Unbroken - Motivational Video

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Allan Hobba
Allan Hobba - 4 hours ago
Racist propaganda crap!
Denis Augusto Branco
Denis Augusto Branco - 12 hours ago
The best motivational track ever!!! Please, put it on the Spotify!
EthanInGoa - 16 hours ago
Its 18/11/2019: Starting to run everyday now. Working out at the gym everyday. Boxing everyday.
I have no skill or experience with boxing but I'm determined to become good enough to stand up to people who put me down!
I'll post weekly updates here (yearly updates make no sense) as well as weekly physique updates on my Instagram starting tonight @ethaningoa !!
rohan dalvi
rohan dalvi - 18 hours ago
Today - 18/10/19, will be back on 31/12/20.
I will achieve my dream.
Gavin Clark
Gavin Clark - Day ago
Today's date
I will check monthly
Brandon October
Brandon October - Day ago
As a burn victim from the age of 4 giving up is easy pushing forward is hard, today i have turned that around into going up and pushing to reach the top! stay positive!
Equine_ Eliza
Equine_ Eliza - 3 days ago
Today is 16/11/19

In a year I’m coming back to see what has changed♥️
Riya Kumar
Riya Kumar - 3 days ago
Speaking into existence: In 2021 I will be a medical cadet in afmc pune
I will persevere to get there every single day.
Álvaro Capelo
Álvaro Capelo - 3 days ago
Not once have I watched this video and not cried. Truly. It is, in fact, part of my morning routine. Simply mesmerizing.
prasanjit mohanty
prasanjit mohanty - 3 days ago
I have struggled a lot for last 5 yrs.too much difficulty too much frustration too much failure and last i must do it in 2019
prasanjit mohanty
prasanjit mohanty - 3 days ago
I am going to get ibps clerk-9 2019-20
Lessons Taught By Age
Lessons Taught By Age - 4 days ago
This story "I will never forgive them" brought me to tears. What a valuable lesson!
Believe you CAN and you WILL! Remember this.
Rustam Gulyamov
Rustam Gulyamov - 5 days ago
Remember this date 14/Nov/2019
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith - 6 days ago
12/11/19 cya in a bit
A t o s A
A t o s A - 6 days ago
3:07 😓😟
Nokwethu Pearl
Nokwethu Pearl - 7 days ago
This video really keeps me going. Its not easy and at times i feel like giving up but then i remember the promises I made to my parents, I just wanna make them proud and give them a better life and with the grace of God all my dreams will be fulfilled one day.
Soumia Mar
Soumia Mar - 7 days ago
I feel so sad 😓
Yuges Joker
Yuges Joker - 7 days ago
People use to say to me include my relatives
You can't
You won't
You not going yo make it
Bla bla bla
Im like down, i act like nothing i can do.... i got experience i got a diploma what else i asked myself
The next day i woke up get out from my house go work at McDonald's in morning at night work as security study more do courses staying at my small room alone paying rent monthly
Sometime i have no money to eat
At 23 years old
Here me now.... my uncle use to say (suffer now enjoy later)
I suffered alot in past now
Im a engineer own a house going to get married buy a car this year
28 years old
More to go
Keep going guys don't ever ever give up
Don Dk
Don Dk - 8 days ago
current date 11-11-2019
I will become much bigger than what today I am, the race is between me and myself and I will get everything that I dreamt of, I am unbroken
wish me luck
T4K Games
T4K Games - 9 days ago
I come back and watch this one every now and then. I can’t describe how powerful that last part of this video is, honesty just cried even after watching so many times before.
Bad Guy
Bad Guy - 9 days ago
I’ll be back in a year.
Yash Pal Goyal
Yash Pal Goyal - 11 days ago
Please help me find full version of the video at the link:
I like this video very much. I got that from someone's story, but I cant find the full one... please help.
dmcg67 - 11 days ago
Great video, thanks for doing it.
I’ve made stories, motivational, emotional stories since I was a little kid. I’m 15 now and I’ve been working on a film for 3 years, it’s my first attempt at turning my stories into something real. Into turning a dream into something real. I am hoping beyond hope that it is a great start to my future. Anyone wanna help motivate me?
Andrea D'Apote
Andrea D'Apote - 12 days ago
Steve jobs ⚡🎓 thank you
1Lifeonearth - 13 days ago
my health insurance costs so much
my rent costs so much
my utilities cost so much
my car/insurance/expenses cost so much
i eat the cheapest food i can buy
I can literally not afford to be alive
99 percent of people give up on their dreams without even trying once.
I am trying desperately to remain in that 1 percent.
Argy21 - 14 days ago
I am happy reading the comments , you got this go for it etc i Love it . Finally People are united . Wake up Brothers Live your Life Make your Own terms And Believe in yourself
Storie Di Un Canale Figo
Storie Di Un Canale Figo - 14 days ago
can i ask where do you have take the video with the girl in front of the lake, in the firsts seconds?
Mikesh Khatri
Mikesh Khatri - 16 days ago
I'm 24 and I suffering from a condition known as Essential tremors. It is incurable and yet, I'm holding on. Hoping for a better and positive future irrespective of what my condition is right now. If anyone else is going through a dark and hardest phase in life right now. Hold on. Better things are going to happen. Peace. :)
dglee87 - 18 days ago
At the end of your feelings is nothing...but behind every principle is a promise....You all on your feelings.... Fkn preach
Borislav Mijovic
Borislav Mijovic - 18 days ago
Motivation makes you started good habits keep you going...
J&H COMPANY - 19 days ago
In this 12K comment are the greatest people in the world. Why??
They want to prove everybody wrong and to create life they wanted and make proud people they love.
snaphix - 19 days ago
I have an Idea for a Magnetmotor .I know Everybody says that its impossible ,but I will keep going and I will try as hard as I can to build it and show the world that *NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE*.
Evil Shark
Evil Shark - 22 days ago
Something just told me out of the blue i need to learn boxing and to stand up for myself i have many problems at school and i'm already fit but i want to be bigger and better
Evil Shark
Evil Shark - 22 days ago
I will never STOP
Andrew Almodovar
Andrew Almodovar - 22 days ago
Are these on Spotify
robert ballard
robert ballard - 22 days ago
I used to live hand to mouth in a Brooklyn studio while my friend slept on the couch.
4 years later i live in New Zealand. I sell luxury residential homes and drive a brand new X3 M40d bmw.
If you had told me I’d be doing these things 5 years ago i would have laughed.
Don’t give up on your dreams. Ever
loubna the lonly girl
loubna the lonly girl - 22 days ago
I know its stupid a bit but I want to find the theory of everything this is my dream
Finding Purpose
Finding Purpose - 22 days ago
I’ve watched this so many times whilst washing up and getting dressed in the morning. It should be law that you listen to something like this every single day.
Nathan Leavitt
Nathan Leavitt - 23 days ago
You make quality material Mateusz
Nick Drew
Nick Drew - 23 days ago
U all on u feeling
Michelle L
Michelle L - 24 days ago
October 25, 2019 today. In one year I will work at Google.
I will have finished my internship at one of the top software companies in the world. I will travel all of Europe. I will have read 52 books (1 each week).
Tang Terrence
Tang Terrence - 25 days ago
the current date is 10/25/19

I'll be back in about half a year and see what changed
I'll get back on my feet and regain my physical strength.
Do Wish me luck.ty~
Sina Shojae
Sina Shojae - 25 days ago
I listened to this video two years ago with no motivation for anything, and now my life is miraculously changed. I listen to these videos almost every night because our minds are so engrossed in the outside world that we forget about ourselves again.
Brenda House of Shine
Brenda House of Shine - 26 days ago
Chase the heart.
Austyn humble
Austyn humble - 27 days ago
Why do anything? We will die, our loved ones will die, and everything goes away. Memories are worthless. The moment is garbage. What the hell are we doing? What is life when terrible things keep happening? Don’t tell me to look at people that have it worse or to volunteer—it never feels better; only the anxiety remains. Don’t tell me to look for help: I’ve tried meds and everything else. Don’t tell me to look to religion; God, if it’s there, hates me, or worse, everything bullshit thing that’s happened is just random, terrible trash. Things absolutely do not get better. You just learn to keep your head down and stay down when life throws another blow so you don’t waste energy getting back up only to have the shit beat out of you again. There is no control of the awful things life throws from the outside—we’re helpless, pointless victims of a stupid, random, or malevolent universe.
Austyn humble
Austyn humble - 26 days ago
Dark Star why do it though? Wanting to isn’t enough, and if there isn’t an objective purpose, then all we have are lies. A lack of a real meaning makes all life a series of stupid, random, tragic things!
Dark Star
Dark Star - 26 days ago
You're right. Humans have no purpose. Life's useless. We have no control over the horrible things happening everywhere. We will all die. Now that you're aware of the hard truth of life here's what you should focus on : Turn your meaningless life into a meaningful one. Choose your own purpose. Choose what you want out of life. That's how it works. That's all you can do. That or give up on life. Some will choose this path, others will try to give it a shot and use all their potential. That's exactly what life is : what you decide it is. Choose your perspective. Will you select the negative, or the positive one? Most of us went through the negative one since everyone doesn't have the chance to have an easy life. But most of us will also eventually get to the positive perspective. I once thought like you and I know that no matter what I say right now has little influence. But here I am today with a totally different opinion on life. You're the only one who can change your life. I hope you'll find what you, and anyone reading this, really want even if it's a hard thing to do.
Baris 7484i
Baris 7484i - 27 days ago
One Word ,,unbelievable"
J63 productions
J63 productions - 28 days ago
10-21-19 still listening to this when I have no motivation to go on
Glenn Hanjoul
Glenn Hanjoul - 28 days ago
21/10/2019 - I'll become a pro bodybuilder

Have a gratefull, healthy day everyone.
Malik Dandridge
Malik Dandridge - 29 days ago
8/27/2014 I was in a dark room , feeling sorry for myself . staying at a friends house. until i left to jucco. Just Graduated highschool not to long ago, I was homeless at the time and that same morning i was suppose to leave to mississippi to start my college football career, they repoed my car and at the time all i wanted to be was a football player, i didnt know what God would throw at me, but all i knew at that time i was not going to stay the same , im not going to let my circumstances deteriorate my vision, i didn't let it control my WILL POWER. I had the faith and im here to tell you all listening to this video back then help me got through so much, from being homoeless sleeping from friends house to house , sleeping in my car or whatever i had. All i knew was to stay focus on the plan, listening to this helped me so much get through such a dark time in my life and im here to tell you 5 years later. im not that kid anymore im now 24, im much closer to my dreams then i was then , i broke myself down study my flaws and built myself back up with the people that God has blessed in my life, 5 years later my sister and I bought my mom a house 5 years later, im now going to my dream school. I didnt give up, i didnt lose hope, i understood the problem and i believed in what i had to do to make the change, your reality i what you want it to be I promise you all, keep believing , keep fighting , trust me im a 11 year cancer survivor , i been through so much and no matter what NEVER QUIT!
Martin Kelly
Martin Kelly - 29 days ago
I listen to this because I lost my true love and I am not going let this destroy me I going get her back and nothing else matters or will ever matter
incorectulpolitic - 17 days ago
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Incore Fiber
Incore Fiber - Month ago
It's harder than you think you need to put up sacrifices to get it
RezhwanTC - Month ago
nineteen days gone from october and i want to be a doctor and this is my last chance to make it ..
i will come back nearly on july and see if i could to be what i have ever wanted to be ...
wish me luck guys 💜
Justin Kottelich
Justin Kottelich - Month ago
Ive listened to this video every day on the way to work for the last 7 years. It was shared to me and the original video is now gone. I came here to comment to let everyone know. Ive grown more than ever and i feel every word in this message. To this day i laugh, i cry, i scream, and i love all when watching this. I recommend this to alot of people. You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him float on his back. Hope this helps someone.
Ammiel vallechetty
Ammiel vallechetty - Month ago
Its 18/10/19...i will come back after one year!
Wish me luck
施亮 - Month ago
What are your goals??
Sorrezoo - Month ago
It's currently 2019-10-10

I'll be back in a years time too see whats changed.
johnnydanvers - Month ago
Rishav Adarsh
Rishav Adarsh - Month ago
I am gonna be watching this video everyday
施亮 Thank you🙂
施亮 - Month ago
oneTrue anthony
oneTrue anthony - Month ago
you will lose many battles, but never lose the war
Burak Aktaş
Burak Aktaş - Month ago
When I watched it first for the first time, I wasn't sure what I want. This video is one of my guides that made me come where I'm right now I'm an engineering student at one of the best universities in my country.
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