One Punch Man - Season 2 Official Trailer

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Deathbynewports - 7 days ago
I dont understand... is it named something different on the crunchyroll app? Cause I cant find it on there
Clark Kent
Clark Kent - 9 days ago
Season 2 is literal trash. I feel no emotion coming from the animation, and the shots chosen for the trailer were pathetic.
Theo Pickering
Theo Pickering - 13 days ago
Asha Rawat
Asha Rawat - 15 days ago
Roos Van Trigt
Roos Van Trigt - 15 days ago
Sad that this amazing series just got ruined.
Genesis does what Nintendon't
It's just the animation that's bad. Otherwise the show is pretty much...watchable. It looks way better in the actual episode than in this trailer.
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki - 16 days ago
Where can i fakin watch this for free!!!!
itamar megidish
itamar megidish - 16 days ago
It wasn't that bad.
IttiOnYouTube - 16 days ago
I'm here from April 2019. I'm glad to say it's awesome
Cornered87 alt
Cornered87 alt - 17 days ago
No way there will be season 2
Lika Rude
Lika Rude - 17 days ago

Ձեր կորուստը դրանք փոխարինելու համար Նա լռում է
Liam Wilson
Liam Wilson - 17 days ago
Liam Wilson
Liam Wilson - 17 days ago
how to beat thanos
Jocelyn Frost
Jocelyn Frost - 19 days ago
People shouldn’t judge the trailer. This might mean they put more budget in the actual season rather than the trailer. Don’t judge so soon.
Vic on YT
Vic on YT - 19 days ago
Are those eggplants st 0:31????
Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob Squarepants - 20 days ago
Is this whole season filler?
ViPeRLeNy ,
ViPeRLeNy , - 21 day ago
Dark Void
Dark Void - 22 days ago
JC Staff are the same guys behind INDEX III; it'll be fine. These guys are also known for having incredible sound effects in their action scenes.
goovind narula
goovind narula - 22 days ago
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Affan Syed
Affan Syed - 23 days ago
I waited to 4 years for this anime and this trailer killed my hype 😭
Behera Venkata kumara swamy
Completely made up
ツEnVy - 24 days ago
What’s up with Genos chin
ツEnVy - 24 days ago
Why is this In my recommended show!
Hello and welcome to WHY IS THIS IM MY RECOMMENDED EP. 4
Sean S
Sean S - 24 days ago
Singlular Attack Non-genderized Person
Fragon_TV - 25 days ago
Garuo looks like Ryuga from blade blade :p
Dark Void
Dark Void - 22 days ago
*beyblade ya he be lookin like a fusion between Ryuga & Vegeta lol
I Am A Degenerate
I Am A Degenerate - 26 days ago
When you get a slice of life studio to do shonen anime.
Nice decision there, ONE.
Koff koff, Toradora, Food Wars.
Edgar Moranchel
Edgar Moranchel - 26 days ago
Man the think I hate about a new season is that usually it has like 10-12 episodes and then we got to wait another 3-6 years
Damião Nascimento
Damião Nascimento - 26 days ago
Nao pode ser esse trailer ta uma bosta. Olha so o genos🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😠😠😠😠
FRANC MACAVELLI - 26 days ago
call me whatever you want
Don't worry guys, in an alternate timeline of infinite timelines with infinite possibilities, the animation was decent
JONATHAN KORB - 27 days ago
gosto muito desse anime mas esta muito ruim em comparação com a 1 temporada.
Carl Katchatag
Carl Katchatag - 27 days ago
It’s not that bad
Donald MK
Donald MK - 27 days ago
The Shpee Crab
The Shpee Crab - 27 days ago
Omg it’s Caillou anime
iAmKong - 27 days ago
Dub is better in OPM
Thiago Vinicius
Thiago Vinicius - 28 days ago
that jump was some weird animation
Dark Void
Dark Void - 28 days ago
I wanna see 1 Kick Man aka SUIRYUUUU!!
bigperson_69 - 28 days ago
Carl Emmoth
Carl Emmoth - 29 days ago
I can count the frames!! And they reuse the black frame 1000 times lul
M. Hanzla
M. Hanzla - 29 days ago
just release it already n wish it has more episodes than before
An Onion
An Onion - 29 days ago
You all are complaining about this trailer but don't lie u will still watch it
Sebastian Chang
Sebastian Chang - 29 days ago
at least we still have mob psycho :(
Vishal Wankhede
Vishal Wankhede - 29 days ago
Who is missing durzo blint now?
Hody - Month ago
finally saitama sensei is back :D
Thor Thor
Thor Thor - Month ago
I thought this trailer is fun mad
100% OtAku
100% OtAku - Month ago
Lol my hype went from 100% to 0% real quick
superstargaurav - Month ago
Finally upon us
Fakhran Random Activity
Diógenes de Totus
Diógenes de Totus - Month ago
Brian Anggoro
Brian Anggoro - Month ago
Is he flying?
Xeivier Gt
Xeivier Gt - Month ago
Carlos Henrique
Carlos Henrique - Month ago
Disappointment, this is my feeling for waiting for this great anime for years, and in the end they deliver this crap without quality in the animation. It was better to have stopped in the first season, they Will ruin with the reputation that the anime had
Danny Ovalle
Danny Ovalle - Month ago
Season 1 trailer showed more potential , Saitama looked stronger, and genos more sexy, here's the link :
Danny Ovalle
Danny Ovalle - Month ago
I'm concern for this season, almost two minutes and of which 35 where in black, without much coordination and sure images moving... As previously said, Saitama's biggest enemy will be the studio itself.
Mob psycho and one punch man are amazing, of which only one punch man season 2 changed studio's, ig we must conform with this 😿
Conrad Moser
Conrad Moser - Month ago
I thought this was the new season of Caillou...
Alex M.A.D
Alex M.A.D - Month ago
I just hope the editor is bad and animation will get better later on, yep I'm still optimistic
PsychoGamingYT - Month ago
Riya Sharma
Riya Sharma - Month ago
Anyone from earth 🌍
Fake Frenzy
Fake Frenzy - Month ago
45% saitama on vacation
30% black screen
100% talking
dysphoric_trash - Month ago
did they animate it in powerpoint
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson - Month ago
I see they figured out how to make jumping unbelievable.
Павел Чуев
Павел Чуев - Month ago
Иван соломатин усть кишерть ул симонария там дом такой избушка рядом с ней мужик на тракторе задам ездит и на парашу бегает он сказал аниме хуня ишитте его и пиздите
ekostros eko
ekostros eko - Month ago
season 2 was made by a different studio and director. The quality seems to be reduced compared to the first season
The Hawk
The Hawk - Month ago
So when will it start?
Eli - Month ago
Why does this look like some sailor moon jump?
bongo is gnome
bongo is gnome - Month ago
the only thing i'm pumped for is the new intro
The trailer is half black because the are ashamed to show what they did to this amazing series.
JasArtStudios - Month ago
This trailer was really awful. Very excited, however, for season 2.
Angel Espacia
Angel Espacia - Month ago
From the guys who brought you DBS episodes 6
arpit srivastava
arpit srivastava - Month ago
It would be better if they haven't animated it. This animation will bring down the reputation of one punch man.
We should stick with the manga, one of the best manga arts I have ever seen.
Tea sis
Tea sis - Month ago
I hope the intros the same.
If not im still gonnna scream *ONEPUNCHHHHHH*
Steven Delgadillo
Steven Delgadillo - Month ago
.... ok.
Alison McEwin
Alison McEwin - Month ago
Oh no.
EvanosCH - Month ago
Copyright eoy
That_Boiii _
That_Boiii _ - Month ago
Only thing i care about is hopefully they reveal who the rank 1 character is cause i been waiting to see who it is
천광주 - Month ago
그림이 시즌1보다 별로다?
d1stress3d - Month ago
0:50 Set aside the shitty animation for a second, can someone please give me song name.
HaXeR - Month ago
I swear this new animator uses scratch....
Southern Spook
Southern Spook - Month ago
I expected the animation change, this wasn’t exactly unexpected by any means, so I feel a bit prepared, even the manga has gone through many changes since it was first started, it was never the art that captures its fans, it was the story it told. Literally when it first came around it looked like it was doodled in MS paint, then redone in epic fashion. I’m sure season three will be different from two, just relax and enjoy the story
Gus Adi
Gus Adi - Month ago
Lakshay khatri
Lakshay khatri - Month ago
I just started OPM manga and Oh Boy I have to say King is a real badass Hero.
Pyrauxe - Month ago
i was going to say lowkey spoiler alert but its not like its going to be that much of a spoiler if no one watches it
Diggy22 - Month ago
New theme song? Nice
Zaxh Studio
Zaxh Studio - Month ago
This trailer look so bad smh
jordan kelly
jordan kelly - Month ago
Pls be more then 12 episodes
Skiritzo - Month ago
Dafaq is that thing at 1:03 ?
corban Starkey
corban Starkey - Month ago
What the hell did they do to genos
Enrico Layson
Enrico Layson - Month ago
Now I can finally see that little skrub Tornado see how really strong Saitama is...
monish science facts
monish science facts - Month ago
Opm rockss
SCP-1471 - Month ago
Brandon Carlo
Brandon Carlo - Month ago
Y'all need to chill,it's still one punch man and what if this season is just really story based?🤦‍♂️
Alex - 23 days ago
Its not, there are supposed to be many badass fights but im scared
DerYamoZ - Month ago
Cris De Luna
Cris De Luna - Month ago
Sambo Rambo
Sambo Rambo - Month ago
avaricias - Month ago
They're giving this the Tokyo Ghoul treatment. Great.
SD FutureMusic
SD FutureMusic - Month ago
I hope madhouse talks with these people , i mean the director who made season 1 has done another anime with madhouse which is on going now.
Seals At
Seals At - Month ago
0:34 "He is strong" Me: *inhale* WE ALREADY FUCKIN KNOW
Cuby - Month ago
Girly screaming
Mustafa Çay
Mustafa Çay - Month ago
April 9--> One Punch Man
April 14-->GoT
April 26--> Avengers:Endgame
What a month!!
joaquim felix
joaquim felix - Month ago
So they got Vegeta for season 2 ? cool!
king lloyd corona
king lloyd corona - Month ago
Is this a out of season april fools joke?
Brown - Month ago
There was more Genos action than Saitama action. Whatever I'll judge it after I see it.
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