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kid trunks
kid trunks - 4 minutes ago
If they played the fire force op it's would have been a rap.
kid trunks
kid trunks - 13 minutes ago
Yoooo when they played the bleach op, i deadass cried from nostalgia
kid trunks
kid trunks - 15 minutes ago
WHERE'S DORORO AND FIRE FORCE. The best ops of 2019
VirtualFireball - Hour ago
Your lack of SAO Disgusts me.
Tillingcrowd 413
Tillingcrowd 413 - Hour ago
Nah new big three, JoJo, black clover, and demon slayer
ZexXenq - 2 hours ago
4:15  Seven Deadly Sins op 3
4:45 - Samurai Champloo battle cry op 1
5:26 - Erased op 1 re:re Asian kung fu g
6:01 - Rurouni Kenshin op 1
6:56 - Demon Slayer op 1
7:08 - Dragon Ball op 1
7:46 - Attack On Titan op 3
8:34 - Bleach op 1Orange risk arike idk
9:36 - Re:Zero op 1
10:28 - Naruto shippuden op 2
11:02 - Mob Psycho 100 op 2
11:27: Yu Yu Hakusho op 1
12:18 - Black Clover op 3
12:58 - One Piece idk
13:28 - The Promised Neverland op 1UVERword touch off
14:03 - Jojo op 2 blood streeam
15:11 - FMA Brotherhood op 1 again
15:53 - FMA (old) 4 rewrite Asian kung fu g
17:15 - Cowboy Bebop op 1
17:54 - My Hero Academia Season 3 off future UVERword
ZexXenq - 2 hours ago
bleach migeta yozora no hoshichi
FunWithSmiley - 2 hours ago
The real heat all you niggas is throwin is the that y'all didn't name the animes for us stupidass niggas
HS2019WuzGud ,
HS2019WuzGud , - 3 hours ago
3:43 wtf
Jad Assaad
Jad Assaad - 3 hours ago
“But this shit right here. This shit right HERE. This some nostalgic shit”
Dwight Shrute: Ah nostalgia, one of the great human weaknesses, second only to the neck.
Caleb Asbell
Caleb Asbell - 3 hours ago
New themes
Symeir Lloyd
Symeir Lloyd - 4 hours ago
new themes won
William Smith
William Smith - 5 hours ago
New themes
Jamal Sanquay
Jamal Sanquay - 6 hours ago
New animes really are hot tho demon slayer, 7 deadly, black cover ,attack on titan all take a dub
Pain Ville gaming
Pain Ville gaming - 6 hours ago
One piece>>>>>>>>>>>>black clover attack on titan and my héro
Fight me
Edit:one bloody stream came out they won
Punisher CloutGun
Punisher CloutGun - 6 hours ago
I think it's safe to say My Hero Academia ended this
Whyme 42
Whyme 42 - 7 hours ago
U ruined this video by not having overlord, season 1 and 3 have great intros then season 2 has a great outro
Young Samurai
Young Samurai - 9 hours ago
Chief keef ain’t bout this chief keef ain’t bout that I saw that in the cowboy beebop y’all ain’t slick😂
Christian Vazquez
Christian Vazquez - 9 hours ago
That naruto theme brought some memories back like if u agree
Yeeter - 9 hours ago
When i heard smile bomb i knew it was wraps
Brandon Sweeney
Brandon Sweeney - 9 hours ago
The Original Jojo did come out in the 80's though that's when the manga started so technically the old anime watches still can use the new one piece songs but not super cause it's a new series
KaizzZ Gui
KaizzZ Gui - 16 hours ago
Blue bird was dope
KaizzZ Gui
KaizzZ Gui - 16 hours ago
Pls another one!!
Jaden Butler
Jaden Butler - 19 hours ago
But I’m not gonna lie my hero is fire
Jaden Butler
Jaden Butler - 19 hours ago
Old themes were bettter
Kami Knight
Kami Knight - 19 hours ago
To the dude in the back fuck you too 😂😂
Black Dragon Productions
Black Dragon Productions - 20 hours ago
Forget Boruto Next Generations who want a Minato Past Generations prequel
Xavier Hall
Xavier Hall - 22 hours ago
When you wait through the whole video for the ki ki ki and they go with a different black clover opening
omgseriouslydude - Day ago
Yu Yu Hakusho is a game finisher tbh but I dig the new ones too like 13:28
cisnes102 - Day ago
Who’s like me that simply can’t choose sides????
cisnes102 - Day ago
That Erased opening is fire
Mr C
Mr C - Day ago
Talkin about One Piece dragging when they literally have years of new openings. The last three alone were straight fire.
chase holt
chase holt - Day ago
Finally did cowboy Bebop! Have y'all done cruel angel thesis yet?
Supdawg Anime
Supdawg Anime - Day ago
2:07 all of them are my favorite anime’s and 3:28 so true
mark darbonne
mark darbonne - Day ago
The Promised Neverland and Brotherhood were the best themes in this whole thing lol we all know naruto has banger openings but y'all used the wrong one lol new anime won this time imo
Edit: Super is better than Z
Chris TheOne
Chris TheOne - Day ago
the new stuff is weak
Donny Jackson
Donny Jackson - Day ago
As an old fan, are we going to ignore the fact that Cannon Busters theme destroys almost everything
MR Glitchy27
MR Glitchy27 - Day ago
Technically old anime get new heat as well if the new animes become old then the theme songs go to them
Allan Rojas
Allan Rojas - Day ago
Boi old getting sweeeped by new
Jacob woods
Jacob woods - Day ago
I need this part two so many good themes u left out
Harley Jean
Harley Jean - Day ago
black clover !?!?
Patrick Lindsey
Patrick Lindsey - Day ago
When Samurai Champloo came up.......
keney young-odor
keney young-odor - Day ago
New themes won
MaliKeth - Day ago
12:38 Me and the brothers tryna watch dem hentai vids after class
Fizzy - Day ago
yall shoulda put the p5 anime opening mannn
Timothy Mcgee
Timothy Mcgee - Day ago
What was it calls the 2nd op I didnt hear it
Kross G
Kross G - Day ago
Ayeee fw cannon busters theme det $hit heattt 🔥💯
Anthony Middlebrooks
No 🧢 yu yu hakusho is my favorite anime whenever I hear the op Japanese or English I’m hyped and dancing song so lit
joshua sanjose
joshua sanjose - Day ago
you should have play silhouette naruto
joshua sanjose
joshua sanjose - Day ago
we will be playing naruto as much a we want 😍
Thomas Parnell
Thomas Parnell - Day ago
New themes goated
teeazy gang
teeazy gang - Day ago
Old theme
Paul Wright
Paul Wright - 2 days ago
man now i feel old
Boogie - 2 days ago
No one punch
Lewis Harper
Lewis Harper - 2 days ago
Yaw the goats
Graceful - 2 days ago
Where's the competition the old themes win instantly
Flashlight Boi
Flashlight Boi - 2 days ago
they needed fire force dr stone and tokyo ghoul and they would've won
TreeFam55 - 2 days ago
Old anime themes obviously won
Marcus Baptiste
Marcus Baptiste - 2 days ago
7:00 HOLD ON NOW! Y'all watch dubbed anime???
TSM Smoke
TSM Smoke - 2 days ago
Neither won. Both old anime and new anime have fire and trash openings. But we can all agree boruto is hot trash
Lehlogonolo Rakate
Lehlogonolo Rakate - 2 days ago
My Boi Deku won that
eatmygohan - 2 days ago
feel like if you guys put on Initial D Deja Vu while driving this woulda put you guys up by a couple
bob sammy
bob sammy - 2 days ago
I think new themes won this was just my personal opinion of each opening but my scoring was 4-7, 4 is the score for old themes, 7 is the score for the new themes. (btw the last one ended up in a tie)
mccrispy chickenwing
mccrispy chickenwing - 2 days ago
Promised Neverland comes in me HECK YAH *HEAD EXPLODES
Darren S
Darren S - 2 days ago
They quickly glossed over the original Bleach theme but they made up for it with both of the FMA themes. Also Cowboy Bebep has "bop" in the name!
saul ashley
saul ashley - 2 days ago
Y’all should have played Melissa for old fma
Malachi Powell
Malachi Powell - 3 days ago
Old themes
Zanex Tehuna
Zanex Tehuna - 3 days ago
I was waiting for odd future to play
Fluff Fluff
Fluff Fluff - 3 days ago
Blue exorcist Kyoto saga op/itteki no eikyou
steven tutu
steven tutu - 3 days ago
Fuck new themes
chad - 3 days ago
Anyone got a list of the anime in the video? I haven't watched half of these ngl
Hyun ROCES - 3 days ago
Sobakasu brings back memories...
FMA too 😭😭😭
Obsolete Nature
Obsolete Nature - 3 days ago
Is that a JoJo reference
TheCODGOD 21 - 3 days ago
TBH They should have used One Piece Op 1 that shit is goated no cap
TheCODGOD 21 - 3 days ago
Old Themes already won y’all know that
TheCODGOD 21 - 3 days ago
Yo I got fucking lit when that nigga said “We about to get Bizarre in this shit”
Talaf Flame - Juegos de Mesa y Cartas
Black clover isnthe new nos three.. I am old school.. Ok
Jaden Patterson
Jaden Patterson - 3 days ago
Naruto storm 4 in a nutshell
T LB - 3 days ago
Anyone who says that Dragon Ball super is better than Dragon Ball Z can suck my dick
Karim M
Karim M - 3 days ago
When they hit em wit tha samurai champloo it was over 🙅🏾‍♂️💯
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