Sanders endorsement is "most authentic decision to let people know how I feel," AOC says

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Richard Giardelli
Richard Giardelli - 4 days ago
lol Yes , you are so authentic by announcing who you support lol lol yes it was tremendous virtue signal lol How self centered is that idiotic comment. And there was no political calculation/ You are a Marxist and you backed a Marxist, but no political calculation there lol Too bad he absolutely no chance. Bernie is not a Democratic Socialist, when you are for the govt Nationalizing energy, you are a Marxist just like Chavez and we all know how that worked out. God forbid a Marxist gets elected as President, it would be the end of freedom and would destroy this country.
chuck7303 - 4 days ago
Ur nuts
Jimmy - 14 days ago
For the ignorant people here who actually think AOC is intelligent (lol), here is a quick list I put together to prove it.
1. This is my favorite…. Doesn’t know the 3 branches of gov’t. 
2. Thinks the DOD got a 700 billion increase, when the budget was 700 billion in 2018. I guess it was 0 in 
3.  While in KC said, “we’re going to turn this seas RED.” Guess she things Democrats are RED states.
4.  Thinks unemployment is lower because people work 70-80 hours a week and/or work 2 jobs.
5. Thinks a 17 y/o can walk in a shop and purchase an assault weapon, Federal Law is 18 and above. 
6.  Thinks the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is based on Palestinian access to housing.
7.  Thinks the Pentagon lost 21 trillion form 1998-2015 because of fraud, accounting errors, or must missing money.
8.  Think the 400 billion tax cut, could have paid every single student loan debt. The debt was actually over a trillion when she said that.
9. Thinks in 2019, we need to we exam the Bush and Trump’s tax cuts, not realizing the Bush’s tax cuts ended in 2010 due to, 'Sunset Provisions.'  PS. I'm sure you know what this is, you're so smart. 
10. Thinks stopping climate change with end Racism.  
11. Comparing climate change to Word War 2.
12. Keeps wanting free things and never has an answer other than tax the rich at 70 percent, not realizing that is only a few trillion over 10 years. 
13. Said Ben Shapiro was ‘catcalling” asking if she wanted to debate, she said this because she knows she would be embarrassed (as least she knew that).
14. Asked how she plan to pay for Medicare she said, “you just pay for it.” 
15. Zero carbon emission in 12 years, yet no plan how, and latest projection puts the cost around 93 trillion, 600,000 per household. 
16. Actually said, ‘tippy tops”
17. Saying Abe Lincoln signed the, ‘Emancipation Proclamation”, was radical. Guess telling slaves they’re free is racial, instead of just being the right thing to do.
18. Actually said, “We need to get our facts straight, everyday immigrants commit crimes as a far lower rate than Native-Born Americans.”
19. Thought. Child died on Christmas in ICE custody, when it was actually in CBP custody.
20. Doesn’t know Senator McConnell works out of the majority leaders’ space in the Capital, which she passed on her way to the Senate side to make per point when looking for him.
21. Said, “we need to invent technology that hasn’t been been created yet?”
22. Doesn’t know we already have a progressive tax rate system.
23. Said, people are more concerned about being “factually correct” than “Morally right.”
24. Thought New York was actually giving Amazon 3 billion dollars. 
Could go on and on and on. This was her first few months in Congress.
Johnny Zeee
Johnny Zeee - 16 days ago
Mr. Senator Sanders' wife should start being suspicious of these younger women spending all this time with her husband....Very suspicious.
Matthew Stollar
Matthew Stollar - 17 days ago
she looks like the joker with lipstick on? if you dont want to wear make up dont?
太陽ダビデ - 18 days ago
Hehe you guys cut out the best part "Why back an old white guy ". You also had your reporter treat Sanders as though he weren't there.
I don't know who is engineering this social change of open and acceptable racism towards the whites...but I have some ideas whom it may be and why.
Frankly the whole experiment is entertaining and I am excited to see where this is all going. ^_^
Mumbo - Jumbo
Mumbo - Jumbo - 20 days ago
Diogenes - 21 day ago
Massive endorsement from AOC. Bernie IS the man of the people
billucf96 - 22 days ago
no one gives a f how u feel
Salvatore Puccini
Salvatore Puccini - 22 days ago
Let's be clear. She made a living wage... she just didn't report all her tips.
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia - 23 days ago
The media is pushing Biden so hard they forgot Bernie was in the race 😂
Randy C
Randy C - 23 days ago
The resentment towards Republicans from Democrats is the only honest thing left in America.
playandrepeat - 23 days ago
This "reporter" is disgusting. So disrespectful.
James Drane
James Drane - 23 days ago
Love the lip stick.....
Johnny Zeee
Johnny Zeee - 23 days ago
Sanders is another self- serving career windbag politician, with dangerous agendas. Ocasio - Cortez only does things for publicity.
Matthew Dimitrie
Matthew Dimitrie - 23 days ago
aoc is a bartender not a congress woman
victor ruiz
victor ruiz - 24 days ago
Sanders 2020🇺🇸
CBS should get a 95% tax rate.
Benjamin Fields
Benjamin Fields - 21 day ago
Then I sure hope FOX goes broke. Maybe they can pay off our national debt with all the money they accepted from the Russians.
lmao Leon Bridges in the background
Chris Pierce
Chris Pierce - 24 days ago
Bern baby bern!
clee's rc videos
clee's rc videos - 25 days ago
dear god you stupid child nobody gives a damn what you or anybody like you think
Susan Venabides
Susan Venabides - 25 days ago
Bernie 2020! 🙌🏾
Derek Johnson
Derek Johnson - 25 days ago
Try 2 keep replying a class act,please no 🗑 trash.🐺🐦🔮🎥🌃😀
Raul Magana
Raul Magana - 25 days ago
And ageist too.
Raul Magana
Raul Magana - 25 days ago
Racist reporter
Dan Eschweiler
Dan Eschweiler - 25 days ago
Trolls are now just making comment section unbearable to avoid the seriousness of the Bern and the positive energy it brings.
Mrmedia046 - 24 days ago
I've bared worse. I frequent TYT's comment section.
Brian Beeler
Brian Beeler - 25 days ago
Noticed CBS News cut out the question the reporter asked "...why support an old white guy?" *CBS News needs to apologize or it will show your organization supports racism against white people.* For the full clip and see what CBS is hiding:
killersushi99 - 25 days ago
*As a Republican I LOVE THIS!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! The Squad that everyone hates gets behind the oldest craziest socialist in his last run at President (if he survives it) This will work out for her like her Green New Deal was 57-0 against if anyone has forgotten. The woman scared of her own garbage disposal is backing the I'm going to give you everything free but every economist alive says it can't be done with Bernie's plan. You can stand on stage and promise the world but if people can't do the math and make it work you can forget it. 32 Trillion was the last estimate I heard to have Bernie as President. Everyone at a rally at that point is just living in a dream world. So GOOD LUCK Squad +1 in 2020!*
King and Queen Turben
King and Queen Turben - 25 days ago
Bernie is "the child Hunter" from chitty chitty bang bang. May not recognize him without his hat or net.
Pushing green new deal and making sure people don't have children.
#(ck) common knowledge
Brittany A
Brittany A - 26 days ago
Hello from Texas! We love you AOC !!!
Brittany A
Brittany A - 25 days ago
@Hwan Hee Glad to hear you don't live here anymore!
Hwan Hee
Hwan Hee - 25 days ago
I lived in Texas for years. So sorry that a Texan backs a stupid woman with Socialist ideation.
pointschamp - 26 days ago
So scary to see these people trying to steal money from hard working Americans
mironyuk - 26 days ago
A Female communist endorses a Male communist, makes perfect sense, I just wonder who is really behind AOC, probably George Soros or the swamp
J C - 26 days ago
Linda Lefteast
Linda Lefteast - 26 days ago
Corporate media sucks! Only prejudiced and biased questions from an idiot on wheels. Personifies MSM
James - 26 days ago
Can't wait till Trump wins another term
popeye003 - 26 days ago They are trying to destroy the USA and this is how.....
popeye003 - 26 days ago They are trying to destroy the USA and this is how.....
Matthew Wood
Matthew Wood - 26 days ago
There is no such thing as "authenticity" in politics. You literally did a photo shoot in a $10,000 suit. I'm not sure that fits democratic socialism
Josh, yep.
Josh, yep. - 26 days ago
Joey Ramone was neat.
Matthew Wood
Matthew Wood - 26 days ago
I think it's funny AOC actually believes her endorsement carries weight.
Will Drucker
Will Drucker - 26 days ago
Thanks AOC....for standing up for what’s right by endorsing that “old white guy”...
ThumperOne - 26 days ago
AOC would not endorse Warren or Biden because they are the same as the Republicans.
Raul Magana
Raul Magana - 25 days ago
I would classify Warren as a moderate not progressive or "centrist" (pretty much republicans who are cool with gay people).
Amazing Andy
Amazing Andy - 26 days ago
I bet AOC and Bernie are banging.
Unknown Preacher
Unknown Preacher - 26 days ago
baldur - 26 days ago
haha these dislikes. die mad neolib shills and chuds
joecoolnz1 - 26 days ago
Oxford dictionary definition of authentic: Bernie Sanders
Jimmy - 21 day ago
Patricia roe Once again. A reliable website. Those are .org, .gov, .edu. You should know this being so political and doing your research. 🤔
Patricia roe
Patricia roe - 21 day ago
@Jimmy This is what I can give you. It was written in The Guardian. Sep 18, 2019 ... Eight-country poll shows people view climate crisis as priority over migration and terrorism. ... as an “emergency” and say politicians are failing to tackle the problem, ... world's biggest climate demonstrations on Friday, found that climate ... agree the world faces a climate emergency and that global warming ...
Jimmy - 21 day ago
Patricia roe I avoid wasting time reading long messages that are stating opinions or ”facts” with no evidence. Do you have a link with this poll?
Patricia roe
Patricia roe - 21 day ago
@Jimmy I'll stand corrected on my comment , but only partially because The poll surveyed more than 1,000 people in the UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, Brazil, France, Poland and the US. It found that at least three-quarters of the public think the world is facing a “climate emergency”, with climate breakdown at risk of becoming “extremely dangerous”. On the domestic problems facing this country people put healthcare, the economy and immigration at the top of their list. The economy covers a large area including available jobs, wages, etc and how well Americans can "survive" now for themselves and their family. It comes down to the basics of life even the cavemen knew. But if they think Climate Change can't erase some of that, they are mistaken. And as I said it cannot be reversed. When considering the size of our global emissions we will eventually feel the the fall out of climate change and it will have drastic effects on our economy such as higher health and energy costs, also damage to property and agriculture. We can't keep contributing to it and think its not going to get worse, that's like throwing gasoline on a fire and then what? Going into shock because the flames got higher and hotter? Its fine to worry about the economy now, I think it is long past due to put the federal minimum wage up. But we are also contributing to a poor economy in the future.
Jimmy - 21 day ago
Patricia roe Actually the economy ranks number 1, shocking someone so political, and informed doesn't know that. 🤔
uperdown0 - 26 days ago
That lipstick tho
A B - 26 days ago
She is endorsing in hopes of making people forget about his heart attack
karaoke24 gritton
karaoke24 gritton - 26 days ago
so what if he had a heart attack? if he is healthy now there is no reason he can't be president
Jake Setterlun
Jake Setterlun - 26 days ago
Just don’t think or make calculated decisions?
DevonTheGamer - 26 days ago
over 25,000 people showed up!
Jack Glastra
Jack Glastra - 21 day ago
@Benjamin Fields the thing is, I live in Washington state. My state will vote for whoever the democratic candidate is by a wide double digit margin. I have the luxury to protest vote every election, but when I lived in Florida my calculus was definitely different.
Benjamin Fields
Benjamin Fields - 21 day ago
Jack Glastra At least she has progressive ideas and can appeal to moderates. It takes more than young and progressive voters to win an election, though. Do take serious thought into my last comment, though. Keep an open mind, this election and if Bernie doesn’t win the nomination, don’t boycott. Otherwise, Trump will be re-elected and even worse things will happen. Keep an open mind.
Jack Glastra
Jack Glastra - 21 day ago
@Benjamin Fields damn you're right... what we need is a boring technocratic woman in her 70s in order to win. That's a totally different approach than we tried in 2016.
Benjamin Fields
Benjamin Fields - 21 day ago
Jack Glastra Let me break it down for you: Bernie was up against Hillary in 2016. Hillary, DNC’s third or fourth tier candidate won the primary, Bernie lost. Fast forward to 2020: Bernie, age 78, gets hospitalized for health reasons and has to take a break from the campaign trail. Many Dem voters are hesitant about voting for him now because they are unsure he’ll make it. Biden, the other front-runner, can’t form much of a coherent thought. That leaves Elizabeth Warren who still draws big crowds, polling in the top 3, and has decent health. Now... endorsements: Bernie was endorsed by Omar, who Trump and republicans think is anti-American(and some Democrats will take that as a negative), and AOC(who Republicans hate, and some Democrats can’t stand). That alone will be enough for Trump to rip him apart without mentioning(Democratic) “Socialism.” Last, I bet, if he did win, that Democrat reps in swing districts who voted with him on bills would be voted out because their constituents are moderates who probably disagree with Bernie on quite a bit. So please stop with this “Bernie can beat Trump” stuff. Media may be establishment, but at least they have the brains of why certain candidates have the possibility of winning.
Jack Glastra
Jack Glastra - 21 day ago
@Benjamin Fields for me it's all about who can win. Elizabeth Warren isn't a killer, and to beat Trump we need someone who is an ice cold killer.
Mai Vu
Mai Vu - 27 days ago
One low IQ girl endorses an old man takes frequent trips to the hospital. Too bad.
Sean K
Sean K - 25 days ago
@Mai Vu You did the math right? Each of those jobs, for the first year and providing no further subsidies, cost $120,000 each. The condition at the border, with the officers own posts and statistics of child deaths while in custody, don’t shock you. You are acting like the Catholic Church with child rape, grow up and read the data. She is right on both fronts, I get the idea of conformation bias, look it up first, but seriously be human before republican. Honestly to ignore suffering on many fronts to grant your position is evil. Look to thy own house first.
Mai Vu
Mai Vu - 26 days ago
AOC turned 25,000 jobs down from Amazon, and then she made a horrible lie about South border CBP officers that no one could believe it. She's not only dumb but she also very evil.
Sean K
Sean K - 26 days ago
With two college degrees, fighting for you, unless you are born rich. Do the research.
Don Kessel
Don Kessel - 27 days ago
Well now Democrats now what?
Austin Downing
Austin Downing - 27 days ago
Look at all the Democratic candidates. AOC picks the oldest white guy.. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Gary Lee
Gary Lee - 27 days ago
A stupid bartender endorsing an old communist. LOL ...
NANCY MONIA - 27 days ago
XLPCX - 27 days ago
Bernie should distance himself from this psycho as quick as possible.
XLPCX - 25 days ago
stephlynn1982 lol, re read this msg when he’s not nominated and Trump wins again.
stephlynn1982 - 27 days ago
Oh shut up.
Betty Harrison
Betty Harrison - 27 days ago
Do she thinks that her endorsement will help old sick Sanders? It will not
J Smooth Soul Beats
J Smooth Soul Beats - 27 days ago
He probably paid her a ton of money to endorse him. He old White and Jewish. I'm sure the squad doesn't approve.
J Smooth Soul Beats
J Smooth Soul Beats - 26 days ago
@K Vishvesh Dude if you think socialism is a good thing you are dumber then a box of rocks. 100 million people are dead because of socialism in just 100 years.It's not natural and it doesn't ever work. It's just a way for crazy people to control every aspect of your life and be above the law. go live in North Korea or China if you want that. THIS IS AMERICA JACK!
K Vishvesh
K Vishvesh - 26 days ago
Are you a Trumpturd or a Hillbot ? Both these tribes would love you welcome you
stephlynn1982 - 27 days ago
You are a complete idiot. He has had a close relationship with both AOC and Omar for quite a while now, they are HERE because of him, and they have identical ideologies. OF COURSE they would endorse him. Jesus.
Bill Campbell
Bill Campbell - 27 days ago
Hopefully both of these fools will be gone soon. Trump 2020
Natural D
Natural D - 27 days ago
We don't want socialism. Trump 2020
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Clarke - 27 days ago
AOC is miraculous as Jim Jones? See this at 25:20 mark: Sound familiar?
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