How Restrictive Is It to Be a Comedian in Singapore? - The Jim Jefferies Show

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clumsiii - Month ago
omg He Fillibustered me last night!
Dickheart - Month ago
Poor Jim, travelling to Singaporemeans no taking drugs for a few days... Must be tough.
Kaiser Wilhelm
Kaiser Wilhelm - Month ago
"Thosewho would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." 
-Benjamin Franklin
Kaiser Wilhelm
Kaiser Wilhelm - Month ago
We need a 1 world progressive government.
Jason Budd
Jason Budd - Month ago
Jim Jefferies, you tried to ruin a man's life by painting him as a racist when he is no such thing - you edited your interview with him to suit your own political agenda and that of Comedy Central. This won't go away. It's time your viewers understood the truth about how you have no problem ruining a man's life if it furthers your career. Link:
Maryam Dadar
Maryam Dadar - Month ago
Sam See is funny af
Lilian - 2 months ago
US - free as in “you are not allowed to have abortions”, you have absolutely no rights against a cop, no power to stop fracking, etc... Always amazes me how easy the US population is manipulated with the “freedom” thing. You don’t want safety or government regulation because guns are “freedom”, etc...
Assøzial Netwørk
Assøzial Netwørk - 2 months ago
LOL #53 I knew it wouldn´t make it into top 10 but 53 even surprises me. Greetings from good old #24 you losers!
Shawn - 2 months ago
dont forget: singapore has no defined level of poverty, so the wealth gap in their country is massive and tons of senior citizens still work to scrape by despite the country's GDP and wealth
Jeremy - 2 months ago
Well think of it this way: Singapore started off being very strict and gives civil liberties sparingly. It is now starting to "dish out" civil liberties. US on the other hand, started off being all about freedom and human rights and liberal. It is now starting to rethink its position about it. Let me ask you, which is easier - to take away civil liberties or give them out?
erik chavez
erik chavez - 2 months ago
@1:33 I know a guy that can do it in 4 strokes 👖 👖
Miaou - 2 months ago
Singapore is made of indian and chinese? Where are the half breed
menckencynic - 2 months ago
Well, you have to give Americans one thing: Australians would never accept an American comedian making fun of them and basically hating them constantly. Americans make shows out of people who hate them.
Joshua Snore
Joshua Snore - 2 months ago
That Asian comic is fucking hilarious....!!!!
Tiara Chopra
Tiara Chopra - 2 months ago
Repeal Section 377A!
Tiara Chopra
Tiara Chopra - 2 months ago
Singaporeans are generally too afraid to speak up so thank you for doing this!!!
envgma - 2 months ago
as a singaporean, I gotta say that I agree with the students that the restrictions are necessary, but I also think that it needs to be toned down a bit. since the laws were put in place when singapore was still developing to maintain order, we've developed so much more now and it's about time some freedom was given to us. oh and plus we don't have free healthcare, just major government subsidies (that have their own issues as well)
William Cortelyou
William Cortelyou - 2 months ago
Bring Sam to your show Jim, you and him are hilarious together!
Jason Budd
Jason Budd - 2 months ago
Mr Nugent, when will you comment on how you tried to ruin a man's life by misrepresenting him as a racist on your TV show?
Anton Knaus
Anton Knaus - 2 months ago
Somehow I can' t force myself to believe anything Jeffries says after that framing of Avi Yemeni. Even if it's the truth it is so strange to watch him talking about freedom of speech. So sad, a comedian should be the canary in the coal mine, not the freaking gas. The way he lines out that free health care and tax cuts are stuff the government gives out so people are quite is so much bs that it hurts. Taxes are money the government takes from you, not taking your money is not a present. Without looking it up pretty sure that health care is not for free in singapore and in some way or another people are definatly paying for it.
Kamran Latifov
Kamran Latifov - 2 months ago
This is amazing ahahah
gula-gula getah sabah
gula-gula getah sabah - 2 months ago
I take it the dislikes are due to Jim's hypocrisy on the Australia bit
Der Fledermausmann
Der Fledermausmann - 2 months ago
First of all, there is a fair amount of freedom of speech in Singapore... The restrictions are mainly on hate speech, defamation as well as something known as contempt of court i.e. accusing the judicial system of being corrupt or bias...
Secondly, there actually is a fairly big comedy scene in Singapore... If you ever come down, check it out..
Lastly, Shout out to my man, Sam... He's a fantastic guy and an excellent comedian, one of the most hard working in all of Singapore. He's incredibly funny and refreshingly candid. I'd watch the hell out of his Netflix special if he ever had one..
Léon Bott'ndr
Léon Bott'ndr - 2 months ago
There's no free healthcare in Singapore, it's based on free market. Just like the US health system but well done instead of being fucked up. Singapore health is currently one of the, if not the, best health system in the world. Getting healthcare is cheap due to high supply in Singapore
joe sols
joe sols - 2 months ago
This looks a lot like the interview Jim did with Avi Yameni. You know, the one where Jim cut and pasted the interview to seem exactly opposite to the truth. No doubt Jim would have been up to those same tricks here when he was interviewing. He even has the same old smelly looking black golf shirt on. Hahaha....Jim you will always be a scumball! I wonder how many muslim jokes you told off camera??
Dan McGoverm
Dan McGoverm - 2 months ago
Fuck this guy
W - 2 months ago
How does this unfunny loser still have a show!?
ken b
ken b - 2 months ago
sam see doug stanhope look it up
D'Liteful SG
D'Liteful SG - 2 months ago
and the representation of young ppl are all chinese... nice
Eire - 2 months ago
Say sorry to Avi - We're waiting
John Sochacki
John Sochacki - 2 months ago
As restrictive as making sure Avi Yemeni couldn't get into the United States? That's pretty restrictive, Jim. Got any more hot takes on Muslim babies being eaten by Dingos? Perhaps you'd like to show us the picture of Mohammed that you drew. You know, the one where you say Mohammed looks like a wobbly ghost.
Ben JS
Ben JS - 2 months ago
Why does Jim sound like everybody’s drunk or stoned or drunk-and-stoned uncle? Feel like Thanksgiving time...
Sean - 2 months ago
So everyone is just forgetting that this guy got exposed for faking these stories?
Aqua man
Aqua man - 2 months ago
Sean He doesn’t fake them he just edits parts. Just because he fakes it doesn’t mean what he’s saying isn’t valid or true.
RhondaH - 2 months ago
The U.S. is now #1 only as the most backward leaning western semi-democracy that has a shit load of nukes. As for education, healthcare and basic safety net for the people, we in the U.S. are close to the bottom along with 3rd world countries.
tsfcancerman - 2 months ago
Maybe they should install Tor browser then they can see what they want, but not smart to do it from home
tsfcancerman - 2 months ago
Jim trying to hang out other ppl but he himself drawed islams holy person, so lets hope he dont travel to an islamic country that have an order to murder him
damon fong
damon fong - 2 months ago
how the hell this guy still having a show on cc ...
sutoeben - 2 months ago
He's hilarious!!!!
Bryan Kilvinski
Bryan Kilvinski - 2 months ago
Nice editing as usual ;)
joe sols
joe sols - 2 months ago
Yes, Jim is good at 'creative' editing (lying actually).
Patricia A
Patricia A - 2 months ago
Sam is funny af
harley woolford
harley woolford - 2 months ago
You don't need such tight laws to be safe. America is an exception in the west with regards to violence. Most western countries are safe
Miguel Claudio
Miguel Claudio - 2 months ago
Unless you get a tan you will probably not get shot 👍
Hero Of Bukit Padang
Hero Of Bukit Padang - 2 months ago
It's a country that only thinks about money, status and owning xhit 24/7. Not my cup of Tea
Sal Toyama
Sal Toyama - 2 months ago
sounds more like Sharia law
Sun Beve
Sun Beve - 2 months ago
Does Jim still think a dingo would vomit if it ate a Muslim baby?
William Cortelyou
William Cortelyou - 2 months ago
Someone, obviously can't handle a joke. Get over it bitch. Saying something funny, and believing it are different things.
Yednekachew Geremew
Yednekachew Geremew - 2 months ago
Dude inden between freedom and rights of rational animals u.s is first on freedom to protec and die for it
Chow Chee Bai
Chow Chee Bai - 2 months ago
Ha hahahahaha hilarious pathetic youths of totalitarian state. And I’m a Singaporean.
Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel - 2 months ago
Why does it look like that plane's landing gear at 0:36 is retracting while it's landing
Mazen A
Mazen A - 2 months ago
It should be noted that Singapore is a really small country, so it's obviously pretty easy for them to run everything really well. Also, the Singaporeans are like 60 percent of the population. Migrant workers aren't exactly walking on sunshine in Singapore. Of course if you're part of the few million citizens living in a small, rich country you won't have many complaints.
hireshi-azu - 2 months ago
I like Jim. Jim hates muslims and jews, which he happily said in a hidden footage.
I dislike that Jim decided to put his face down and ass up to please the snowflakes of the U.S though.

But you know, good on you Jim.
You pretend to care about those sensitive American feelings, have them pay you, and still run around hating them for being dumb Christians.

Quite a smart fella, actually.
awaisis - 2 months ago
why do Western people or whatever comedians go to Eastern countries and try degrading them by comparing to own values.
brawnypaws - 2 months ago
Correction: We (Singapore) do not have free healthcare. And we did not invent the law that criminalises homosexuality. It was an archaic law from our past as a British colony that remained in the books way after Britain had repealed it.
Benjamin Xue
Benjamin Xue - 2 months ago
IM A GAY. IM A GAY. IM A GAY. 😂 Btw, best look at the 'restrictive freedoms' we have in Singapore done in a while!
yilmanbabilonia - 2 months ago
Why is Jim holding a Japanese penis, and where did he get it, and why is he so happy about it?
saad irfan
saad irfan - 2 months ago
Sp what happened to everyone made at him,I only see good comments,I don't understand
h k
h k - 2 months ago
Scumbag crook liar. Your a weasel.
John Lee
John Lee - 2 months ago
It seems good but we all know someone has chopped up the interview to the point where nothing seems genuine. I can’t take J.J seriously ever again.
Fals3Agent - 2 months ago
I just want people to be clear about this - the main opposition to LGBT in singapore comes from conservative society, not the government.
gringochucha - 2 months ago
3:39 Saudi Arabia is at 33. Interesting.
Ling Yuan Leow
Ling Yuan Leow - 2 months ago
awesome... I'm from Singapore.... accurate...
Melvin Seetoh
Melvin Seetoh - 2 months ago
Hey, even without Pornhub, Singaporeans are resourceful enough to get their needs fulfilled on other sites... wait, how did I know that?
calix dázeroth
calix dázeroth - 2 months ago
Singapore is very racist place. Talk to the indians and chinesse. All the laws are to restrict and control the minorities.
Phil Lenan
Phil Lenan - 2 months ago
Some people don't see the forest from all the trees around them.
SJA - 2 months ago
We haven't forgotten your anti Muslim jokes caught by hidden camera.
colton low
colton low - 2 months ago
This is one of Jim’s better bits he’s ever done on hisnshow
Valerie Tan
Valerie Tan - 2 months ago
free healthcare in singapore? im sorry but im from singapore and thats not true.
Konstantin Gr
Konstantin Gr - 2 months ago
HOW ABOUT YOUR EDITING OF INTERVIEWS AND MANIPULATING THE VIEWERS ... focking this show should have been canceled after the leak of his scumbag moves
Kim Bui
Kim Bui - 2 months ago
Sam See convinced me with all his arguments and jokes until his claim about Pornhub censorship got busted by Jim.
Kim Bui
Kim Bui - 2 months ago
A I see. Thanks for clearing up. I still find it is utterly strange to ban porn website while allowing prostitution. However, it is great to learn from the local perspective.
A - 2 months ago
@Kim Bui I guess hotel WiFi given that it caters to international guests would have a vpn or some sort of bypass. The ban is really just symbolic since we have access to vpn - mainly to watch region lock programs...
Kim Bui
Kim Bui - 2 months ago
A that is strange. I went to Singapore this March and watched Pornhub on my laptop using my hotel wifi. Must be some sort of miracle.
A - 2 months ago
It's blocked on isps but not if you are on roaming or vpn
Kristian Meller
Kristian Meller - 2 months ago
This is one of Jim's best pieces.
Julian Sen
Julian Sen - 2 months ago
How is it that Jim, previously an Australian (still is at heart) doesn't know anything about Singapore except from that extremely bland movie. I mean I always thought Singapore and Australia are best buds, I mean besides the Kiwis but still.
Thomas Fortunato
Thomas Fortunato - 2 months ago
Only an American system can allow a racist islamaphobic miscreant like Jim Jeffries to lie and change the words of someone he interviewed and then shield he from video evidence to the contrary
Sigma Geranimo
Sigma Geranimo - 2 months ago
You can call them, Sickapore or Singleport.
Rag Rag
Rag Rag - 2 months ago
Look at this hypocrite. Gets people deported and talks about freedom.
Amanda N
Amanda N - 2 months ago
If you like Jim Jefferies, i urge you to go watch a video by Avi Yemini exposing him. He’s a lying fraud.
Paul Patterson
Paul Patterson - 2 months ago
Jim doing “comedy” again... serious question, when he is smearing and editing people you lunatics wail that he is just a comedian not a journalist. Yet this is quite clearly news...
Which is he?
MilenaBitch - 2 months ago
Surprised to see that the Singapore government hasn’t censored this yet. Singaporeans are too sheltered by all the censors and discrimination against the LGBT is rampant. We need more freedom of speech
wilson fisch
wilson fisch - 2 months ago
did you edit this one too?
Lars Chue
Lars Chue - 2 months ago
0:10 poor cauci Asian in denial that he is really made in China.
stuff - 2 months ago
Fujc u Jim you scum you only know how to edit interview to lie kys.
Jack Low
Jack Low - 2 months ago
Huge JJ fan here. Please do a full series about Singapore!
Michael Wade
Michael Wade - 2 months ago
That "free speech/government offense" joke was great!
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