Niki DeMar’s 70s-Inspired Apartment Makeover | OMG We're Coming Over

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Agha Haris Khan
Agha Haris Khan - 15 hours ago
Niki is wearing pink acrylics WTF (SHE HATES PINK)
Jennifer Rogers
Jennifer Rogers - 17 hours ago
Genelle Quizan
Genelle Quizan - Day ago
Wow, just wow!!!!
Hannah Roy
Hannah Roy - Day ago
Afsheen The BTS Fan GachaTuber
But you just did the dining room not the whole apartment
Mou - Day ago
Can we have a "OMG we're coming BACK over" series and see how people have settled into their decorated rooms and utilised the little features, as a mini series.
Mallak67603 - 2 days ago
Safiya nygaard please
Helaena Lozare
Helaena Lozare - 3 days ago
My Request:
Gabie Demartino
Safiya Nygaard
Shane Dawson/Ryland Adams
Morgan Adams
Im.petite Cardwell
Im.petite Cardwell - 3 days ago
I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you captured her 70’s vibe but at the same time made it modern .. it’s like looking at a modern day 70’s .. “2019 70’s” ❤️
Im.petite Cardwell
Im.petite Cardwell - 3 days ago
2070’ 🤣❤️
Om Pinkia
Om Pinkia - 3 days ago
Nikki for the first time with pink nail polish 💅🏿
Katie • happy
Katie • happy - 4 days ago
Can you do Emma chamberlain?
T Gaming
T Gaming - 5 days ago
I love that I like the living room but I don’t mr. Kate love ya
Lily Caster
Lily Caster - 5 days ago
I’m so shookith
It's Just Mel And Hab MSP
Enchantress 15
Enchantress 15 - 8 days ago
I wish you were able to come to the Uk
Deanna Graham
Deanna Graham - 8 days ago
I so wish you guys would come to scotland and decorate my house! lol its in dire need of a makeover.
Allison The queen
Allison The queen - 8 days ago
Joel Rabina
Joel Rabina - 9 days ago
OMG you guys are so good I hope I have a beautiful room too
Natalie Rud
Natalie Rud - 9 days ago
lollllll niki is moving home now tho
Natalie Rud
Natalie Rud - 9 days ago
i love nate
Ashtyn Bergstrom
Ashtyn Bergstrom - 9 days ago
Sara M'kay vlogs
Sara M'kay vlogs - 10 days ago
#SOOOOO SHOOK......i want it
Sara M'kay vlogs
Sara M'kay vlogs - 10 days ago
i ment to say #soooooshook
• 89 Years Ago •
• 89 Years Ago • - 10 days ago
Nate looks like a cute little boy that looks innocent but really he's a devil lol
Extra Alexa
Extra Alexa - 11 days ago
You should really do Safyia Nygaards room it would be the BEST COLLABORATION EVER. (PS you are super inspiring I now watch so many more interior design vids because of you guys ily)
Alyssa Selph
Alyssa Selph - 11 days ago
They're so in love with each other, it's adorable.
Trigo Hernandez
Trigo Hernandez - 12 days ago
Two of my favorite youtubers together
Ur Mom
Ur Mom - 12 days ago
Mitchell 75
Mitchell 75 - 13 days ago
Safiya Naygard!! Plssss
Marvel Wolf CJ
Marvel Wolf CJ - 13 days ago
I love this room!!! I’m shook!
Emrie Thompson
Emrie Thompson - 13 days ago
shookith to the core
SSsniperwolf Number one fan
Why did u not do a bedroom
gene mambo
gene mambo - 14 days ago
I'm shook
Sofia Hall
Sofia Hall - 15 days ago
At 28:20 they are like switched matching ( Kate has yellow shoes and white pants while Joey has white shoes and yellow pants)
Sarah Baker
Sarah Baker - 18 days ago
How long does it take you to make awesome videos like this?
Sub Cutie
Sub Cutie - 18 days ago
Happy B-day Niki :)
Thanh Hoang Nguyen Dan
Thanh Hoang Nguyen Dan - 19 days ago
Niki nails is not gone since the video that she made with her least favourite colour "pink". LOL, pour niki. By the way MR.KATE are the best!!!!
Haya Kawaf - Credit Valley PS (1653)
Why did niki never feature this in her blogs or vids?
Michael Metcalfe
Michael Metcalfe - 20 days ago
Yes i am verry sook
Jamila Andal
Jamila Andal - 20 days ago
Your the best i just wish you will do my room
izzy Larrabee
izzy Larrabee - 20 days ago
If my mom says yes can you do my room

Please respond
By the way I live in Canada.
Mackenzie Carstens-Fortuin
What flea market do you go to
Aradhana Majumder
Aradhana Majumder - 21 day ago
Hey guys, love from India. I’ve gotta say that I’ve found you guys very recently and have been binge watching ever since. Congratulations on your pregnancy and it agrees with Mr. Kate. You are glowing gurl. Love how beautiful you look. Absolutely gorgeous. 😇
The Burdened Societies
The Burdened Societies - 21 day ago
I didn’t like the 70s style, but seeing how this room turned out, it’s making me rethink everything! Mr.Kate manages to surprise me every single time!
alexis mcabee
alexis mcabee - 21 day ago
pleassseee do safiya nygaard pleasse
Natalie Kornmiller
Natalie Kornmiller - 22 days ago
Nikki is wearing her nails from her pink challenge!
Ree's Purpose
Ree's Purpose - 22 days ago
OMG you guys just keep getting better and funnier.
pampi das
pampi das - 22 days ago
Plz come to my place as well😍
Devayani Subramanian
Devayani Subramanian - 22 days ago
Kate’s bump!!! Is soooooooooooo cute!
Pandora Rose
Pandora Rose - 23 days ago
Me and niki have the sameeee aesthetics
It’s Stitch
It’s Stitch - 24 days ago
Yep, I’m shook-ed
Amy Martinez
Amy Martinez - 24 days ago
Do Gaby’s room 🤩💝
Kitara Sultan
Kitara Sultan - 24 days ago
I AM shook
Francisca Pereira
Francisca Pereira - 25 days ago
Mr Kate + Safiya Nygard everything black
E W - 25 days ago
When are guys going to do gabi
Sheyla Gameż
Sheyla Gameż - 25 days ago
Niki betrayed you guys... this is two months ago, but she got another room makeover by other people 1 week ago.
Sheyla Gameż
Sheyla Gameż - 20 days ago
Rissay V. Wait do you know what Delete comment is??Its works on you :)
Sheyla Gameż
Sheyla Gameż - 20 days ago
Rissay V. Yeah I’m just in hs honey.Back off little girl and stop using ur mamas phone you know , stranger danger :o
Rissay V.
Rissay V. - 22 days ago
oh my god you didn't have to go that far checking on my playlists lol you're the child
Sheyla Gameż
Sheyla Gameż - 22 days ago
Rissay V. Either way, as I can see, you are a young child.So I’m not even going to bother you.And if not, we’ll your playlist says it all, rapunzel, etc. Not going to be a rude person, less to children.
Sheyla Gameż
Sheyla Gameż - 22 days ago
Rissay V. Excuse me?Im not being dramatic, as you say.I respect you.So you should show some respect too.Im just saying it in a way of sarcasm.And I’m sorry if you don’t like my comment just don’t be rude.
Paige Baugher
Paige Baugher - 25 days ago
Ughhh I wish they would come here to Missouri😭😭😭😭😭
Shelby Glenn
Shelby Glenn - 26 days ago
Hi Mr. Kate, I love you guys SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMUCH. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE if you guys designed my bedroom. I'm 13 years old. The only problem is that I don't know how to submit a video to you. Can somebody please tell me how . I HAVE NO CLUE.
Alexia Morillon
Alexia Morillon - 26 days ago
Can somebody please explain, didn't the sorry girls do Niki and Gabi's rooms? This seems to be Niki's own apartment? Does she have two homes? I'm confused man
Edie N.
Edie N. - 26 days ago
They seemed to really get along. It was sweet to watch
Flopsy and I
Flopsy and I - 27 days ago
Inosha Fernandes
Inosha Fernandes - 27 days ago
I wish that this could happen to me.but I know that it can never come true tho .but anyways ur designs r jus lit
Aicha aicha
Aicha aicha - 27 days ago
Joyce Danele Andaya
Joyce Danele Andaya - 27 days ago
I'm shookt
Just A girl
Just A girl - 27 days ago
Joey looks like such a dad.... that's a copliment btw
Mehr Khurana
Mehr Khurana - 28 days ago
Mad Rose
Mad Rose - 28 days ago
24:26 i had no idea what that was
Robbie Couper
Robbie Couper - 28 days ago
Jumping joey two rolls
iiaosia - 28 days ago
Does anyone else wonder y it’s MR.kate and not MRS.kate?!??
Delana Steenson
Delana Steenson - 28 days ago
when is kate due
Kiara Winnepenninckx
Kiara Winnepenninckx - 28 days ago
Some countries can't join 😢
Emilia Aldasoro
Emilia Aldasoro - 29 days ago
I want you to design gabi’s room! But her house is al ready really pretty and her style
Patrice Jean-Pierre
Patrice Jean-Pierre - 29 days ago
Totally SHOOK!
Liviu Adrian Durbac
Liviu Adrian Durbac - Month ago
Im shook
florence cavallaro
florence cavallaro - Month ago
love it
florence cavallaro
florence cavallaro - Month ago
awesome couch//love leather //never goes out of style
florence cavallaro
florence cavallaro - Month ago
threes company
florence cavallaro
florence cavallaro - Month ago
fake trees never ever go out of style//lol
florence cavallaro
florence cavallaro - Month ago
omg i had lamps that color i had gold and black 1976 fur couch and chair set/lol/my hope chest with my black and white tv set on it//that was my livingroom and my black and gold shag carpet//
hope xó
hope xó - 29 days ago
you've commented like six times just stop
florence cavallaro
florence cavallaro - Month ago
i love the 50s and 7os but more so the 50s so i would have you doing 50s in my home//
florence cavallaro
florence cavallaro - Month ago
my living room is all beachone wall is not done but will be so soon//
florence cavallaro
florence cavallaro - Month ago
you guys are great
Kaliber Maximus
Kaliber Maximus - Month ago
I am shook it looks so well done together. It looks great!
Bay X
Bay X - Month ago
Mr Kate and Gabbie at her new house!
ははdart - Month ago
I would love to see a gothic/ baroque-themed room. That would be really refreshing ♡
Sophie Hyland
Sophie Hyland - Month ago
You guys are so much fun and extremely talented! I love your videos! ❤️
Hi Bye
Hi Bye - Month ago
Emma chamberlain is drowning
Lucinda Leviton
Lucinda Leviton - Month ago
Omg I want you to come over and make over my room!!
Flaw'd - Month ago
I’m tired of begging for a Mr Kate x Safiya Nygaard makeover. I’m begging you, for the sake of my sanity, make this happen
Allison The queen
Allison The queen - Month ago
Charlice Anne Castro
Charlice Anne Castro - Month ago
niki's room is better than gabi's room
Georgia M
Georgia M - Month ago
Can you please do safiya Nygaards house, pleeeeeaaaassseeee!!!
Boo-Boo's Glitter Glory
You guys are so amazing! I just love this video! You guys make such a great team! And you look so cute being Prego! God bless you two and a half 🤗
Manha Tariq
Manha Tariq - Month ago
Now niki moved out........and when she moved into a house she got the sorry girls to get it done instead of mr kate no hate though love ya niki
Divinty Rosewood
Divinty Rosewood - Month ago
Hey guys I am new to THIS channel so I just wanna know that
Why does she put Mr Kate but not Mrs Kate ??
Marquita Shiver
Marquita Shiver - Month ago
Im new to this channel and wondering the same thing also.
Malaya Martinez
Malaya Martinez - Month ago
In my opinion I love the room but I cannot stand that orange diy stuff it looks gross to me 😂
Malaya Martinez
Malaya Martinez - 18 days ago
Alesha Tendo Your right I did word it kinda rude
Alesha Tendo
Alesha Tendo - 18 days ago
Natalía Björt Bæringsdóttir
Malaya Martinez why?
Tiara Llorente
Tiara Llorente - Month ago
I love that interior designers are funny👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
dharmendra trivedi
dharmendra trivedi - Month ago
you should do one with brent riviera
Sobremesa - Month ago
I am a little confused because the Sorry Girls just posted a video of them making over a room in her new house...Is this Nikki's boyfriend's apartment? If she moved after this, it is such a waste!
Wicked_Kelly Baek
Wicked_Kelly Baek - Month ago
Nahh i dont think so, the room that the 'Sorry Girls' did a make over is a different room
Sophie Bolton
Sophie Bolton - Month ago
I love watching redo my room or somedbody else’s room cuz it makes me want to do mine and out of all the other videos that are redo room yours are my fav
Livy’s Space
Livy’s Space - Month ago
Every time I hear that theme tune u know we bout to get turned up 😂😂 (I don’t drink 😂)
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