100 POUND BBQ MEAT FEAST! CHAMPION Steaks, Ribs, Brisket with Pitmaster Harry Soo

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Strictly Dumpling
Strictly Dumpling - 3 months ago
Sorry about the low-quality resolution when it was first uploaded guys :-( sometimes it gets stuck there for a while when the videos are uploaded
koogie55 - 2 months ago
Time for some Hot Ones!!
koogie55 - 2 months ago
Awesome video again sir! Thank you, for letting me smile, with every great meal you have :)
jdude fun
jdude fun - 3 months ago
Hey what’s the song in the beginning?
ammoghweir - 3 months ago
you made me get sad by not inviting me to eat all that bbq 😭😭😭
christoven chi
christoven chi - 3 months ago
Dude is extremely proffesional
Kristy Polanco
Kristy Polanco - 7 days ago
why wouldn't the banks honor the checks???
Jean Pablo
Jean Pablo - 8 days ago
Damn Donnie Yen is a great pit master
Michan Michiru
Michan Michiru - 15 days ago
Gosh... Everytime we cook fish and veggies, I watch Mike's videos and imagined it was the same meat on the video. Hhahaha. 🤣🤣
Sarah - 16 days ago
This all looks absolutely fantastic, but I will say that the finest, juicy brisket I've ever had was prepared with beef stock, salt and pepper and then smoked. Putting sauce on it was sacrilegious.
Odeck Vlogs
Odeck Vlogs - 20 days ago
Hi Guys. New account here. If you want food Vlogs you can subscribe to my channel. Thank you. :)
Billie XILISX - 23 days ago
My to rob list was extended by one.
Francis Valeriano
Francis Valeriano - 25 days ago
your channel is the best food channel of all time
Liam Diamond
Liam Diamond - 29 days ago
*Vegans Have left the chat*
John Carneo
John Carneo - Month ago
That guy is probably starving
OJ Whittle
OJ Whittle - Month ago
That guy loves what he does and it shows
hypnotherapy69 - Month ago
that thing with cream cheese wrapped in bacon sounded soo goodm to bad they had to ruin it with peppers :(
exlibrisas - Month ago
How is it physically possible to be a vegan??
Hero Yuwi
Hero Yuwi - Month ago
Bbq heaven
YOU LIN - Month ago
Gordon Ramsey approved?
Keyaira Swords
Keyaira Swords - Month ago
This is the most adorable video. Two meat fanatics bonding over meat. He was so excited to feed Mike and it was so cute
concho sewing
concho sewing - Month ago
Harry Soo is a true master!
IBitePandas - Month ago
What was that intro song??? =O
Ricardo Santos
Ricardo Santos - Month ago
The best master food cook awesome
Illuminite X
Illuminite X - Month ago
Food P*rn omg 😋
Joshua Vista
Joshua Vista - Month ago
Oh My Gooood 🤤
James Winter
James Winter - Month ago
Harry Soo is an excellent pitmaster and such a cool guy. Thanks, Mike
Mikole Boyd
Mikole Boyd - Month ago
I need that porkbelly candy recipe!!
MattAHTatTat - Month ago
Harry is a super guy who is super educated when it comes to BBQ! One of the most humble pit masters around!
HikaruRain - Month ago
I love love love BBQ. It just doesn't love me when people use Apple when making it. I have to be super super super careful eating BBQ.
i accidentally subbed
i accidentally subbed - Month ago
heart disease got me like
David Mirasol
David Mirasol - 2 months ago
Yo dude Mike! you both look alike ahaha!
Crystal Poller
Crystal Poller - 2 months ago
I pretty sure this is on his favorites
dokess Ezeaka
dokess Ezeaka - 2 months ago
So like where was my invite???
kyle glasco
kyle glasco - 2 months ago
Of course he only won not in the south.We own BBQ.
Uiriamu Busujima
Uiriamu Busujima - 2 months ago
ulas o
ulas o - 2 months ago
Harry Soo needs his own youtube channel
Becky Cravens
Becky Cravens - 2 months ago
This pitmaster is amazing. I saw him in my hometown of Wildomar. His foods good.
Sexytim - 2 months ago
Why do all americans, make the bbq so sweet? So much sugar and honey? Whyyyy
suunto61 - 2 months ago
When will you be in northern Ca. No info where I can go to enjoy your product
Sola Mano
Sola Mano - 2 months ago
If I ever make it over to the States, Slap Yo Daddy BBQ will be my first stop!
JÖYの貓 - 2 months ago
I drooled too much
Love this guy.
Ric3__ - 2 months ago
This is the best meat video I ever watched😭
Yanlem K
Yanlem K - 2 months ago
Veggan dislike the video. By the way Harry is freaking cool.
Tea With Seabear
Tea With Seabear - 2 months ago
All the dislikes are from vegans.
cholzky petalcorin
cholzky petalcorin - 2 months ago
If you are a vegetarian having this guy as a neighbour is a living hell for you, while meat eaters like us is a heaven to earth.
Nix Creatures
Nix Creatures - 2 months ago
I don't eat meat sorry 😅
Figuring It Out
Figuring It Out - 2 months ago
Dude pork belly is the best. I get that 100% at k-bbq places
Clay - 2 months ago
is harry soo from singapore or malaysia? he has a very strong accent
JÖYの貓 - 2 months ago
Clay sounds Malay
al katraz
al katraz - 2 months ago
366 Vegans disliked this vid.
jean premier
jean premier - 2 months ago
Mikey is in heaven. Lol. Surprise Harry isnt confused as to where all the food is going...mikey always puts it away
Candy Candi
Candy Candi - 2 months ago
Love this channel! Check out “International Mama Japanese food”!
ItzYaBoiZero •-•
ItzYaBoiZero •-• - 2 months ago
Excuse me, his name is Harry for a reason!!

Harry Potter
Effervescent1111 - 2 months ago
This man is so hospitable...my mouth is watering !!!!
KillerCornMuffin - 2 months ago
Imagine living in a state where bbq of that quality is readily available. This is why I love living in Texas. I want to go to Black's now.
Minhaz Khan
Minhaz Khan - 2 months ago
What's the intro for this vid?
Zodiac Phantom
Zodiac Phantom - 2 months ago
He really cares for you xD
jackielynne76 Exaxtly
jackielynne76 Exaxtly - 2 months ago
OMG Harry Soo is such a delightful man to watch...I'll bet this was one of the funnest videos to do with someone....That may looked "to die for" Good....Thank you for doing this one...I'm definately a new subscriber to Harry Soo
Andrew Seah
Andrew Seah - 2 months ago
OMG it's 'more fun' as opposed to 'funnest.' Also, exactly is spelt exactly like this.
Brady vlogs & gaming
Brady vlogs & gaming - 2 months ago
whats that song called in 0:02
Lozza The lioness
Lozza The lioness - 2 months ago
What a lovely man he is!! The world needs more LOVEEEE 😍
Arow - 2 months ago
So much sugar on meat???😬
Connie B
Connie B - 2 months ago
Meat sweats and coma. Oh yeah. Go fund me page for this guy to open shop. Let’s go.
GENJI Shimada
GENJI Shimada - 2 months ago
Omg I live in the same neighborhood. That’s why I always smell bbq.
Poot - 2 months ago
GENJI Shimada If I we’re you I would put some effort to get to know your neighbor. Might be some ribs in it for you lol
shyazz2 - 2 months ago
Harry is such a charismatic guy , I bet he has dad jokes for days.
Infinite Black
Infinite Black - 2 months ago
Whats the tittle of the song in the beginning?
Riley Wilson
Riley Wilson - 2 months ago
I legit almost drooled watching this... OMG!
Sick Wit it
Sick Wit it - 2 months ago
Where tf can I eat this??? He has no spot!!!!
Sick Wit it
Sick Wit it - 2 months ago
This guys is funny
Thomas Denmark
Thomas Denmark - 2 months ago
THIS IS AMAZING. I can't stop salivating!
JacquiMukoowu - 2 months ago
U R KILLING US HERE IN THE UK!!! That meat!! The meat!!! Oooooh I feel ..
Elise Blair
Elise Blair - 2 months ago
Wish we had bbq like that here 😭
what up guy
what up guy - 2 months ago
Texas style love it
Balancing Life
Balancing Life - 2 months ago
Bearholdshark - 2 months ago
The owner sounds singaporean
Matthew Canty
Matthew Canty - 2 months ago
Bro this is too much 😭
Steve Mollica
Steve Mollica - 2 months ago
Wow that is the ish bro!!!! What part of Cali is that place in?
hautboisjj - 2 months ago
Is this guy South East Asian?
Kimberly M
Kimberly M - 2 months ago
Hi Harry! Nice to see one of us got on here. Hope you and Donna are doing amazing.
wt f
wt f - 2 months ago
If this isn't food porn kill me😂
Brandon Fong
Brandon Fong - 2 months ago
His accent sounded so familiar and a quick Google search showed that he's born in Malaysia it all makes sense
Joshua Nyhus
Joshua Nyhus - 2 months ago
Best neighbor ever.
Y Choi
Y Choi - 2 months ago
Dear Vegans: Can you handle this amazingness????? Hahaha
Phillip Brown
Phillip Brown - 2 months ago
He is truly a Master of BBQ .
Jas D
Jas D - 2 months ago
This video is Vegan's nightmare
Miss Saenz
Miss Saenz - 2 months ago
Vegans have left the chat
zydrate #
zydrate # - 2 months ago
you are one lucky bastard
Michelle Samandirel
Michelle Samandirel - 2 months ago
Was i the only one thinking of Hansel and Gretel, watching this video? 😂😂😂 "Try this Mikey! Try this now!" And Mikey barely gets to chew his food, before he gotta try something else. I loved it tho!! Really did!
DemonicWolfe - 2 months ago
Great video but anyone know what that intro song is?
Todd P
Todd P - 2 months ago
Cool video. That’s a popular and well known bbq guy. Awesome stuff! All that neat looked damn good!
Danielle F
Danielle F - 2 months ago
Learned so much from this! Amazing video!
ALL DAY - 2 months ago
Gsp lose father???
RFK would've been A ok
RFK would've been A ok - 2 months ago
Please stop recommending me this guy's videos YouTube. I don't care what people on the internet are eating.
Veer Singh
Veer Singh - 2 months ago
Better than gordon ramsey
Not so Anonymously
Not so Anonymously - 2 months ago
I’m offended. U show me good food but then tell me I can’t get this anywhere 😭😭😭😭
dinkelStormchaser Dutch weather
I'm a woman but it's meat dreams Com true 💓💓💓😋😋😋yummy
Mr. B
Mr. B - 2 months ago
Guys what song is in the beginning??
Infinite Black
Infinite Black - 2 months ago
I want to know as well
lady ema
lady ema - 2 months ago
Looks SO GOOD! What kind of butter does he use?? And good advertisement I want that rub!
MmmmBurgers14 - 2 months ago
Man, I hate it when my door is blocked with over $20 000 worth of cheques and last night, I couldn't get to my car cause all of my bbq trophies were covering it. That's a big feels bad man from me.
WolfOfTheStars - 2 months ago
I want to do what you do ;3; You live my food goals!
CloppyFeet - 2 months ago
Mikey lookin' fit af
Food Grabber
Food Grabber - 2 months ago
Mouth Watering...
BV the Sage
BV the Sage - 2 months ago
This was really awesome- a change of pace from the travel stuff and was really engaging watching the two personalities make sweet lovin' slap yo daddy food!
chito69691 - 2 months ago
Where's the chef channel I will like to do some recipes from him
DaikiChuei - 2 months ago
Mike is in Meat Heaven.
DisGuy 13
DisGuy 13 - 2 months ago
Kobe Bean
Kobe Bean - 2 months ago
Diamond bar!
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