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A - 21 day ago
Wait did you create real techniques??
Richard Joseph
Richard Joseph - 2 months ago
plush glass has capsicum and licorice extracts that tingles and creates a plump effect. :)
blaine west
blaine west - 2 months ago
@pixiwoo what shades are the 2 white shaded light stix?
Ken - 2 months ago
You don't have to drag other people and pull them down to a low level to praise others.
Candy Feyrer
Candy Feyrer - 3 months ago
I love her makeup 💄😎😆👍😍
M Y - 4 months ago
Can you please try out Cover Girl makeup? Thanks.
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shazia thanvi - 5 months ago
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nicola conway - 6 months ago
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Sabra Khan - 6 months ago
I like the fact you take so much time to explain products and techniques. Can you teach a session on new beginners new and must products and tools, brushes etc we need to practice applying makeup
Sabra Khan
Sabra Khan - 6 months ago
can you Kindly please review simple basic foundation techniques. You are very pretty lady and everything sits perfect on your skin
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Mya v - 6 months ago
I love you
Phoenix Fire
Phoenix Fire - 6 months ago
fenty clogged all my pores!! new pimples almost everyday also made my complexion super dull and flat
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7anan R - 7 months ago
First time I watch any of your videos and loved it!
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Chanika Rassatham - 8 months ago
Best review I can found for this product on the way I love to use ..
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Megz G - 9 months ago
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Yanghee Kim - 9 months ago
This is why I love pixiwoo makeup. Others put on too much foundation but you guys don't.
This is what real makeup is
sisters * united
sisters * united - 9 months ago
I use Fenty products with Real Techniques brushes and I love them both! I have never tried Fenty brushes coz I've always used yours and in my opinion, they're all I ever need. Love you ladies! 💙 #realtechniquesislife
sisters * united
sisters * united - 9 months ago
I would love you to review some of Jeffree Stars products please!! 💙 #nzbound
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John Gilley - 11 months ago
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Blissful Sally
Blissful Sally - 11 months ago
Just wondering what shade of the foundation did you use because I don’t think you mentioned it ?
Kristen - Year ago
Great video. Did I miss what foundation shade you used?
Gabrielle Horn- Botha
Is there a Sephora in the UK?
lauren elise
lauren elise - Year ago
I love the dewey look but I'm always worried of my foundation/concealer/contour/highlight transferring if I hug someone and my face touches theirs! or even clothes... are there any tips you dolls have for preventing makeup from transferring or even melting off during the day or night?
Alshiva K
Alshiva K - Year ago
hello dear! have that problem with me too cause i have oily skin >< i found avoiding my face from other people clothes to be the best to avoid transferring, but i'd recommend a good setting spray such as from skindinavia or urban decay to really set that makeup in place! hope it works!
MyFairSkinLatina - Year ago
please review some brands that aren't so high end.
Cinema OCD
Cinema OCD - Year ago
I have those matchsticks and I never thought to use it as a foundation. Thanks for this.
westskincare - Year ago
Your eyes! And gloss!
Definitely a look!
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Cecilia F. - Year ago
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Stephen Selfridge - Year ago
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Mariana Amelunge Hiza
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jakeismyhero - Year ago
Thank you for including men. ❤️
Joy Sees U
Joy Sees U - Year ago
I have dry skin and the foundation looks amazing and I am 51.....my skin loved it....but I just keep it simple....
Marissa Long
Marissa Long - Year ago
I love you and your sister. Your makeup tutorials are the best around. I like that you don't go heavy full-glam, drag queen makeup for all your reviews and tutorials. Thank you for having wearable and beautiful looks that I can wear every day to work. :)
Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher - Year ago
it's ok for a night time out but way too shimmery for a day time out.
Princess of Persia
Princess of Persia - Year ago
Nic, thankyou so much for such an in-depth review, true professional x
Heather Jennings
Heather Jennings - Year ago
I love the Match Stix I think they're beautifully versatile and lovely. Yet so many people seem to hate them. I think they're fantastic.
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Sandra sandra - Year ago
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I have one questin.Can you film the video all dragstore production..
Sorry my english is soo bad..
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garden heart - Year ago
Trophy wife is a highlighter not an eyeshadow
Anthonia Farfalli
Anthonia Farfalli - Year ago
my favorite side, hands down, without a doubt is your right, the viewer's left.
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Saleena Yasmin - Year ago
The pro filter foundation looks soooo good on you OMG, I’m so conflicted on whether or not to get it because I have dry skin too. I’ve seen some good reviews and some say it’s not the best for dry skin soooo ??? 😩😩
Angela Rayson
Angela Rayson - Year ago
You’re 37?! Wtf your skin is amazing!! 😲😍
Hrafnhildur Kara Kristinsdóttir
Makeup Addict
Makeup Addict - Year ago
New here...I just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE your brush line! Fantastic!! Lovely tutorial of the Fenty Beauty line too!❤️
Gabriela Rose Garcia
You guys are just the absolute best.
missjazzergirl - Year ago
You have beautiful skin!
dramaistragic - Year ago
Hey Nic, do you mind sharing what shade the foundation was?
Dqueen _
Dqueen _ - Year ago
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NatYourOrdinaryGirl - Year ago
I loved this review. It was honest, and very informative as to how the products are marketed, but also how versatile they can be.
p.s. i love The real Technique tools better than any of my other makeup brushes and sponges. 😉
Would you be able to give us a review on the new Nars foundation and how it differs from the other foundations in that line. Thank you!
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller - Year ago
What's the moisturizer that she put on first?? I hate when they don't say it or write it
Kiwi Fruit
Kiwi Fruit - Year ago
She looks amazing for 37- not to be mean but has she had botox? Just wondering!
VCannizzoSoprano - Year ago
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ellen eustice - Year ago
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Anna Roberts - Year ago
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MakeupByHanny - Year ago
Best review of Fenty Beauty! Thank you! Once u put on that trophy wife, I was like "I'm getting it soon!" It's beautifull.. I tried to put the concealer stix on top of foundation for my under eye, and I feel like it moves my foundation underneath a lot.. It looks cracky after, I dont know why..
EmLouiseDax - Year ago
I'm really interested in BYTERRY at the moment!
Joanne Tran
Joanne Tran - Year ago
Thank you for the video. I just think the blush should be lighter.
Andrea Vitalich
Andrea Vitalich - Year ago
I like the lighting in this video! I definitely felt like I could see your skin and face better. Not too bright :)
Robin Adkins
Robin Adkins - Year ago
Thank yo very much for this review. I am not at all impressed by this line thus far.
Annie Harrison
Annie Harrison - Year ago
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Rachel Solano - Year ago
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very nice review! would love to see the Charlotte Tilbury one please!
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Rebecca S - Year ago
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Louise Burns - Year ago
I know I shouldn't be surprised when Nic says 'I am 37', since I know Sam is 40 (mind you, she looks a lot younger too...), but I nearly dropped my coffee. I'm 24, and Nic looks about my age. The genetics in this family....
TheDeneOfEverything - Year ago
Trophy Wife is marketed as a Highlighter. I don't know why she keeps calling it an eyeshadow. I'm sure it can be used as whatever you like, but it's a Highlighter.
juju55488 - Year ago
I love the look you did using all that was provided to you...the shimmer stick on your lips is gorgeous and trophy wife on your lids is gorgeous too.....but of course you're a pro so I wouldn't expect any less.....great look...great review
Marija Neshkoska
Marija Neshkoska - Year ago
Hi Pixiwoo, I have a question - can I use the brush you used for the foundation, to blend a powder bronzer contour??
Melissa B
Melissa B - Year ago
What moisturizer do you use? I am a couple of years older than you, and still trying to find the right moisturizer to apply under makeup that won't slip much, have foundation break up, and minimize oil through the day.
Anita Shemon
Anita Shemon - Year ago
Can you please review Huda Beauty - especially her new foundation? Thanks! X
Rebekah Coote
Rebekah Coote - Year ago
Doublewear has updated the shade range, now has 50 shades
Rabia Chowdhury
Rabia Chowdhury - Year ago
Sooo gorgeoussss! Love you ❤️❤️❤️
pixiwoo - Year ago
Thank you.x
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Laura Henriksen - Year ago
Love the follow Pixiwoo in the background haha awesome x
pixiwoo - Year ago
:) xx
Lea Solomon
Lea Solomon - Year ago
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pixiwoo - Year ago
Thank you.x
Alisha :)
Alisha :) - Year ago
I had to check my brightness because the video looked so dull until I realised it's probably because you're not using a shit ton of artificial lighting that my eyes have sadly gotten used to. I love how true to colour this is but it took me a minute to adjust! x
pixiwoo - Year ago
Thanks Alisha.x
Maria King
Maria King - Year ago
Hi Nicola, can you tell me where I can get the new real techniques unicorn brush set xxx
pixiwoo - Year ago
realtechniques.com :)
rockstar nurse
rockstar nurse - Year ago
Oh gosh Nick.....this makeup look screams flowy maxi dress, beach, a tan, and sunnies!! And strangely, it has me craving sorbet! LOL
DearMakeUpDiary - Year ago
The foundation was a nightmare for me! It sat on my pores, looked too dry and heavy. I used it with their primer. Awful. I got combo skin (oily T zone) and it didn’t do the magic for me. Sadly... I had many expectations about it but it really disappointed me.
vhen san miguel jr.
vhen san miguel jr. - Year ago
Can try pony effects make up Korean brand and also j-one jelly pack. Thanks
vhen san miguel jr.
vhen san miguel jr. - Year ago
A friend have that and I tried it I have a bit dry skin same age as yours I mixed oil with it looks good and dewey.
Sasa Laborero
Sasa Laborero - Year ago
You look awesome! She is a great visionaire I dare to say... Hope to have them in Argentina soon! X
Alice White Rabbit
Alice White Rabbit - Year ago
I haven't watched a Pixiwoo video in a while and I really notice Nic's voice has really changed. Anyone else?
Cleopatra - Year ago
Am I the only one left that applies makeup with my fingers..for everything?
Jikook Harling
Jikook Harling - Year ago
Your eyes are like flames, so beautiful
Kelly Jackson
Kelly Jackson - Year ago
Argh I'm still so in two minds about Fenty. I don't understand how some people hate it and some people can make it look amazing!
Iren Kolar
Iren Kolar - Year ago
I wonder if you mix a little moisturizer with the foundation to make a BB cream would it work better?
Amanda Otto
Amanda Otto - Year ago
Please help! I the a slightly oily skin, with fry patches! I just brought some benefit foundation (hello) and it looks lovely when I put it on but going really patchy after an evening out! I like a good coverage but don’t know what else to try! X
Ati422 - Year ago
Can you review the Claudia Schiffer Make Up line as well? :D Thank you!!
Laura D
Laura D - Year ago
How do you keep your skin soooo smooth and youthful?
Laura D
Laura D - Year ago
This review answered all my questions and hesitations I had about the fenty line thank you😄😄😄!!! Also did anyone catch if she mentioned what foundation shade she used? ☺️
Carol Wilson
Carol Wilson - Year ago
NARS would be my pick especially as it relates to dry skin
Emma Jensen
Emma Jensen - Year ago
You should do a review of some of Storybook Cosmetics products!
Kara Richardson
Kara Richardson - Year ago
Would you review Kevyn Aucoin if you haven't already?
Monika - Year ago
To me sound very aggressive here, you can speak softer. Feels exhausting to listen sometimes. Still loved the content :-)
isobel64 - Year ago
you sound obnoxious.
Lila Carreño
Lila Carreño - Year ago
Omg! I looooove this look!
pixiwoo - Year ago
Thank you.x
Shahina Aktar Miah
Shahina Aktar Miah - Year ago
Pls review hudabeaty cos I feel she’s overhyped. Swatched her palette and it was so disappointing
Rose Amans
Rose Amans - Year ago
PLEASE can you guys do a review on THE ORDINARY FOUNDATION & the GLOSSIER products xxxxxxxx ❤️❤️❤️
mlclement - Year ago
This was great Nic, you gave a thorough and fair review. I love that you roadtested the products for a day before. I'd like to see you review Makeup Revolution, I love their gold chocolate bar eyeshadow palette, their double ended eye liner pen and the palette they did with British Beauty Blogger. Thanks. Xx
Layla C
Layla C - Year ago
I love this channel and you girls are amazing, but that contour looks terrible, it's like thick patches of dirt.
Sophie Levs
Sophie Levs - Year ago
Love this review Nic! Really useful. Thanks :) also, may be a really stupid question, but how do you work out your skin tone? I always struggle matching foundation. I don't know if my skin is warm, cool, yellow or pink undertones etc. And different make up stands tell me different things! Thanks xx
Saleika Wilson
Saleika Wilson - Year ago
Thank you so very much for this incredibly honest and sincerely brilliant tutorial on Fenty Beauty. As I’m blind due to my MS. This is the 1st & only one I could truly get a feel for what this brand has for me personally. Cheers.
pixiwoo - Year ago
Saleika Wilson so sorry to hear about your MS xxx
MSL5 - Year ago
This was a fantastic overview--I was laughing at the sheer volume of products that you managed to slap on but it was great to see them all in action!♥
pixiwoo - Year ago
Thank you :)
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