Lana Del Rey - Mariners Apartment Complex

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Alaska - 3 часа назад
Lana: I'm your man
Me: yes daddy
Joff Joff Ma'alona
Joff Joff Ma'alona - 7 часов назад
My queen 💛🖤
eu euzinha
eu euzinha - 10 часов назад
Algum BR aqui ouvindo esse hino ??
Calerock3 - 19 часов назад
React channel brought me here
Hadizah O
Hadizah O - 23 часа назад
Hadizah O
Hadizah O - 23 часа назад
Don't know what I'll do without Lana's music. She's my 'SANITY'
Geovanna Nathalia
Geovanna Nathalia - День назад
2022 ?
Jlive Oliveira
Jlive Oliveira - День назад
Poulami Sarkar
Poulami Sarkar - День назад
Her songs sound so nostalgic. Like I have heard this in some other life. She is from some other dimension ..some other era...and brings so much beauty into our world ♥️
haydar boubou
haydar boubou - День назад
Nothing but talent and art
ilovetati91 - День назад
Mazzy Star vibes. Love it
Márcia Rodrigues
Márcia Rodrigues - День назад
Belas músicas
Shy Will
Shy Will - День назад
I love this song an the visual so much.
Quyền Phan
Quyền Phan - 2 дня назад
Although i had only watched Brokeback Mountain once, i would never forget the theme song which sounds 95% identical to this. It won the Oscars for best score.
Quyền Phan
Quyền Phan - 2 дня назад
Alina Guk
Alina Guk - 2 дня назад
Sometimes when Lana signs "I'm your man", I hear "I'm your pain"
Zarin Tasnim
Zarin Tasnim - 3 дня назад
LAW 1SFAB - 3 дня назад
This song came at thee most difficult time of my life, and I'm thankful that it reminds me of someone so special to me. All hail Lana
J. Trinds
J. Trinds - 3 дня назад
Eu te amo tanto mulher!!
Die Yong2
Die Yong2 - День назад
Ela eh Exatamente Maravilhosa ❤😊📣😪
haydar boubou
haydar boubou - 3 дня назад
We're ready for it 💨❤🌪🍒
Melinda Leanu
Melinda Leanu - 3 дня назад
I Love Sakura Haruno
I Love Sakura Haruno - 4 дня назад
This is a Mastepiece😍 Lana is real *A.R.T* 💞 Real singer = *GOLD* 💘
ευαγγελος δημος
ευαγγελος δημος - 5 дней назад
Speaking with Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1, Lana said the lyrics of the song are about a time when she took a late-night leisurely stroll with a guy she was dating. According to her, during the late night walk with her man, they stopped at an apartment complex where her guy’s friend lived. At that moment, her man lovingly placed his hand around her shoulder and said the below very deep and sad words to her.
“I think we are together because we’re both similar, like we’re both really messed up.”
Lana said she thought those were the saddest words she’d ever heard. Taking aback by his words, she told him that she never knew he was “relating to” her on that level because she didn’t live a sad life and was “doing pretty good”. According to Lana, her words (or rather revelation) upset the man. It was at that point that Lana said she was inspired to the write this track. To her, she felt she had to “sort of step on that role where I was showing the way and I was sort of being the brighter light.”
ItsTheCleo - 5 дней назад
Did a cover using this as my backing track! I put your link in my description box!
faathir muhammad
faathir muhammad - 6 дней назад
love you somuch LANA
brennen green
brennen green - 6 дней назад
butterfly is a famous symbol for resurrection...
skylixx005 - 6 дней назад
My girl sent me this song just a few weeks or a month before she broke up with me. After a few months I have the courage to listen to this again...
red one
red one - 7 дней назад
Brazil 2019?
AntonioGameplays - 7 дней назад
God, I’ve got shivers on my body while listening to this masterpiece.
jessiesunshine - 7 дней назад
her voice is so beautiful and this song is everything
Dana Stevens
Dana Stevens - 8 дней назад
I've been trying to think of the right words to describe this could you possibly?
Bianka Oliveira
Bianka Oliveira - 8 дней назад
tão maravilhosa
Dani Brown
Dani Brown - 8 дней назад
Nandita Pandey
Nandita Pandey - 8 дней назад
This song is sooooo peaceful and calming😌
my religion is Finn Wolfhardism
my religion is Finn Wolfhardism - 8 дней назад
maria - 8 дней назад
imagine being the butterfly in the video
Lena moon
Lena moon - 9 дней назад
i am looking for a husband maybe it is you
Shelby Thompson.
Shelby Thompson. - 9 дней назад
LDR should work with Nick Cave they’d be good and mellow together
sptnnn nn
sptnnn nn - 9 дней назад
Lourdes Suyai
Lourdes Suyai - 9 дней назад
I feel she's talking about Barrie in these songs
Alexis Reyes
Alexis Reyes - 9 дней назад
Patrick  Farias
Patrick Farias - 9 дней назад
perfect 🥰
safira salsabilla
safira salsabilla - 10 дней назад
ronald rosales
ronald rosales - 10 дней назад
Best Lana song?
Ibek Onggang
Ibek Onggang - 10 дней назад
Just a soft and calm song for my heart
chocolatemar - 10 дней назад
I want to shove this song into everyones ears
Ibek Onggang
Ibek Onggang - 10 дней назад
Share this song to everyone,thank you
Musicmann1022 - 10 дней назад
Nice song and wonderful video. Keep on singing, Lana.
Kevin Solis
Kevin Solis - 11 дней назад
Poetry pure poetry, Lana songs have been the soundtrack to my life since 08
João Victor
João Victor - 11 дней назад
Izzy Looks
Izzy Looks - 12 дней назад
This song better be good the way ya'll talking it up in the comments
Altair Neto
Altair Neto - 12 дней назад
Lana please make a clip on real hd kkkk
Caterina Migliorini
Caterina Migliorini - 12 дней назад
I’m in love with this song
Mayara Praddo
Mayara Praddo - 13 дней назад
9th Desire
9th Desire - 13 дней назад
Karma police vibes, love LDR
jiji Bedh
jiji Bedh - 13 дней назад
I am from Lebanon and I love this song 😍😍
Alexguy611 - 13 дней назад
Missing you Chris........
Katherine Leyva Peralta
Katherine Leyva Peralta - 13 дней назад
I wrote a letter with this song, so now I only can think about this and feel completely alone. Never I Had an answer...
Joei has no tea
Joei has no tea - 13 дней назад
This Gives me serious Janis Joplin vibes
Leandro S. Goulart
Leandro S. Goulart - 13 дней назад
Lana é uma verdadeira obra de arte. ♡♡
Rojaaaa - 14 дней назад
This is Ultraviolence-ish and I love it
Rojaaaa - 14 дней назад
So when is the new album out?
Michael Saggio
Michael Saggio - 14 дней назад
What a work of art
Nayna Adri
Nayna Adri - 14 дней назад
I don't even know lana but she knows me.
Nayna Adri
Nayna Adri - 13 дней назад
+Lexa Coryes ? I do lol
Lexa Coryes
Lexa Coryes - 14 дней назад
Listen to all Lana Del Rey songs,thank you
Dale Valido
Dale Valido - 14 дней назад
Im lost at sea and lana del Rey returned me artsr i listened to mariners apartment complex it's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard
Adam V.
Adam V. - 14 дней назад
The verse & chorus building up bigger & bigger and then..... *“I’m your man”* being whispered.... seriously fucks me up every single time I listen to this.!!!!
She’s so fucking flawless omg
Adam V.
Adam V. - 14 дней назад
This song really fucks me up & gets me in my feels.... idk, i have so many favorite Lana songs, but this one is still on repeat since it first came out, it really has a special place in my heart...
Bryn Arntsen
Bryn Arntsen - 14 дней назад
I love this song so much, it's so peaceful and self-revealing at the same time. the intro also reminds me of"summer smoke" by cemeteries and "wicked game" by chris isaak
r a v e n u s
r a v e n u s - 15 дней назад
this kind of songs make me chill to bone and made to be my anti depresant pill.🌿💚
r a v e n u s
r a v e n u s - 15 дней назад
"they mistook my kindness for weakness, i fucked up" -Im so relate 😿🌿
r a v e n u s
r a v e n u s - 15 дней назад
my anti depresant 🌿💚
myjHOPE is#army
myjHOPE is#army - 15 дней назад
Lana is art and i will never take words EVERRR
tiffanyme001 - 15 дней назад
Bitch ripped this from Radiohead Karma Police.
kaibawibo zkdlin
kaibawibo zkdlin - 15 дней назад
Lana del rey menyita perhatianku. Orang kok keren bener
kaibawibo zkdlin
kaibawibo zkdlin - 14 дней назад
+Lexa Coryes yes. Langsung jatuh cinta sama apapun lagu Lana
Lexa Coryes
Lexa Coryes - 15 дней назад
Dia kan Queen of Alternative Pop, jadi mau gimana lagi? Dengar Lagu terbarunya Hope is a dangerous thing
vitalzigns999 - 15 дней назад
this makes me want to continue
Anna Błędowska
Anna Błędowska - 15 дней назад
There's nothing more relaxing than her music even though I live in the remote, completely distant reality than Lana my life is easier when I listen to the lyrics.
թɾҽեեվ թɾíղςҽտտ
թɾҽեեվ թɾíղςҽտտ - 16 дней назад
This song makes me wanna play it loud in my small apartment as I wear a short dress and dance around not giving a care in the world as my makeup is simply but elegant as I sip some whiskey from a bottle...
Sami U.C
Sami U.C - 16 дней назад
Lanita my love 😻
Daniel Figueroa
Daniel Figueroa - 16 дней назад
its like wicked game!
Marco Antônio
Marco Antônio - 16 дней назад
二老 - 16 дней назад
im overflowed with emotion
Google User
Google User - 16 дней назад
Why did the start remind me of the music from nintendo art academy???
Mommy OfZahiya
Mommy OfZahiya - 17 дней назад
Bolt or board?
Sávio Myller Corrêa
Sávio Myller Corrêa - 11 дней назад
Put lyrics available on this video it says boat
Mimi Dallas
Mimi Dallas - 16 дней назад
+Mommy OfZahiya there are no official lyrics. Wait for album booklet if it includes them
Mommy OfZahiya
Mommy OfZahiya - 17 дней назад
But you don't have to leave her or THAT you don't have to leave her? Makes a difference. Where can I see official lyrics? These online sources are all different.
Thibaut Pez
Thibaut Pez - 17 дней назад
Does anyone know where was shot the video ?
Алена Иванова
Алена Иванова - 17 дней назад
Love you Lana! Love your songs!
maria sol
maria sol - 17 дней назад
Sydni Holcomb
Sydni Holcomb - 17 дней назад
Such a great song people really don't know music lol
Edddy Castillo A
Edddy Castillo A - 18 дней назад
love this .. !
crazy cat
crazy cat - 18 дней назад
Mariners Apartment Complex
Lana Del Rey
You took my sadness out of context
At the Mariners Apartment Complex
I ain't no candle in the wind
I'm the board, the lightning, the thunder
Kind of girl who's gonna make you wonder
Who you are and who you've been
And who I've been is with you on these beaches
Your Venice bitch, your die-hard, your weakness
Maybe I could save you from your sins
So, kiss the sky and whisper to Jesus
My, my, my, you found this, you need this
Take a deep breath, baby, let me in
You lose your way, just take my hand
You're lost at sea, then I'll command your boat to me again
Don't look too far, right where you are, that's where I am
I'm your man
I'm your man
They mistook my kindness for weakness
I fucked up, I know that, but Jesus
Can't a girl just do the best she can?
Catch a wave and take in the sweetness
Think about it, the darkness, the deepness
All the things that make me who I am
And who I am is a big-time believer
That people can change, but you don't have to leave her
When everyone's talking, you can make a stand
'Cause even in the dark I feel your resistance
You can see my heart burning in the distance
Baby, baby, baby, I'm your man (yeah)
You lose your way, just take my hand
You're lost at sea, then I'll command your boat to me again
Don't look too far, right where you are, that's where I am
I'm your man
I'm your man
Catch a wave and take in the sweetness
Take in the sweetness
You want this, you need this
Are you ready for it?
Are you ready for it? Are you ready for it?
Xahara - 18 дней назад
It's fascinating. Her lyrical talent. If u pay attention you realize she's a genius. Everything she says is so simple but it hits the mark, in just a few words she describes such complex emotions that other people would have to write a whole song about to express that same emotion
I see you, LANA !!! You are a genius
Erick Damian Suarez Llanten
Erick Damian Suarez Llanten - 18 дней назад
24 hours listening to her music for the first time, and the only thing in my mind is "God, we don't deserve it, she is perfection, we are just pathetic mortals"
Bethy Styles
Bethy Styles - 18 дней назад
Hey guys I just posted a cover to video games and Venice bitch! It would mean a lot if you check it out! Thanks for the love! A cover to hope is a dangerous thing is soon!🥰🥰❤️
Shivali - 18 дней назад
Enzo Rocha
Enzo Rocha - 19 дней назад
yes lana, you took my sadness out of the context
Billy Max
Billy Max - 19 дней назад
She sing with peace
mehmet raid
mehmet raid - 19 дней назад
Listen for Million times
no username
no username - 19 дней назад
Lana Del Rey; an artist who stands by a class of her own 👑
lp p
lp p - 19 дней назад
fucking gta vibes
Mdriii Al mdri
Mdriii Al mdri - 19 дней назад
كس ام الصوت وام كل شي فيك يازقت الزقان احبك
Raya Vik
Raya Vik - 19 дней назад
Drunk listening to lana... I mean i dont care what comes next ive lived far long enough
mc kenzie
mc kenzie - 19 дней назад
I don't undestand why she says "I'm your man", but I don't care
Mimi Dallas
Mimi Dallas - 16 дней назад
+YoOpino Because she is strong enough to play the stable support role in relationship that men usually play. She is not a soft woman that needs to be carried by her man.
YoOpino - 19 дней назад
morta kh
morta kh - 20 дней назад
hey i hope you will like my new song (teaser ) and stay tuned for my upcoming abum . it s inspired by lana
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