I Tried the Viral Exploding Nail Polish Remover and OMG (DO NOT BUY)

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AG92 - 4 hours ago
I've watched some restoration videos and this looks really similar to the paint stripper used. 😵
Alix Peters
Alix Peters - 4 hours ago
15:37 wow Christine
FATE GOD kai - 7 hours ago
x yz
x yz - 7 hours ago
Omg i love you i subscribed and liked and by the way why do you have a poopsie suprise big poop in the back round
laura rainbow
laura rainbow - 8 hours ago
she should have tested it on real paint
mushcake56 - 12 hours ago
I'm studying undergraduate chemistry and if I had to take a guess, it likely contains methylene chloride. Methylene chloride is often used as a paint stripper like you mentioned and is an industrial solvent. With that being said, it is toxic and should not be inhaled and can be absorbed through the skin.
Lazana the Killer Queen
Lazana the Killer Queen - 12 hours ago
Troom troom is on tiktok
Tiffany T.
Tiffany T. - 13 hours ago
Thank God he didn't turn into the Fly.
Bot Anon
Bot Anon - 14 hours ago
dis shit not good for the nails... so ive heard
Lilyanna Cook
Lilyanna Cook - 14 hours ago
Does anyone else see the Holo taco box in the back
SavagePatchKid11 - 17 hours ago
Can I just hang out with you guys for a little bit 😂😂😂 this video had me dying the whole time 💕
Seda Ceren Vatansever
Seda Ceren Vatansever - 18 hours ago
you should have compared them I mean the car paint stuff and the nail remover shit
Perla Vazquez
Perla Vazquez - 18 hours ago
He looks nice with red
Adelina Cucerave
Adelina Cucerave - 19 hours ago
at 7:44 she has on her table two polishes right? well one of them is the blue from holo taco that is already launched,but the other one has the holo taco label too?? she says it’s a ridge filling base coat,so i guess we could say we know something about her further releases!! ><
Edit: at 7:41 we could see all four nail polishes lined up in the right,with the ridge filling base coat and some new other transparent prototype... cristine,we have eyes😂
Jasmine O
Jasmine O - 19 hours ago
I know it's a bad idea and you shouldn't do it but I want to see a comparison of this remover to the paint stripper on nail polish
Amy Odom
Amy Odom - 20 hours ago
Galactic Wolf
Galactic Wolf - 21 hour ago
Makayla Andrews
Makayla Andrews - 21 hour ago
BTS nail art pleaseeeee
Rosia Knutson
Rosia Knutson - 21 hour ago
Can you please do BTS nails?
Vivian Starling
Vivian Starling - 22 hours ago
*the taste is slight*
*no ingredients listed*
*material Resin*
*does not really work*
*paint stripper?*
*burns skin*
Wai- it’s obviously an alien product!
Jeremy Secora
Jeremy Secora - 22 hours ago
Hello, professional chemist here. Looking at the data sheet for the paint stripper you had compared the nail polish remover to, the main ingredient appears to be dichloromethane. Dichloromethane is acutely toxic, and also likely carcinogenic. It has a very distinctive smell, so it is more than likely to be present in that product. DCM is highly volatile and evaporates quickly, leaving the area cold. These kinds of paint strippers rely on the solvent soaking in between the layers of paint, and then evaporating to create bubbles and cracks within the paint layer. It didn’t work on the swatch stick because it needed the body heat of a person to help the DCM evaporate and puff up the paint.
Given your experiences with this product, I’m fairly confident in saying it contains DCM as the active ingredient, likely contained within a cellulose-based gel to keep it in place. Because DCM is wildly toxic, this product is absolutely unsafe and should never be used on any living creature you don’t want to accidentally die.
CC Gaming PRO
CC Gaming PRO - 23 hours ago
7:59 and 8:01 That Holo Taco
Seems like royal-tea blue, a flake top coat, one coat black and something else!? HRMMMM.
Arosaki - Day ago
cristine at 17 reminds me of someone but i dont know who help me
My gacha Adventures
I’m shooketh
miajolane - Day ago
I have the vinimay brand remover and I find it works really well especially for uv gel polish. I do know that it is probabllyyyy damaging my nails but it is a lifesaver for a gel addict.

edit: cristine I will not be using this anymore...
Isabella Noske
Isabella Noske - Day ago
when u opened the bottle right away i can tell that is paint remover. very toxic as hell. I can tell by watching 100s not 1000s of restoration videos on youtube (yes i have no life, no job) and that shit is toxic. DO NOT BUY GUYS. the fact that you knew it smelled familiar (which was paint remover) was a red sign to me.
Sophie O'Rourke
Sophie O'Rourke - Day ago
I can the seeds are poisonous don't use it!
Fathima Sadha
Fathima Sadha - Day ago
Amina Taufiq
Amina Taufiq - 2 days ago
This video gave me the greatest laugh ever
Jenny H
Jenny H - 2 days ago
Ben´s Teddy Bear hat is f*****g iconic.
Allegria Garcia
Allegria Garcia - 2 days ago
HER SCREAM *dying* I spit juice out all over myself. Hope Ben is alive till next video ^_^
Magenta Sparkles
Magenta Sparkles - 2 days ago
Candy coat in the uk has released one of these ingredients Bio-Cellulose, Organic Weak Alkali, Acrylate Monomer, Oxidized Regenerated, Cellulose
No Formaldehyde + No Methylene Chloride
Gabrielle Fox
Gabrielle Fox - 2 days ago
Look up Laqued.Com they have one and they list the ingredients!!!
Kawaii Dog 46
Kawaii Dog 46 - 2 days ago
That means Cristine is about 17 years older than me
Kim Parr
Kim Parr - 3 days ago
Do not put a top coat on
Marian xie
Marian xie - 3 days ago
i spit on my computer, when you used the windows shut down noise. haha i hate you haha jk i dont hate you.
Tranquil Transformations
Would love if you could try this one as it looks the same but apparently safe and includes ingredients https://www.lovecandycoat.com/products/popping-candy-gel-remover?_pos=1&_sid=35d1316ed&_ss=r
slcopeman - 3 days ago
Whitney Walker
Whitney Walker - 3 days ago

I laughed
Ashley - 3 days ago
How are you supposed to know if youre allergic if you don't know whats in it? Lol
Nindiya Nathan
Nindiya Nathan - 3 days ago
Ben has the EXACT same shirt as my dad.
*ah just Canadian things..*
Olivia Mize
Olivia Mize - 3 days ago
This the first video I've ever watched on simply nailogical and I've been obsessed since
Kristie Bailey
Kristie Bailey - 3 days ago
I bought a bottle of this to try. It does work, but only if you remove all of the top coat first, also its so thick and you have to use so much of it, it only lasted me MAYBE 3 or 4 clients.
Also, i hit my arm on it and INSTANT burn. I ran to the sink and scrubbed. Huge red welts and still burnt after scrubbing
Just Friends
Just Friends - 3 days ago
Did anyone notice her holo trash can
Snow Zombie
Snow Zombie - 3 days ago
This is 100% deffo paint stripper and also that puddle of polish reminds me of the blood test in the Thing. So yeah.
adam gilligan
adam gilligan - 3 days ago
It is illegal in the u.s. to sell
Meipon - 3 days ago
yea pretty much just paint stripper oAo
m m
m m - 3 days ago
luv the human centipede shoutout
Firstnameno Lastnameyes
When a country hates your country, and they will be your next enemy in the next world war ... DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM.
morgan studios
morgan studios - 4 days ago
Me while watching my life break apart: COOL UNLOADING
lars kristensen
lars kristensen - 4 days ago
looks like airplane paint remover
or regular paint stripper http://prntscr.com/p7qt2n
CFlorida girl
CFlorida girl - 4 days ago
You know you're a nail person when you can recognize someones damn nails lmaoooo
ايز ونا
ايز ونا - 4 days ago
16:04 could've warned…
gjxjem irkmd e
gjxjem irkmd e - 4 days ago
I have the nail remover that she yes normally
Kelli O'Brien
Kelli O'Brien - 4 days ago
I know I’m not the only one who keeps rewatching this at 15:59 to hear Cristine scream for her life.
Equites Legati
Equites Legati - 4 days ago
My nails genuinely burn just looking at this... lol if its paint stripper, thats gonna leave a horrible burn.
Journey Althaus
Journey Althaus - 4 days ago
Wait so if I put it on my skin my skin will jump off my body???😕
Ali delgado
Ali delgado - 4 days ago
She put it in his hands
ガチャღBlack studiosღ
Me: I don’t like the smell of nail polish
Simply nailogical: ⚠️ o ⚠️
Kenndra Benoit
Kenndra Benoit - 4 days ago
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