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mario zah
mario zah - 5 minutes ago
Happy birthday man 😂
Autumn November
Autumn November - 9 hours ago
Love him
Noemi T
Noemi T - 10 hours ago
Can't belive there wasn't one question on charlie😞
Fiat Punto
Fiat Punto - 11 hours ago
I used the watch Arthur and the invisibles and chocolate factory as a child and honestly im so happy he's back with the good doctor
Wesam Syed
Wesam Syed - 11 hours ago
Oml He is the cutest !
Khanaya Nalurita
Khanaya Nalurita - 13 hours ago
Ohhh freddie i really miss you❤️
ビッチビッチ - 14 hours ago
this boy is three months younger than me but i want to protect him like a son. too. friggen. sweet. 😭❤️✨
Vi qui
Vi qui - 14 hours ago
August rush 😍😍😭
Mariana B.A.
Mariana B.A. - 15 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Grant Gustin? Something in the way he talks, idk
I’m Loki, I’m Adopted And I Love My Brother
He kinda look like josh korean englishman
saryn toews
saryn toews - 20 hours ago
Freddie come to Victoria!
ThatOneKidWeAllKnow Louiza
Arsenal!!!!! Yes
yasminayash - Day ago
I see willy wonka or something that I always watch when I was kid but now he's growing up woa
Nadia Kathleen
Nadia Kathleen - Day ago
Dude he’s so cute i love him
Azuthlu - Day ago
Oh wow he has been in waaaaaayyy more things I know than I thought?? Arthur and the Invisibles and Spiderwick and the golden compass?? I’m in shock rn
Dezeya - Day ago
I love him. He's so cute.
MikoSonya - Day ago
For me he personally looks like real Charlie Bucket. Humble and kind.
MikoSonya - Day ago
charlie bucket!!!
M - Day ago
Loved you in Finding Neverland my man ❤️✨
ivannya carteaga
ivannya carteaga - Day ago
Omg, your accent is so beautiful. I love U ❤
Abigael Lumati
Abigael Lumati - Day ago
He is so adorable😭😭😂😂💕
kaitlyn jade
kaitlyn jade - Day ago
when I see him I only think of spiderwick
YogaTrianzar Maliks
27?? woww, I was stunned. You look much younger...
Markel Carter
Markel Carter - Day ago
Charlie Buckets
Sonya Mamford
Sonya Mamford - Day ago
" *How did freddie highmore die* ?" HAHAHAHHAA
BrittishBoy - Day ago
I had my english subtitles on when he spoke Arabic and it said "unfortunately and we'll have a cathedral portal condom" 😂😂
Lauren Benefeito
Lauren Benefeito - Day ago
I’m so glad they did this man
Maria Lopes
Maria Lopes - Day ago
Hes so well mannered and charming, overall adorable
Emily Pentland
Emily Pentland - Day ago
Wait that's where I know you the spiderwick Chronicles I LOVED that movie
Kat53 - Day ago
I watched the spiderwick chronicles a couple of times when I was younger and I never knew he was in it
Cheyanne Forbes
Cheyanne Forbes - Day ago
It’s weird to not see him acting as a psychopath 😂
Matt Man Productions
He is very attractive in a way i have no idea 🤣
Aster Parker
Aster Parker - Day ago
It was a very sad day 😂💔
Carmen Aragón Pratdesaba
he looks a bit like Eddie Redmayne doesn't he? and talk a little like him as well, the way they express and laugh and are soft-pitched almost in the bridge of shyness, but also so cute
Meldakoala - 2 days ago
I haven't actually seen the good doctor yet, but I must say, my favorite movie that he's been in is Arthur and the invisibles. Like. I stan that movie.
Michi - 2 days ago
Bates Motel
Helpahoe - 2 days ago
Fiona Art
Fiona Art - 2 days ago
I’m not used to his natural accent
J J - 2 days ago
He's so cute, I can't. 😢😢💚
Syifaa Izza
Syifaa Izza - 2 days ago
He never get old omg
sofy Va
sofy Va - 2 days ago
Can you please have Lea Michele in this
Jay Cross
Jay Cross - 2 days ago
I laughed when he talked with his mouth full it was pretty cute 😅
Peep z
Peep z - 2 days ago
He reminds me of Alex Lawther
mylene calaguio
mylene calaguio - 2 days ago
See you sa Vancouver! 😂
bangtan sonyeondan
bangtan sonyeondan - 2 days ago
He looks like he’s sitting on a wheelchair
Amber Leveille
Amber Leveille - 2 days ago
U were the dude in um w...... what was it called with the goblins and the old aunt and the tomato sauce bomb and salt and stuff I forgot the name the something chronicle
Edit: am still watching the video and realized it was the spiderwick chronicles thank you for listening to my Ted talk
Random Channel
Random Channel - 2 days ago
Try to find Julia Winter (Veruca Salt) and do one with her please
Blueberry_3ffect - 2 days ago
Ahhhhh, An Arsenal fan....

A man of wonderful culture. 👌🏽
Farah Essid
Farah Essid - 13 hours ago
Blueberry_3ffect I have a sweatshirt random but I’m a very random person :)(:
Jenna Campbell
Jenna Campbell - 2 days ago
I’m surprised there were not any question about him being in Charlie and the chocolate factory
Creepers Beware
Creepers Beware - 2 days ago
"Hello I'm doctor Shaun Murphy. I'm a surgical resident at Saint Bonaventure hospital."
Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace - 2 days ago
He’s so cute oml
DoughnutLuver_55 - 2 days ago
He is so cute and he just makes me so happy! He is so well mannered and nice, also who is PUMPED about the Good Doctor show I hope the new season is coming soon!
Hannah Barnes
Hannah Barnes - 2 days ago
Nneevveerr knew he was british
Tsuki Neko
Tsuki Neko - 2 days ago
He's so adorableeee
Lidya Corry
Lidya Corry - 3 days ago
You look like my future 🙃
Tokeyo - 3 days ago
Happy birthday💕
Jade - 3 days ago
Charlie is all grown up
Shannon Remanda
Shannon Remanda - 3 days ago
He's lovely
The Good Doctor
The Good Doctor - 3 days ago
Love you Freddie 💛
E G - 3 days ago
I really like this guys, he sounds really humble and honest, and so sweet! He's also really funny too, but in a subtle way, it's so refreshing ! I really hope we see a lot more of him
Omgyellow - 3 days ago
Such a gentleman! Can't believe he's a year older than me.
Emily Marsh
Emily Marsh - 3 days ago
Sarah Parker
Sarah Parker - 3 days ago
If I could just spend 1 minute with him I would finally be happy and all my depression would go away.
Amanda Parfait
Amanda Parfait - 3 days ago
I love him lol
Anuradha R
Anuradha R - 3 days ago
He looks like Josh Peck
Unknowngamer TV
Unknowngamer TV - 3 days ago
Miss Butler
Miss Butler - 3 days ago
Yoooo I didn't realize that was him in the Spiderwick Chronicles! No wonder I've been feeling deja vu when I see him!
Raina Arianto
Raina Arianto - 3 days ago
he's an arsenal fan
Mia Jade
Mia Jade - 3 days ago
Kimisha Leamon
Kimisha Leamon - 4 days ago
I loved him in August Rush.
Nadia Nee
Nadia Nee - 4 days ago
you were in my favorite movie of all time... I honestly can’t even explain how much i love it like ahhhh... AUGUST RUSH❤️😂
acciotaehyung - 4 days ago
I can't stop smiling over this guy, my goodness.
aljedalban - 4 days ago
I know him I watch movie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory "your the best for willy wonka"
Freddie Highmore as Charlie Bucket :)))
ness. hf
ness. hf - 4 days ago
Ciana Pina
Ciana Pina - 4 days ago
Happy birthday- all late🥳
Connor Rose
Connor Rose - 5 days ago
How is he 27 he looks 17
Baby Mizo
Baby Mizo - 5 days ago
He is making my knees weeeeekkkkk😍
Ghoulz - 5 days ago
Omg why does that guy look like the good doctor
Andy López
Andy López - 5 days ago
He is the golden ticket ♡
Filipino Archmage
Filipino Archmage - 5 days ago
How's it going in the Wonka Chocolate Factory?
Alan Montano
Alan Montano - 5 days ago
Wtf ur the kid in the movie? come 2 think of it now u do seem familiar i need2 go see the movie
eu kpopper
eu kpopper - 5 days ago
freddie highmore look like the love of my life
DimaMur Park
DimaMur Park - 5 days ago
I loveeee him😂❤️
Manuel Nuñez
Manuel Nuñez - 5 days ago
Saludos desde mexico freddy
taehyung love
taehyung love - 5 days ago
How can someone be soooo cute and hot at the same time!
it's meh kay kay
it's meh kay kay - 5 days ago
ChilledCoke - 5 days ago
repertoire that's very British
ChilledCoke - 5 days ago
*Yes, you are famous*
Gaya K
Gaya K - 5 days ago
I would love if they put him in the Fantastic Beasts franchise
D'Andra Grant
D'Andra Grant - 6 days ago
I’m upset that there were no questions about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
IISavage_Ed - 6 days ago
He's 27? Tf. I thought he's 18..... *Confusion 100%*
Joan - 6 days ago
"how did freddie highmore die"...?! why did people search for that?
Mary Donn Pangan
Mary Donn Pangan - 6 days ago
Why do people here in the comments say he's adorable? I mean, he is adorable but why say it again and again😣
FlaresPeak - 6 days ago
Wait... He did an american accent throughout a full series?
kayla dicochea
kayla dicochea - 6 days ago
I love him he's so adorable he looks so much younger than 27 😻
laki laki Sorong
laki laki Sorong - 6 days ago
Arsenal fan... yayyy... 😆👍👍
EvsTNB - 6 days ago
He's so soft, jesus ♥️
yogentrax - 6 days ago
I know they were trying to be creative but the peeling of the tape was annoying for how long the video is. Lol
Yasmine Villatoro
Yasmine Villatoro - 6 days ago
He is a smol bean
Nina wherever
Nina wherever - 6 days ago
His way of speaking is so clear that i can understand him better than American actors and that's weird because it's hard for me to understand english peple
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