Trevor Chats with His Grandma About Apartheid and Tours Her Home, “MTV Cribs”-Style | The Daily Show

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whadafishyo - 3 hours ago
Arafat Sajja
Arafat Sajja - 3 hours ago
The comedy is in the family blood. Grand Ma is hilarious and smart
windasari koplak
windasari koplak - 6 hours ago
"you were born a crime!!" always get me 😂
DellaCordelia - 10 hours ago
Trever, your grandmother is amazing. I hope (and recommend) that you get a small voice recorder and start recording phone calls or smaller in person meetings, going over questions and stories about the past. There are some things, as horrible as they are, which should never be forgotten lest we enable the horrors of the past happen again.
Frank Cava
Frank Cava - 12 hours ago
That’s was adorable. What a wonderful woman.
k concepcion
k concepcion - 14 hours ago
Frank Darmstadt
Frank Darmstadt - 16 hours ago
Cicely Tyson should play her in a movie!
Khadija Mukaddam
Khadija Mukaddam - 16 hours ago
Wonderful people. So real and beautiful.
Ree M
Ree M - 17 hours ago
Did she just say "like hell!" 😂😂😂😂😂
MariaV0071 - 19 hours ago
I think I will never understand why the white men has the feeling of superiority just based on the colour of skin? Because becoming rich happens to them by stealing and murdering.
Fern Tom
Fern Tom - 20 hours ago
Trevor , we all love you ; you are handsome , supersmart and funny . You talk about growing up in poverty in Africa . Most immigrants to US have a story about poverty ; it's not like they were rich and famous in their countries and they came to US to brake the cycle .
Mariam Ebralidze
Mariam Ebralidze - 23 hours ago
Oluwafunmibi Kolapo
This was wonderful to watch!!!
Epeli - Day ago
Adan Luna
Adan Luna - Day ago
that acne studios shirt tho
Lavasha Watson
Lavasha Watson - Day ago
Omgosh why was I smiling and teary eyed ❤️. I enjoyed this I wish I could see more!
Krystal Baca
Krystal Baca - Day ago
Diane Walker
Diane Walker - Day ago
Your grandmother is a wonderful, pure, and kind woman. So special. Just keep loving on her Trevor!!!!
Julie Slatton
Julie Slatton - Day ago
She’s beautiful Trevor .
Leon Jones
Leon Jones - 2 days ago
For the culture ✊🏾
Susan Harkema
Susan Harkema - 2 days ago
Oh I miss those fridge magnets! #lovethe70s
Luis Roman
Luis Roman - 2 days ago
God Damn, Trevor Noah is sexy as fuck.
Arianne Mansiamina
Arianne Mansiamina - 2 days ago
Amazing,! In lingala, spoken in Congo, we say "koko" for grandparents!
plague 5
plague 5 - 2 days ago
Too bad YouTube only allowed 1 thumb
the watcher
the watcher - 2 days ago
those who are content are never poor, those who are discontent are never rich.
Zoed Vega
Zoed Vega - 2 days ago
I can watch this a million times... I never get tired of watching it. She is like my Grandmama strong and direct. She did not pass until 103. I wish I had a recording of my grandmother speaking. Trevor, you are so blessed to have recorded your dear Grandmother. Que Dios la Bendiga y la favorezca !
Eduardo Luna
Eduardo Luna - 2 days ago
Gracias vatoloco
scholastic01 - 2 days ago
I see where he gets his sense of humour. Those bottles on the wall brought back some memories.
An Donzilk
An Donzilk - 2 days ago
As an 82 year old Irish man, I grew up hearing stories like this with the British in Ireland. I feel you guys pain. Love from Ireland 🇮🇪 🇿🇦
Charles Cedric Tan
Charles Cedric Tan - 2 days ago
Hey I had those fridge magnets when I was young.
Banshee Barraza
Banshee Barraza - 2 days ago
Your grandmother is such a beautiful soul. If anyone is justified to be angry and against people because of their skin tone, it would be her, and she shows no sign of anger. I can only hope to be half as strong as she must be. Thank you so much for sharing her with us, and thank you, Gogo, for allowing us into your home
Kwinsley Michel
Kwinsley Michel - 2 days ago
Same as Caribbean people ;-)
william carter
william carter - 2 days ago
My great aunt raised me she born in 1909 her mother was born at the end of slavery her grandmother was a slave .. Trevor's gogo  reminds me of all African  grandparents  or African American grandparents   life was hard as hell but all of them find a reason to keep pushing on and smile while doing it which is absolutely amazing considering the living hell they were all put though ..
Tamra Armstrong
Tamra Armstrong - 2 days ago
*This is the good thing about this place. Nothing has changed-in a good way.* awwww❤
Momodu Jalloh
Momodu Jalloh - 2 days ago
I love the story
C GB - 2 days ago
Oh Trevor you made me cry! My granson's (6yr old) and I, we have the same connection as you with your mom. I love him dearly and he does love me too. I pray to God that I will be around him when he grows old. The love and respect you have for your gmama its so amazing. I can relate to that. She is so adorable. I hope my grandkid survive the struggles he is facing now due to the fact that his mother and my son's new girlfriend jealousy intervening with us to see each other more often. God bless you and your gmama always!
HABEN KIBREAB - 2 days ago
Why do south africans call Mandela "Madiba" what does it mean and it sounds good by gogo's accent.
Beatrice washuka
Beatrice washuka - 3 days ago
When Trevor laughs he looks like that guy from The gods must be crazy movie...
Jabari Mosi Jerimiah Alexander Wellington
I loooooooveeeeeeed watching this! Wow! She is awesome! Come through Gogo! I would love to have seen more of this
Uche Ose
Uche Ose - 3 days ago
Gogo is 91 (and nine months) and she is so VITAL!! And the part where she marveled at Trevor being the manager of white people....WHOLESOME content :')
Annie Hill
Annie Hill - 3 days ago
This was the BEST!!! Does CoCo mean grandma? That's what I want my grandkids to call me.
Elle - Day ago
Gogo is a south african word for Granny.
Lillian - 3 days ago
Ah when she says "Madiba" I had to pause my eyes were watering. The way she says that with so much reverence. She is beautiful ❤️
Lillian - Day ago
+Shubham Meena a clan name, from a chief ancestor. Calling Mandela that is like a respectful term of endearment
Shubham Meena
Shubham Meena - Day ago
what does it mean?
Luciud - 3 days ago
Gogo is the most precious woman ever. Such kind eyes. Trevor visit your Gogo more often!!
komal rehman
komal rehman - 3 days ago
What wonderful relationship they have
Major Peterson
Major Peterson - 3 days ago
Love Her ! 😍
Timmy Mathebula
Timmy Mathebula - 3 days ago
Lol I so enjoyed this and I wanted more! Your gogo is a true ghetto gogo! Love her! Now I wanna call my gogo and have a chat with her after watching such a warm interview. So much love!
Kimberly Davis
Kimberly Davis - 3 days ago
Andrea Hansen
Andrea Hansen - 3 days ago
Almost 4k people unliked this video? wtf!
Carolina Vitali
Carolina Vitali - 3 days ago
She is so cute!
Caseygblake - 3 days ago
What does Trevor have to say today regarding the hundreds of white farmers--who have lived in South Africa for several generations--are systematically being murdered by blacks with the full support of the black controlled government.
Bar Rafaeli
Bar Rafaeli - 4 days ago
"I told her we are on our way but that doesnt mean she will be there"......haha typical grannies...
JAZZ n MOTION - 4 days ago
The way he said "mmmm so I need to get you a generator" I felt that man 😔😔😔
JAZZ n MOTION - 4 days ago
Yoooo 8:17 is liiffeee 😂😂😂
Barone Chrome
Barone Chrome - 4 days ago
you guys are amazing. thanks for the wonderful convo =)
Roman Scurka
Roman Scurka - 4 days ago
Its same way scary now for white people basically :) good job :D
Fatima Amitaf
Fatima Amitaf - 4 days ago
Fernando & Fernanda USA
That's nicest interview.
Do you Love you
Do you Love you - 4 days ago
Uhg... Lord, those dimples. Yes Trevor we see you were also a good looking baby 💖
Nate K
Nate K - 4 days ago
The roads were not for culinary purposes. It was for patrol routes and drug smuggling. Just can't say that ig
Ms Thiyam
Ms Thiyam - 4 days ago
And thank u Patricia to bring Trevor into this world... 🙏🙏
Hi-Tec Jaymes
Hi-Tec Jaymes - 4 days ago
91 years that’s amazing. She’s amazing. God bless her !
Willie Wonder
Willie Wonder - 4 days ago
This was a sad, and happy video to watch. Such a lovely relationship they have. Their relationship is so therapeutic to watch. Greetings and love from Albania to you, Trevor and grandma Gogo but also love for all of Africa that suffered from colionzation.
Abdikarim Ali
Abdikarim Ali - 4 days ago
It was so wonderful interview. I loved so much to watch i t I wish I was there.. she is age around at 100 but, she remember everything happened wow. Mom God bless you and your family.
JustWannaFreeFx - 4 days ago
"Noooo they can come in"
I'm sorry, I love her?
ram roebuc
ram roebuc - 4 days ago
The fridge, The outside comfort room, and the fence with broken bottles seems like philippines! And trevor do look like filipino LOL.
ram roebuc
ram roebuc - 4 days ago
When your granda whistle as if planes gonna crash! Boom!
Jay Dave
Jay Dave - 4 days ago
gogo is so cool man she inspires me at the age of 91 she manages to be so witty and fun
Jay Dave
Jay Dave - 4 days ago
wow ur culture is very similar to the indian culture man... except we use water not toilet paper
masood adams
masood adams - 4 days ago
Just dont forget to take care of your family bro
masood adams
masood adams - 4 days ago
Hard work is why you are where you are. Keep your hustle strong n fuck all the haters.💪
Rosie VeHi
Rosie VeHi - 4 days ago
Gogo's shoes know those big bumps.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hidden Truth about them
Akon can put electricity in her home.
KiLovely - 4 days ago
This video is hilarious! Comedic talent runs in the family! They both had good jokes! Trevor's Grandmother is so adorable.
King Smith
King Smith - 4 days ago
Who else wanted to see more?? Made me miss my grandmas
SARA SIDIK - 4 days ago
she's 91 years old!!? what?! woooooooooooow gogo's skin routine video better be uploaded soon Trevor!
bruce isthename
bruce isthename - 4 days ago
those big bumps 8:08 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤
Lempwei Roiie
Lempwei Roiie - 4 days ago
I really love Trevor's grandma... and at 91 it's mind-blowing for me.. I used to run our national program for senior citizens and we rarely have anyone that's the same age as Trevor's grandma.. It's a honor for me watching this show...
Shayla’s World
Shayla’s World - 5 days ago
i smiled this whole interview
ALEX Marshall
ALEX Marshall - 5 days ago
I adore you Trevor.Lots of love from India.
His Gogo makes him cute
Justin Ansako
Justin Ansako - 5 days ago
What happens in they take you?
Rouh Allah AlShelh روح الله آل شلح
I never got to meet my grandma but this reminded me of my great aunts same wisdom🌸💜
DKZ - 5 days ago
gogo should be a comedian
glogirl128 - 5 days ago
My grandmothers house in Iran is exactly like this! The toilet outside, the fridge magnets, the tree, the broken glass for protection, miss her soo much :')
Ashley Gomes
Ashley Gomes - 5 days ago
Total bullshit. First of all, there's no "road joy" in South Africa. South Africa has tons and tons of road murders. Secondly, if apartheid was so bad, how come Ramaphosa said "I want to tie the White people to trees and BEG them not to leave. We can't let the White people leave." Mandela was pretty good, but honestly, South Africa was probably better under De Klerk than it is now.
Kaye Wilde
Kaye Wilde - 5 days ago
And soweto is beautiful!!!!
Kaye Wilde
Kaye Wilde - 5 days ago
I thought gogo was the 91-year old legally blind great grandma who smelled him shit on her kitchen floor when he was a kid. In his book, he called this gogo "gran".
Ps. I wanna see his mum and andrew and isaac. I bawled my eyes out while i was riding my motorbike and listening to him tell how his mum got shot in the head.
BeautyAndBrainsGirls - 5 days ago
Love the onomatopoeia just like my Haitian grandma she brings Kreole to life when she speaks
BeautyAndBrainsGirls - 5 days ago
We have those glasses in Haiti as well and the market is the same way
Liz Rohme
Liz Rohme - 5 days ago
Kia M
Kia M - 5 days ago
I grew up in a house with my grandmother and we had a yellow kitchen with those exact refrigerator magnets! Trevor was raised in South Africa. I was raised in Southeast, D.C.
The Stuffed Vegan
The Stuffed Vegan - 5 days ago
Savannah Henson
Savannah Henson - 5 days ago
This was the most real interview i ever seen before
Nocka Mama
Nocka Mama - 5 days ago
Man, everytime I watch this I cant finished it. Reminds me so much of my grandma.
Tlotlo Senai
Tlotlo Senai - 5 days ago
I'm from Botswana (Southern Africa). I wonder how African Americans feel when they hear an African language. Does it spark something within them that says 'My roots' or is it just, "Eh..."
Just curious...
Tlotlo Senai
Tlotlo Senai - 2 days ago
Kwinsley Michel
Kwinsley Michel - 2 days ago
I'm not a African America but i'm a from Caribbean some words that they say is the same as we use
missbennet10 - 5 days ago
so shathii
so shathii - 5 days ago
trevor i think you're at *my* grandma's house👀
Iris Ioannou
Iris Ioannou - 5 days ago
Amazing grandma!!! It is so sad what they had to go through ....
Kae Zales
Kae Zales - 5 days ago
This felt really intimate. I love it!. Your grandma is the cuuuuuutest!.x
guykr10 - 5 days ago
She's such a nice lady :)
E. Ava
E. Ava - 6 days ago
I love your Grandmother..your relationship with her is so sweet. Thank you for sharing this part of your life. Hopefully you will do more episodes with her. I would like to see a follow-up episode after the generator and TV issues are corrected and she watches your show.
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