12 Strange Jar Opener Gadgets You Didn't Know Exist

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alonectorch - 13 days ago
I love these gajick demonstrations
Discipline Coding
Discipline Coding - 15 days ago
Reminds me of "The Honeymooners " Chef of the future" episode.
Mx. Yellow
Mx. Yellow - 25 days ago
If there's something I learned from this video is that, jars used to be smaller back in the day, compared to jars now... hmm
Mx. Yellow
Mx. Yellow - 25 days ago
zined sdrawkcab
zined sdrawkcab - 28 days ago
Are you a communist?

(Like me)
(Im one)
Shivam Verma
Shivam Verma - Month ago
8:40 Moment you were waiting for.
Daniel olsen
Daniel olsen - Month ago
Lol tbbt
Diane Louise van der Zanden
I'm on my way to your house for pasta.
s i a
s i a - Month ago
8:40 for all those who came here searching for when does he opens the pickle jar😂
Мария Федичева
Я одна вскрывала эти банки обычным ножом?

Поддевая нож под банку снизу и пропуская кислород.
mark Bohamed
mark Bohamed - Month ago
I’m sure they know him at the dollar store with all the jars and cans he buys. I sure hope he isn’t buying those items at the regular grocery store, unless he is going to make something that night.
DemolishiaXIII - Month ago
Those are great!
Rituelle - Month ago
You can also use a butter knife to knock all around the lid and open it, it's what's my grand mother always do and if free.
dave oneil
dave oneil - Month ago
I call it a bottle
Smruti Tarale
Smruti Tarale - Month ago
Open the pickle jar alreadyyyyyy!!!!!
V B - Month ago
0:18 Now that is one unique antique jar opener!
Anime Aunty
Anime Aunty - Month ago
Why Oh Why is he BUYING honey!!!
I sTaN YoOnGI - Month ago
How many pizza jars you have 😂😂
5dope - Month ago
4:10 I like the rope one, because it has most leverage, and rope friction/tention seem to work well
Sooner Science Nerd
Sooner Science Nerd - Month ago
The best we have is wooden wheel, to be attached to the underneath of a cabinet. It has a triangle removed. A set of teeth is on the inside. Push the jar into the triangle, twist the jar, and the top comes off.
bill ottawa
bill ottawa - Month ago
sank pawar
sank pawar - Month ago
bro.... u can use ur hand to open all the jars... 😅😅😅😅
HELP ME - 2 months ago
I’ve been direct messaging you to open the pickle jar and the dogs to go outside
Lockguy 26
Lockguy 26 - 2 months ago
spaghetti for dinner?
TSC Big_Rave14
TSC Big_Rave14 - 2 months ago
1 man 1 jar VS. 1 man 12 Jars
Sydney Wiler
Sydney Wiler - 2 months ago
Taras’s wife comes home: “honey? Why are all the sauce jars open?
Royal Dragon
Royal Dragon - 2 months ago
Has a bow in his kitchen
Razoredge - 2 months ago
Crazy Russian Hacker 2 : Opening of the Pickle Jar.
In theaters July 12th.
Matt Stanford
Matt Stanford - 2 months ago
How many unopened jars of pizza sauce dies this man have lying around
rad roofer
rad roofer - 2 months ago
This video either took days to make or you must have been hungry
stop looking at my name
stop looking at my name - 2 months ago
i miss the laborotoli
KatsPurr - 2 months ago
Amazing to see how many ways inventors have solved this same issue!
Lin 2009
Lin 2009 - 2 months ago
I liked the last one.
wwejason - 2 months ago
bended the jar so much power 🤣
Bass hunter Outdoors
Bass hunter Outdoors - 2 months ago
The only reason I love this video is because the way he says pickles on 4:50
rx12sib - 2 months ago
Сколько бесполезной фигни, кончиком ножа подеваем крышку выравнивая давление, всё!
silent striker955
silent striker955 - 2 months ago
4:05 shake it !!! Shake it !!
Emily Spearman
Emily Spearman - 2 months ago
i assume he just saw pizza sauce and pickels on sale and bought a bunch to open them all
Rabbitslayer6603 Nra
Rabbitslayer6603 Nra - 2 months ago
I’d love to go to a yard sale at his house he would have so much cool stuff
YDG SCARS - 2 months ago
Finnaly opens the pickles at 8:41 luv u taras keep up the good work 👍👍
TellyToby 710
TellyToby 710 - 2 months ago
- - ok......Looks to me like Taras is going to make a LOT of spaghetti or pizza tonight....seeing that he only really want's to open Tomato sauce jars mostly....kinda funny. - He obv. plans on making something tomato based today. ...lol.
MASSEN MORD - 2 months ago
Or you could just use a knife
Jeremy Hagen
Jeremy Hagen - 2 months ago
Tomorrow’s video, pickle pizzas with jam!
SK BaDHAN - 2 months ago
pls make video => Indian military MRE.
I'm ur big fan from indiA.
Jeremi Paclipan
Jeremi Paclipan - 2 months ago
How's your Worms going???
Khadijah 91
Khadijah 91 - 2 months ago
Word of the day: leverage 😃
Mattie Matt
Mattie Matt - 2 months ago
8.38 opens pickle jar.
Mattie Matt
Mattie Matt - 2 months ago
Just open the pickle jar already
FireFly 59
FireFly 59 - 2 months ago
😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴you explain things to much.
Rezzie Gallardo
Rezzie Gallardo - 2 months ago
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