The Game Kobe Bryant SHOWED OFF vs Michael Jordan, EPIC Duel Highlights 1997.12.17 - MJ is IMPRESSED

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Blue_Az Az
Blue_Az Az - 3 days ago
"He gonna learn today"
CHI WAI HO - 4 days ago
Daisy Liz
Daisy Liz - 6 days ago
every player learned from another none invented the wheel unless they lived in a cave so to say Kobe learned MJ is not bad but think about it who did MJ learn from?
Ray Clack
Ray Clack - 6 days ago
Man Kobe was hittin some wet shots over Jordan
NBA MIX - 6 days ago
They are like "father and son"
Armoni Boss
Armoni Boss - 7 days ago
Damn Kobe was just a rookie. It's a shame that Dell Harris didn't play Kobe alot because he was a rookie smh. That's why he didn't win rookie of the year.
Armoni Boss
Armoni Boss - 7 days ago
Sorry it was his second year in the NBA. That explain why he played that much lol. Dell Harris did him dirty his rookie year and never forgot about it years later. Years later Dell was coaching Denver I think and Kobe balled out won and got his revenge lol.
Beck Stein
Beck Stein - 8 days ago
This is before Kobe was caught in Colorado
Song Leon
Song Leon - 9 days ago
jordan— GOD
james and curry—star
Song Leon
Song Leon - 9 days ago
jordan— GOD
james and curry—star
Dub Dolla Tv
Dub Dolla Tv - 13 days ago
Kobe played a hell of a game but came short lost by like 19 20 points oh and Scottie didn’t play 🤔 he wouldn’t have put up that many points if Scottie played that game
unitedwestandtogether tv
unitedwestandtogether tv - 14 days ago
What's crazy is they look similar , the point you realize Kobe wanted to be like Mike
Mauricio Di G.M. Intellectualmrjohns
Lay Music Productions
Lay Music Productions - 14 days ago
His self confidence was off the charts... Can't teach that
Luis Balmaceda
Luis Balmaceda - 15 days ago
I lived thru jordan but he wasn't my jordan, Kobe was my jordan...if that makes sense, I'm not even a Lakers fan. I love basketball, Mike Kobe!
Jon Nelson
Jon Nelson - 15 days ago
jhon connorz
jhon connorz - 15 days ago
The master and the apprentice...
AJ ER - 15 days ago
Kobe looks like a ball hog who thinks he can shoot like Jordan.
ZaytheOG - 15 days ago
This is a war
JohnFromWV - 15 days ago
where was shaq?
Regor Cabulang
Regor Cabulang - 15 days ago
@ 9:00 that interview though! You can see how cool MJ was. And the amount of respect when he commended young kobe. Even shared some pointers lol! These era will never be fogoten!
ted smith
ted smith - 16 days ago
jordan had to eat and suck on kobes can you even say jordan is the goat when kobe made jordan eat kobes ass..bwahaha.jordan had his tongue out as he was licking kobes balls as kobe jump over jordan..bwahaha.........
Matthew Moscotto
Matthew Moscotto - 16 days ago
Back in the days where Stars didn’t cover their mouths like they were giving away government secrets. Special shout out to to that bitch ass Lebron James who started it
Take This L
Take This L - 16 days ago
you can see the fire in MJ, he wouldn't let a 19yr. old outshine him... never... salute to my man Kobe though, he brought it to MJ... at 19... incredible...
punizzzle - 16 days ago
Illegal defense rule made this era so much easier lol
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin - 13 days ago
punizzzle relative to who ? Curry, Ray Allen, klay Thompson, I guess... relative to lebron, mj, iverson ? No. Kobe was actually a pretty good three point shooter; he just didn’t take the highest% shots. Try again
punizzzle - 13 days ago
Benjamin Franklin Kobe sucks at shooting 3s
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin - 14 days ago
punizzzle Kobe was good in the 90’s but he flourished under modern rules lol
TRISTAN 01 - 17 days ago
Kobe never had anything on Jordan and I’m not even a Jordan fanboy
mj23 champion
mj23 champion - 17 days ago
Michael was very very smart and very very stronger
John Carl
John Carl - 17 days ago
The best SG ever vs the 2nd best SG ever. Excellent performance by both legends...
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata - 17 days ago
What a show. Nice video.
C J - 17 days ago
Y'all don't remember Kobe dropping 42 on MJ in the FIRST HALF!!!!
J Tiger
J Tiger - 17 days ago
When basketball was better.....smh
Redskin Hippie Lyfestyle
Redskin Hippie Lyfestyle - 17 days ago
That boy Jordan used travel all over the globe he traveled so much
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera - 17 days ago
I still say Kobe when I throw a rolled up a piece of paper in the trash can 😂
Deriek Sanders
Deriek Sanders - 18 days ago
Gotta love dat!!!! GREATNESS
lucaspenido - 18 days ago
Watching this...and anyone still has the audacity of placing Jordan and any other player in the same sentence when it comes to being the greatest! 🤦‍♂️
Valentina Kim
Valentina Kim - 18 days ago
The Lead Snoop
The Lead Snoop - 18 days ago
Jordan’s first step was so quick defenders had to give him so much space. Then he shoots 55% from mid range, and drops 36 while sitting the 4th.
Sean Gamboa
Sean Gamboa - 18 days ago
MJ vs Kobe was dope, but don't forget about my man Hubie Brown!! He's still putting in work!! A true basketball lifer.
Eddie Figueroa
Eddie Figueroa - 18 days ago
The one that came out really good at this sport too is lebron James
Jeffrey Kelso
Jeffrey Kelso - 18 days ago
Back when the NBA was more relevant and exciting. Now it's just teams running up and down the court shooting 3 pointers and flopping in a weak league. I miss watching these type of games.
The Freaky Robber
The Freaky Robber - 18 days ago
Back when they showed the score on the screen once a blue moon
john doe
john doe - 18 days ago
Ko.....b...... Jordan probably was impressed by young Kobe's skills
Gordo Gordo
Gordo Gordo - 18 days ago
One two of all time u can debate whos one or two
Standing Frog
Standing Frog - 18 days ago
I cant believe they didnt retire Derek Fisher's jersey!!!
Lakeshore Group
Lakeshore Group - 18 days ago
Thor: I knew it!
MJ knew right away that Kobe was worthy. He never before or after offered tips to anyone. Not even his teammates!
TRAVIS FAUST - 18 days ago
when I enjoyed the NBA.. 85 t 2001.. this was what it is all about I can't watch it... what happend besides money egos and magnets lol.... forever the goat...23
Vince Mansapit
Vince Mansapit - 18 days ago
How awesome is that to drop a basket on a hero of yours. Just saying.
Jomer Savellano
Jomer Savellano - 18 days ago
🐐 recognize 🐐
CL. Life
CL. Life - 18 days ago
Z C - 18 days ago
A veteran MJ happily talking about a young bull in only his 2nd year shows you that he knew how good Kobe really was. Greatness knows Greatness 23/24
Nicky Madd
Nicky Madd - 18 days ago
MJ has so much class. He was always a great sportsman and had class. You could just see how Kobe absorbed the game. How he never stopped evolving like MJ. Just kept getting better. Not a special defensive performance by MJ but then again the Bulls one by around 20 and he didn’t need to defend at full capacity either. A 34 year old MJ knew to save his legs and energy. Plus a 19 year old Kobe was showing us glimpses of of being number 2 only to MJ. Lebron don’t even come close to these 2.
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