Little Mix - Love On The Brain (Rihanna Cover) (Live on the Honda Stage at iHeartRadio)

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Thamara Gg
Thamara Gg - 16 hours ago
Cassandra Chavez
Cassandra Chavez - Day ago
Estelle.F - 2 days ago
Leigh anne and Jessy tho
Arianna Gamboa
Arianna Gamboa - 3 days ago
I love Jesy’s end
Anggreni Fachruddin
Anggreni Fachruddin - 3 days ago
8 years Little Mix
Girlsss I love youu
Jade - 4 days ago
Spotify plz
Bam Froude
Bam Froude - 4 days ago
How have only 100K people seen this video? Because I know damn well I've watched this video 13M times myself
Jacky Eastwood
Jacky Eastwood - 5 days ago
Amazing but Rhianna breaks your heart when she sings it.
Kaja xjdbej
Kaja xjdbej - 5 days ago
The best cover
Sabrina Cristine
Sabrina Cristine - 6 days ago
The girl red can try sing solo, it's so goooooood
Gema - 7 days ago
Nadja_ H
Nadja_ H - 7 days ago
The voices are perfect!! honestly!!
Marina Müller
Marina Müller - 7 days ago
brilliant wonderful great
ps8hholoogiline - 7 days ago
Love this version so much ❤❤❤❤
DarkStark - 8 days ago
2019 And I still here 😍😘
Małgorzata Grzyb
Małgorzata Grzyb - 10 days ago
Heather F
Heather F - 10 days ago
Ellie Louise
Ellie Louise - 11 days ago
This is gold to my ears
Hannah May
Hannah May - 11 days ago
how have I only just seen this??
esmeralda anguiano
esmeralda anguiano - 13 days ago
Jesy locks so sexy
Coreen - 13 days ago
Best cover ever! Can't get enough of this! 💙
Shayla Starkie
Shayla Starkie - 14 days ago
Perri sings the best to me
Lyric Vibes
Lyric Vibes - 14 days ago
They dont get what they deserve😭😭😭😭
Lyric Vibes
Lyric Vibes - 14 days ago
Until now Little mix is underrated😭💔 it’s soooo saaaad😭😭😭😭😭
Jodi T
Jodi T - 14 days ago
Balls to 1D THESE QUEENS are the best thing out of x factor !!! Without a doubt 👑 💋
Jodi T
Jodi T - 3 days ago
@I AM MIXER AND DIRECTIONER stream LM5 and MITAM yeah their both ace but little mix all the way baby 💋
LM and 1D are legendss
# jean mitchele
# jean mitchele - 16 days ago
It's so weird when ppl just talk about Leigh in three or two comments others start asking why we are not talking about perrie 🤨🤨🤨really guysssss
Nina Schreck
Nina Schreck - 16 days ago
Jesy's voice is so gorgeous ❤️
Pramila Marandi
Pramila Marandi - 17 days ago
I love u Ur voice n songs ❤️❤️❤️
favela amaya
favela amaya - 18 days ago
Jade’s voice>>>>>>> me on the floor
E B - 18 days ago
Impresionante perfomance
Josiah Loren
Josiah Loren - 18 days ago
Oh Jade has done it again
witness 003
witness 003 - 19 days ago
Masterpiece 🤤
Sebashe Mahlogonolo
Sebashe Mahlogonolo - 24 days ago
the smile exchange betweeen leigh n jade
Muntaha Waheed
Muntaha Waheed - 24 days ago
Muntaha Waheed
Muntaha Waheed - 25 days ago
Oh my God. I'm shooketh ❤️❤️❤️
Joanna Jackpot
Joanna Jackpot - 25 days ago
Why talk nobody about the amazing jesy?
Ash R
Ash R - 25 days ago fave 😯😈❤💋
Pektea 0100
Pektea 0100 - 26 days ago
This is horrible
kae lawaan
kae lawaan - 4 days ago
You are.
moon star
moon star - 26 days ago
This song really fits perrie’s voice
moon star
moon star - 26 days ago
dri preztz
dri preztz - 27 days ago
Lindas ♬
Abraham Almaguer
Abraham Almaguer - 27 days ago
Stop talking about just one of them as if this one were better than the others, they're Little Mix as one... And all of them are so talented and deserve all our love ❤️🥰
Little Mix is the best girlband ever! 🥰🙈
Best cover in the planet.
Hawanii Tales
Hawanii Tales - 27 days ago
I would like to choose one girl but they’re all endlessly talented.
Jade looks stunning and she has an angelic voice. But, her voice can also be a little raspy, and it makes it even cuter. A real talent.
Perrie is really a goddess, her voice is powerful and stable, it’s really interesting. And goddamn it, she makes it look really easy.
Leigh-Anne would be the girl I would refer to as a singer, calm voice who can really hit high notes easily, but she’s also really good in a lower register. And she’s absolutely gorgeous.
In this performance, I think Jesy was shining brighter than the sun. This song was actually made for her. Her voice is magical, mystic and bewitching.
This cover was by far better than the original song. The harmonies were on point, the girls were feeling the vibe.
I love them so much, greetings from France 🇫🇷❤️
Thelma Taco
Thelma Taco - 27 days ago
Why am I so in love with Leigh Anne
Malak Ahmed
Malak Ahmed - 28 days ago
I just don't get why would someone dislike the u ok bro?
iin anggreni
iin anggreni - 28 days ago
Perrie’s voice makes me warm
iin anggreni
iin anggreni - 28 days ago
flo contreraS
flo contreraS - 29 days ago
jay - Month ago
this is literally one of their best performances ever
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet - Month ago
Mayo Drawing
Mayo Drawing - Month ago
where’s jade her dress from?
Mayo Drawing
Mayo Drawing - Month ago
why is leigh so fucking perfect, her voice is the most beautiful of all time and she’s just so pretty aaaah
Denisa Elena
Denisa Elena - Month ago
María Flor Sánchez Noriega Sanchez Noriega
Que lindas voces, me gustaría cantar así de bien
Noemi Canul Ek
Noemi Canul Ek - Month ago
# jean mitchele
# jean mitchele - Month ago
Everyone should also be including Leigh idk when everyone will also appreciate her work and love and also there rest members can be appreciated but not living one member out 😔😔😔❤️🧡💛
My Journey To A Smile
My Journey To A Smile - Month ago
They sing it better than Rihanna
Jocelyn Swiftie Mixer
Jocelyn Swiftie Mixer - Month ago
yasss kweens, slay me..
Josh Celmar
Josh Celmar - Month ago
it has cured my depression and world hunger bitch
JM KING squad
JM KING squad - Month ago
This song is PERFECT for jesy's voice
Kent - Month ago
1:55 yas Jade!💚
Tiffany Jade
Tiffany Jade - Month ago
Mixers, let's get famous youtuber reactors to react to them. Like tweet them until they react to Little Mix. For example, Reaction Time, Pewdiepie, Tristan Paredas, Infinite List, Azzyland, DangMattSmith etc. It will get them more exposure especially considering these reactors have a good fan base, especially American fanbase.
Rayane Meghni
Rayane Meghni - Month ago
i was doing the same with tristan ... let's make a hashtag #littlemixreaction and tag all of them ... also they are nominated for teen choice summer group go vote 👏💚💜
# jean mitchele
# jean mitchele - Month ago
Perrie and Leigh u are so beautiful and cute your sounds are breath taking 😘😘😘😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🖤🖤
Lulu Altamimi
Lulu Altamimi - Month ago
"yas queeen" love themmm 😂❤️❤️
Red Armixer
Red Armixer - Month ago
Leigh’s voice has improved so much ❤️🥺🔥👌🏼😍
Chaotic but Cool
Chaotic but Cool - Month ago
All of them together are meant for this cover!! One alone would be pretty, but all of them together make a masterpiece!
nagwan ahmed
nagwan ahmed - Month ago
Very beautiful
La quimica R.C
La quimica R.C - Month ago
Perrie is a power queen
Rihanna My World
Rihanna My World - Month ago
BlissfulxBossxHugger - Month ago
their voices are so perfect 😭😍
chichenj카이니 - Month ago
Vocals always🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sorry i couldn't help but notice Jesy's abs popping hard 🔥🔥🔥
Mvee - Month ago
yes these girls are the REAL DEAL .
Gabriel Oliveira
Gabriel Oliveira - Month ago
Elas sabem o que fazem! 😍 Sucesso!
Karine Oliveira
Karine Oliveira - Month ago
Maravilhosas! Perfeito!
Barbara Bae
Barbara Bae - Month ago
La voz de Jesy dios😱😍
rangus41 - Month ago
I love Perrie said at the end of the song yaas queen
rangus41 - Month ago
Jesy has a mom voice to her singing
Leigh has a inspiration voice
Jade has a angelic voice
Perrie has a voice that makes a guy say oh la la
Uriel Kirchhof
Uriel Kirchhof - Month ago
omg omg omg omg omg , AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING ❤❤❤
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