Honor - 8 months ago
I would definitely tell myself that trying to make friends by showing them my 'mating call' on the first day of school is NOT the way to go.
TatoTimez - 2 months ago
This is both so random and so relatable that I think it qualifies as art
cajun kain
cajun kain - 2 months ago
How else are you supposed to find a suitable mate?
elizabeth - 2 months ago
Aidaaa - 3 months ago
I would have been your friend tbh 😂😂
Reagan Butrum
Reagan Butrum - 4 months ago
How did you get that picture in your username?
Victoria Ko
Victoria Ko - 4 days ago
plutoo - 6 days ago
to past me: don't punch Tyler
charisma poetry
charisma poetry - 9 days ago
Phil really is underrated, this video thing is brilliant
Lizzy M
Lizzy M - 10 days ago
Hey Phil.. Your hair is looking very....

Erect.. today...
kria allison
kria allison - 15 days ago
ok i know this would have been obvious but the fact he knew hed change his hair has me shook
Mariah  Del Valle
Mariah Del Valle - 15 days ago
"Don't climb on your friends" 😂
Sophie H.
Sophie H. - 17 days ago
Reminder that essentially everything Phil has today was dependent on single box of cereal. Have a great day.
Elksin_93 - 18 days ago
I actually filmed a video of me doing the same thing Phil did! Now I just have to wait till 2029 lol.
A Z - 26 days ago
he looks so good with his glasses
kuc Z Bronksu
kuc Z Bronksu - 27 days ago
I love this video
Franciska - 29 days ago
Dear past me pls don't listen to the kids at school.
Also 10 years ago I was 7 but in 10 years I will be 27 like wtf??????
jina Lee
jina Lee - Month ago
Me talking to my past 10 years ago: Since your a baby, your gonna like all genders when you grow up
Caroline Salpeck
Caroline Salpeck - Month ago
What, pray tell, is a chocolate orange
Zara - Month ago
A message to my past self, you will find a guy who confuses you, leave it trust me just be friends it’s easier you are still single but will get a bf soon I hope? Good luck blessings please?
UnicornSlayer895 - Month ago
To my past self: Don’t date him and go for her sooner, seriously he’s a douche bag and you’ll be way happier with her
UnicornSlayer895 - Month ago
The whole part about him lying and stuff seriously hits differently now
Basically Linda
Basically Linda - Month ago
Can we talk about how Phil actually recorded that in 2008
Flightless Butterfly
Flightless Butterfly - Month ago
I would tell my past-self to be more selfish. I always put others before myself, which they took advantage of and it made me miserable. I would also tell myself to stand up even against adults/teachers, as looking back, a lot of them were wrong in certain situations and acted toxic, abusing their power to make me feel like everything was my fault even when I did nothing wrong.
Ahh I’m really sorry// that was deep. But yeah, nowadays I always speak my mind and I’m so happy with who I’ve become
Abood Wesam
Abood Wesam - Month ago
Stella Iannucci
Stella Iannucci - Month ago
“Talk to your mum more early on.” - Age 18 to age 8
Amber - Month ago
Probably something like "yes girls are also cute and that's allowed" 😂
Amber - Month ago
Your jumper is SO CUTE!
Raay Morone
Raay Morone - 2 months ago
To my 17yo self: get away from this stupid boy! Listen to pretty much everyone around you, he is NOT a good person. He makes you think that you need him, and manipulates you into thinking that he has a crush on you but he doesn't, because he know that you are a nice person who does anything for who you love. He knows he can play you and test your limits, cause you are ALWAYS giving him another chance. He uses you, and you are losing very good friends and losing touch with your family because of him. Stop hurting the people who ACTUALLY loves you because of such a piece of hot steamy shit.
And, your mom REEEEEALLY wants to punch him in the face. You should let her tbh.
And, yes. You like boys AND girls. It is ok, don't need to freak out.
Bug Aboo
Bug Aboo - 2 months ago
Dear past me: yes, you feel like a boy. Yes, its cuz you're a boy. And YES YOU LIKE THAT GIRL PLEASE GOD GO ASK HER OUT WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE
oona loves phil
oona loves phil - 2 months ago
someone wake me up when he uploads, i've had day long mental breakdown and i'm so tired🥰
Ishbel - 2 months ago
I can't believe the "time for a change" video was six months ago :')
Amy - Month ago
Oh ma Lord it was
Amke De Cleer
Amke De Cleer - 2 months ago
I would tell her that I have blue hair and study physics and she would be so proud of me and think I am so cool
Hi I’m Julia
Hi I’m Julia - 2 months ago
Not my Rodrick
Zainab Talwari
Zainab Talwari - 2 months ago
tell my past self : TO MAKE MORE FRIENDS TO BE HAPPIER AND KINDER and enjoy school
Cookieworldlover 9756
Cookieworldlover 9756 - 2 months ago
my most favorite part was between 0:00 and 8:51
Mack riggs
Mack riggs - 2 months ago
Dear past mack.
At some point in 5th grade you are going to hiss at a boy when he asks for a cookie.AND DONT GO DOWN THE WELL THERE IS NO WATER AND YOU BREAK YOUR LEG YOU DUMB CHILD.
coconut shark
coconut shark - 2 months ago
phil with glasses and a quiff is the most powerful thing to ever exist
Oly D
Oly D - 2 months ago
I would probably tell myself to throw those 2 vodka bottles that my mum found empty in my room lol
Oly D
Oly D - 2 months ago
shit I read the comments and everyone's so cute and innocent now I regret positive that
Shemmie K
Shemmie K - 2 months ago
Me to me: "Your housemate will NEVER stop smoking in the house, so stop wasting your energy knocking on his door to scold him"
swedish phannie
swedish phannie - 2 months ago
ThIs HiTs DiFfEREnt
Jessie Jenkins
Jessie Jenkins - 2 months ago
If I could talk to myself from ten years ago...I would tell her to subscribe to AmazingPhil.
coconut shark
coconut shark - 2 months ago
phil in glasses is the best thing in the world. prove me wrong
twenty øne turtles at the disco!
pHiL nO BaD cHiLd!
Hailey Smith
Hailey Smith - 2 months ago
Dear past me, shhhhh just honestly shut up :/
Alyssa - 2 months ago
fjdksfjd this man broke his hand and then went to sleep PHIL xD
Emi Shelher
Emi Shelher - 2 months ago
Honestly this seems to be a pattern for phil bc when he fainted several times in one night last year he just asked for toast then went to sleep
cindella204 - 2 months ago
10 years ago was like 2 weeks before I got on my first social media (Twitter) so I think it'd just be the internet is a very powerful and amazing tool, but it can be extremely harmful as well. While finding people who seemed to accept me was cool, using them to avoid even looking for those people in real life wasn't. So you know...balance. Prioritize balance, young cindella204.
Marsh ;-;
Marsh ;-; - 2 months ago
Yours sounded so much cooler, both times I broke my right hand I was literally just running & tripped... Both damn times... Landed on it the same way but broke 2 different places when I did both.
sara comerford
sara comerford - 2 months ago
"You have a housemate, let's name him Clint."
*Dan crying in the background*
darkliketheshadow - 2 months ago
Dear younger self:
start earlyer watching DNPG, listening to Panic!, Muse and Linkin Park. Then you would have broken heart from DNPG hiatus, Panic! break-up and Chester's death. And happy from Muse ;3
Lori Papong
Lori Papong - 2 months ago
This is so wholesome in a strange way. I feel like this was Phil of the future talking to all of us, not just Phil of the past. Thank you, Phil.
Shira Duke
Shira Duke - 2 months ago
b a b b y
Mckenna Wave
Mckenna Wave - 2 months ago
when past phil said 🧒🏻 i felt that
Edie Pryll
Edie Pryll - 2 months ago
Phil had a mullet lolloolool 🤣
Jules - 2 months ago
i really cant express how much I adore Phil for his creativity. I love to see how far he has come. It makes me so proud and happy for him
GreenGino 2019
GreenGino 2019 - 2 months ago
Phil was really into speaking to 2018 him
Sara R
Sara R - 2 months ago
Me to past me: Please, for the love of all things cute, STAND UP TO THE PEOPLE THAT BULLY YOU AND DON'T LET THEM EAT YOU ALIVE
Pixel Mirror
Pixel Mirror - 2 months ago
Not 10 years ago because I would be 5 then. But dear myself from 5 years ago:
Talk about your feelings. It’s totally ok to talk about how you feel and your family would get it. Also please stop pretend to be cool, you’re giving yourself so many cringe attack.
Disneyphan 04
Disneyphan 04 - 2 months ago
I would tell myself to not stress out so much. I took school and extra curricular activities so seriously they weren't fun anymore. So I wish I lightened up a bit.
Mr. Game
Mr. Game - 2 months ago
but concerning that there’s two doctor who bits in this video so far.

Amy Rose lilleker-forman
Amy Rose lilleker-forman - 2 months ago
Apparently i have to change someones Facebook, Twitter and YouTube password 😂😂
june - 2 months ago
I would tell my past self that a lot of those guys ain't sh*t honey... annnndd you shouldn't care what others think of you, you're not going to talk to any of those people after high school lol
Boo Seungkwan is a cutie and I want to die
To my past self: plz try to be closer to your friends, they actually like you even if you don't believe it
lunescinco - 3 months ago
He also pretended to be straight I'm guessing, I'm happy he was able to be himself after all ♡
Dancing CumberCookie
Dancing CumberCookie - 3 months ago
“Don’t pretend to be someone else”
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