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Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter - 14 hours ago
I love how they had embroidered scrubs
Andrew Ray
Andrew Ray - 4 days ago
Those shoes are 🔥
Isaac McAllister
Isaac McAllister - 6 days ago
Actually Captain America’s shield is technically made from a combination of vibranium and a certain type of proto-adimantium(which I currently don’t remember the name of).
Isaac McAllister
Isaac McAllister - 6 days ago
“It’s so easy, it makes my butt hurt.” XD Lmbo Tanner
Brianna Gordy
Brianna Gordy - 7 days ago
I love how they don't realize it's "hi I'm Kelly,
Clint Eckerman
Clint Eckerman - 9 days ago
Man I wish I had friends. Well, I do, but our lives are so busy we might as well not be. Although my life with my family is awesome and a priceless thing, I really miss hanging with friends.
Nya Bingi
Nya Bingi - 11 days ago
They just butty cheeks lmao 😂🤣
R1ot Kiwis
R1ot Kiwis - 14 days ago
Emmy Cryer
Emmy Cryer - 15 days ago
Put Rosen on the bow and it will sound so much better
Zara Tanvir
Zara Tanvir - 16 days ago
matthias holding the bow the wrong way
me: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
John Jones
John Jones - 18 days ago
in the TV series marvels agents of shield Phil coulson actually becomes the director. but in the movies the director is Nick fury.
Ella Bunny
Ella Bunny - 19 days ago
Have you ever cried.. and just watched something like this to make you laugh??
T.R. Luxx13
T.R. Luxx13 - 20 days ago
Meme Boi
Meme Boi - 20 days ago
David and Joshua are awesome lol!
Wes Oerly
Wes Oerly - 21 day ago
I'd like the video twice, but I can't. 🤠👍✌️💝
Tanjiro V. Britannia
Tanjiro V. Britannia - 24 days ago
Do an episode with stuff from
Fufner Keywheel
Fufner Keywheel - 29 days ago
you have fans WTF?????
Dave Rocks
Dave Rocks - Month ago
Best part of each video is reading the product descriptions. Priceless.
komfortliinumb - Month ago
Ew nickleback..... poor boy
Javier Olayo
Javier Olayo - Month ago
Nope to the invited fans
Polaroid TXX
Polaroid TXX - Month ago
I wanna go to Hi5 SO BAD !!!!
Ski skater 27
Ski skater 27 - Month ago
Bring luna to the set
Maddison Byard
Maddison Byard - Month ago
Who else is watching alone ? #Sadness
Skippy Jj
Skippy Jj - Month ago
Jealousy level 100
Savvy Brown
Savvy Brown - Month ago
Matt: touches the hairs on the bow
Me: >:0
Clayton Monks
Clayton Monks - Month ago
I know how to poop and pee at the same time
makena robar
makena robar - Month ago
It took me 5ever to find the video with the Zeus replica
Chastity Lee
Chastity Lee - Month ago
So was it making anybody else disturbed that they kept saying hiimkelly wrong cause it pronounced hi I'm Kelly or was it just me 🤔🤣🤣🤣
w47willrise ?
w47willrise ? - Month ago
I love when the Hi5 crew brings fans in to their videos. Plz more.
JeremieWTF - Month ago
its stefan galaxy!
The Dingiest Carpets
The Dingiest Carpets - Month ago
13:10 Minecraft cave sounds
JoshuaJosh99 - Month ago
@joshuajosh99_yt:So cute since I'm not can u plz help me and like all my vids and.follow I'll do u back for sure
Ocho Oyta
Ocho Oyta - Month ago
retro Mills
retro Mills - Month ago
I didn't know dope or nope fans were retarded.
simon barter
simon barter - Month ago
No mathious yoh have a girl's t-shirt on?
Swinno96 - Month ago
80k likes come on guys
Sandy Eu
Sandy Eu - Month ago
SOOOO CUTE OMG, this touched me so much !!! 😊😊
Black sheep
Black sheep - Month ago
"Matthias i think you just spanked a man..." Me: wait what?
Gaming with swaggy
Gaming with swaggy - Month ago
I want to keep this setup I don’t like the just Matthias setup I like everyone around the camera
The Spud Squad
The Spud Squad - Month ago
Dope or nope I rate you DOPE
Samantha Kammerer
Samantha Kammerer - Month ago
What does a flex mean??
Kawaii Vlogs
Kawaii Vlogs - Month ago
"make sure you grab a friend and watch..."
Me: bUT wHAt IF yOu dONt HaVE fRiENdS?!?
Achi Jack
Achi Jack - Month ago
Can anyone tell me why they aren't uploading like to buy ?
Thebadartist 00
Thebadartist 00 - Month ago
19:50 you should have gave tanner chocolate
LifeWithNikki - Month ago
It's funny how none of them even mention that the water phone thing is literally $300!! LOL.
Abigail Cooper
Abigail Cooper - Month ago
Anyone else laughing at the fact that they have their surgical masks on upside down? 😂😂😂
Diamond Glitter
Diamond Glitter - Month ago
He made ASMR tap noisy mommy
Yeet_ Vargas
Yeet_ Vargas - Month ago
Too much dad jokes me *for me*
CaseyLeash - Month ago
Mathias is basically ned from the try guys
Catnip Kittie5
Catnip Kittie5 - Month ago
Anyone else think these guests somehow seem both super hype and super chill at the same time??????
Catnip Kittie5
Catnip Kittie5 - Month ago
Parthav Barbhaya
Parthav Barbhaya - Month ago
Dope nope is super best
Garrett Wilson
Garrett Wilson - Month ago
No offense did you all play sports lol. You dont kick with the point of your shoe, use your laces :P
puff - 2 months ago
Do you want work with dope or nope team on a new video
Yes. Heck yaa.
But why?
Axes 57332
Axes 57332 - 2 months ago
It's so funny how this went from an actually good show to a cringey make-a-wish attempt with the arrival of two derpy characters
Megan Heinzen
Megan Heinzen - 2 months ago
David & Joshua killed at trivia🤩🤩both superstars! Dope or Nope you are THE DOPEST😉
zachary johnson
zachary johnson - 2 months ago
Wait who wanted the outfit again I think I did
Haya _UniconQueen
Haya _UniconQueen - 2 months ago
Please choose me I never won a giveaway
ItsKirstt - 2 months ago
Wait toys r us still exists in the US???
CHRIS 1337
CHRIS 1337 - 2 months ago
Micheal cursed at 13:34
I'm a Nerd
I'm a Nerd - 2 months ago
Like for David and Joshua!
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