I Bought The First 5 Things Insta Celebs Recommended To Me

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard - Year ago
HELLO BBs! this one took a ~while~ to be birthed, but I finally got through all of the products! would you try any of these?
EDIT: also don't click on anything a fake "safiya nygaard" account asks you to click on!!! its spam!
hi i'm dying
hi i'm dying - 17 hours ago
I have the mug that you opened in the monthly box that says "I would rather be in bed"
lildragon Ö
lildragon Ö - 9 days ago
Love u
Maya Mozynski
Maya Mozynski - 27 days ago
I’m so Quirky
I’m so Quirky - Month ago
Safiya Nygaard tea
Equine _xJJx
Equine _xJJx - Month ago
Safiya Nygaard what would happen if it showed you a car. Would you buy it
Gïtu Gacha
Gïtu Gacha - 11 hours ago
You're amazing.
*i hope you get a penny for this comment*
Lina - 18 hours ago
i take biotin every day and it DEF works because i can see the difference in my nails. when i forget to buy more or don't take it for some time, my nails start to get kind of flakey, but the biotin keeps my nails nice and strong
Cydalia Acevedo
Cydalia Acevedo - 20 hours ago
im laughing at "the holidays are around the corner and I want my tummy to be flat" dieting and holidays just don't mix
Caitlyn Todd
Caitlyn Todd - Day ago
how did your lashes get worse
Angela Garcia-Lewis
Angela Garcia-Lewis - 2 days ago
That KS scrub is like $90. It works but it's sooo expensive that I didn't use it often.
WolfiePheonixGames - 2 days ago
Tati is gonna be angry
Nikki's World
Nikki's World - 3 days ago
Cristine has entered the chat: TEA
bella kawamura
bella kawamura - 3 days ago
I’m here in 2019 but let me just say, 2017 was mine and Saf’s year because we were both really thin
Harley Davis
Harley Davis - 3 days ago
your lashes looked better before
T O A S T - 4 days ago
emily-sioux - 4 days ago
Saf: hit or miss
Me: oh ffs here I go *I GUESS THEY NEVER MISS HUH* 😤🙄
dailylife101 - 5 days ago
anyone else think her lashes look better before
Mackenzie Zollner
Mackenzie Zollner - 5 days ago
I think her lashes were better before tbh
Abigail Cote
Abigail Cote - 5 days ago
Saf, you should do Wish's deal dash and buy the first five items in the selection it gives you
dannore - 6 days ago
To me your lashes actually looked worse but i cant explain why
Anya Duz Random Stuff
Anya Duz Random Stuff - 6 days ago
I just noticed the center of Saf's wheel
fabfamingo 101
fabfamingo 101 - 6 days ago
You should of used the new mug you got when drinking the tea
Jill Hogg
Jill Hogg - 6 days ago
Srsly, I think your lashes looked much better before!! The after ones look clumpy and frankly, missing!
Aesthetically Vlogger
Aesthetically Vlogger - 6 days ago
When you were using those sugar bear gummy vitamin things your hair did look a lot less frizzy and your hair looked brighter and more nourished then usual.
EDIT: I looked at your hair in other videos and tried to stay behind the time you made this video to see the difference before you did the dummies and it does look really soft.
Jim Allen
Jim Allen - 7 days ago
Once I saw the wheel- it got a like. I know it’s going to be good 😂
Sparx - 8 days ago
I recognise none of these people and neither will most of the population, yet they still get free stuff.
Hey I'm a nobody too, pay me!
Raven Marvel
Raven Marvel - 8 days ago
Macie is my fave too I looooove caytlyn too
Wiesel - 8 days ago
"I remember"
"Apparently FabFitFun remembers"
*nervous face*
😂😂😂😂 That's one reason I love Safiyas content 👌😜
Fallon Ross
Fallon Ross - 8 days ago
My mom does fabfitfun
Vici 2006
Vici 2006 - 8 days ago
The socks will go in the sockdrawer 😂❤️
sister kaylee
sister kaylee - 8 days ago
funny I got an ad of Boxycharm with Kylie Jenner, and more ppl
faded spice
faded spice - 8 days ago
I love your channel! I’ve been watching all your videos because your mannerisms and your sense of humor, even the way you talk reminds me of my best friend. I do want to one thing and I mean no offense because I know that for a lot of people this is something very personal, but I think you should have your dental health evaluated. I apologize for being an asshole. It’s just something I wish someone would have told me sooner.
Andy - 8 days ago
God I hate those kinds of ads. They make me NOT want to get the product lmfao
TheAwesomeNerd - 9 days ago
Safiyas moods.
Bookthany Y
Bookthany Y - 9 days ago
saf is gonna turn into cristine with the tea lmao
Weird Street
Weird Street - 10 days ago
Safiya *Nyga* ard
keelin danielle
keelin danielle - 11 days ago
Tati’s next video: *bYe SaFiYa*
Abby Faith
Abby Faith - 11 days ago
Stuff in the fab fit fun box can be more expensive then the box itself, it's good stuff
CrackNote - 11 days ago
I have the sleep spray right next to me
I really like it!
Kennedy Plant
Kennedy Plant - 11 days ago
Your eyes look better before
blue ipad
blue ipad - 12 days ago
your lashes are smaller but fuller
blue ipad
blue ipad - 12 days ago
your hair looks stronger and shinier
Maquel Corbett
Maquel Corbett - 12 days ago
Saf you gotta do any lash serum on like RIGHT BEFORE you lay down for bed
Burntchicken PiZzA
Burntchicken PiZzA - 12 days ago
Oh no, when Tati sees this, she will upload: “don’t shmash that subscribe button, I’ve been betrayed..”
Juan Perez
Juan Perez - 8 days ago
Symmetra Main
Symmetra Main - 13 days ago
Snooki competed in the wwe at wrestle mania
Chris - 13 days ago
I forgot saf used to work for buzzfeed
Amaya La Fromboise
Amaya La Fromboise - 13 days ago
Know this sounds crazy but I guessed what all the spins would land on before it did
chanellyyy _
chanellyyy _ - 14 days ago
her lashes look goood
Katie Fingler
Katie Fingler - 14 days ago
Cristene is disappointed in you safia
Oliver Von arx
Oliver Von arx - 14 days ago
Seriously?! Fertilizer for eyelashes?! WTF?!?! 🤯🤪🤣
Israa Gelani
Israa Gelani - 14 days ago
Anyone else here thinks her hair r already really amazing to begin with?
Casey Master
Casey Master - 14 days ago
I've seen all of your videos yet I rewatch them and still laugh! Thanks for that!
I’m not gay, but
I’m not gay, but - 15 days ago
Does anyone else hear “this is safiyas nia intro song”
Caitlin Halton
Caitlin Halton - 15 days ago
Ngl, Safiya's hair DID look longer after using sugar bear hair. I thought it was a scam. . .
(Has anyone tried it or liked it?!)
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