Lana Del Rey - Mariners Apartment Complex

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Jamie Stewart
Jamie Stewart - 8 hours ago
The most beautiful woman that has ever walked this Earth
Rei Delas
Rei Delas - 10 hours ago
intelligent, sexy, can reeinventar, has my respect Lana, when I come to Brazil I give you a chance to stay with me!
sr sr
sr sr - 14 hours ago
love this
Carmen - 15 hours ago
Guys, what this song wants to say to us?
меланхоличный эльф
_You took my sadness out of context at the Mariners Apartment Complex_
Bruna Spechet
Bruna Spechet - Day ago
a musica mais linda, minha favorita. te amo lana ♡
Conceição vilaça
3:35 4:18 best part 😍😍
Jose ahahahaa
Jose ahahahaa - Day ago
WrecklessEating - 2 days ago
My new fav!
Duygu Dindoruk
Duygu Dindoruk - 4 days ago
i'm so sad that i can't memorize every scene and melody of this song. I wish i had the power to never forget this song and its beautiful lyrics. Literally everytime i listen to it, i forget about everyting and lose myself in this beautiful beautiful music. Mom, you make me tear up all the time. I love you and i live for you
Marilia Fernanda Brito
Marilia Fernanda Brito - 4 days ago
Hino ❤️
i an
i an - 4 days ago
I love her so much, hope she had an amazing birthday. We don’t deserve her ❤️❤️
Emma Solares
Emma Solares - 4 days ago
Listening to all Lana del Rey songs during lana's 34th birthday! 🕊❤
万俊彦 - 5 days ago
★ Happy Birthday to Lana Del Rey !
万俊彦 - 5 days ago
Lana Del Rey’s one of the most fascinating with creation experiments ,  and the aesthetic effects perfect songs ... So much beautiful harmonies !!
Moises Monteiro
Moises Monteiro - 5 days ago
aniversário da minha segunda mãe hj
Ares Thor Mars
Ares Thor Mars - 5 days ago
Happy Birthday Lana! A lil bit of update of Norman would be cool! :)
Marcus Nederlundh
Marcus Nederlundh - 5 days ago
Happy Birthday! =)
The Silver Canary
The Silver Canary - 5 days ago
I song is both beautiful and haunting. How could this be??!!
MYESSYALLYAH Cbssjr - 5 days ago
I couldn't feel any sadder then ive been the last year
NeoTheOne - 5 days ago
Nithyananda is the guru you seek if you ever read this Liz
Валентин Король
Lana, you are Fucking good, Im very love your music, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!🧡❤❤❤❤❤
Wolfgang Salzmann
Wolfgang Salzmann - 5 days ago
They mistook my kindness for weakness ... I ain't no candle in the wind. I like these thoughts.
um qualquer
um qualquer - 6 days ago
حيدر haydar
حيدر haydar - 7 days ago
13 Beaches
13 Beaches - 7 days ago
I’m crying for the memories I never had,
.... places I’ve never been
.... and the heartbreak I never went through listening to this song.
Vicman - 7 days ago
Diegodetroit2 - 7 days ago
Lana te amo! Ven a México 😍😍😍
Romy Hoogendoorn
Romy Hoogendoorn - 7 days ago
The ‘don’t look too far, right where you are, that’s where I am’ part is my favorite, its so lovely!
Nico García
Nico García - 8 days ago
Richard Black
Richard Black - 9 days ago
Music is definitely like "Wicked Game"
Dude. No.
Dude. No. - 9 days ago
*this is like a vintage vlog.*
Alice Eleuterio
Alice Eleuterio - 10 days ago
Cadê o album novo hein querida? Esperando aqui beijos te amo amore😍
Angela Santos
Angela Santos - 10 days ago
Angela Santos
Angela Santos - 10 days ago
mancmal - 10 days ago
After listening to this song so many times I have come to the conclusion that it is one of the most well thought out songs for many years, the lyrics are so deep and her voice is as always incredible
bleach - 10 days ago
im on a hammock wearing barbie glasses with an umbrella over my head listening to this song
StevieG - 10 days ago
KarMa Poh-lice, arrest this maaan...
Lm J
Lm J - 10 days ago
You are so unique. I love you
luiz augusto silva
luiz augusto silva - 10 days ago
Sanket Pattnaik
Sanket Pattnaik - 11 days ago
This sounds so similar to the theme from Brokeback Mountain.
"Wings" by Gustavo Santaolalla
Jillian Elise
Jillian Elise - 11 days ago
Lana is one of those artists that can be adored by any listener of any age.
ethan bruner
ethan bruner - 11 days ago
Do you believe in Jesus?
ethan bruner
ethan bruner - 5 days ago
@White Lines look up "New Age to Christianity" here on youtube. 50 some testimonies of people who practiced and had their "spirit guides" dement and turn their lives upside down.. the only thing that saved them was Jesus Christ.
White Lines
White Lines - 5 days ago
I believe in Lana Del Rey
Jesu Bla
Jesu Bla - 11 days ago
Gabrielle Bergamini
Gabrielle Bergamini - 12 days ago
Amor da minha vida
Mark Chappell
Mark Chappell - 12 days ago
Your partner ?? Taylor.
Mark Chappell
Mark Chappell - 12 days ago
Cross breed. Understand.
حيدر haydar
حيدر haydar - 12 days ago
حيدر haydar
حيدر haydar - 13 days ago
Nas - 13 days ago
Love it
Juan josé pérez
Juan josé pérez - 13 days ago
Lindsey H
Lindsey H - 13 days ago
they mistook my kindness for weakness, i fcked up i know that but jesus, can't a girl just do the best she can?❤️
tareq bk
tareq bk - 14 days ago
so fck underrated
Maggie Scott
Maggie Scott - 14 days ago
Best song I've heard in a decade
astrid -inge wijnen
astrid -inge wijnen - 14 days ago
Johana D.
Johana D. - 15 days ago
You can't even imagine how much this song helps me.
Mark Chappell
Mark Chappell - 15 days ago
Everybody out, please, asap. Emergency, please. First light, please. I about to remove Satan's right arm without a knife.
Roman Jagelka
Roman Jagelka - 15 days ago
Just came back from an amazing year abroad where I got the chance to meet so many people! Long story short this song reminds me of every single up and down I went through during those amazing 9 months! Feed my post-return depression queen
Eduardo J Perez
Eduardo J Perez - 15 days ago
This sounds like what they play when you get to heaven.
kiwii luvv
kiwii luvv - 16 days ago
When is this hoe gonna release NFR?!?!?
Maggie Scott
Maggie Scott - 16 days ago
So fucking amazingly unreal the best no words the talent of lana
Epsilon - 16 days ago
You put this music when is my birthday :)
حيدر haydar
حيدر haydar - 17 days ago
Why people are sleeping on this ? It's a masterpiece , one of her best songs . The lyrics are pure poetry and her voice sounds fuckin angelic ,it really deserves more attention
Peter Mouat
Peter Mouat - 17 days ago
No where
Peter Mouat
Peter Mouat - 17 days ago
Hello ime back sorry for being late I come for the spirit with power
nugget .s
nugget .s - 18 days ago
🥰😤🥰😤🥰😤🥰😤🥰😤🧡😤💙😓🥰😿🥰😓🥰👌🙊 por que eres tan perfecta pinche lana ya saca el album
Mayday - 18 days ago
Very underrated, even amongst the fandom. In Lana's top 10 definitely.
Nice little buddy Fuck you asshole
I luv u Lana
Giuseppe Salvatore
Giuseppe Salvatore - 18 days ago
Eu te amo Lana. Por favor, viva para sempre
Giuseppe Salvatore
Giuseppe Salvatore - 18 days ago
Saiba que você é perfeita, você é maravilhosa e você é a luz que me mantém vivo
RO3O3OX - 18 days ago
May the Force With You
RO3O3OX - 18 days ago
be be be
Maisie Opall
Maisie Opall - 19 days ago
What camera was used for this?
Eduardo J Perez
Eduardo J Perez - 15 days ago
T. Don
T. Don - 19 days ago
Hi Lana..I will do anything for you, can you marry me please?
Moumita Debnath
Moumita Debnath - 20 days ago
Her songs bring out the reality with a dreamy tint to it. Anybody has to be really strong to sip down her songs like water. Maybe this is what literature does...and so do her songs.
Norman Rockwell
Norman Rockwell - 20 days ago
avehcado - 21 day ago
She was never done being and singing blues 💙
PurpleCloud - 21 day ago
mais quelle beauté...
Mark Cuellar
Mark Cuellar - 22 days ago
Lana del Rey's music is just beautiful. She's in a way like the Fiona Apple of a new generation.
Poly - 22 days ago
I Just cried
DAndree - 23 days ago
Leonardo - 23 days ago
this sounds so vintage, i ove it
Kleber Rocha
Kleber Rocha - 24 days ago
amo a voz da Lana
Daisy Johnson
Daisy Johnson - 24 days ago
How can she be so sweet but at the same time so powerful?
이가연 - 21 day ago
Agree with that. She has wonderful voice
MANDI ANTONUCCI - 24 days ago
MANDI ANTONUCCI - 24 days ago
Listening to this right now 💘💘💘
Jaclyn Sara
Jaclyn Sara - 24 days ago
.../\... BEAUTIFUL...
BIBLEBOY 666 - 25 days ago
I don’t know why Im crying
Eduardo J Perez
Eduardo J Perez - 15 days ago
Because your dying inside. Well only the bad parts are dying.
BIBLEBOY 666 - 25 days ago
Diana Van Den Bersselaar
Diana Van Den Bersselaar - 26 days ago
zo mooi!!!
Elina lola
Elina lola - 26 days ago
Thank u lana for this song 💜
Dragon Heart Studio
Dragon Heart Studio - 27 days ago
That little bit of distortion during chorus vocals is just so awesome .. the producer is a genius too !
miranti oey
miranti oey - 27 days ago
who am i? and where i been?
lana just like " you lose ur way just take my hand "
Piotr Szybiak
Piotr Szybiak - 27 days ago
Yo not teic me ai eviel ai lov grirl
Elina lola
Elina lola - 27 days ago
I adore u ❤ Lana
Skyler Sampson
Skyler Sampson - 27 days ago
Dammit Lana, you've done it again. Brava.
steven payton
steven payton - 28 days ago
steven payton
steven payton - 28 days ago
Fergus Moffat
Fergus Moffat - 28 days ago
She wrote this , god she is a poet , there are no words , she is a gift from god
kofeeprince - 28 days ago
I remember when this first came out, at my old house. I was psyched and loved it cause I love her and her music.
I miss that house- I miss that era. Something about that house, this song, made me love it more. It was such a nice time.
I remember the new important person that came into my life at the time, talking to them day and night and still do. And this artist I really loved and was inspired by, still am. But it's not the same.
How much I wanted to find a way onto the roof and just chill and listen to this song. This makes me feel dreamy, secure, and calm.
I hope someday we can move back, maybe when the owner isn't as rude and the circumstances are better.
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