Mom Did Things In The Basement With Other Women

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Hafez007 Playz
Hafez007 Playz - 9 hours ago
I’m scared of my mom cause of the chankla
TheRedneckDipper57835 - 12 hours ago
when i seen the title i thought of something way different about what her mom was doing to the other women and it shows a woman hanging my her arms and legs in begening of the video
TheRedneckDipper57835 - 12 hours ago
The russell ranch
The russell ranch - 12 hours ago
When i see the title i thought of something way different about what her mom was doing
The russell ranch
The russell ranch - 12 hours ago
Jahved Pine
Jahved Pine - 15 hours ago
Regular people’s reason for watching:
We thought it was interesting
My reason for watching:
I thought it involved sexual content
Lachlan Playz
Lachlan Playz - 20 hours ago
What is that m sound at the start
⬇️ if u heard
Dominic De almeida
Dominic De almeida - Day ago
5:28 that face tho
Aki Bru
Aki Bru - Day ago
Sprinkle Gang
Sprinkle Gang - Day ago
0:00 lol what
Spice _61
Spice _61 - Day ago
Please, i have to sleep at that time and wake up at six.
Ziyi Li
Ziyi Li - Day ago
The intro tho....
giorgia sacco
giorgia sacco - Day ago
I’ve been horrible I can’t believe my self
Deemememe - Day ago
I wish clickbait was illegal. I was going to subscribe until the BS title and thumbnail. Hate when people clickbait. You have over 2M subscribers! What’s the point of BSn??
king kyle
king kyle - Day ago
at the start i swerer there was a fart sound 0:0
TheOnlyGamer - Day ago
Who else lowered their phone volume before watching the video bcz of the title?
Jaylynn Johnson
Jaylynn Johnson - Day ago
Ok then
Shadow N
Shadow N - Day ago
Looks can be deceiving
Agatha Callejo
Agatha Callejo - 2 days ago
Woman in the title had brown hair in the video it the girl was blonde.
Lidya Berhe
Lidya Berhe - 2 days ago
This is made 2 days before my birthday
PASTA -CHAN - 2 days ago
raccoon ice
raccoon ice - 2 days ago
Rabbits are exotic apparently
Gacha Syd!
Gacha Syd! - 2 days ago
The little girl: “The weird things my mom thing blah,blah you name it!”
Me: Kill a black sheep?
Lyssa Boo
Lyssa Boo - 2 days ago
3:06 wHaT kInD oF fAcE iS tHaT
Lyssa Boo
Lyssa Boo - 2 days ago
0:00 *wHaT iS tHaT*
Arky - 2 days ago
Im looking at this video at 1 am
Diana Valdepena-vasquez
I've never made fun of anybody but they've been making fun of me so if I was a person that was that was bullied my parents are my siblings are my friends I want to be that person and I would change my life around
Dinosaur Gaming I Roblox Videos I
why is there just a NN at the very begging
Samadrit Sarkar
Samadrit Sarkar - 2 days ago
Wow wow wow such a good title .....It deserves an oscar.....
Blaze Crafter
Blaze Crafter - 2 days ago
I would of instantly call the police
Achelle Seychell
Achelle Seychell - 2 days ago
Lopita Briones
Lopita Briones - 3 days ago
I have imagery think that happen to my head
Sean Binaldo
Sean Binaldo - 3 days ago
Whats with the starting
Samael x
Samael x - 3 days ago
The titles are literally always misleading
Do_you_wanna_ride ;3
Do_you_wanna_ride ;3 - 3 days ago
well that’s a big oof
Jenny issac
Jenny issac - 3 days ago
ok so no one is talking about she wearing heels at home, it might be so uncomfortable.
Boki Soki
Boki Soki - 3 days ago
Who's looking im commentars to see if this is real
Gøry• pastel
Gøry• pastel - 3 days ago
0:00 HOL UP
Enya Sassine
Enya Sassine - 4 days ago
All I’m going to say
Caden Hendricks
Caden Hendricks - 4 days ago
This channel is a train wreck
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