Mostafa Shadi
Mostafa Shadi - 7 hours ago
ILove it
DrunkenKiddy - 14 hours ago
johnathon davis MFOOO
Char Limp
Char Limp - 21 hour ago
2018 and 2014
Supernova - Day ago
Watching this on May 19, 2019 The force is still strong in me.
Danai ehsan
Danai ehsan - Day ago
Nobody _loser
Nobody _loser - Day ago
Sad that‘s just a cover ( no hate)
iuujlie Murray
iuujlie Murray - 2 days ago
Little mix is my favourite girl band ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! By the way little mix my name is grace
Kaye Stephenson
Kaye Stephenson - 2 days ago
I like all there voices but the won I think has a very strong voice is Jesy I wanna be just like Little Mix when I get older
Viktorie Becherová
Viktorie Becherová - 2 days ago
0:50/0:52 that look of Jade!
PG Family Friendly
PG Family Friendly - 2 days ago
To be honest, I feel like they just ruined this song...
Megan Stockman
Megan Stockman - 3 days ago
Omg the security guard is arnold rimmer from red dwarf
Mad Hatter Cry Baby
Mad Hatter Cry Baby - 4 days ago
Rags brought me here
Samantha Wells
Samantha Wells - 4 days ago
Easy for you to spend and say kind of part anywhere I can do it but yeah but I want Les
Emma Nyakweba
Emma Nyakweba - 6 days ago
Lydia Huppert
Presi Kalu
Presi Kalu - 6 days ago
I love yours songs😍🦄
Marcin Kuhn
Marcin Kuhn - 6 days ago
It's a shit cover by a mediocre pop group. I was half expecting that. I just came here for Chris Barrie aka Gordon Brittas.
Mlle Directionner&ARMY&CNCOwner
Nobody’s talking about my Perrie !
Mar Zack
Mar Zack - 7 days ago
Five years later..

Same vibe😍😍😍😍
Λια Μπουντ
Λια Μπουντ - 9 days ago
evellyn mel Melo
evellyn mel Melo - 9 days ago
i love litle mix big
Gemma and Marcus❤️
Gemma and Marcus❤️ - 9 days ago
Word Up!
Miriam Salcido
Miriam Salcido - 10 days ago
I love this group of women. When I wake up to go to school I put Little Mix on YouTube.
Kevylly Kaciane
Kevylly Kaciane - 10 days ago
I love little mix
Nicole de Vries
Nicole de Vries - 11 days ago
Reminds me of rags...
ava eilish
ava eilish - 11 days ago
i was such a big fan of little mix and when they released this song i was blessed
Joe Chadbourn
Joe Chadbourn - 11 days ago
I am your biggest fan when will u post a new song
Feriell Gi
Feriell Gi - 9 days ago
Soon ! I think next week ( follow them on social media to know )
Eno Adeeb
Eno Adeeb - 13 days ago
they are so sweet🧚🏼‍♀️
Only Jesy
Only Jesy - 14 days ago
Throw back to first lm video I saw 😩❤️🙊
Ellie Wilson
Ellie Wilson - 14 days ago
Pause it at 0:49
Love you jade😂😂😂🥰
Callum Flint
Callum Flint - 14 days ago
Best cover of this is by GUN - for your own benefit, please look it up!
Amby John
Amby John - 14 days ago
Has anybody noticed jesy has the same make up from black magic when they get a true makeover and get some magic
Masked Pimp
Masked Pimp - 14 days ago
Thisnversionnis by far the worst version of This song
Stina's Vlog
Stina's Vlog - 14 days ago
Godiya Moses
Godiya Moses - 16 days ago
Laura Pyskir
Laura Pyskir - 10 days ago
Amby John
Amby John - 16 days ago
I loved this song and the singing and I also love how each music video is different btw LOVE YA one more thing I love jesy’s make up
Faiza Lakhoirdi
Faiza Lakhoirdi - 16 days ago
the ending tho the man that did the splits xD
Ayse Mesale
Ayse Mesale - 16 days ago
who listening today 2019👋🌺turkey🌍
Magda Herok
Magda Herok - 17 days ago
3:06 to 3:08 I love that funny robot dance Jade 😂👌😊
Jesus Cañedo
Jesus Cañedo - 17 days ago
que bonito video
Maria Rinta-Rahko
Maria Rinta-Rahko - 17 days ago
This song is so good and chatchy🔥. Jesy and Jade are my favourites on this song👍. Love the outfits😍.
MARAM gomz
MARAM gomz - 18 days ago
Bb And MSP!
Bb And MSP! - 18 days ago
5th year anniversary of word up......
Fatma Sumeyra KARADAŞLI
Fatma Sumeyra KARADAŞLI - 18 days ago
Turk love
dercrimson87 - 19 days ago
If i would be the artist - well i can't hold a straight note, but let's pretend - i would be pissed if the producers show up with that song which was already covered a thousand times. The girls seem to be quite talented - so they should sing some unique and new stuff. But maybe i'm just getting old - i stick with Cameo on this one. The Cover is not bad - but just meh...
ilovepastasandcookies ONCE
Villy Joe Flores
Villy Joe Flores - 20 days ago
Wanessa Arcanjo
Wanessa Arcanjo - 21 day ago
Little mix são lindas
Charlie G
Charlie G - 21 day ago
It’s my birthday:)
Stephanie 06
Stephanie 06 - 21 day ago
MARUBA SILAEN - 22 days ago
Ishimada Lyn
Ishimada Lyn - 22 days ago
So, am i the only one who loves Jade???
Ayukiwi Tea
Ayukiwi Tea - 22 days ago
Brat is the real little mix
Jade -jade
Sasha - leigh Anne
Yasmin - Jessie
Chloe - perry
Emilia Shephard-Grey
Emilia Shephard-Grey - 22 days ago
Lulu 11
Lulu 11 - 22 days ago
Jade always cracks me up, she's so funny :D
Øeff.jamilax - 22 days ago
Justin Nbbillingsley
Justin Nbbillingsley - 22 days ago
I love your music your amazing. You're the best band ever you're the coolest from Phoebe
Justin Nbbillingsley
Justin Nbbillingsley - 22 days ago
Your your songs are so amazing Little Mix the incredible I wish I could sing like that from Phoebe
Justin Nbbillingsley
Justin Nbbillingsley - 22 days ago
Oh my god you're the best friend ever I wish I can meet you from Phoebe
Tracey Tangwadzana
Tracey Tangwadzana - 23 days ago
Sourour Itim
Sourour Itim - 23 days ago
Is this a cover ?
Mariem Hassine
Mariem Hassine - 24 days ago
I love you little mix
MsXAnimeLoverx - 24 days ago
2:44 That's the Sporty Spice - Mel C.

Long live. Hooray!
Ritesh Chatterjee
Ritesh Chatterjee - 24 days ago
Aranza Inzunsa
Aranza Inzunsa - 25 days ago
Ay love you😍😍😍😍
puertorican mami
puertorican mami - 25 days ago
They give me spice girls vibes on god i love them so much ❤
Hala Waisi
Hala Waisi - 25 days ago
Hello mein neme's Lina 😉😀😍
Logan Wilcox
Logan Wilcox - 25 days ago
Thanks again for the next day x
Tomáš Kubalak
Tomáš Kubalak - 26 days ago
Now that sucks tho
Hassel Flores
Hassel Flores - 27 days ago
Dislike :)
Kelly Ribeiro
Kelly Ribeiro - 27 days ago
Kelly Ribeiro
Kelly Ribeiro - 27 days ago
Pamella Henry
Pamella Henry - 27 days ago
Word up
Gayathri Mahesh
Gayathri Mahesh - 27 days ago
Mel b!!!!!!!
mhei maala
mhei maala - 27 days ago
Beautiful perrie💕
Valentina C. M.
Valentina C. M. - 28 days ago
Am i the only one who had no idea this was a cover of Word Up! by Cameo??? Lmao i can't believe all these years i thought this was their song
Froso Liakopoulou
Froso Liakopoulou - 28 days ago
Omg perrie 0:30!😹😹😹😹
Baxssy - 29 days ago
im here for chris barrie
Love Rachel
Love Rachel - 29 days ago
Love you Musik
Darth Freeman
Darth Freeman - 29 days ago
Korn has the better version
you do you
you do you - Month ago
"Tell the boys and girls"
The simple times😂

It's a joke shut up
Jr1Dragonology - Month ago
word girl, nuff said
45100 - Month ago
Janis Hs
Janis Hs - Month ago
It's word up cameo
Taraj's Media
Taraj's Media - Month ago
This is the best of the Cameo Word up cover 👍
crazygrainger2006 - Month ago
Chris Barrie has aged ungracefully in this music video...
Ronnie Dakota
Ronnie Dakota - Month ago
Disgrace to the original song, in fact... I don't actually think most of you realise its a cover?
Jonel Marañon
Jonel Marañon - Month ago
Those harmonizing makes the song more beautiful.
Mitra Mitra
Mitra Mitra - Month ago
Word up this Leigh Anne Pinnock
chhavi sharma
chhavi sharma - Month ago
I heard the line "acting like fools" as your ex is lying fool😂😂
Fatjon Llaha
Fatjon Llaha - Month ago
I love your song is fantastic woooooow!!!!😍😍😍😍😍
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook - Month ago
JADE made me laugh through out the video lol
Margs Salas
Margs Salas - Month ago
good baby
Regina Santana :v
Regina Santana :v - Month ago
Esta buena pa' la clase de zumba xdxd
Whatever Goes
Whatever Goes - Month ago
This video always me jealous of Perrie's bod 😍
sharon khafra
sharon khafra - Month ago
💖💖💖Leigh Anne 💖💖💖💖
Sofia Platini
Sofia Platini - Month ago
Their figures 👍
Brown Cow
Brown Cow - Month ago
I'm watching this 5 years, 1 month and 1 week after it was released.. :o
XxQueenxiexX - Month ago
*Whats the original song again I don't remember*
XxQueenxiexX - 28 days ago
+Valentina C. M. lmfaooo and ohhhh yeah Cameo
Valentina C. M.
Valentina C. M. - 28 days ago
I didn't even know this was a cover!!! Cameo who?
fried chiken
fried chiken - Month ago
The way perrie walks mygosh she's killin it😍😍
Jackie Hopkins
Jackie Hopkins - Month ago
Their mums most b so proud or their girls .I'm not in their age group and I love
Emese Varga
Emese Varga - Month ago
The Freak Dreamer
The Freak Dreamer - Month ago
They are always look refreshing.. Whether I want to sleep or to dance they are my go to artists
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