can fake that, you've got it made.' Well, don't fake it - just be yourself. Once you have eliminated all the oratorical bells and whistles you have picked up from others, allow your natural feelings and opinions to animate your speech.

Then wrap it up in character as Reagan with *different* quotes, give 'em a boffo finish. Of course, for efficiency, you're not going to shoot this in continuity. Shoot both Reagan bits, then the natural presentation.

It will increase your effectiveness very dramatically.
Elizabeth Boyd
Elizabeth Boyd - 17 days ago
This is insane that nobody has seen this yet, you are 100 percent correct
john Jacob-jinglehimer-shmitt
Who is behind Cenk Uygur?
Mary - 18 days ago
Um ... talk to us about the Heritage Foundation and Leonard Leo selecting the conservative judges being appointed to judgeships by the GOP. Talk to us about the Mercers & Kochs..Talk to us about ALEC - the conservative organization that literally writes legislation for Republicans. Y'all just LOVE hating on AOC and organizations that support policies she supports. OoooooOooo how corrupt that there are actually normal organizations supporting democratic candidates. My God. How do we go on? You LOVE to think she has SO MUCH power. Democrats don't see it that way. Why are you so threatened by her? Unreal.
Mr Reagan
Mr Reagan - 18 days ago
The lady doth protest too much, methinks 🤔
J Rex
J Rex - 18 days ago
BuzzFeed tried to debunk this. I find that hilarious considering they’ve had to retract several fake news stories before. If anyone believes them at this point then they are really brainwashed.
Jose Varillas
Jose Varillas - 18 days ago
Lmao, Cenk is the master mind.. oh boy.

"Names of people I can't even pronounce"... what's that? Is that a whistle I hear?
M52TUB24 - 18 days ago
This guy's just jealous of AOC's wokeness.
beelze bozo
beelze bozo - 19 days ago
Mr. Reagan is a moron. You’re a moron too if you took this video seriously. Ffs.
Odd Inge Strand
Odd Inge Strand - 19 days ago
OMG. You are making a total fool off your self. AOC is a superior woman an mor intelligent than you ever can be. I dear you to debate here. She would eat you alive. And to those who follow your lies and BS must understand that you are like Trump...a liar. Anyone who believe you crap is a fool.
Robert Hooks
Robert Hooks - 10 days ago
YO.....I DARE YOU TO DEBATE HER! LMFAO sandy ain,t gonna DEBATE ANYONE , ANYWHERE , ANYTIME, know how! she is a sock puppet 101! her handlers will not let her speak in public with people with opposing views or opinions ! ( THAT SAYS IT ALL ) . just another FLEETING ARSEHOLE! COMIC GOLD!!
Teralynda Dalinoc
Teralynda Dalinoc - 20 days ago
I feel very angry and insulted. What can we do besides not vote for her?
stephen kost
stephen kost - 21 day ago
You don't even command the english language properly.
stephen kost
stephen kost - 21 day ago
More tin foil on your head is necessary. LMAO
ejhickey - 21 day ago
Brilliant. Nice work Mr. R.
Wesburbs Tally
Wesburbs Tally - 21 day ago
Can someone tell this Mr Reagan on this video that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez worked for Bernie Sanders campaign back in 2016. That’s not because someone picked her, it’s because she liked his policies. If she worked on his campaign because of his policies, doesn’t that make her involved in politics as a progressive. Those easily verifiable public records that show her political views before she began to run for Congress. So he didn’t say that because it proves he’s wrong about how she wasn’t involved in politics before they picked her. Don’t be fooled sheople. He talks about some fact but the rest is just not true or just his opinion with no verifiable facts. The reason he does this is to keep the status quo, where corporations run our government so they can maximize profits while the rest of barely make it or don’t make it at all
Derek hi
Derek hi - 21 day ago
I have one genuine question as well: what is so terribly wrong about her seeking counsel in her team and people who mirror her views? This seems like the perfection reflection of the gist of politics, in that being the power of the perspective.
atwilliams8 - 21 day ago
The oil and gas industry owns the right. "Most of their names I cant even pronounce." LOL, You're so startled!!..
Stephanie King
Stephanie King - 22 days ago
So what? We're sick of centrists and oligarchy. And NOBODY should be in Congress for 20 years. Cenk is more of a genius than you'll ever be.
Ameri Color
Ameri Color - 22 days ago
"OMG - She answered a Casting Call . . . She's an Actress in the ROLL of Congresswoman . . . And they did this - so they could promote - their OWN agenda!" What is this, your First Rodeo?? Have you never watched "MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON"?? It should be Required Viewing in America.
Wesburbs Tally
Wesburbs Tally - 22 days ago
I just asked someone on here this question but I’d like to here everyone on here’s comments. I was asking how politicians who have similar views to other politicians is bad or conspiracy? These are people with grass roots no big corporate money. If they don’t want money what do they want? Power to pass laws that help everyday Americans? How is that bad? Oh I get it, it cuts it corporate profits, but does he talk about that? NO! He’s a corporate tool just like all mainstream media, corporate democrats, and republicans.
Wesburbs Tally
Wesburbs Tally - 22 days ago
Saying people in politics wanting people with similar views and who can articulate them well to get elected, is not a conspiracy lmfao. Also saying bartenders who are going to college can’t be smart or have political views is not an argument either. I have political views and can debate this guy lmfao... without even graduating high school. I promise anyone watching this videos I’m from Illinois and have progressive views. No one is feeding me anything. I believe we should have Medicare for all not for profit insurance. People should not have profits limit the care they need to stay alive. We do own patents on a lot of prescriptions that pharmaceutical companies profit tremendously on. People, that includes kids, die because of not being able to afford expensive drugs. I believe in making sure we have a habitable environment for our kids, so I support in the green new deal. I have 2 kids and 15 nieces and nephews so it makes sense for me. I’ll just end it saying any question on what I support and why lmk, I’ll be glad to tell you. This guy is another Shapiro, a guy who says people in office with sensible ideas that the majority of American people support are involved in a conspiracy to take over the government who doesn’t want to pass laws the majority of people favor. Hows is that a conspiracy lmfao... sounds like the people trying to take back the government from wealthy corporations. Idk how that’s bad but if anyone knows lmk please.
Wesburbs Tally
Wesburbs Tally - 22 days ago
I’m definitely not chenk or the other guy but I do think this guy is like Shapiro, talks a lot but if you take each point it’s easily debunked lmfao.
A2theE2 - 22 days ago
It all boils down to Jewish freemasonary. This is your actwhore based reality!!!!
12x12surface - 22 days ago
YouTube is messing with the search engine. I have a hard time searching for this video. Linked here from safari, but cannot find this video using Youtube’s search engine. You tell me is there a media conspiracy, or is there truth in the dishonesty of the media?
The body
The body - 23 days ago
These guys aren't even Americans
Libra - 24 days ago
Thank you so much for this great info....... unbelievable she needs to be impeach...........
g vu
g vu - 24 days ago
This channel it's a joke. AOC know more about politics that a guys who owns a YouTube channel and supports everything that is wrong about this country.
CLIFF HUFF - 24 days ago
Very insightful I'll spread the word.
Adam Ski Harvey
Adam Ski Harvey - 25 days ago
Hmmm, there's something else going on here. I am doubting the reason why the information is so very much easily available. Publicly telling us that these are puppets, and puppet apprentices. The puppet masters are still hiding with this level of information being deliberately being leaked. I seriously doubt it is for the benefit of the people, or making the people aware. There is another agenda to why the information is so easily available. I can help but feel it is "Look here, while we do this over there" type of move. Chess!!! Before you know it, check mate, we lose. But hey, what do I know??
chris cartledge
chris cartledge - 25 days ago
Be careful, your now in the cross hairs my friend. Watch your back, and I'm serious, these people would not hesitate to murder you for exposing them!
Yo Mamma
Yo Mamma - 26 days ago
the ignorance of this man is laughable, and the entire comments section who are buying it apparently need the word "conspiracy" and the actual campaign process explained to them. This guys "conspiracy" is that they found a person and she agreed to run, and that she has a staff and advisers. And you aren't laughing at this guy? I mean forget whether you like her or not, he literally described the campaign process the way everyone does it. Everyone has a staff, everyone has statistics, and the part where its like supposed to be secret Cenk Uyger had something to do with Justice Democrats. If you look at the Wiki page he's listed as the founder, because he is. It's not a secret. For something to be a conspiracy there has to be something that is kept secret to conspire about. If you look at his non-arguments you realize there is nothing to look at to begin with. This guy is wildly ignorant and the fact people even listen is disturbing to say the least
Dora Glasberg
Dora Glasberg - 26 days ago
I live in NYC,
This douchebag is a whackjob.
83 thumbs up? THis country is doomed
ROB P - 27 days ago
Wow dude this is funny.
MyMuslimFaith - 28 days ago
Justice Dems Stink.
xr28y ge3fl1
xr28y ge3fl1 - 28 days ago
Its going to be ok Mr. Reagan, The First Amendment was made for Justice Democrats. Founding fathers knew what they were doing.
xr28y ge3fl1
xr28y ge3fl1 - 28 days ago
They are after the Millennial vote
xr28y ge3fl1
xr28y ge3fl1 - 28 days ago
AOC was a smart STEM kid in junior high. She won a award, for some reason she went for a liberal arts education. She came out of college as an absolute idiot. Its like she camnot think and reason for herself.
xr28y ge3fl1
xr28y ge3fl1 - 28 days ago
Funny Saikat, the leader of Justice Democrats acts like he had absolutely nothing to do with AOC before she was elected in Bring Down the House Netflix doc.
Fake news, now fake Congress.
C CC - 28 days ago
She's a puppet and the citizens are getting played. Gotta stop this crap.
ddowns24 - 28 days ago
AOC doesn't have staff. ... She IS the Staff!!! Her ultimate boss, through a convoluted accountability chain, is actually George Soros. Exley and Saiket are smart, but they're ultimately Soros pawns too. So is TYT and Cenk, the devil incarnate.
Diane Sullivan
Diane Sullivan - 28 days ago
I wonder if Pelosi and her establishment partners in crime are aware of this!! 😂 😳This is an outstanding video! It completely makes sense and explains so much! You are brilliant!
Google Account
Google Account - 28 days ago
This video is pure speculation. Whoever takes this as pure truth is brain dead
Sly Quasar
Sly Quasar - 28 days ago
Or shes just using statistics... you know like a normal person trying to back up a claim? Unless you like to make up stuff on the spot in which case are you even qualified to make a video like this?
jsbrodhead - 28 days ago
Ass Of Congress is NOT the only one!
Aj Wallace
Aj Wallace - 29 days ago
Another Alex Jones wannabe, go figure.
ALPHA Fitter
ALPHA Fitter - 29 days ago
Wow so much evidence here... 🙄
ALPHA Fitter
ALPHA Fitter - 29 days ago
Sounds like you are describing President Donald Trump in this video. And I’ll add that this is exactly how politicians operate on an even grander scale. They all use the same talking points conjured up from their meeting rooms. Please tell me how AOC is any different?
Jim Hendricks
Jim Hendricks - 29 days ago
I've said she knows nothing without her Handlers
Sabine Johnson
Sabine Johnson - 29 days ago
Its because they keep drilling her name into our head you yourself must of said her name at least 25x during this video.
Tired of hearing her name
eVeNSteVeN G to the arrad
Alexandria Cortez for 300..... What is a retard
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