Unbroken - Motivational Video

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Caleb Miller
Caleb Miller - 14 hours ago
Hi Guys, I just started a podcast and was hoping if some of you would be willing to support me in this endeavor and tuning in Monday and Friday every week :)

Muhd Adli
Muhd Adli - 21 hour ago
After years of years searching for my passion and what I love. Finally I found and it's possible to live your dreams. Now everyday I wake up with soo much energy and always excited to do my job 😊
Marco B
Marco B - Day ago
Felix Xc
Felix Xc - Day ago
Here I am again... I have watched this video like a thousand times, and still Im crying again... I don’t really know what to do, I’m feeling like I don’t know what is my purpose on this life... currently I’m working in my family’s business, but I’m feeling pretty alone, since my parents are already retired and my brothers aren’t interested in running this business... the results are not coming and I have a lack of motivation since this isn’t the project that I choosed to do... besides I don’t know if I have the capacity to lead it to success. I’m now 25 years old, I’m Chinese, and I feel like I never have choosed my own path to live this life... I know that the only way to fill this emptiness is by starting doing what I love to do... but I guess it is not that simple...
I don't really know why I'm writing my life here, I guess the simple fact that you're watching this video means that you are not going to judge me, but understand me.

Anyway, I know this is 100% my responsability to figure it out, and I will for sure.
Thank you for the video Mateusz M, and thank you for everyone who have this capacity to understand people and support them.
William Pitts
William Pitts - 3 hours ago
i think you should do what you love your family will understand this in time. "the two most important days in your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why" -Mark Twain. being 25 your life has only just begun we're here for a good time not a long time. go follow your dreams! :)
phoenix phoenix
phoenix phoenix - Day ago
I have been defeated again again but I am still standing . . I will not gonna bow down whatever gonna come . I take full responsibility of my life . Will continue gonna gonna do what I love till my last laugh 😀
Sawyer Clark
Sawyer Clark - Day ago
is it possible to download this
Emmanuel Alagbala
Emmanuel Alagbala - Day ago
That part of "keep looking" is where most people I know struggle to do. At this stage of humanity we are more interconnected than we ever have been. How can you not believe that your career is out there?
Aryádina Lourenço
Aryádina Lourenço - 2 days ago
Who's the thumbnail guy?
Aspect Gaming
Aspect Gaming - 2 days ago
The video changed my life
Josue Salazar
Josue Salazar - 2 days ago
I want to joing the army but I'm afraid.... Because my grandpa die in the 2 war
mateja9999 - 2 days ago
What movies are included in this video?
henrique bonafe
henrique bonafe - 3 days ago
Who is taking at 5:35 ?
SKWEDY - 3 days ago
October first facing my fears and moving to America to try and become a actor. I’ll keep y’all updated
David Fuentes
David Fuentes - 4 days ago
I hope Jamie reads this and becomes a better person for this.....
Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson - 4 days ago
Bullying, torture, abuse, these are things that have solutions to them with enough will, diligence, planning, perseverance and determination. People have always been cruelly, unjustly oppressed throughout the eons. Furries, homosexuals, the poor, the deformed, lesbians, transsexuals, all of them and more have been victims of inexcusable torture. Always try to make friends and be yourself, and if people can't accept who you are when your differences do make you weird don't yet don't pose a direct threat to yourself or anyone else, they don't deserve the benefit of knowing you, nor do they have the right to treat like garbage any people who DO treat you kindly. Cry as long and hard as you need when you're completely alone, if you want, but for the sake of being stronger, not for the sake of giving up on life. Never hold in your anguished emotions for any reason or for any length of time. Life is meant to be enjoyed the right way. You will not always feel happy or optimistic, but your joy can only be taken away with your permission. Maintain a joyful attitude always and enjoy the things that make life worth living: kittens: puppies, food, water, family, friends, a roof over your head, a warm yet ragged bed, every little thing you do have, be thankful for it, even if it doesn't seem like much. We do not live in a bleak, hopeless, Lovecraftian world where existence is meaningless and is ruled by cruelly indifferent Outer Gods that serve as every tentacle porn enthusiast's wet dream. We should make the decision to not let others change who we are and always be kind to others and do what we can to fight against evil, always proclaiming the truth no matter what someone may try to frame you for under any circumstances. Be strong and carry on.
Sean Panerio
Sean Panerio - 4 days ago
I'm in control here. I'm not gonna let this get me down, I'm not gonna let this destroy me!
I'm coming back! and I'll be stronger and better because of it!!!!
Actually I saw this last year and now there's a lot of things that I've realize on my past relationship and it changes me. I hope some of you here getting better 👍 Just Trust the Process.
Sad Gordon
Sad Gordon - 5 days ago
I'll be back in a year
Twisty Dreams
Twisty Dreams - 5 days ago
Ill be back in one year and things WILL change, im counting on myself.
Amir - 6 days ago
Remember it's easy to get motivated and hyped up and even work hard for one day. The point is doing that every day, day after day, even when you don't feel like it. It has to be everyday otherwise you lose the rhythm and power. I'm on day 99 of maxing out every day. Let's see how long I last.
Joseph Smyth
Joseph Smyth - 6 days ago
What a load of bull shit. Get to work and shut up.
Crowded places
Crowded places - 7 days ago
I can i can i can . dont give up dont give in
Martini Henry
Martini Henry - 7 days ago
13 Semtemper 2019 My gf just left me. I am releasing my inner predator to invest in myself. I will come back in 1 year later.
mramos4131 - 7 days ago
Watched this often and listen to it on SoundCloud a lot. Thank you for inspiring millions lives. It’s definitely something I go back to often to keep me on track :)
Dreads And Angels
Dreads And Angels - 7 days ago
I'll be back in 1 year to see how my life turns out to be I'm 24 years young. I will chase my success like a lion chasing his pray God Bless you all
Jounell Mills
Jounell Mills - 7 days ago
I still cry when I listen and watch this video. I am UNBROKEN‼️💪🏽
Prachi Rupal
Prachi Rupal - 7 days ago
Today's 12 Sept 19
I wanna come back in a year to see what's changed!
Lephas - 8 days ago
Be right back pulling out trees after seeing this
Vishal Shaw
Vishal Shaw - 8 days ago
I am struggling now but not for Long. Trust me
Baphomet Garcia
Baphomet Garcia - 8 days ago
Hell will become heaven if you can play with fire.
Grey M
Grey M - 8 days ago
Stress & the Fear of ....
Honglu Zhang
Honglu Zhang - 9 days ago
I watched it years ago, I'm not really motivated by it, however sticked to my passion because of it. A fresh new year in University of Toronto pursuing academic career. I wish all who saw my comment can do what they are passionate about and don't give up for anything you set the path to.
Ines dantas
Ines dantas - 9 days ago
Reem S
Reem S - 10 days ago
I remember the first time I watched this video, many things has changed ❤️
Murk - 10 days ago
*Started Aug 26*
9 Classes left to pass highschool
10$ in my account
12,222 Subs
63 Supporters on CODE MURK

Let's see what changes by December 1st
Nina Ninaa
Nina Ninaa - 10 days ago
Zingisa Tamela
Zingisa Tamela - 10 days ago
my communication lecture sent me here
foxotic - 11 days ago
Shrek watched this video before he took matters into his own hands to get his swamp back
gilly b
gilly b - 11 days ago
I find myself coming back to this video a lot. It changed my life the first time I watched it.
Volues - 11 days ago
Everyone in this comment section better remember this name. My name is Tyler. I am going to be the greatest film maker in the world.
Yuri Gueggia
Yuri Gueggia - 12 days ago
I saw this video many years ago.. too early, now I really can appreciate and doing something different
KING Silva
KING Silva - 13 days ago
Awesome video!
Abhishek Chowdhury
Abhishek Chowdhury - 13 days ago
Hey Mat...Everything about this video is excellent. You are a superhero and you are truly saving lives. Thanks A Ton for the video.
dyfn - 13 days ago
😣😣😣 who else is watching this in bed
AshTheIntroverted - 14 days ago
This video always gives me the chills.
Edit: didn't realize I said the same thing 2 years ago. Wow. What an impact.
shreyas nandakishore
shreyas nandakishore - 14 days ago
I promise I will be here in 2031 .
Resha Mau
Resha Mau - 14 days ago
Today is 09/05/2019.
I'll be back in 6 months.
And then a year from now.
Aryádina Lourenço
Aryádina Lourenço - 15 days ago
Definetely my favorite motivational video
Devinder Singh
Devinder Singh - 15 days ago
Maybe people will believe me or not but i lost 70 lbs in 1 year and now i m ready to join Indian army. Either achieve it or die trying.
Quad Ripped
Quad Ripped - 15 days ago
Father died in childhood, no one was there to look after us siblings, mother was ill, family properties confiscated by relatives, no one was there to give support, to give hope, to give dreams. There was a time when I wanted to die everyday everytime, i always wished that I don't wake up next day. Then after a difficult time, I went to a university, i was bullied there because of my ethnicity. Because i was not cool like them. My confidence and everything was again shattered to a level that it doesn't exist. It's been 5301 days since my father has left me but i am still struggling. Hope someday, i will find someone who can love me, i can achieve my dreams. It's 5 months left. I need wishes and prayers.
Thatta- Pakistan
vGoatxKam X
vGoatxKam X - 15 days ago
2:43 what you need to hear🤷🏾‍♂️
NeutronX101 - 16 days ago
Motivational speeches are so annoying and unrealistic.
Weeverboi - 16 days ago
I wrote a comment over two years ago on different account saying I’d go to uni to do games development. On the 16th of this month I start uni. Now the rest is up to me
Aristid Grossmann
Aristid Grossmann - 17 days ago
My life goal is to develop an algorithm which can figure out the perfect shape and number of turbine blades, depending on the load and fluid flow applied to it, by using neural networks.
I dont want the money which will come from it; cause the money will be less.
I want to create something that was never done before, and bring turbo machinery engineering to the next step.
Les Camerounais
Les Camerounais - 18 days ago
02/09/2019 this still put me on fire!! be blessed
Tim Schrohe
Tim Schrohe - 18 days ago
Man this makes me remember how I felt before my first week of school thank you so much!
Patrick McMullin
Patrick McMullin - 18 days ago
The whole gender thing is a lie!LGBT are sexist!Males?I ask if you say'Males are emotional?(NO?)Your right females are emotional!They talk about emotions!Does males talk about emotion no they do not!
vijay Duttaluru
vijay Duttaluru - 19 days ago
I want new brain for my family...
陈鸿辉 - 20 days ago
Today is 31.8.2019. I will be back in a year and i hope there will be a difference. I CAN !!!
Foxste Gamer
Foxste Gamer - 20 days ago

Ill make bunch of Money, Goal is set and will be accomplished

Bunch of bad things happened to me, i have a bad aunt and his son wanted to take my pants off, i thought it was a game of fight and i pushed him but now i understand, i weight 49k, i must get 38k
i must get money, i must work to get what i want, even if im a kid, even if im just 11 years old, if they tell me i can't, i make sure i don't care, when they laugh and tell me they can do better, i make sure i do better for real, if i want a good pc and want to be able to buy what i want without asking my parents, i have to work, work harder, work more, work alot, i must not give up, i must do it, i must concentrate, i must concentrate, i will have 800€

ill come back in 1 month and say the results...

For everyone who got left by girlfriend, or got bullied, make sure u fight, fight for your dreams, fight for going forward, if they bully u, u tell the teacher, if they no stop u defend yourself, sometimes u cant get free from bully just by telling the teacher, u must defend yourself.
enjoythesilence169 - 21 day ago
I share this video as well as other similiar videos because they make me feel good and get pumped up.
I've always wondered why NOBODY on my social media pages like these types of videos. Not one single reaction or like.
Yet, I can visit these videos and they are full of people who love these videos and the message they give. Yet, none of them want to be on my social media page lol
Like, wtf?!?! Lol
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