Little Mix - Word Up! (Official Video)

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Brian Hall
Brian Hall - 13 hours ago
My fav is Jessie
Shawna Graham
Shawna Graham - Day ago
Original is way better
Elsiebels 16
Elsiebels 16 - Day ago
My recommended:
2014? Nope
2015? No
2016? Not now
2017? Still no
2018? Almost there
2019? Show her this now😂
RaeYT - Day ago
Their style was like ahead of time. this was made in 2014
Livy Lou
Livy Lou - 2 days ago
This was my first music video release with them 😭 omg its been so long
Shanoya Powell
Shanoya Powell - 2 days ago
love. lol. 😘😘😍😘😍😘😎😎😎😎😎🙌😎😎😎
Annemiek van Dijk
Annemiek van Dijk - 2 days ago
lol mel c is haning out
Michael Mackinnon
Michael Mackinnon - 3 days ago
Classic song butchered.
daniel taylor
daniel taylor - 39 minutes ago
Put Alpha Gel on that, Dickhead.
BananaBombYT - 3 days ago
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Not a single soul:
Perrie: *EAWOOW*
ChikCapri20 - 3 days ago
Fake!!!!!!! Los auténticos autores son KORN - WORD UP!
Mamma Skiouraki
Mamma Skiouraki - 3 days ago
Little mix is was and will be my favriote girl group FOREVER
shilbert I'm waiting for season 3 bitches what sup
4 hours ago wow I think I scrolled down so far :')
hanna et c'est tout
hanna et c'est tout - 4 days ago
Who is here after cameo-word up
Dina Henock
Dina Henock - 4 days ago
Little mix you are the best singers you are the best girls
Kanitha Khut
Kanitha Khut - 4 days ago
I always feel like working out when I listen to this song.
Little Alunaj
Little Alunaj - 5 days ago
Funny how Mel C is in the video and now she‘s bashing Little Mix for their Outfits 😂
Naira Martiño Castiñeiras
LOVE little mix😍😍😍
super irmã sophie e vava
je ne pas le pas anglé
Qw Er
Qw Er - 5 days ago
Korn tho...
Corinna Tomassini
Corinna Tomassini - 6 days ago
My favourite is Perrie and Jade☺
Cecilia Felix
Cecilia Felix - 7 days ago
Can Leigh Anne please tell us her workout routine??!! Goals
Aniyah - 7 days ago
Aww this cover is great
Jose mauricio Ramos martinez
Verry good
sara bolelli
sara bolelli - 8 days ago
I didn't know her before
I didn't know her before but now I love her
Caroline lovescookies
Caroline lovescookies - 8 days ago
The only thing that gets my lazy ass to work out
Jerry Chen
Jerry Chen - 8 days ago
Little Mix : WHAT UP
Me : nothing
Civil Eng
Civil Eng - 9 days ago
materialster - 9 days ago
Word up by Mel b 1999
Belkhadir Rhita
Belkhadir Rhita - 9 days ago
Why is nobody talking about the original song 😂 it's a song by "Korn" a metal band
crazygrainger2006 - 5 days ago
The Korn cover is pretty good.
crazygrainger2006 - 5 days ago
It's an original song by Cameo.
Maite Machete
Maite Machete - 10 days ago
July 2019
Irache Lozano
Irache Lozano - 10 days ago
Marina Yordanova
Marina Yordanova - 10 days ago
Вие сте супер
PURPLE_ FREAK - 11 days ago
lele ioans
lele ioans - 12 days ago
Ai Korn gli fanno una Sega
Junior Marcio
Junior Marcio - 13 days ago
Brazil ❤️
Angel Owen
Angel Owen - 14 days ago
Skye Wheeler
Skye Wheeler - 14 days ago
I used to listen to this song every goddamn day
addict27 - 14 days ago
korn did it better
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez - 16 days ago
Little mix is the best 💜☺
MrSkullV - 16 days ago
annie b
annie b - 16 days ago
@ people who say ''they didnt say it was their song'': from the moment you dont tell people its not originally yours, you are making the impression that you own it. even if they got permission they would have to put it at least in the description. it's the same with jonas brothers' year 3000. so many people still dont know it was just a cover. it's just disrespectful towards the original band.
Eina Jai
Eina Jai - 16 days ago
I really love how they harmonize so perfectly!
Takarada Love Yaoi
Takarada Love Yaoi - 17 days ago
Takarada Love Yaoi
Takarada Love Yaoi - 17 days ago
Cover B*tch😂😂
Lisa Saleh
Lisa Saleh - 18 days ago
To me this is what describes little mix
Jade: beauty
Leigh - ann: dancer
Jesy: rapper
Perrie: singer
Remember this is my opinion so don't make hate comments because that is what i think describes them
cookieschocolate cookie world
You copied the comeo
Chica Especial
Chica Especial - 19 days ago
I love little mix
Mariana - 19 days ago
How is no one talking about Mel C? I fucking love her
unknown -
unknown - - 19 days ago
Who is here after their bounce back 2019
Shamyra Miller
Shamyra Miller - 19 days ago
This my workout song
Like if it is the same for you
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