POKÉMON Detective Pikachu - Official Trailer #1

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Yiu yiuyiu
Yiu yiuyiu - Day ago
Give me back my Pika Pika💟 !!!
This "Pikachu" detective has literally ruined both Ryan raynald and pikachu
Sumit Tamrakar
Sumit Tamrakar - Day ago
I just saw Pokémon Detective Pikachu today. Liked it very much.
When this trailer was first released, I clearly remember that someone commented calling that Tim's father was Pikachu. This was around the time of the trailer's release.
What a spot on prediction.
Nathan Hollis
Nathan Hollis - 2 days ago
What is the name of that Beatles song that plays in this? I can't find it for the life of me
Stephen Chase
Stephen Chase - 3 days ago
This movie is 1 hour: 44 minutes: and 26 seconds long!! This grossed as the #5 live-action/ CGI movie with $431,605,346.00!!
Marius B
Marius B - 3 days ago
love this movie. Just like Meowth from Team Rockets, when he learned the ability to talk, he lost his powers. I see Ash in the beginning of the movie though. He had a 2 seconds fame
Lupi Pasha
Lupi Pasha - 3 days ago
Gemes lihat muakak nya
Sobble Better Than You
Sobble Better Than You - 3 days ago
Best movie btw
TheYnotThat - 4 days ago
Another Black Washed Bullshit with that idiot Ryan Reynolds? Couldn't stick to the original recipe with leading Asian characters WB??? YOU'VE once again failed anther adaptation. Hope you've enjoyed losing $ as fewer and fewer people will see the shit you produced!
Bernardo Garcia Serrano
Anyone here after the free guy trailer?
Super car Productions
Super car Productions - 6 days ago
Ok boomer
Brain rich
Brain rich - 7 days ago
The story was fine but the world and the pokemon design was perfect! A step in the right direction for more live action pokemon movies.
Dante Mactavish
Dante Mactavish - 8 days ago
Ryan Reynolds voice is a bad choice to a cute pikachu !
ezra adriatico
ezra adriatico - 8 days ago
Baby yoda just joined the chat
Maria Claure
Maria Claure - 9 days ago
good thing ash wasn't in this movie that would've ruined everything
Kapil Sharma
Kapil Sharma - 9 days ago
Hindi Hindi
GTA GAMEPLAY VIDZ - 10 days ago
Wholio's Studio
Wholio's Studio - 11 days ago
2:14 I'm actually pretty disappointed that that part wasn't in the movie. I wanted to see how that would've turned out.
Victor Borg
Victor Borg - 11 days ago
1973 2366 4646
Michael Haynes
Michael Haynes - 12 days ago
Your adorable they can’t understand me kid
Vivi Vi
Vivi Vi - 12 days ago
Is pokemon really real
Faiz gamer official
Faiz gamer official - 12 days ago
Siapa yang disini orang Indonesia
GAME FREAKAZOID - 12 days ago
I can't stand the lead actor here, the trainer. It doesnt suit or fit well as lead actor or lead protagonist. He shouldve been Brock of Rock gym. He also looks likr Karl Anthony Towns from the NBA.
And I also hate that they create different characters' name instead of the original names such like Ash Ketchum and other characters.
I hate the storyline. The voice of Pikachu is not really Pikachu.
I will give it 5 of 10 rating.
The graphics of Pokemon are great. Thats all.
I heard the will make a sequel. Oh please, stop it already.
axelle gaming
axelle gaming - 13 days ago
Bude Foerstner
Bude Foerstner - 13 days ago
1:30 for me
Bananero Sabee666
Bananero Sabee666 - 13 days ago
He is 💩💩💩 boy black 💩💩💩
catsndogs98 - 13 days ago
No one saw Deadpool as pikachu coming
Careless_teenz Yt
Careless_teenz Yt - 14 days ago
I HATE pikanoob
Careless_teenz Yt
Careless_teenz Yt - 14 days ago
You can't trick me that esaly
Careless_teenz Yt
Careless_teenz Yt - 14 days ago
About him no more 👿👿
Careless_teenz Yt
Careless_teenz Yt - 14 days ago
I don't care
Careless_teenz Yt
Careless_teenz Yt - 14 days ago
Levamind he is a DEMOND because he akshaly CUKES SO IF HE IS REAL then I will get a chanesa and cut everything on his body!
xXx GamerBoii xXx
xXx GamerBoii xXx - 14 days ago
You're the fake Jack Doherty
Alaa Waleed
Alaa Waleed - 15 days ago
الله دا فيلم بيكاتشو🤤
اسمه ايههه🥺
Careless_teenz Yt
Careless_teenz Yt - 16 days ago
Wow I even thought that he was boring
Evoli - 16 days ago
Ew Psyduck
Lamborghini Odor
Lamborghini Odor - 17 days ago
I watched this when it first came out brings back old memories 😢
King Feliciano
King Feliciano - 19 days ago
reeti exell
reeti exell - 19 days ago
i totally loved this movie.
Brandi Lewis
Brandi Lewis - 20 days ago
Aww, so cute.
Dani Boy
Dani Boy - 22 days ago
When the Sonic DVD comes out, they should...
They should put these two in a DVD combo, since this and soon Sonic may be the next praised live action video game adaptations.
Player 2-LightWater
Player 2-LightWater - 6 days ago
Not gonna happen because the two movies are made by different studios. Detective Pikachu is made by Legendary Pictures and Sonic is made by Paramount Pictures.
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