Jej Vinson: "Versace on the Floor" - The Voice Cross Battles 2019

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Federico Gumalawe
Federico Gumalawe - 7 days ago
God,im proud of you Jej,im Always support of you the pilipino
KTA PRODUCTIONS - 10 days ago
Still on a high after singing with Asia’s Phoenix last night. Thank you so much @ASAPOFFICIAL for having me. To Mori, you’re incredible and that was one of my favorite moments in my life ever.
Lucas Aquino
Lucas Aquino - 12 days ago
Ainda e Difícil acreditar que jej não chegou na final 😔
Eve P
Eve P - 13 days ago
this dude is unreal, love love love his fake on this song
R D - 15 days ago
You can't win by singing same kind of songs
Kimberly Bantiag
Kimberly Bantiag - 25 days ago
His voice is like dimash
Johanne E.
Johanne E. - Month ago
great voice but too pg for this lacked the "feel something" factor of the original
Edrei Ramadu
Edrei Ramadu - Month ago
Song needed more soul unfortunately
Miggy Babs
Miggy Babs - Month ago
0:55 part!!!! 😍😍
Marga Stefanska
Marga Stefanska - Month ago
that's how america works, if you're from the other country, even if you sing well, you can't win.
Glaiza Tiamzon
Glaiza Tiamzon - 2 months ago
What a clear diction
K S - 2 months ago
Love you Philippians 🇵🇭 ❤️ Sudanese 🇸🇩 grow up around Philippians in Qatar 🇶🇦
gex dc
gex dc - 2 months ago
i wonder he can sing like bruno mars coz bruno mars is also half filipino😊
Waad Shraidah Lovely
Waad Shraidah Lovely - 2 months ago
Singin my husband's song sorry jej doesn't work
black paw
black paw - 2 months ago
his mic sounded muted....or he seemed like he was running out of breath....or he would approach the big notes and not really see them through.....and he sometimes had peanut butter mouth like ariana grande

weird song choice and not his best performance. i loved him at his audition cause his runs were intoxicating and his falsetto has a nice tone...but he needs to learn to really belt out the notes
Neytan Yel
Neytan Yel - 2 months ago
I love his Voice💗💕 Its so Smooth...
Edit: 0:52 free playback button
Nicksar Patoc
Nicksar Patoc - 2 months ago
bruno mars is also half Filipino..
Harry Styles
Harry Styles - 2 months ago
his voice makes me wanna have sex with him😂☠️
Bedroom Pianist
Bedroom Pianist - 3 months ago
Whoever chose this song for him is dumb.
62bigshot - 3 months ago
Wow! I really like his cover.
Diane Nelson
Diane Nelson - 3 months ago
I can't believe we had to say goodbye to him ... what a voice and what riffs ... I hear him on his album, on the radio ... I surely believe he is far too good to let him go back to a 'normal' life. MUSIC INDUSTRY ... come on, now!
Nhay Khay
Nhay Khay - 3 months ago
Did he just lost
Junicekate Gaudia
Junicekate Gaudia - 3 months ago
I'm here bcoz his eleminated..sorry for the voice usa for wasting this kind of talent..go jej theres a lot of room for success..if God closes the window theres still a door but if still close there is a roof..God bless u..expect the un expected..
kat hernandez
kat hernandez - 3 months ago
Hi! Is Jej a Filipino?
Lance Smith
Lance Smith - 24 days ago
kat hernandez yes
Eliza Stoner Eliza
Eliza Stoner Eliza - 3 months ago
What happened to Jej?
Crg54 - 3 months ago
#Jej all the way
Edilberto Julaton
Edilberto Julaton - 3 months ago
i'm always waiting for his performance .awesome
Erick Silayo.
Erick Silayo. - 3 months ago
all i see is just good marketing
Sheila Sharks
Sheila Sharks - 3 months ago
Baeptae Staegma
Baeptae Staegma - 3 months ago
If he sings Ed Sheeran's dive I can sleep happy for a month
mary grracia
mary grracia - 3 months ago
sooooo smooth...i ❤💗💞 him now!
Luisa AR
Luisa AR - 3 months ago
Wonderful! This is like a national anthem in bars... heard of different versions in the Philippines and this one is great too! Filipinos can really sing.... proud!!! 😎
PurelyAfrican - 3 months ago
When is a phillipino gonna finally break into the mainstream. ...could it be him?
Leah Bell
Leah Bell - 3 months ago
Jej sing the song from movie A street cat name bob good emotional song Satellite moments
nikki - 3 months ago
He better win omg!!! 😍💗
Pretty Lady8
Pretty Lady8 - 3 months ago
im pretty sure kelly is not goin to let him go even if theres anyone performing better than him...becos she is eyeing a win with this guy...i know i wont let him go for sure becos the other judges are stealing him for
jeremias paras
jeremias paras - 3 months ago
If you're a Filipino download the voice app. Just click the link and install the app so you can vote for jej
john gonzaga
john gonzaga - 3 months ago
dont forget the fasetto,,,,
Richard Martinez
Richard Martinez - 3 months ago
Wow! Amazing performance Jej...!!!
adrianth gabriel
adrianth gabriel - 3 months ago
1. THE VOICE APP (the more email address the more votes)
3. STREAMING HIS SONG ON APPLE MUSIC ( stream his song on repeat because it multiplies the votes)
Guys he needs as much votes as possible. I will be needing your help to support him until the end because he is so unique and talented. Voting starts tomorrow night. Thank you so much guys. I am hoping that he will be saved by America. Lovelots💖
noreen holder
noreen holder - 3 months ago
I really love jej seriously he going to win but this was messy in my honest opinion LB was the clear winer of this battle. LB nailed and slayed .
Sebastian Velasco
Sebastian Velasco - 3 months ago
Hands down to Jej! There's a 99.9% chance he could home the gold.
Myrah Mae Antonio
Myrah Mae Antonio - 3 months ago
you always give me goosebumps when you sing on stage. love it love it love it to infinity and beyond!
Myrah Mae Antonio
Myrah Mae Antonio - 3 months ago
oh yeah!
che lee
che lee - 3 months ago
Amazing voice and talent. Taking us into another version of bruno mars song. That Wooooooohhhh is amazing too.
Oopss7 - 3 months ago
This guy's voice annoys me so much. Do they get pitchier with every decade? Ew
CJ Lynn
CJ Lynn - 3 months ago
@Oopss7 It's funny how you say you get a notification for each of the performances but decide to make a comment, a negative one, on each of JEJ's videos all on the same day. Also I haven't seen any of your comments, negative or otherwise, on other contestants videos. Just admit that you're a JEJ hater and end it there. Don't make excuses. Own it hater! 😤
Oopss7 - 3 months ago
@CJ Lynn ... Yes, because I was watching the show and got a notification for each of the performances. Am I supposed to form an opinion before watching or listening to it, because still not a fan
CJ Lynn
CJ Lynn - 3 months ago
And yet here you are😂
stee card
stee card - 3 months ago
He is gonna get kicked out like the tnt kids(hope not):(
Kissie Goyongco
Kissie Goyongco - 3 months ago
kelly looks so cute supporting jej awwee :
Shelly Ann
Shelly Ann - 3 months ago
Way to go Jej! America, please vote for Jej 🙏
Zay Delos Santos
Zay Delos Santos - 3 months ago
Sofía Argueta
Sofía Argueta - 3 months ago
2M Views!!!!!!! JEJ You are so amazing. CHEERS FROM G U A T E M A L A ❤🌟
Anthony Brasil
Anthony Brasil - 3 months ago
Be lissing: in 1:40. Wonderful voice!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt - 3 months ago
I hopefully he win
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt - 3 months ago
Go Filipino
Leonard Williams
Leonard Williams - 3 months ago
Too generic! Singing Bruno Mars expect slapping hamburgers. Either you top it or fail it.
Jin Dimson
Jin Dimson - 3 months ago
The transition of voice from 1:37? Wow.
Blue Moon
Blue Moon - 3 months ago
1:20 my panties were dropped 😭😩
Just In case
Just In case - 3 months ago
I really loved kelly shes very beautiful in that pink dress
che lee
che lee - 3 months ago
Jej plus flawless back up singer wd those surgical runs,runs, so magical and perfect song.
mich soriano
mich soriano - 3 months ago
You're the winner jej.. Congrats
Mohini dasi
Mohini dasi - 3 months ago
Beautiful ❤
Mark Mananap
Mark Mananap - 3 months ago
Jesus Andaya Cruzate
Jesus Andaya Cruzate - 3 months ago
He is an amazing singer, very good arrangements of his song choice piece!
Lotie Lot
Lotie Lot - 3 months ago
Proud Filipino here! Gooooo Jej!
James Gurung
James Gurung - 3 months ago
Imagine going after this performance
apolpieTV - 3 months ago
It's so natural and relaxing. I dont care if he sings that way for as long as im happy, im fine with it.
Davy Sanchez
Davy Sanchez - 3 months ago
All love from the UK!!!😍😍
Simply Sis’
Simply Sis’ - 3 months ago
He kinda looks like Jian Hao Tan
Barbara Moore
Barbara Moore - 3 months ago
He’s him
Julie Jen Abaned
Julie Jen Abaned - 3 months ago
Jej!!! You give me goosebumps man! Ur really good🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Melanie Magno
Melanie Magno - 3 months ago
Just wondering Americans voted Jej here because they knew the song. Just saying.
Shir Smi
Shir Smi - 3 months ago
adam hageland
adam hageland - 3 months ago need BIG Impressive SONGS..these songs are more for Karaoke....I am still a big fan!!
Abelano chu wa wa
Abelano chu wa wa - 3 months ago
I dont think its his best performance. He could do better than this
Aliya - 3 months ago
I'd love to see him sing Dive by Ed Sheeran ❤
Andy A.
Andy A. - 3 months ago
He looks like a professional singer!
saladtong - 3 months ago
omg Kelly at 1:44 is me
Blue Moon
Blue Moon - 3 months ago
i love him soooo much if he sang trey songz wig would be thrown
JL RYN - 3 months ago
kelly got the real treasure, too lucky
tii adica
tii adica - 3 months ago
Lol, Jej gets by far the most views and still people don’t vote for him
vanilla50 - 3 months ago
Most of the views are from Asia and not the USA. The only votes counted are from within the USA.
Guia Ronnie
Guia Ronnie - 3 months ago
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