SHE WOLF - 4 hours ago
This is so relatable I'm crying.
Alta Facha
Alta Facha - 5 days ago
I still watching this music video every day
_weirdo_ - 16 days ago
What is this east is up thing?
Lahsini Ikram
Lahsini Ikram - 18 days ago
AMAAAZING ! perfect song !! KEEP IT UP !
Mollie Massiacre
Mollie Massiacre - 21 day ago
Every since I found this song I now hear pretty much everything and anything she comes up with. Fell >IN Love!
Jamstaman - 2 months ago
West is down..
MECHAGODZILLA - 2 months ago
Que música foda
Will is not an emo
Will is not an emo - 3 months ago
east is up
Rebekah Cleveland
Rebekah Cleveland - 3 months ago
I love the "lazy "(for lack of a better word) to be in her voice. I seriously dig the broad!
Rebekah Cleveland
Rebekah Cleveland - 3 months ago
No not exotic or perfect...but a mirror image of my thoughts
6A7CAZAR Sharon
6A7CAZAR Sharon - 3 months ago
Finally someone wrote a song based on exactly how I feel every day
angelo no sé
angelo no sé - 3 months ago
Es el marcianito 100% real no fake
R.A.D. Berry and associates
Yahwehs Blue boy
Yahwehs Blue boy - 4 months ago
this song is so good humans don't even realize it yet
Musik master
Musik master - 4 months ago
♡♡♡♡♡ this Voice☆☆☆☆☆☆
Júnior - 4 months ago
Menina linda.❤️
Platinum11 - 4 months ago
she opened for my panic at the disco show back in october ive been sleeping on the song
Rodrigo Montes de Oca
Rodrigo Montes de Oca - 5 months ago
Is that a small ET reference: and I got to phone home.
EmotionalAngelz - 5 months ago
This is so dope and relatable⭐👽
Dawson Edwards
Dawson Edwards - 5 months ago
East is up! (Only reason why I watched) Good song!
Sarah Perrett
Sarah Perrett - 5 months ago
E^ST is probably one of my new favourite artists
Chris Young
Chris Young - 5 months ago
Anyone thinks she looks kinda like Kristen schaal
#bossdarkø #bøss
#bossdarkø #bøss - 5 months ago
I won't waste another day living someone else's way I want to be happy I want to be free FUQ what they say I'm doing me me me #bossdarko Ø #twentyonepilots #e^st #billieeilish
Bitchya Attack
Bitchya Attack - 6 months ago
Omfg dopest chick on earth...
Yuri Muhally
Yuri Muhally - 6 months ago
brynn hunter
brynn hunter - 6 months ago
Léon D'Lotús
Léon D'Lotús - 6 months ago
a - 7 months ago
you can thank me later
[Verse 1]
I'm in the bus and it feels like a U.F.O
Everyone’s talking a language I don't know
I wonder if we're going to the same place
Or am I heading to my own space?
So next stop, I get off and I gotta phone home
I’m at the club and I feel like I'm on Mars
I'm tryna dance but it's like I got sixteen arms
Wondering "Do we hear the same song
Or did I hit the beat wrong?"
Did I come to this Earth on a shooting star?
I don't know how they do it
Walking around like humans
I just can't understand it
Is anyone from my planet?
I'm feeling like a stranger
Wakin' up in a ten-foot crater
The way the world is spinning
Got me feeling like an alien
The way the world is spinning
Got me feeling like an alien
The way the world is spinning
Got me feeling like an alien
[Verse 2]
I’m on the pavement stepping over the cracks
What if I fall through and never come back?
I wonder if there’s other beings like me
Do you see the things that I see?
If you do, let me know where you're at
Let me know where you’re at
I don't know how they do it
Walkin' around like humans
I just can't understand it
Is anyone from my planet?
I’m feeling like a stranger
Wakin' up in a ten-foot crater
The way the world is spinning
Got me feeling like an alien
The way the world is spinning
Got me feeling like an alien
The way the world is spinning
Got me feeling like an alien
mintythekid 9
mintythekid 9 - 7 months ago
This video looks sequel for “another chance” by Roger Sanchez
SHE WOLF - 7 months ago
👽 ~ tHiS iS eXaCtLy My LiFe ~ 👽
Reality by HZRH
Reality by HZRH - 7 months ago
Here who would advertize me.
Blaike TheHabit
Blaike TheHabit - 7 months ago
#bossdarkø #bøss
#bossdarkø #bøss - 7 months ago
love the spin you put me in....
Sheldon Smith
Sheldon Smith - 7 months ago
Yes I do see the things you do. I know a few people from your planet.
Random Guy-_-
Random Guy-_- - 7 months ago
JAINA Z LIBRE - 7 months ago
Reality by HZRH
Reality by HZRH - 7 months ago
Мне очень понравилось, необычно.
MARCOS B - 7 months ago
Is anyone from my planet. 👍
Gemma's an alien
Gemma's an alien - 7 months ago
E^ST is up and u have to admit it
Indigo Child
Indigo Child - 7 months ago
I don't know why but I'm just in love with her voice and style
Mary Galvan
Mary Galvan - 7 months ago
hola mui bien la cansion
Stubby Fox
Stubby Fox - 7 months ago
why does this video have like 0 views
Ай эм Эвелин
Ай эм Эвелин - 7 months ago
It is amazing.
hollow heart
hollow heart - 7 months ago
never related so much to a song before
Fantasia - 7 months ago
I saw you live in Melbourne before the panic concert. At first I was confused but I fucking fell in love with your music. You definitely got me hyped for your music. I hope you keep going. Keep up the good work cause your amazing
joshua lynch
joshua lynch - 7 months ago
Ard....this goes hard...👽
Egg Scoops
Egg Scoops - 7 months ago
here before this becomes famous ok bye
MiraMustache Gacha And More
“*Is anyone on my planet?*”
So true! This song relates to not only me, but lots of others too. It’s so deep with meaning.
Gerber David Portugal Mendoza
I love this song
Yuri Muhally
Yuri Muhally - 7 months ago
:) best music
DEGNER - 7 months ago
E^ST is up
Oe Kintarō
Oe Kintarō - 7 months ago
Sweet voice!
LucifersJunk ღ
LucifersJunk ღ - 7 months ago
East is aCctually south
LucifersJunk ღ
LucifersJunk ღ - 7 months ago
omg east is a furry #exposed
Shreyansh Dubey
Shreyansh Dubey - 8 months ago
Rosie-Lee Cummins
Rosie-Lee Cummins - 8 months ago
b o p
Leoni o gato pensante
Leoni o gato pensante - 8 months ago
Que música legal, era p'ra ter bem mais visualizações!!
Chloe Oliver
Chloe Oliver - 8 months ago
I saw her open for Panic! and I’m obsessed!
Trinity ;
Trinity ; - 8 months ago
I actually want to thank Brendon Urie so much for making you the opening act in Australia because thanks to him, I now love E^ST.
#bossdarkø #bøss
#bossdarkø #bøss - 8 months ago
Mr Skeleboi
Mr Skeleboi - 8 months ago
Saw this song live when e^st played as a cover band for panic! at the disco.
OcyTaviAh - 8 months ago
Anyone just get mad BPD vibes from literally all E^ST songs? I love it
Lady O.
Lady O. - 8 months ago
du, du hast?
David August - Patria (feat. Sissi Rada)
fiatfv - 8 months ago
This song is very good live
Lady O.
Lady O. - 8 months ago
Роже слічная ("Хорея Козацька")
TokyoBlue - 8 months ago
Is anyone from my planet?
I can relate to this song maybe too much
Cold Oats
Cold Oats - 8 months ago
I listen to this song all night and it still sounds tight as fuck
Anais Andrade
Anais Andrade - 8 months ago
I love thiss keep going 💗💗 I hear this everyday 😂
Mr Melophob
Mr Melophob - 8 months ago
That's Brisbane!!
kitliztheuncreativewhiz - 8 months ago
lmao I thought I would be original by commenting 'east is up' guess the rest of the clique got there first rip
Jae Han So
Jae Han So - 8 months ago
who came here from P!ATD Melbourne???
Maggie - 8 months ago
Amazing song 10\10
But Lame video
Karly Georgantis
Karly Georgantis - 8 months ago
tysm brendon ❤️❤️
potato _
potato _ - 8 months ago
I saw you at the p!atd concert yesterday in Melbourne and I’m hooked! I love your music 💖
kitty1616 - 8 months ago
Heard this live at the panic concert last night. It was so good
Panicked Mia
Panicked Mia - 8 months ago
She performed as the opening band at the Panic! At the disco concert in Adelaide. She’s honestly amazing. She looked like she was having so much fun.
Margo Rietman
Margo Rietman - 8 months ago
Goofy Goober
Goofy Goober - 8 months ago
this was way better live ;)
MissKayla - 8 months ago
I saw you live at panic at the disco and I fell in love with your music your so talented!!
sophiethepegasus - 8 months ago
Saw her at night at the PATD concert!!! what an amazing voice
YourLocalSeth - 8 months ago
This girl opened for Panic! And god damn she was good live.
Banditø - 8 months ago
Awesome hearing you perform yesterday at the panic concert.
Adorable ^^
Xx_ Maddie _xX
Xx_ Maddie _xX - 8 months ago
She opened for Twenty One Pilots AGES ago and I loved her so much, now all these fans saying "e^st is up" makes me life cause twenty one pilots actually like her haha. Tonight she's opening for Panic! at the disco. Crazy.
redjoii. - 8 months ago
ever since i saw you at p!atd, i've fallen in love in you,, keep doing what you're doing!! love you~ 💓💝💝💖💖💝💝
Aasiyah Fauzi
Aasiyah Fauzi - 8 months ago
came from p!atd's concert in adelaide last night, u were amazing
Ruby Alexopoulos
Ruby Alexopoulos - 8 months ago
OMG today I met one of the aliens for your Sydney show! Cool right !
KYNGSTON PLAYER - 8 months ago
I'm Brazilian, but I love international music.
Tashanny - 8 months ago
This is how I feel, living this life. 😔 ❤ I'm happy I found this song.
Squibbbles - 8 months ago
I saw you at Panic in Sydney n you were absolutly amazing!
Alanah Cunliffe
Alanah Cunliffe - 8 months ago
Same except I saw her in Melbourne
NFWRD - 8 months ago
Chloe meth
Chloe meth - 8 months ago
Que Vibe Hein..........
Tantalic Venus
Tantalic Venus - 8 months ago
I was looking for twenty one pilots but this is really good to
Dima Sologub
Dima Sologub - 8 months ago
Alysha Davis
Alysha Davis - 8 months ago
She actually opened for twenty one pilots in Brisbane back in 2016. I've seen her live a few times now and I get to see her again for Panic! on Thursday at Brisbane again
Ruby Alexopoulos
Ruby Alexopoulos - 8 months ago
I watched you preform this live you where amazing!! I saw you at Sydney!! On 6th of October!! At the PATD concert. But wow you are really talented!
c b
c b - 8 months ago
i really vibe with this
Zoella Anne
Zoella Anne - 8 months ago
Saw her perform as the opening act for Panic at the Disco in Sydney last night and she was amazing and had such a good energy I loved her! And this song in particular was fabulous and my favourite.
200 Subs With No Videos???
I did to... She was terrible. It wasn't hot. Her 'dance moves' were too energetic
cookiecakenshake - 8 months ago
*eAsT iS uP*
Derpp Doggo
Derpp Doggo - 8 months ago
Anyone else here from P!ATD?
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