Avengers Endgame Theory: THEY WILL FAIL (Second Snap?)

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Zury Kowski
Zury Kowski - Month ago
I think Black Widow and Tony will die just a prediction
ZneR_25 - Month ago
If anything the rats were the real reason why they won 🐀 😂
Michael Gonzales
Michael Gonzales - Month ago
I came back from watching avengers endgame and everything matches up
samantha sophia
samantha sophia - Month ago
I'll tell you something ,
once again they used CGI to hide Prof. Hulk in the trailers
Kris Brown
Kris Brown - Month ago
Amanda Leach
Amanda Leach - Month ago
Am I the only one scared for Hawkeyes family😭❤️😁
LiverpoolFC News
LiverpoolFC News - Month ago
3rd Snap You Mean
Bismarck Vivero
Bismarck Vivero - Month ago
stark will die
Captain America
ADDRACTION 3044 - Month ago
Black widow
Copper Candycorn
Copper Candycorn - Month ago
I’ve watched the movie already, and I just want to say... _hahaha._
Yeye Mizal
Yeye Mizal - Month ago
You should bring tissue case you need it there is little you expect but there more that you didn't expect to happen
Yeye Mizal
Yeye Mizal - Month ago
You will feel many emotions while you watch
CR!M!NAL ACT - Month ago
I’ve actually already seen endgame and it’s fun to see what people theorise about when I already know what happens
Zenith - Month ago
I think Captain Marvel is dying in the first hour. Like this up in case I’m right.
Kris Brown
Kris Brown - Month ago
Victor Mchale
Victor Mchale - Month ago
probably Bruce banner
L3NM4R - Month ago
Carl Johan
Carl Johan - Month ago
iNz._. Erik
iNz._. Erik - Month ago
For the soul stone
Shandiesel1000 - Month ago
3 hours?
You ever seen Lord of the Rings?
Gannon Melanson
Gannon Melanson - Month ago
Black widow and cap will die
Ethan Turner
Ethan Turner - Month ago
What happens when Thanos snaps and kills himself
N1c3dr - Month ago
I am Groot
I am Steve Rogers
revenge - Month ago
Black widow no 🧢
FaZe Kermit
FaZe Kermit - Month ago
Ur mom died in the snap😂
jhomphy ventura
jhomphy ventura - Month ago
I think Thor will die he is so determined to get back his friends. That that mite blind him and in the end kill him.😪
Rrod725 :D
Rrod725 :D - Month ago
Sadly I think captain America because it looked like he was in a struggle in the first fighting scene
Julian Salazar
Julian Salazar - Month ago
Don’t worry guys seen the film they don’t fail.. theory dead
Bongo cat the agent
Bongo cat the agent - Month ago
Scruff Looking Nerve Hurter
When you promote horeshit in the middle of your video, dislike
Hayden Renth
Hayden Renth - Month ago
i think rocket will die
ExtremeJB 1
ExtremeJB 1 - Month ago
What if thanos didn't know how to snap?
Eric McManus
Eric McManus - Month ago
I really hope captain marvel does right away.
Richard Atticus Wilson
My theory: at the end of the movie Thanos revealed that the only way to kill galactus was the snap. The avengers must decide to bring erbody back and fight galactus or leave it as it is
ZAY Simmons
ZAY Simmons - Month ago
3 hours is nothing I have 9 hours at school👌🏿
JSM TSM - Month ago
And I think hulk is going to use the infinity gauntlet and he is Going to lose his arm if you see in some of the trailers hulk is not in there..
Germany - Month ago
If you wanna know what happens replies
JSM TSM - Month ago
And I think avengers going to re-create the stones and use it against thanos
Jaime Irizarry
Jaime Irizarry - Month ago
Some people love school
But not us
jasyon dixon
jasyon dixon - Month ago
The Huck will die frst
Floofy Animations
Floofy Animations - Month ago
It hurts me too click the not interested button on all avengers endgame things😢😢😑
Dailen Lewis
Dailen Lewis - Month ago
I will not sit in the movie theater for 3 hours to see that they lose
Minecraft Steve
Minecraft Steve - Month ago
Peter Parker will die first because he is not in the endgame poster
Carl Brundage
Carl Brundage - Month ago
I think Schmidt will be more involved than we all think
Griffin Christie
Griffin Christie - Month ago
Cap or Tony
pokemon projekt cz and rockruff gaming
I don’t think anyone will die in the first act but I know cap will die
Kozmnavt - Month ago
Kevin Feige looks like Vladimir Putin at 2:10
Kendall Jenkins
Kendall Jenkins - Month ago
thanos is going to burn earth 😱😱
Markos the goat 67 m
Markos the goat 67 m - Month ago
Captain America
primechef24 - Month ago
The comic has it where they won so yes they won
Turd The Turtle
Turd The Turtle - Month ago
Captain Marvel, I hope 🤞
BΞAST - Month ago
Bruh, they will never fail
Kadyn Kelly
Kadyn Kelly - Month ago
Cap marvel
Ben Aguilar
Ben Aguilar - Month ago
What episode of rick of morty was that ??
pokemon projekt cz and rockruff gaming
Goose will save the day
jason - Month ago
It will be cool if it was 4hr
the mongler Shadow_Legs
Black widow and stark die
shel i
shel i - Month ago
Time travel, get Lennon, reunite the Beatles.
The Beatles beat the Stones.
Ralph Rose
Ralph Rose - Month ago
Please the soul stones were destroyed at the end of infinity wars. Thanos can not bring them back after they are destroyed.
Genesis Yang
Genesis Yang - Month ago
Avengers is going to be lit guys watch it
Andre Villatte
Andre Villatte - Month ago
They dint have a plan in the MCU . In the comics they did but still lost the MCU has no chance
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Genesis Yang
Genesis Yang - Month ago
Joe Dial
Joe Dial - Month ago
jaivion franklin
jaivion franklin - Month ago
(This is me before I watched the video) didnt the snap fry the gauntlet after he used it?
may AL Nuaimi
may AL Nuaimi - Month ago
Capitin marvel is go to die because thanos is powerful
MrBaNaNa27 - Month ago
There won’t be a second snap. If there is, it has to be on another planet. Thanos isn’t evil. He wipes out half of every planet to help the residents.
HadesIsHere - Month ago
Clearly cap and Tony are gonna die
Super Mad Crock [SMC]
Super Mad Crock [SMC] - Month ago
They get freed from thanos.
GP_ACTION 11 - Month ago
Default Dance
Scorpio Fitness
Scorpio Fitness - Month ago
What iffff, tony starks dream(s) actually happened, and they did die, and this is just an alternate reality from this snap in which they didn’t die, vis a vis a time loop.
rAnDoM_gUy - Month ago
He can’t snap no more did you see the gauntlet after he snapped he could barely get away
Anthony Creamer
Anthony Creamer - Month ago
Larry K
Larry K - Month ago
If they did it correct the only answer is Adam Warkock, period. Travesty really...
Anthony Creamer
Anthony Creamer - Month ago
And they got the the golden hand
Anthony Creamer
Anthony Creamer - Month ago
Thanos has two stones
Jaylen Roots
Jaylen Roots - Month ago
Jet The Bret
Jet The Bret - Month ago
I think Thanos will just kill them all ending the marvel movies. The movies to come are a clever ploy to make us think otherwise.
Jet The Bret
Jet The Bret - Month ago
Dahooper 21, bruh what part of clever ploy to make us think otherwise don’t you understand.
Dahooper 21
Dahooper 21 - Month ago
Jet The Bret bruh they have literally announced black panther 2 doctor strange 2 and etc
Mateo Leoz
Mateo Leoz - Month ago
3 hours of crappy CGI no thank you let the marvel sheep fans watch it. 95% of marvel fans have never picked a comic book poor them
Humble Wonder
Humble Wonder - Month ago
So true
Javier Perdono
Javier Perdono - Month ago
Doctor Strange saw all possibilities there was millions of possibilities and all of them they fail except one which is the one that end game will happen
akvalues - Month ago
Capt Marvel is not stronger then Thor
The PittBull
The PittBull - Month ago
I hope captain marvel gets canned
Jordan Pisacreta
Jordan Pisacreta - Month ago
Avengers infinity war: the end is near
Avengers endgame:the end is here
Hunter -777
Hunter -777 - Month ago
Tony stark will die first
Captain Marvel is going to die
ITZ BEAST - Month ago
I think they will fail at the beginning of the movie
Connor Noob Saibot Wayne
The moment i see Captain Feminist I’m leaving the theater
YB Melodic
YB Melodic - Month ago
My theory is Hulk and Thor will team up to beat the shit out of Thanos
Brian Szuggar
Brian Szuggar - Month ago
Why doesn’t thanos just double the resources. Not kill half
Power Box Gaming
Power Box Gaming - Month ago
Captain America
Humza Loinab
Humza Loinab - Month ago
Didn’t he break his gauntlet when he snapped his fingers cuz it looked banged up to me
John AppleSeed
John AppleSeed - Month ago
I don’t think so, I think in the end they destroy the Gauntlet, and every avenger reappears to the fight, and cap and tony say, “Avengers, ASSEMBLE!” And all the avengers defeat THANOS. Or they win and all visit the grave of tony or cap
AP3 GAMING - Month ago
Tony stark will die
V1CT0RIUS_ GAM3R - Month ago
First act charter to die
Caltain marvel
Ryan Lopez
Ryan Lopez - Month ago
Game of thrones ep.3 and Endgame its gonna be a crazy week
Xander Mitchell
Xander Mitchell - Month ago
Black wido and cap will die
F4NCY4K - Month ago
Thanos cant snap again, his glove was destroyed.
Michael Myers
Michael Myers - Month ago
I'm pretty sure he still has the Infinity Gauntlet. In the trailer you can see it.
stick figure animation
I think tony stark will die and captain america
Nostrodumbass 8
Nostrodumbass 8 - Month ago
"They" complained soooo much I'll be renting Endgame and spending as little as possible to watch this....agenda???
Marti Turpin
Marti Turpin - Month ago
I hope Wolverine will come in and save them at the end of the movie
Rift Z
Rift Z - Month ago
They are destined to fail I just remembered the vision tony stark had then what a coincidence your video pops up. Maybe they will accomplish though because maybe it was just scarlet perverting the vision to make it look like he lost the avengers
MegaWeenieHutJr .Memes
Captain America might die
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