9 Weird Things on Amazon

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Peter Ruz
Peter Ruz - Hour ago
say goodbye to your 15minutes of fame
Lucifer Grim
Lucifer Grim - 2 days ago
"It feels so good to play with"
obsidianorchids - 3 days ago
2:28 bug; bottom right
SasoriKaji - 3 days ago
@CrazyRussianHacker Bro,the small tray across from the battery tester on the battery holder is for the flat type batteries 😎👍
Jeff W
Jeff W - 3 days ago
The cash cannon is perfect to take to a strip club.
tabiscoolandcute die potato
Yes every type of battery you can find from a laser pointer battery to a semi truck battery
Bartlomiej Swierczynski
bottom left container for button batteries
123tawas - 10 days ago
5:02 to 5:08 boom oou it feels so good when you pop it in ?
Zildjian Arafat Usama
Zildjian Arafat Usama - 14 days ago
I cound't understand one word he said also i thought he said mamazon it was actually amazon
Aurea Flor Camoral
Aurea Flor Camoral - 14 days ago
Joseph Zhu
Joseph Zhu - 15 days ago
stripper gun: confetti!
Joeygames - 16 days ago
12 56
call me baba ricardo milos
Ken DC
Ken DC - 16 days ago
"weird and funny products that you can get from mama zon"

thats what i heard
Admin - 16 days ago
5:02 lol
The End
The End - 17 days ago
Joost _VII
Joost _VII - 17 days ago
2:30 if you put that in a toilet you will create a whurlwind
Arn Arn
Arn Arn - 17 days ago
2:17 try this on the water of ur toilet
Matt Campilan
Matt Campilan - 19 days ago
king of anime
king of anime - 20 days ago
Saburi McClain
Saburi McClain - 20 days ago
So you put it in like this
Andrew Gomez
Andrew Gomez - 22 days ago
This is the kul-est guy on YouTube
Jeff Butthole
Jeff Butthole - 22 days ago
9:42 it's called cannatic sand
100 subs no vids challenge !!!

Absolutely Nobody:
VaPe GoDs:1:09
CJ Rimer
CJ Rimer - 23 days ago
Try this new vape gun
Jose Rolon
Jose Rolon - 24 days ago
“Looks like I need 1,2,5,6” best counting on YouTube
Bere.i.Damien 4EVER*
Bere.i.Damien 4EVER* - 24 days ago
2:44 thought he said he didnt have electric drill..😪
Hagen Calanchini
Hagen Calanchini - 25 days ago
Try to heat up the slime in the hour glass thing and see if it will make it go faster
Jim Gibbons
Jim Gibbons - 28 days ago
My wife would shoot me if I bought as much junk as you do. 😆😎
V0rT3kS Zues
V0rT3kS Zues - 28 days ago
7:49 it’s moist
Meepy Guy 124
Meepy Guy 124 - 29 days ago
0:08 turn on captions
ALEX ALDRIN - Month ago
You have my respect man...!!! *yeah*
Vynce Malang
Vynce Malang - Month ago
What's up very funny safety pampam priority
Victor Phillips
Victor Phillips - Month ago
5.05: "it feels so go to put it inside, it just pops in when you push it in" hmmm...
Christiandu Rivera
Christiandu Rivera - Month ago
Vapers left the chat
WOOKIE NINJA 88 - Month ago
You are eight i swear lol you just love to play with toys. XD XD XD XD. LOVE YA VIDS BTW.
marie joana
marie joana - Month ago
super wierd glue is actually UV glue 😂
Kalik Pareek
Kalik Pareek - Month ago
I loved glowsand
Emoji Gamer !!
Emoji Gamer !! - Month ago
Who else saw the bug crawling on the table around 2:34?
Sir_MacGame'S - Day ago
Poor bug,he got toilet brushed =))
Steve H
Steve H - Month ago
"Ooooh it feels so good when you put it in" 5:01
Sherm inator
Sherm inator - Month ago
You’re the best
Joshua Jimenez
Joshua Jimenez - Month ago
Mamazon 2019 ? 😁
Alex Fegan
Alex Fegan - Month ago
PlanckConstant - Month ago
Dear god....why does your shitter need power tools?
maddenmonkey - Month ago
Batteries=my life in a nut shell
Elias Rudnitsky
Elias Rudnitsky - Month ago
buttery lol
Haibo Bian
Haibo Bian - Month ago
So weird...
Collin Hennessy
Collin Hennessy - Month ago
Take the blue cash cannon to an American strip club. I guarantee you, you'll have a stripper saying, the same thing about you as you say about it's rate of fire.
Ralph Lawrewnce Yanez
Ralph Lawrewnce Yanez - Month ago
"For the next GAJIC"
KyN -Castillo
KyN -Castillo - Month ago
5:02 😏
Jamie Ruth Michelle
Jamie Ruth Michelle - Month ago
7:11 that's what she said
bob rock
bob rock - Month ago
I like the "pičkin dim" gun!
Ken Mags
Ken Mags - Month ago
Ilike this ilove this
Wedge Lewis
Wedge Lewis - Month ago
Notice the coin holder on the battery organizer , see if the flat batteries fit.
Jasmine H
Jasmine H - Month ago
I have closed caption when he says batteries it translates to butters
Finnish Allu
Finnish Allu - Month ago
I think there's a lot more weird things on Amazon
Xionx_ Ae
Xionx_ Ae - Month ago
Tristan Glover
Tristan Glover - Month ago
He says it's like a lava lamp. I say it's like my nose! Ha ha ha!
Pranav Kalkeri
Pranav Kalkeri - Month ago
muh me lauda atka hai Kya?
Zada Matan SW
Zada Matan SW - Month ago
5:00 close your eys and listen.
Dawn Parie
Dawn Parie - Month ago
1 2 5 6 really what happened to 3 & 4 you missed them when counting something that needed batteries
come along with speedy
( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡ )
Sanjuanita Bravo
Sanjuanita Bravo - Month ago
From were??? 😂
Robert Mcpherson
Robert Mcpherson - Month ago
There was a spot for the coin like batteries it was by the battery tester
chris szuch
chris szuch - Month ago
Hes is one big 6'7" Russian... I new those Russians were breeding super humans😅😂. I'm just kidding, Tarus is a gentle giant
Chulbul Salman
Chulbul Salman - 2 months ago
Oo it feels so good when you put it in 🤓😂😂😂
Red Rum
Red Rum - 2 months ago
Hologram is brilliant
●○°••°○● - 2 months ago
0:52 close your eyes.
The party guy Gamer
The party guy Gamer - 2 months ago
Chhrazzzy chrushan hkkkkkkkaer
The party guy Gamer
The party guy Gamer - 2 months ago
I nead 1 2 5 6 batteries
Like comment
Like comment - 2 months ago
It's perfect for CS:GO at A side
Aamir Zia
Aamir Zia - 2 months ago
5:04...It feels so good when you put it in.😂😂🤣🤣
Anatoly Ryumin
Anatoly Ryumin - 2 months ago
Chris Tenbrink
Chris Tenbrink - 2 months ago
4:55 looks like its glow in the dark
Tyler 100
Tyler 100 - 2 months ago
Bro those batteries do go in there in the corner smh.
Bluegrass Magee
Bluegrass Magee - 2 months ago
Haha My kids would love this thing!
suddakkan - 2 months ago
Welcome to Malabar toy
Omega Vader
Omega Vader - 2 months ago
Mad Max
Mad Max - 2 months ago
HOW THE F DIRTY is your toilet if you need power tools to clean it?????? WOW!
yousef banat
yousef banat - 2 months ago
That is a uv light
Xerium - 2 months ago
It feels so good when you push it in.
Lil W34K3R
Lil W34K3R - 2 months ago
Cool video
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog - 2 months ago
Brody Baptiste
Brody Baptiste - 2 months ago
1 2 5 6
John Paulitious
John Paulitious - 2 months ago
He should have drawed the ok hand on a piece of paper then put that glue on the hand then put the light on the hand and turn it into plastic and then take it off the plastic
Ty Quinn
Ty Quinn - 2 months ago
4:26 Those batteries do fit in there next to the battery charger
killer pig200
killer pig200 - 2 months ago
0:32 12 56
Družina Forever
Družina Forever - 3 months ago
5:02 i know :D
Mario bros gaming
Mario bros gaming - 3 months ago
1..2..5..6 batteries😂😂😂
Kuhoo Not Kuhu
Kuhoo Not Kuhu - 3 months ago
Hazmat 1157
Hazmat 1157 - 3 months ago
You murdered jerry at 2:24
Colonel Mark Julifs
Colonel Mark Julifs - 3 months ago
That drill 🚽 brush would 🌀 nasty 💧 and germs everywhere.
L👀k over your right shoulder. Do you see the 🔋 power drill hanging on the wall? 😊
mark rush
mark rush - 3 months ago
a toilet brush for your drill for those who want to throw toilet water all over themselves and possibily get electrocuted.
Hamza Jawabra
Hamza Jawabra - 3 months ago
There is an insect in 2:30
ibomb28 Njsnjd
ibomb28 Njsnjd - 3 months ago
1:47 look at the left. Battery powered drill!!
Saurabh Siddharth
Saurabh Siddharth - 3 months ago
Baderie holder
Spero R
Spero R - 3 months ago
What are you blind there is the holder for the batteries the little round one right next to the tester
Khalim Harris
Khalim Harris - 3 months ago
On top of it, it just feels so good to play with it
Vladimir Kostetskiy
Vladimir Kostetskiy - 3 months ago
Ellis Meah
Ellis Meah - 3 months ago
he demonstrates everything really well ,that you keep watching , love the MRE demo's
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