FUZZY CREATURE SECRETS! | Nintendo Labo Toy-Con House Tour! [🔴LIVE]

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Diego Guillen
Diego Guillen - 2 days ago
Jennie Puderbaugh
Jennie Puderbaugh - 12 days ago
Nin ten do
Wut_is Life
Wut_is Life - 2 months ago
The card is a harmtura
Neisha Brown
Neisha Brown - 2 months ago
Now plz
Daniel Singleton
Daniel Singleton - 2 months ago
I told you guy
Tjalfe Barkman Nilsson
Tjalfe Barkman Nilsson - 2 months ago
Kai Gardiner
Kai Gardiner - 3 months ago
It’ll be a baby monster
Kai Gardiner
Kai Gardiner - 3 months ago
Spike candy
Kai Gardiner
Kai Gardiner - 3 months ago
charles bempong
charles bempong - 5 months ago
Use 2
Chidoziecross Ude
Chidoziecross Ude - 6 months ago
Nice.. I love this game it's my best
Kaelyn C
Kaelyn C - 6 months ago
I bet jinjaninjaz in the chat hates you now for not doing something impossible. Tell them that they're a dunce.
P.S: They wanted you to turn off the lamp, which you cannot do. I bet they unsubscribed just because of that.
AbdallahSmash026 - 6 months ago
No clue what you're talking about.
Jolp 84
Jolp 84 - 6 months ago
Im a random person who saw your vids this my second time here i guess its time to subscribe
Jolp 84
Jolp 84 - 6 months ago
Jolp 84
Jolp 84 - 6 months ago
I'm happy to serve
AbdallahSmash026 - 6 months ago
Arvut Thammarak
Arvut Thammarak - 7 months ago
49 04
undertale gacha life nekoi3
Poor fuzzy
RiFlop - 7 months ago
Green and red
Avacados Are yum
Avacados Are yum - 8 months ago
How do I open the pot?
pro gamer channel
pro gamer channel - 8 months ago
Jayson Pierre
Jayson Pierre - 8 months ago
Fantastic teamwork
Fantastic teamwork - 9 months ago
Do this again
Rusty The Wolf
Rusty The Wolf - 9 months ago
Jessica Aube
Jessica Aube - 9 months ago
And I filed the wall up
Jessica Aube
Jessica Aube - 9 months ago
I did it whit out stopping on the bellon game
Alyssa Endelman
Alyssa Endelman - 10 months ago
I think the same thing that he said
Numberblocks Jwbays
Numberblocks Jwbays - 11 months ago
Think of the bone as a reset candy for color 2, and green jellybean is reset candy for color 1. Just like the reset candy for the fur pattern. (Color 1 changes by the jellybeans and color 2 changes by broccoli soap fish and escargot.)
Numberblocks Jwbays
Numberblocks Jwbays - 11 months ago
Broccoli is healthy! Broccoli is good! Broccoli's our favourite su-per food!
Aron Z
Aron Z - 3 months ago
Carla Padilla
Carla Padilla - 11 months ago
WOW! Here you go!

Areeba imtiaz
Areeba imtiaz - Year ago
put the screen in the place in the house and make it night then tap on the lamp then the lamp will off 1:56:42 well i was wrong
Xavier Quintanilla
Xavier Quintanilla - Year ago
Abdallah do not make it night and put the "thing" to sleep and take out all the blocks it makes a creepy Easter egg
John Windham
John Windham - Year ago
actually the thing that you said was a snake in the pot it was actually a garden eel if you do not know what they are look it up
AbdallahSmash026 - Year ago
No thanks.
John Windham
John Windham - Year ago
my headphones are a "Skullcandy" brand
Elaine Nation
Elaine Nation - Year ago
Bow tie
Zoe Alford 40
Zoe Alford 40 - Year ago
Amazing video 👍🏻
P-Plum - Year ago
I know this is an old video, before any of you people say anything. But Abdallah, I think you need to be more kind towards your audience. Towards the end of the video you got very irritated about people telling you to turn off the lamp. You're streaming, you're *going* to get those comments repeated. Your audience is primarily children. You can tell even by looking at this comment section. I'm a fan of your streams and videos, but every time you get adamant that you're right about something it seems very rude, especially when you get "proven wrong". Just politely say that you've already done it, and move on.
Forugotēn Duwerā
Forugotēn Duwerā - Year ago
It's funny how he knows nothing about the food and the minigames.
Magaly Vazquez
Magaly Vazquez - Year ago
Put some time in the holid
RedPandaMaster - Year ago
the black blob in the drawer in creepy mode is one of the blobs from the wii game: a boy and his blob!!! like if u remember it ;-)
Forugotēn Duwerā
Forugotēn Duwerā - Year ago
Turn off the lights... Put it to sleep... And wait.
duck 0
duck 0 - Year ago
My dog is named gizmo
DriftGMD - Year ago
It’s SOO cute!
Poppli Pro
Poppli Pro - Year ago
Blue and green are my 2 favorite colors
Syazlin Omar
Syazlin Omar - Year ago
Healthysky 50
Healthysky 50 - Year ago
Put two of the same block in one toycon house
Cosme Gonzales
Cosme Gonzales - Year ago
There is a Orange And Blue Snake inside the tea jar i know because i saw it early
Sherry Ipadeola
Sherry Ipadeola - Year ago
time you get jelly beans every time you like turn the house around shaking
FortNitePro9000 - Year ago
do a wiiu gameplay
Cap Pools
Cap Pools - Year ago
He gets a mustache
djsno80al - Year ago
is Lord sanwish
djsno80al - Year ago
Steph Keezee
Steph Keezee - Year ago
Nidia Cardona
Nidia Cardona - Year ago
I love your yo kai watch videos
Caddick - Year ago
what we do in school is sharpen both sides of the pencil so its double sided xD
Jayden Rivera 2
Jayden Rivera 2 - Year ago
Jellybean and a Egg please!
Ariel Jefferson
Ariel Jefferson - Year ago
The news guy
The news guy - Year ago
I told you that technology is about to go crazy
Hayden Cullen
Hayden Cullen - Year ago
Name him Fuzzy!
inferno the hedgehog2000
Dolphin Playz
Dolphin Playz - Year ago
You should turn it to night when he's asleep
Xnard 278
Xnard 278 - Year ago
the resistace
the resistace - Year ago
tap the lamp du
Dylan Chau
Dylan Chau - Year ago
I think you forgot something you needed to copy the star snades
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