The Game Kobe Bryant SHOWED OFF vs Michael Jordan, EPIC Duel Highlights 1997.12.17 - MJ is IMPRESSED

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Karen Blackman
Karen Blackman - Day ago
kobe is the closest to thing to jordan take that lebron conversation some where else
Iroc zo6
Iroc zo6 - 6 days ago
WOOOOOOOOWWWWW, 6:43, holding that ball like a softball, thammmmmm
SharkTv Corfu
SharkTv Corfu - 16 days ago
Michael Jordan- The First point and the Last point
砖专讬讗诇 诇专专
Where are shaq and pip?
Wahyu Fernando
Wahyu Fernando - 26 days ago
7:18 MJ to KB
Maybe he said
"Hey kid,Sometimes you need to get hit in the head to realize that you're in a fight"
Jhaym Urbano
Jhaym Urbano - 27 days ago
Kern Panambunan
Kern Panambunan - 27 days ago
MJ23 & KB824 are legendary kings of NBA... there's no other...POINT
掳there's another one...
掳king james
鈥ommon dude...this is NBA...not a version of Book...馃榿馃榿馃榿
Palrath1 - 29 days ago
the Goat and Michael Jordan.
Shad 23
Shad 23 - Month ago
These 2 players inspire me and make me a better player
Ardinsyah Wicaksana
Ardinsyah Wicaksana - Month ago
perangai seorang juara, ga ragu mau kasih rahasianya.. meski kepada pesaingnya.. tapi meski sudah membagi rahasianya, mj tetaplah the king of basketball.. bukti berbagi itu tidak mengurangi..
Parka Monkey
Parka Monkey - Month ago
Giving away trade secrets? Him telling you what he鈥檚 gonna do is one thing, stopping him doing it is another!
Lui Espinosa
Lui Espinosa - Month ago
0:37 i just did that pump fake at open gym but james harden locked me up馃槀
Fuego DiBiase
Fuego DiBiase - Month ago
Nothing like young Kobe
Dan Moreno
Dan Moreno - Month ago
We never say "he's the Kobe of"
We always say "he's the Michael Jordan of"
Big Daddy
Big Daddy - Month ago
Olajuwon is the G.O.A.T
Joey ivy
Joey ivy - Month ago
I liked it better when Kobe was bald
the champion
the champion - Month ago
3:26 tone of Michael's letha plays usually he never missed when do thar play , also finest and smotther
Maribel L贸pez
Maribel L贸pez - Month ago
El maestro ense帽ando a koby
Maribel L贸pez
Maribel L贸pez - Month ago
El maestro ense帽ando a koby
Erika Camacho
Erika Camacho - Month ago
Everybody wants to be like mike.
TheGonzo - Month ago
The 2 Greatest.
Donnie Pate
Donnie Pate - Month ago
Yes M.J is way better than Kobe and its not close
Fiorello Michael
Fiorello Michael - Month ago
The good ol鈥 days
Xavier Hill
Xavier Hill - Month ago
Back when basketball was worth watching
TiltBrook - 2 months ago
This reminds me of when Jordan first came into the league and played the Lakers he would be absolutely (individually) exceptional against them. Yet Magic Johnson and company would defeat him and the Bulls by a similar margin. Then Jordan became the man, and defeated the Lakers by a significant amount of points, yet the upstart Kobe himself played exceptional... Jordan had to catch up to Magic, and Kobe had to catch up to Jordan
sergiovalenzuela11 - 2 months ago
Never understood why people fouled Jordan force him to miss. Free throws are cake walk for him all day
Riican Boii18
Riican Boii18 - 2 months ago
imagine coming out of the bench and earning your way to starter and be the GOAT- Mamba馃馃徎鈥嶁檪锔
nstarman - 2 months ago
The Goat and Kobe smh Kobe finally won me over in the end. They didn鈥檛 respect him, they gave it to Lebron to easy. I think the Shaq ordeal hurt him bad. Mike set the bar and Kobe went after it hard. Mike is a class act 馃悙
Andy C
Andy C - 2 months ago
Jordan took the whole team
Jack Bard
Jack Bard - 2 months ago
their prediction "Kobe is the future", was right.
well...he's the past now, but still one of the greatest
Willy doe
Willy doe - 2 months ago
Why only show Kobe's misses? Lmao biased much
DWILL - 2 months ago
That is awesome, to see Koby asking for advise and Mike giving to him during a game, that is just fantastic
Yung Tran
Yung Tran - 2 months ago
The game will never be the same again..
Coach - 2 months ago
Remember that time Kobe shied away from the challenge of being the best and joined the Bulls? What, he stayed in LA and built his own powerful empire? Who am I thinking of that found it better to hop around and join a team of great players instead of building his own squad...
fresh2def234eva - 2 months ago
Kobe scores most of his points in Garbage time let's cut the crap I watch this live...I also have it on tape...Jordan had easy 36 up by 20+ sat out half the 4th
Buzz Killington
Buzz Killington - 2 months ago
Would鈥檝e been amazing to see them go at it if MJ was about 5 years younger and Kobe 5-7 years older
Kyree Si
Kyree Si - 2 months ago
You can still see MJ schooled him early, but LeBron was busting Kobe behind from the jump lol
Francisco Pizarro
Francisco Pizarro - 2 months ago
Kyree Si Kobe hit a game winner over Lebron and locked him down on the final possession LMAO
TheBadguy42 - 2 months ago
Eddie Jones and Campbell ain't shit.
Horror story
Horror story - 2 months ago
kobe he is trash mj is good
Judah Mourneth
Judah Mourneth - 3 months ago
Ben Chow
Ben Chow - 3 months ago
Kobe 3-pt shooting better than Mj(thats true)
Rebeca Linares
Rebeca Linares - 3 months ago
No. only 33% to 32.7. And Jordan didtnt even tried that many 3 pointers during his career.
Ricky W
Ricky W - 3 months ago
MJ鈥檚 defense seems to be loose on Kobe
Music Only
Music Only - 3 months ago
Miss them both...
Open Eye
Open Eye - 3 months ago
Kobe with hair is just Kobe but it ain鈥檛 Kobe Kobe you know what I mean.
E46325mod - 3 months ago
Damm at 1:52 you see the move kobe used forever against him, i guess that's where kobe learned it from
Ankit Pasricha
Ankit Pasricha - 3 months ago
lol Kobe's eyes. wanted to be just like mike.
Bezzle da boss
Bezzle da boss - 3 months ago
#8Kobe with the fro was a bad man
Saver瀹垫湀 - 3 months ago
MJ win
jiaxin chen
jiaxin chen - 3 months ago
seems like yesterday
reddawn 1
reddawn 1 - 3 months ago
Hmm are they guards? Matching up size to size skill to skill no checking down. Man to man! Superstar vs superstar. Hmm
Blue_Az Az
Blue_Az Az - 3 months ago
"He gonna learn today"
CHI WAI HO - 3 months ago
Daisy Liz
Daisy Liz - 4 months ago
every player learned from another none invented the wheel unless they lived in a cave so to say Kobe learned MJ is not bad but think about it who did MJ learn from?
Ray Clack
Ray Clack - 4 months ago
Man Kobe was hittin some wet shots over Jordan
Andrei Maliwanag
Andrei Maliwanag - 4 months ago
They are like "father and son"
Armoni Boss
Armoni Boss - 4 months ago
Damn Kobe was just a rookie. It's a shame that Dell Harris didn't play Kobe alot because he was a rookie smh. That's why he didn't win rookie of the year.
Armoni Boss
Armoni Boss - 4 months ago
Sorry it was his second year in the NBA. That explain why he played that much lol. Dell Harris did him dirty his rookie year and never forgot about it years later. Years later Dell was coaching Denver I think and Kobe balled out won and got his revenge lol.
Beck Stein
Beck Stein - 4 months ago
This is before Kobe was caught in Colorado
Song Leon
Song Leon - 4 months ago
jordan鈥 GOD
james and curry鈥攕tar
Song Leon
Song Leon - 4 months ago
jordan鈥 GOD
james and curry鈥攕tar
Dub Dolla Tv
Dub Dolla Tv - 4 months ago
Kobe played a hell of a game but came short lost by like 19 20 points oh and Scottie didn鈥檛 play 馃 he wouldn鈥檛 have put up that many points if Scottie played that game
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