Trump Attacks Conway and McCain, Nunes Sues Twitter: A Closer Look

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Kim Fortin
Kim Fortin - 8 days ago
And it wasn't President Pussygrabber who had to authorize the funeral. He had nothing to do with it.
jeff rogganbuck
jeff rogganbuck - 9 days ago
Where can I get the shirt?
Señor Ham
Señor Ham - 9 days ago
Legit glanced at this this and for the frost second thought it said nuns sue Twitter 😂
Jason Jones
Jason Jones - 12 days ago
This pig, his children and his grandchildren will live in scorn and in poverty, I obviously mean the ones who won't croak in jail.
yalaha16 - 12 days ago
you are hysterical Seth!!
Darin Rieske
Darin Rieske - 13 days ago
"Snowflake" was used in the 70s as a derogatory term towards homosexuals. Now they want to use it for the whole left? Hmm pattern?
Jerome FitzRoy
Jerome FitzRoy - 15 days ago
Toddler called the infant a baby.
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones - 19 days ago
He can't get over the fact that macCain was a war hero not a bone spur
Mary Ann Farley
Mary Ann Farley - 22 days ago
I'm watching this two months late, but it doesn't matter. Even two decades from now, your humor on Trump will still be relevant...and hysterical.
Rayzersword - 29 days ago
"We need to completely get rid of immigrants and gays because I don't like looking at them, but you guys are snowflakes!" Conservative logic.
Emilie - Month ago
As of May 19th, Devin Nunes' Cow has almost 630k followers.
outbacktrek - Month ago
dump mafiaDon whining gopBaby!.....
gopGobblingTshirt on b/order (Y)
alexander williams
alexander williams - Month ago
Trump is a baby.
Josef Brandenburg
Josef Brandenburg - Month ago
Satevo - Month ago
I don't care about left/right politics. Trump is the most pathetic, disgusting, dumbest, waste of flesh human being that has ever lived. Not the worst president ever. The worst american ever. The worse human ever. The most childish 70 year old man baby ever. If i only had a dragon..
matthew Higgs
matthew Higgs - Month ago
Trump: "Wahhh!!! Wahhhh!!!! People are being mean to me!!!! Wahhh!!! Wahhhh!!!!! WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"
Dennis Jasperse
Dennis Jasperse - Month ago
I want to buy that shirt
Benjamin Murphy
Benjamin Murphy - Month ago
Take your crib and go says Trump
Tommy Vasec
Tommy Vasec - Month ago
I wouldn't take a candy from a Trump, even if it's so easy to do.
Fraser ODonnell
Fraser ODonnell - Month ago
it used to have 180 vids now is 178, Why?
Jaswant Kahlon
Jaswant Kahlon - Month ago
Baby Trump!!
Jaswant Kahlon
Jaswant Kahlon - Month ago
He is talking about himself.
Charles Tarr
Charles Tarr - Month ago
Can hardly wait for a nuclear bomb to kill off urban socialist parasites and ending extortion, slander and debt slavery. It’s coming soon New York. Assume the position.
Jennifer Slack-Smith
Jennifer Slack-Smith - 2 months ago
Trump the coward is so jealous of a hero.
David Linx
David Linx - 2 months ago
Dogshit 45: you « are » one ugly demented retarded dumb-assed baby!
Marlene Mounce
Marlene Mounce - 2 months ago
How rich, Fox News state media constantly slams our college students. Meanwhile, king baby won’t release his own records. #PresFromHell
Mickey McGowan
Mickey McGowan - 2 months ago
Seth needs to stop talking about trump so much look at his skin colour... u okay bruh
Mickey McGowan
Mickey McGowan - 2 months ago
I want a t shirt.... .
Mickey McGowan
Mickey McGowan - 2 months ago
Seriously how could no one thank our great orangutang? This is an atrocity! Google is rigged use yahoo and bing that way u can say i banged it.. binged* my bad. Jw as a kid if i got a virus on our computer or clicked anything fishy or installed a toolbar pet jawn bing would automatically change to our browser.. sometimes id be asked and say no and it would still push bing idk if google did that too esp when they came out but tjat was annoyingg asss heelll
Crow Aquino
Crow Aquino - 2 months ago
Idc if the shirt is real and if it's actually being sold. I need one.
dorkon 2wheels
dorkon 2wheels - 2 months ago
you should give one away. i know i would love one lol
Roxy Raccoon
Roxy Raccoon - 2 months ago
5 Nights a Week People!
Take that John Oliver.
Dan Boyle
Dan Boyle - 2 months ago
Where oh where can I get one of those t-shirts?
Please please please please please please please! Pretty please.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent - 2 months ago
Dan Boyle I just bought a sweatshirt. Google Putin-Trump-Nunez and the website will come up.
jose Vazquez
jose Vazquez - 2 months ago
I will be to buy the shirt .
Pearl Polanski
Pearl Polanski - 2 months ago
Trump's the biggest baby, lol.
byron -
byron - - 2 months ago
Its funny being called soft by the most sensitive man in the country
shujon ally
shujon ally - 2 months ago
biggest baby president
El Chanflé
El Chanflé - 2 months ago
0:27 And you're one of them, if not the main one, stupid!
Todd Romain
Todd Romain - 2 months ago
tRump is such a BABY!!!
Kenneth Chang
Kenneth Chang - 2 months ago
How can I get that T-shirt?
Damian Tarquini
Damian Tarquini - 2 months ago
Amerikkka followed their first black president with the first dunce one😂😂😂
nayr497 - 2 months ago
Grown adults calling people names, calling people babies, it is just a perfect indicator of the intelligence, maturity, and humanity of Trump and his cult followers.
sarabjit kaur
sarabjit kaur - 2 months ago
Right at this very moment (Tues April 2, 2019, 8:55:17 PM CST) Devin Nunes' Mom's twitter account has been suspended.
Does that mean Twitter is doing something about someone being mean??
dancefrance1 - 2 months ago
He’s awful-truly
Richard Navarrette
Richard Navarrette - 2 months ago
I love that Elizabeth Warren and the person next to her are leaning like Craig and Smokee on "Friday" Damn! As the scene of Julius Ceasar getting stabbed is unfolding in the floor.
Bianchi - 2 months ago
I just love Seth. Better than porn
The Bitch is Back
The Bitch is Back - 2 months ago
And I am one of the new Devin Nunes Cow follower... 😂😂😂😂😂
electrical1213 - 2 months ago
I can't stop laughing!
ThunderTruck - 2 months ago
you should have noam Chomsky on your program
James Crawford
James Crawford - 2 months ago
Where's the link for the T-shirt!? :-)
Jennifer Holden
Jennifer Holden - 2 months ago
What is a snowflake? I've not a clue. I think I'm more of a huge snowball with a rock inside.
Peter McGill
Peter McGill - 2 months ago
So the lawsuit would be in the law journals as Devin Nunes V Devin Nunes' Cow?
Jon Emery
Jon Emery - 2 months ago
Brett Davy
Brett Davy - 2 months ago
Man why are the states always so embarrassing
KAV FlyLadyVillery
KAV FlyLadyVillery - 2 months ago
"Babies don't have jobs."
I'm pretty sure the Gerber babies would beg to differ. Well maybe not beg, but at least prove you wrong.
Bender Rodriguez
Bender Rodriguez - 2 months ago
Annnnd.... Slap you.
Nina Kaytel
Nina Kaytel - 2 months ago
Llamas are mean but they are super cute. Can I be a snowflake for a llama.
Stan M
Stan M - 2 months ago
Conservatives are freaks of nature
Kim Johnson
Kim Johnson - 2 months ago
well i hate the PC BS more than anyone Bruce Jenner is not a beautiful strong lady hes a freak that chopped of HIS dick
atotheg1991 - 2 months ago
0:49, I literally said to myself "babies don't have jobs" at the exact same time and wording as he did.
Kevin O’Brien
Kevin O’Brien - 2 months ago
Love the graphic of Nunes. What a clever mind came up with that graphic.
Goot - 2 months ago
Link for online purchase of the shirt?
Brian B
Brian B - 2 months ago
companies don't have a political agenda, be upset trump called you a baby even though i just read 10 comments in this channel, listen to a comedian for your news.... VERY SMART!!!! :)
ÓSCAR ROSALES - 2 months ago
Nunes: The Ninny That Couldn't?!
Michael C
Michael C - 2 months ago
You wanna copy anyone else's baby jokes to the letter?
llFLeXzll - 2 months ago
63% like trump !! trump is N.1 continue tell the true and trolll ;) u the best!
tabvisions - 2 months ago
Where can I get a t-shirt...take my money!!!
Not Now
Not Now - 2 months ago
How's that Trump Russia collusion thing going you f***ing IDIOTS????? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😘😘😘😘😘😘
Not Now
Not Now - 2 months ago
Wow. Where did little Sethy go? 3 YEARS of LYING TO YOU about Trump Russia collusion, and Mueller exonerates Trump, and Meyers goes bye bye. What a CHUMP. Do you idiots feel STUPID for following Meyers when I told you for THREE YEARS it was all a LIE set up by Ovomit and Hitlery?
Skulldetta - 2 months ago
Complains about other people lying. States that "Mueller exonerates Trump". Wow, way to go completely busting all your credibility within two sentences.
Sharon Wood
Sharon Wood - 2 months ago
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez - 2 months ago
I've never heard a president sound so defensive while saying, "I'm not a baby", repeatedly. Sounds guilty. I don't know if he's trying to convince us, or himself.
Michael Mara
Michael Mara - 2 months ago
Donald Trump, making America hated again.
JustCarp - 2 months ago
I want that t shirt.
Ruth Luna
Ruth Luna - 2 months ago
The first baby loser is him himself 😡
Richard davis
Richard davis - 2 months ago
I would rather be a snowflake than a bigoted racist
Sasha T.
Sasha T. - 2 months ago
Trump has a baby mentality.
wilwad - 2 months ago
What's Trump got against babies thou?
Suzette Figgs
Suzette Figgs - 2 months ago
He gave McCain the funeral he wanted by not coming. And thank ya.
Goofie - 2 months ago
Seth Meyers is a God
Mindy Hitchcock
Mindy Hitchcock - 2 months ago
The internet isn't biased against trump. It's just that so many people hate him. With good reason...
Jeremy Shaffer
Jeremy Shaffer - 2 months ago
The actual corrupt democrats are gonna have the spotlight on them soon lol..there gonna scatter and snitch on each other like the roaches they are
Mark Lyvers
Mark Lyvers - 2 months ago
Seth is the best national enquire news on the internet! He is a legend in his own mind.
Jayne Taylor
Jayne Taylor - 2 months ago
Barack Obama needs to get busy suing trump for being mean to him on Twitter.
first name
first name - 2 months ago
you're still an asshole Seth
Chris Donaldson
Chris Donaldson - 2 months ago
I hope there is an Emmy for this era in politics, or a Nobel Prize. There are Seth, Jimmy Kimmel and some others who should get nominated for all this stuff. Love it.
Gorge Davies
Gorge Davies - 2 months ago
If JFK were alive today he would want absolutely nothing to do with the party. Today the Democrat party is for transvestites, femanazis, ANTIFA commies, welfare queens, and dirty hippies.
Cory Caouette
Cory Caouette - 2 months ago
What does trump have against babies.
Xtoriez Novel
Xtoriez Novel - 2 months ago
All right already! Even people that despise Trump want you to move on!
Xtoriez Novel
Xtoriez Novel - 2 months ago
Seth Myers is talented. I like him. He just needs a new topic, that's all.
gmailuser - 2 months ago
and yet here you are watching. you and over 2 million others, so far. duh.
Marshall Gibson
Marshall Gibson - 2 months ago
They can't win without cheating, 
they're afraid of 'foreigners' and 'minorities', 
they're afraid of smart women, 
they carry guns because they're afraid of their own shadows,
and they call US snowflakes?
I say kiss my ass you fuckin' cupcakes.
John Kinnaird
John Kinnaird - 2 months ago
Devon... sue You Tube!
I'm spreading the word that Trump is your love cow and you're udderly infatuated.
John Kinnaird
John Kinnaird - 2 months ago
when enough snowflakes get together the useless flab critters freeze to death.
Big storm a-comin'
Tom Scott
Tom Scott - 2 months ago
Google, Facebook, and the internet are not against Trump... it's just all of us on those sites who are against him.
Baws Nitti
Baws Nitti - 2 months ago
Trump is a Stable Genius

He switches from mob boss to performance artist to idiot who can't remember all the lies he tells second by second. All he knows is take care of himself first.
🇺🇸 America has always idolized criminals
Trump's address is 666
No kidding. That should tellyou everything you need to know. Trump has told 9,576 lies and counting that we know about in the last 2 year's. Can a President be indicted on crimes that he committed to help him get elected President?
Clearly U.S.🇺🇸 laws are extremely flawed. Hundreds of lawsuits. Trump is a knowing Russian agent.
199 different charges
35 plead guilty already
2 just got indicted
Jared Kushner and Don Jr are next
Ivanka after that, Trump and Rudy
They will be talking about this for the next 100 year's
Biggest Crime Family in the History of the Modern World
Melania gonna end up going into hiding because the Trump name will be toxic like Hitler's
Has there been any President in US history that has been blatantly committing treason and committed dozens of crimes daily like this monster has. Putin is POTUS. And America is under attack by the Trump Crime Family. This is unheard of. America is a joke. The writing is on the wall. Any intelligent human being can see what's going on. America will never be the same again. Every dictator in the world is celebrating this victory. The fall of Rome at the hands of its own leader. And Trump is proud to be a treasonous traitor. Crimes aren't crimes anymore. Facts aren't facts. Legend has it Trump has nothing to do with Trump or his family full of criminals. They should let everyone who's committed all the crimes he's committed out of jail Now💯💯💯 Trump is the National Emergency. More fake caravans coming to America. This orange clown lies like no one in the history of the U.S.💯
Bran Evans
Bran Evans - 2 months ago
Seth Meyers is pathetic. He relies on writers to write this crap and all he does is read cue cards. And he makes millions for basically not working. And every night he attacks the President. Meyers get a real job.
Skulldetta - 2 months ago
@Bran Evans "Facts matter" he said, as he supported a dude who is proven to lie through his teeth right about every time he opens his mouth. Oh, the irony.
Bran Evans
Bran Evans - 2 months ago
@Skulldetta World opinion means nothing. Facts matter.
Skulldetta - 2 months ago
@Bran Evans Yeah, number one when it comes to being an international laughing stock in terms of presidencies. I know Donnie loves constantly repeating on Twitter that "America is respected again", but that's not really actual reality. Just like 95% of all things that he says. It's not like his supporters actually care. They're okay with being lied to their face every day as long as it's what they want to hear and as long as it's "them others" who suffer from his policies.
Bran Evans
Bran Evans - 2 months ago
@Skulldetta Look at his economic results. America is number 1 again and that makes the whole world better and safer.
Skulldetta - 2 months ago
But when your own President does right about nothing except watching TV, playing golf and insulting people on Twitter, it's totally okay and reasonable.
deepmeme - 2 months ago
unfunny bullshit propaganda for the unthinking low-iq masses
Patrick Davis
Patrick Davis - 2 months ago
@realDonaldTrump You say baby and loser a lot. Is that what Fred called you when you bitched out of service?
Eddy Lara
Eddy Lara - 2 months ago
devin nunes looks like a doughy steve carrell lol
Connor - 2 months ago
"What do I - so I stand on my head?"
Judging by his hair, he must've tried.
Gerard Kean
Gerard Kean - 2 months ago
Trump's neck should be blurred out on youtube and only shown on late night TV
Anders Jackson
Anders Jackson - 2 months ago
Are there anywhere I can buy a T-shirt like that and get it sent to Nunes? :-)
Anders Jackson
Anders Jackson - 2 months ago
Hey, I didn't got that result when I did search on Google for "Donald Trump".
:-) :-D
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