The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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Mr Reagan
Mr Reagan - Month ago
NOTE: I switched up some of the dates on these videos I'm showing so they're all wrong. Sorry guys. Pay no attention to the dates.
TempleFork10 - 3 hours ago
+ZaNe similien Wow Kojack, what other mysteries of the universe have you solved? All political parties have platforms, jackass.
TempleFork10 - 3 hours ago
You lying, lowlife SOB!
Helo girl
Helo girl - 21 hour ago
Tater Tastic watch the video at 1:20, AOC is talking about how her brother nominated her for the casting call....they turned her into a brand!! What more evidence do you need??
Darrell Johnson
Darrell Johnson - 2 days ago
you can't prove Alexandria innocent so you attack messenger how typical Moscow of you , you need to prove little sex toy wasn't born in a bar of Drunken men that own her
SwampCritter - 9 days ago
Come on Little Davey Thompson, you are going to have to do better than that. 'wah anti-semite,wah tin foil' Try again.
spac_s - 3 minutes ago
you lose 1 iq point per 5 seconds of watching this
Fernando Vargas Mej穩a
Fernando Vargas Mej穩a - 8 hours ago
This video has millions of views and yet it is buried in youtube searches
I knew it existed and it took me a while to find it
Dapper D
Dapper D - 15 hours ago
Yup. They want to take over the Democrat party.
Kurt Colon
Kurt Colon - 16 hours ago
Brains???? 不不不不不不
Shit for brains maybe. This is BULLSHIT propaganda for kids
alteredbeat - 19 hours ago
Corbyn Trent says 40% of Americans is 60 million people. AOC says 40% of Americans is 200 million people. 40% of Americans is actually 130 million people. LMAO
Limp business
Limp business - 20 hours ago
Witnessing the existence of an ignorant and self centered person like AOC in the spotlight, I'm thankful I live in a male dominated society here in Turkey.
mrplaws713 - 22 hours ago
same as Trump! puppet with star power
Ryan Griffiths
Ryan Griffiths - Day ago
all I gotta say is wow... amazing work
Bob Bob
Bob Bob - Day ago
Holy shit
Matt Miller
Matt Miller - Day ago
They turned her out?
Andrew G. Bernhardt
The PAC Justice Democrats, founded by Cenk Uygur of TYT, are really islamic muslim turkish progressive socialists and communists (just like Cenk), they're foolish and dangerous radical far left wing extremists. They've supported the following and have gotten them into the U.S. Congress: AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Pressley, Khanna, Grijalva, and Jayapal. Socialism and communism is coming to the USA. This is very very worrisome. Perhaps a total economic collapse and catastrophe and total default of the USA is in the cards in our lifetime? Spooky! I believe the FBI's COINTELPRO should investigate all these radical far left wing extremist socialists and communists. They're very very dangerous. Further research on spooky people would include "the young turks" revolutionary movement, and Subas Chandra Bose.
D Young
D Young - Day ago
Wish I could get a transcript of this, or subtitles, or just the proper spelling of all these enemies.
Andrew Grey
Andrew Grey - Day ago
How is this legal?
D Young
D Young - Day ago
May Gabriel, the brother of AOC, be brutally murdered.
Fred Winslow
Fred Winslow - Day ago
Holy S holy double S heard this episode on American conservative University
Dont know who you are but will be finding out
Nuclear explosion of an episode
Informing concerning an even entertaining just fantastic
David Herz
David Herz - Day ago
and you propose, and your dialog is, and your vision for the world consists in...
Kevin Gordon
Kevin Gordon - Day ago
Damn this is some scary shit! Vote GOP or die!
Tony Rodriguez
Tony Rodriguez - Day ago
Where is Alexandra Rojas from she looks like MS13 GIRLFRIEND
mikecar52 - 2 days ago
You couldn't hold a conversation with her. You don't have the intelligence.
Darrell Johnson
Darrell Johnson - 2 days ago
It's Obvious no cheap Hoe can be this dumb she must be playing a role
NBT 3 - 2 days ago
"I know it wasn't the bartender!" This is amazing.
Justin N
Justin N - 2 days ago
This video is a smear job. From someone who has watched AOC's campaign from the very beginning, I find this extremely misleading. Disagree or not, if you wants to know the true origins of her campaign you can start with this video
Justin N
Justin N - 2 days ago
+Dwayne Coy Nope, not triggered. I find it interesting to see what's happened to her since she won. That's all.
Justin N
Justin N - 2 days ago
+Dwayne Coy He calls her an actress who used to be a bartender. Telling the audience nothing else about her experience in politics is misleading.
Dwayne Coy
Dwayne Coy - 2 days ago
+Justin N - the proposals and positions that the Justice democrats are advocating are irrelevant. No where in the segment did the narrator disparage any policy positions that she is advocating, and he didn't counter with positions to counter the justice democrat's proposals. Triggered much?
Dwayne Coy
Dwayne Coy - 2 days ago
+Justin N He also doesn't mention that her father was an architecture and she spent most of her childhood in a wealthy suburb going to good schools and then a good college education. So what? how does either one of these omissions negate anything said in the video?
Justin N
Justin N - 2 days ago
+Dwayne Coy I don't know about the shady money dealings. The Justice Democrats whole thing is being against corruption, rejecting PAC money, and being funded by individual donors. I'll have to look into it more, but it just seems like a smear.
kimberly crawford
kimberly crawford - 2 days ago
AOC couldn't be much dumber. Her degree was bought for sure. Deport her and Cenk and what's his name !
kimberly crawford
kimberly crawford - 2 days ago
Cenk should be deported with all the other libtard socialists.
Art Nickel
Art Nickel - 2 days ago
Never forget that Fascism is based on Socialism just like Communism is.
Susan Jeffcoat
Susan Jeffcoat - 2 days ago
OH my god !! now I see so much more than I did before and you have hit the nail on the head
Dominick Cavelli
Dominick Cavelli - 3 days ago
The Young Turks - Cenk Uygur is to the Democrats what the Koch Brothers are to the GOP.
The Brown Recluse
The Brown Recluse - 3 days ago
Mr Reagan ur a Genious. Subscribed
Elijah cesspoole
Elijah cesspoole - 3 days ago
You actually insinuate the fact that she has a brain. That space between her her ears is a black hole where only diseased thinking can flourish.
Renegade Dragon
Renegade Dragon - 3 days ago
The corporate interest in control of our Government is creating wooden puppets for the American people entertainment and the minorities with poor education is falling for the charades!..that's what happens when you dumb down the Education for the mass of people!..the people become worthless grazing cattle!
Monique Jennings
Monique Jennings - 3 days ago
All I can say is wow!!!
AlbaWind MacTavish-Blair
Oh gawd! We said she'd be president next...I hope tf we're not right. All these politicians are puppets and have players behind the scenes.
zuo Ching
zuo Ching - 3 days ago
maybe she would lie like the rest of the bunch, past and present.
Jean Bergman
Jean Bergman - 3 days ago
As a lib, I'm for social justice in terms of wages, but if what this man says is true, I shutter to think that a moron like AOC can be anything in the politico sphere via a puppet. I feel so terrible about that being true. She's the biggest moron with the worst speaking/persona skills I've ever witnessed. It's all exemplary of how dumb and disaffected dems are over what the working poor are going through and how damaged they and OUR ECONOMY have been. Seeing this vid makes me feel like the biggest loser to have never had an interest in government ...but then I hate much of government --so that's probably why :/ (Not that I'm suggesting one person can really make a difference as that is very difficult. Even if you're a puppet.)
Jonathan Izaac
Jonathan Izaac - 3 days ago
Wonderful, now we need someone to do a video exposing who funds you
Jonathan Izaac
Jonathan Izaac - 3 days ago
Mr Reagan nice, thank you for disclosing
Mr Reagan
Mr Reagan - 3 days ago
Me?! Just RUvideos and Patreon.
Tony G
Tony G - 3 days ago
Was that the brains behind ? Or the brains in her behind?
Guy St H.
Guy St H. - 3 days ago
All political leaders bar none have advisors choreographers if you will ,face make up people etc.etc. lets get real and thank you for so very well pointing that out.It is show business folks.
Kranjus FrankenCop
Kranjus FrankenCop - 4 days ago
This guy is pathetic. Puts me to sleep. He let's republicans use his mouth as a urinal. Go brush your teeth you fuckwad
Patriot for Truth
Patriot for Truth - 4 days ago
Soros seems ultimately to be behind all of these radical nuts. Hope she sinks the demorat party.
David Alonso
David Alonso - 4 days ago
Those pieces of over roasted meat with rare last names, starting with the disgusting oiled meat ball leader of the young Turks, need to be processed in the meat chopper of the public opinion and the US laws in order to be all sent to Guantanamo, or executed for treason to the United States of America.
Tj Parker
Tj Parker - 4 days ago
This is so sick! America is in trouble. The Democratic/ Communistic party is trying to take over our great nation.
Pallas Ferrante
Pallas Ferrante - 4 days ago
what a bunch of bs. Whether you like AOC or not, this is pure tripe.
Jade Kilgallon
Jade Kilgallon - 3 days ago
What are you talking about and the only people who like her is immigrants browns Muslims
Celina Patron
Celina Patron - 4 days ago
Oh Paleese? I have way more friggen "Star Power" than this bitch! Bring it!
TOMHBOMB1963 - 4 days ago
Obama was scripted out of nowhere politician too. He was a system candidate.
Woodrow Wilson was the same, put into power to the bankers to give them the Federal Reserve.
He is really a huge American traitor.
Robin Maynard
Robin Maynard - 4 days ago
Scary stuff; great reporting! Thank you!
Smoke Is Woke
Smoke Is Woke - 4 days ago
Mr. Reagan is an example of the toxic and hurtful rhetoric spewed by the alt right. We will continue to fight such bigotry and hate.
DoubleDDeacon - 5 days ago
You bet your ass Trump team already knows about these con artists. Keeping an eye, building a case.
Koffi - 5 days ago
The evil organization trying to take over Congress to give people free college and healthcare lol
_aesthetic - 5 days ago
Ronald Reagan was literally a former actor, you fuckin goof.
Jacob West
Jacob West - 5 days ago
Loved the content, was extremely hard to follow though because of the need for you to switch from your nice mounted HD camera to some blurry shaking mess every 3 seconds.
Jolie - 5 days ago
Important to know潘
ColorForBlinds - 5 days ago
i also think 'Ilhan Omar ' is a actor and a puppet.. ..btw look at the ring on this guy 9:20 is that a Freemasonry ring?
Mega12AX7 - 5 days ago
Hi boys and girls it's Howdy Doody Time 拎拎拎拎
Mega12AX7 - 5 days ago
That is correct her brains are indeed behind her 五五五
Laura Gill
Laura Gill - 5 days ago
Wheres The LOVE button!!
Very informative!!
hammond clarkson
hammond clarkson - Day ago
+BachieGaga 9 cum on her clitoris
BachieGaga 9
BachieGaga 9 - 3 days ago
+hammond clarkson yeah you love that dont you soy boy
hammond clarkson
hammond clarkson - 4 days ago
this video is literally crap
Nicole Anderson
Nicole Anderson - 5 days ago
Omg, thank you so much for taking the time to research this information and share it with us. This info is very disturbing and it really scares me that this is the mind set of these groups. I hope this evidence is more than enough to convince people that they are corrupt and not for freedom in America.
Lb Bork
Lb Bork - 5 days ago
Great piece. Deserved to go viral... one reason it did, is our group promoted it to our radio station and other key people.
Lb Bork
Lb Bork - 5 days ago
+Mr Reagan NP. And you are too... like your work. One of the best on RUvideos.
Mr Reagan
Mr Reagan - 5 days ago
Thank you, sir! You're a good man.
bigbangnone - 5 days ago
Thanks for nothing FAKE AOC !!!!
bigbangnone - 5 days ago
This is Treason !!!! This is a Coup attempt by the insidious treasonous Democrats !!!!
The "Justice Democrats" are just as Dangerous as CAIR !! and all members of both of these groups should be rounded up and tried for treason !!!!! And those in Congress with ties to these groups should be investigated and exposed !!!!
Why are we allowing these insidious treasonous Democrat Politicians to rewrite our immigration policy and ship thousands of Mexican Migrants over our southern borders when we know an economy crash is beginning right now !!!!!

We know why the Treasonous Democrats are doing this....Democrat Politicians been buying millions of Mexican votes by forcing our borders open to Mexican Migrants.

Remember that in early 2019 the Democrat Party demanded that reducing Ice Agents be a requirement of agreeing to finally stop rejecting Trumps Budget Plan !!!!!!

THIS IS A DEMOCRAT COUP !!!!! See the sinister Democrat Plan. You will be disarmed and enslaved then forced to work in the Agenda 21 Work Camps which will be built under the New Green Deal Democrat Agenda !!!!

And within these Agenda 21 Work Camps nobody will own a gun !!!!

The Democrat Politicians will continue to buy Mexican Voters using your tax dollars for their Housing, Welfare, Medical..... as the Democrats Continue to Force our Borders Open to any dangerous unskilled migrants that will assist in the coup by voting Democrat !!!!!

Democrats have used Mexican Migrants to vote Democrats in a Coup to take over the California Government.

Huge numbers of buses bringing in Mexican Migrants every day into California and have for years !!!! Democrats have removed all immigration policy.... and with a swipe of the pen Democrat Muslim Obama helped them !!!!

Now Democrat Politicians are attempting another coup at the the USA national level using Islam.
Take a close look at Minnesota and Michigan Democrat Party winners !!!! This happened FAST !!!

Remove all Democrat Politicians in 2020.

A Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero - Addressing the Roman Senate in the year (43 B.C)

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.
An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.
But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys,
heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor;
he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments,
he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation,
he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city,
he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear."
193001 kiplssd
193001 kiplssd - 5 days ago
Brains and AOC is the same sentence..GOOD ONE!
TheBAZQQKA - 6 days ago
Justice Democrats and Exley is fully funded by Moskowitz (Zuckeberg right hand)... Looks like FACEBOOK is trying take over AMERICAN GOVERMENT... just follow the money
Mr Reagan
Mr Reagan - 6 days ago
I will soon do a video on the other billionaires that fund the left.
randy beard
randy beard - 6 days ago
The American people will never
knowingly adopt socialism. But,
under the name of liberalism, they
will adopt every fragment of the
socialist program, until one day
America will be a socialist nation,
without knowing how it happened. I
no longer need to run as a
Presidential Candidate for the
Socialist Party. The Democratic
Party has adopted our platform. NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV-1960--When you don't Know World History, You are Bound to Repeat It....
Dominique Charriere
Dominique Charriere - 6 days ago
Shubas Chandra Bose sided with the Germans and Japonese in WWII and escaped to the USSR of Stalin in 1945, or was killed when flying to Tokyo (not sure what is worst)
Dominique Charriere
Dominique Charriere - 6 days ago
But who is behind that fat Turk? We know Obama was the puppet of Soros.
Dominique Charriere
Dominique Charriere - 6 days ago
Now I understand when she blamed her team about the silly Q&A on the Green New Deal website. She was right, she did nothing so could not be blamed.
Jorn van Sevenhoven
Jorn van Sevenhoven - 6 days ago
Same stuff here in Holland, half Morocan guy leads the green party, looks nice, women vote whit their clit, out of nowere guy starts open borders, feminist, anti white retoric. Some digging shows old communist/socialist party members pulling strings behind the curtains. Wake up people, got to stop cultural maxists all trough the West or we are done...
Andy H
Andy H - 6 days ago
This video is true. She is just one of many puppets in govt.
Sure Spirit
Sure Spirit - 6 days ago
well interesting clips from Jenk, but hes saying " we " hes being coached too. hes a figure head as much as aoc. they all push this communist agenda. anyone really in the know knows it ends at , a dead end.
Dhen Phu
Dhen Phu - 6 days ago
I found out something spectacular! She actually has a brother who is (a LOT) smarter than herself, called 'Ed'... check out the wits on this guy:
Cody Daily
Cody Daily - 7 days ago
Well......that was retarded
john smith
john smith - 7 days ago
These young Turk types look to be dangerous.
KNIK - 7 days ago
Donald Leske Sr.
Donald Leske Sr. - 7 days ago
*GREAT SHOW!* So true.
P.H.A.T Joker
P.H.A.T Joker - 7 days ago
Wtf!? Star power..? What a joke. Im out lmfao
Jade Kilgallon
Jade Kilgallon - 3 days ago
She has got star power just like most modern stars can't really do much but chat shit also she has like 3 million followers that's alot for a bar person of course if it wasn't for the left in the first place she wouldn't of had any power but because her weird ideas are like by teenagers and college people
Vick Vinegar
Vick Vinegar - 7 days ago
I NEW she wasnt dumb enough to say all that shit on her own...
aprescoup - 7 days ago
All fine and well but ex Republican conservative Cenk is the farthest from a socialist which, in turn, diminishes the value of your presentation.
plolee blowoteehow
plolee blowoteehow - 7 days ago
fools will be fools. just like foolish christians who follow foolish christian leaders, so foolish citizens of the usa who follow foolish leaders of the usa. it's not hard to be wise. you don't have to watch a video like this to be wise. no one had to tell you, if you were wise, that women should not hold public office and never should have been able to vote. if you were wise, you already knew that.
Eddie Stark
Eddie Stark - 7 days ago
It makes sense. Thats what masters want anyways is just a actor puppet without any thoughts of their own.
shaft9000 - 7 days ago
"Politics is the entertainment branch of industry." - Frank Zappa
Philscbx - 7 days ago
If You Showed up on @Foxnews,,
They Truly dont have a clue,,
but neither does 99.9 % of America,,
and if they did,, they'll NEVER reveal it @!
The Truth:
This Video needs to be replayed at least Two Times a Week,, to get past the engrained Bs stuck in bad sectors, of our brain.
Kenneth Ballantyne
Kenneth Ballantyne - 7 days ago
Justice Democrats was made with the express purpose of finding "regular" people to represent the interest of other regular people. This is because in US poltics To become a JD you have to agree not to accept any "corporate PAC or corporate lobbyist money."
The way politics in our country works is that politicians are elected to represent the people who voted for them, but that's not how it works out when those same politicians are legally allowed to accept huge sums of money from corporations that, shocker, don't necessarily have interests that represent the interests of the people.
When you take money from corporations, you represent the corporations, simple as that.
AOC has factually-based talking points that other people use?! GASP! Almost like more than one person can say the sky is blue without the rest of us being accused of plagiarism. Better yet, its almost as if much more intelligent people than some of us here go to college and are paid to compile data and sift through it to discern certain facts which we can base policy position around.

AOC has a STAFF that drafts legislation instead of CORPORATIONS and LOBBYISTS like every other congressperson?! GASP! You're right, we should definitely do it the other way around. Oh, and if staff members aren't supposed to draft legislation and the congressperson is supposed to do it all by themselves, someone should alert the rest of Congress ;)
BONUS FUN FACT: AOC has an entry wage of 52k for every person on her staff which is only the minimum living wage for DC. Something no one else in congress can claim to do for their employees.
EDIT: Holy shit, this guy is actually bitching about people getting paid a living wage because he has a conspiracy that they'll be doing something clandestine.
Cenk Uygur and Kyle Kulinski founded Justice Democrats and they SAID it and promoted it repeatedly on their shows?! GASP! I don't even know how to ridicule this one. Reagan built up this reveal like he was going to blow everyone's mind on this shadowy puppet master, as if it was a closely guarded secret.
"Did you guys know that it's really CENK that's in charge of the Justice Democrats?! I know, crazy. But I spent that last two months and my family fortune doing copious amounts of research to find this clip of Cenk saying it himself on his PUBLIC AND HIGHLY VIEWED news program that he helped found JD. He also says it a bunch of other times and is proud of it and at no point hides his association and influence with the group. Very secret stuff I've uncovered here."
Being surprised that AOC has policy positions that mirror the interests of the group she joined voluntarily is as asinine as being surprised that Republicans support x and Democrats support y.
At the end of the day, most of AOC's policy positions are populist, which means that it's what most people say they want. At least, that's what polling data suggests. But based on this comments section I can tell polling data doesn't mean anything to most of you because the (((media))) is run by globalists and Sores is a Nazi Jew trying to destroy America or something. I'm definitely not going to convince those people out of that kind of science denying, alternative fact supporting, anti-intellectual mindset in a YouTube comment. But the rest of you have a good one!
Cesar Martinez
Cesar Martinez - 7 days ago
This shit is fucking hillarious!!!
Makes family guy look like telletubbies. Wow!!!! Fucking washed up wanna be actor. At least he got some type of spot on youtube. Plenty of idiots here.
colliderscopic - 8 days ago
how is all this different to what has been happening in US politics for... um... for... ever.
colliderscopic - 8 days ago
you're speaking like this is a new concept. no president writes his own speeches or scripts.
Derek Irons
Derek Irons - 8 days ago
Civil war is coming! Muslim blood will float them all back to all of there shit holes.
Derek Irons
Derek Irons - 8 days ago
This fat ugly Turk is a POS! His argument is the Irish, the Italians, the Jews all came here poor. The difference is you filthy pig Muslim is they all assimilated to US laws! Muslims will never assimilate they will always follow that filthy dirty Quran n sharia evil law! FU Turk!! Youre exposed now bitch! Crusaders are awakened!! Your demise will be something to behold!!
Derek Irons
Derek Irons - 8 days ago
556user - 8 days ago
Cenk Uygur makes my skin crawl.
Alta Daniel
Alta Daniel - 8 days ago
These extremists come from families who have very little "American Heritage". Their ancestors are not Americans. They do not feel or appreciate the very long tradition of having families living in America for hundreds of years. They simply do not feel as we old Americans do. They are stealing our country.
Ted Weiland
Ted Weiland - 8 days ago
Just think: Had the constitutional framers, in Article 6, not banned Christian tests and thereby mandatory biblical qualifications for civil leaders, no one would have ever heard of OAC:
"Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able MEN, such as fear God, MEN of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers...." (Exodus 18:21)
"As for my people, ... women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths." (Isaiah 3:12)
"But I suffer not a woman to ... usurp authority over the man...." (1 Timothy 2:12)
One word alone (pick anyone of them) in Exodus 18:21 eliminates OAC from holding any position of civil leadership at any level of government. The remaining qualifications would send all of her criminal cronies (women and men, donkeys and elephants alike) packing as well.
That's how you drain the swamp of all the crocodiles!
For more regarding Article 6's Christian test ban, see Chapter 9 "Article 6: The Supreme Law of the Land" of free online book "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective" at
Then Chapter 28 "Amendment 19: The Curse of Women's Suffrage."
Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of the 85-page "Primer" of "BL vs. USC."
Alta Daniel
Alta Daniel - 8 days ago
I think the name is "handlers".
harry ballzonya
harry ballzonya - 8 days ago
CPAC= Israel all the Time! After he said that I realized this is one of these new Cosherservatives. Seems like the entire "alt media" is just like the regular media, completely bought and paid for.
harry ballzonya
harry ballzonya - 8 days ago
There's always a Jew in there. Everywhere in our government, well why is that when they are only 2% of the populous? You tell me....
Laura W
Laura W - 8 days ago
You were mentioned on Glenn Beck this morning affirming your research. Awesome!
oldetyme - 9 days ago
Is that even legal ?? Honestly!
flash001USA - 9 days ago
I agree with your observation but I must ask you what do you think about a lot of the other past presidents like George W. Bush being selected by Schultz and the other insiders?
marcel - 9 days ago
I love how Snopes (LoL) claims this is false. I am called a conspiracy theorist when I tell people about this video.
Shadow BannedonYT
Shadow BannedonYT - 9 days ago
Great video
She's cringey AF
Erich Powell
Erich Powell - 9 days ago
Would be better if you weren't doing a Rod Serling. That made watching this almost unbearable. Please don't do that.
WorthlessDeadEnd - 9 days ago
I'm downloading this in case it ever gets deleted.
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