Three Kingdoms - OverSimplified

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Super Skull
Super Skull - Hour ago
𝐈𝐭𝐬 𝐦𝐮𝐥𝐚𝐧
Roll3 Park
Roll3 Park - Hour ago
i bet many would disagree over map. it's painted as china's ruling areas where they had no control.
Other than that, this was good.
Danial Mousavi
Danial Mousavi - Hour ago
Do Iran Iraq war
MrBcardinal35 - Hour ago
Now I want Assassins Creed for this
Xiran Liao
Xiran Liao - Hour ago
That bird in the beginning was singing: I'll never give up on you, I'll never put you down.
vie gehts dir heute
vie gehts dir heute - 2 hours ago
Where’s my god of war gwan yu
CrisGame Plays xD
CrisGame Plays xD - 3 hours ago
Rome Oversimplified
Jamie Basham
Jamie Basham - 3 hours ago
Oversimplify please do Texas Revolution I live in Texas so yeehaw
Yùmèn Is Not Human
Yùmèn Is Not Human - 3 hours ago
This channel helps me so much in school oml
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un - 4 hours ago
Lmao just got my first ICBM working
Where should I send my first nuke?
United States of America
South Korea
Fortnite Servers
United Kingdom
Riyadh Ul-Hoque
Riyadh Ul-Hoque - 4 hours ago
And so in the end this vid was really about advertising a game so Oversimplified could earn a few more quid lol...
Hiko Wu
Hiko Wu - 4 hours ago
“天下 合久必分 分久必合” Although you miss the detail stories of warlords which are actually the reason people love three dynasty. But hey, only a 17mins video! Nice job for sure man!
Ben Weinstein
Ben Weinstein - 5 hours ago
I love these videos I just wish they were uploaded more often
HenriqueRJchiki - 6 hours ago
Oversimplified: Sengoku Jidai
Subham Shrivastava
Subham Shrivastava - 6 hours ago
Make one on Indian empires. Magadh ones are pretty good, also the Mughals.
Fxd Nitrous
Fxd Nitrous - 7 hours ago
I've watched this video like 12 time i just cant stop
Julian Molina
Julian Molina - 7 hours ago
Info graphics was preparing us for total war three kingdoms
David Ohuabunwa
David Ohuabunwa - 7 hours ago
0:20 Rickrolled xD
Ariyan Eighty
Ariyan Eighty - 8 hours ago
Sun’ son Sun Ce
Máté Laczik
Máté Laczik - 8 hours ago
plz do a Vietnam War Oversimplified
The Master of Science and Invention
The Master of Science and Invention
Skedich lavender 2
Skedich lavender 2 - 9 hours ago
6:14 upper side staircase left
geming pro z
geming pro z - 10 hours ago
Can you do Indonesia war pls
Tom van Buijtenen
Tom van Buijtenen - 10 hours ago
6:14 Hitler's father spanking in the background lol
Andrej Stojanovic
Andrej Stojanovic - 11 hours ago
The eunuchs assassinated someone *this enraged his father but by the time he was an old ass man so he let it go
TheOTBS - 11 hours ago
This is a poor mans history of the entire world i guess video
Löwe way
Löwe way - 11 hours ago
anyone see hitler dad?
Missy Standifer
Missy Standifer - 11 hours ago
Do The Civil War (like so he can make a new vid) I think we were all sad when we ran out of videos in the OverSimplified marithon
DemonCraftTV - 12 hours ago
Can u make a video about Bulgaria? Maybe for the Russian-turkish war, or something else...
T0xicNutz - 12 hours ago
How about the Iran Revolution (70’s decade)
The Shamedarcher
The Shamedarcher - 12 hours ago
But oversimplified, the Xia dynasty didn't discover Chinese civilisation. The Vikings did.
SuisId420 - 12 hours ago
Sengoku Period Next?
Ymir - 13 hours ago
DW7 be like
Ninjabob25 - 13 hours ago
3:50, I see that little nod to the french yellow jackets
Gaming Electron
Gaming Electron - 14 hours ago
Make a vid on japan :3
Mohammad Alsaad
Mohammad Alsaad - 14 hours ago
I just bought it using your link. You deserve it man!
Matattack07 - 15 hours ago
Operation desert storm oversimplefigt
Tehhbakery - 16 hours ago
I grew up on dynasty warriors
Ryōan Nazuk
Ryōan Nazuk - 16 hours ago
Wow now I gotta get Total War: Three Kingdoms!
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler - 16 hours ago
6:14 daddy what are you doing?
Allison Hermman
Allison Hermman - 16 hours ago
3:52 does anyone noctice a soldier holds a bread and wearing constructor uniform?
Brandon Kim
Brandon Kim - 17 hours ago
I feel like the Korean War could actually be a fun video because there was a lot of incompetence and ridiculous things that happened within it
Lucas Sew
Lucas Sew - 18 hours ago
The Eunuchs:are getting rekt
Hitler's father:SPANKING TIME
Rooster Boy
Rooster Boy - 18 hours ago
Do the Apollo 11 space mission or the escape from alcatraz plz
ashley lim
ashley lim - 18 hours ago
Pls do a 4part oversimplified version of the entire history of the earth
LuliGamertv - 19 hours ago
When he says : and alexas unic says Play despacito XDDDDDD
Wilhelm II
Wilhelm II - 20 hours ago
Hitlers Father punshing the Chinese down
El Chapo alv
El Chapo alv - 20 hours ago
Upload another video already dammit its almost been 2 months
Doh John
Doh John - 20 hours ago
I was gonna buy this game anyways so might as well buy from your link, I like videos from this channel.
Flip Guys
Flip Guys - 21 hour ago
6:11 there’s hitlers dad on the steps
Joey Sun
Joey Sun - 21 hour ago
It’s 2019 and I got rick rolled by a bird at 00:22 lol
Cameron - 21 hour ago
3:52 if you look closely, you’ll see a dude with a crossing guard jacket.
The fierce octopussy
The fierce octopussy - 22 hours ago
14:50 is that a h3h3 prank invasion reference
Mindless Comix
Mindless Comix - 22 hours ago
Vietnam War
SilverLeaf-Warriors - 23 hours ago
I hqve nevee been more convinced to buy a game XD
Dr. Alias
Dr. Alias - 23 hours ago
Adolphus? Is that you?
Tragiic- Bronzey
Tragiic- Bronzey - Day ago
Dude for the next video do the American Civil war
Michael Swancer
Michael Swancer - Day ago
Do Civil War Over simplified
Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill - Day ago
Anyone else notice hitlers father being enraged and punishing a eunuch severely at 6:08
Andrew Zhang
Andrew Zhang - Day ago
Bird is singing rick roll in chinese
xxTheFlyingPigxx - Day ago
Your average breakfast, under-simplified.
Ridikis - Day ago
History was the subject I hated most in High School, never thought it was worth giving a shit about, because it was, y'know, 'history'. But man there's just something about the way you break things down that sucks me into watching every video you put out. Keep up the work, you're awesome Oversimplified.
Meme Master C
Meme Master C - Day ago
Can you do the Kosovo War?
Daniel Wang
Daniel Wang - Day ago
Hitler’s father is punishing that Eunuch.
jasper is me
jasper is me - Day ago
Did you guys see the boy who is being punished severely by a hitler’s father in the background
ahd ayad
ahd ayad - Day ago
Can you do a video on the Egyptian History
JoshuaNation Productions
I saw Hitler's dad punishing someone severely 😂😂
Yunhao Bai
Yunhao Bai - Day ago
John Dennis
John Dennis - Day ago
Do vietnam
Klaas Vaak
Klaas Vaak - Day ago
honestly this motivates me abit to actually try three kingdoms, it does seem cool to obtain new lands and rewrite history
Teddy N
Teddy N - Day ago
Do videos on the following: American Civil War, Space race, Vietnam war, War on terror (so far) and French Revolution.
memes weekends
memes weekends - Day ago
Do a history of Latvia
Almas Kadri
Almas Kadri - Day ago
6:18 look at the back there is Hitler's father
ᴀɪꜱʟɪɴɢ x ᴍᴀʀᴛɪɴ
I got an ad with dumplings in this XD
RS Player
RS Player - Day ago
Man,when i was the emperor,the name of China was Ruin Dynasty Empire,all leaders was Ruis,i was a Rui, but when the division happened, South China was my,with the same name.The Ruin Dynasty borned in 2041 BC and ended in 1937 AC.The flag was Red,two golden swords and a golden sun with a golden Moon.I had all South China,all Indochina,all Taiwan,all Phillipiens and North Borneo, and all Mongolia,India and North Korea. Capital: Guangxi and Guangdong,but United called Ruingrade.
MicheleandRichard Napier
I followed along just fine
Grant Hudson
Grant Hudson - Day ago
Carlo the Gamer
Carlo the Gamer - Day ago
Why is there hitlers dad beating the crap out of a unach or however it is called at 6:09 ??
zoye - Day ago
make one about the vietnam war pls
Melitta Kaffee
Melitta Kaffee - Day ago
Would be cool if you did the yugoslav wars next
Triggered Nugget
Triggered Nugget - Day ago
Dong Zhuo killed a child.

*_This enraged The Han Dynasty, who punished him severely._*
Andersen Wicker
Andersen Wicker - Day ago
Village dude: Hey guys did you know there's been a drought out here for 2 years?? ( No one responded to him ) village dude 2.0: hey can that emperor kid right there stop this fighting and help stop the drought?!
Sunny Zhu
Sunny Zhu - Day ago
Do the American civil war
Sunny Zhu
Sunny Zhu - Day ago
Do the American civil war
Dawson Hawkins
Dawson Hawkins - Day ago
Could you make a world war 3
Vance Bedsaul
Vance Bedsaul - Day ago
Oversimplified: they met at wulin
For honor: *heavy breathing*
Mythew - Day ago
Where was the battle of three heroes and lu bu (三英战吕布)
Benjamin Liang
Benjamin Liang - Day ago
1:47 I feel like this turned into one of those chinese soap operas.
victoria Anderson
victoria Anderson - Day ago
''And then Cao Cao turned his attention to the Cao south''. LOL
ThisIsPhil - Day ago
The movie Red Cliff was awesome!
LolBekfast Hoiyaa
LolBekfast Hoiyaa - Day ago
Please do American civil war
Shirley Z.
Shirley Z. - Day ago
I can’t believe the great strategist, politician, a key figure in the three kingdom period in both history and the famous novel, Zhuge Liang, is not even mentioned here...
Billy Tsili
Billy Tsili - Day ago
Is all this information legit?
黄捷 - Day ago
As a foreigner, you can accurately describe the history of the three kingdoms, which really surprised me.
you are doing a great job!
Munchkins OfficialYT
Did you guys saw at 6:07 Alois Hitler was at the background slapping butts of eunichs!
Jackson Lordship
Jackson Lordship - Day ago
Make another video now or I will say heck an frick again
Ultra J
Ultra J - Day ago
Where is the Vietnam War Video?
Jera2271 MyEasy
Jera2271 MyEasy - Day ago
Maybe do some of these:
American Civil War
Chinese Civil War
Russian Revolution
Napoleonic Wars
Sengoku(I think that is what its called)
Seven Years War
Mongol Empire
SANS - Day ago
could u make chechenya vs soviet union the war
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