March Milkness Taste Test: Sugary Cereals

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Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical Morning - 4 months ago
SPOILER ALERT: This episode is now spoiler-free. Thanks for hanging in there while we fixed it! Enjoy.
Sprite Bonn
Sprite Bonn - 27 days ago
Cotton candy candy looks like somebody from Al-Qaeda🤣
Succ Master 56
Succ Master 56 - Month ago
That’s great but... WHY DID YOU PUT MINI WHEATS AHEAD OF FROSTED FLAKES!? Frosted Flakes will always be better than mini wheats!
Yeet Meister
Yeet Meister - 2 months ago
the only spoiler i cared about was the snack king! i hadnt seen that episode yet! 😭😭😭
LOVE IS LOVE. - 3 months ago
Slice Dice
Slice Dice - 4 months ago
Rice crispys? Original
Kawhite Leonard
Kawhite Leonard - 10 hours ago
Frosted Flakes and Honey Nut Cheerios are better than any cereal ever created
JBC_81 - 15 hours ago
Golden Grahams didn’t even make the tourney?
Itz Eric
Itz Eric - Day ago
no way frosted mini wheats beat lucky charms and frosted flakes bruh
Alberto Molina
Alberto Molina - Day ago
Any one else eat all the cereal in lucky charms first and save the marshmallows for last?
Edson Rodriguez
Edson Rodriguez - 4 days ago
Frosted flakes should of won 😑
Shawn Gilbert
Shawn Gilbert - 4 days ago
One cereal they forgot is French toast crunch, that would have been a good contender
Michael Robles
Michael Robles - 5 days ago
Who else watched this while eating cereal
Clayton Roane
Clayton Roane - 6 days ago
Link: Thanks for being such a big boy.
Couple minutes later
Rhett: Lucky charms are better.
Link: But, I like frosted mini wheats more.
Rosanna Pansino fangirl for life, ilhsm
This is an abomination! I love both Honey Nut Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch even without milk!!! Honey Nut Cheerios is clearly better!!! They are both amazing and delicious but Honey Nut Cheerios should've absolutely won the sugary region!!!
The DylanPlayer
The DylanPlayer - 7 days ago
Frosted Mini wheats are not that good, they just habe flavor on top
The DylanPlayer
The DylanPlayer - 7 days ago
Frosted flakes are my fav
leann. - 8 days ago
Lucky charms are so ridiculously bland, but so are frosted mini wheats so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Javier Vasquez
Javier Vasquez - 9 days ago
Anyone else bothered by how little milk there is in the cereal
Eddie Castillo
Eddie Castillo - 10 days ago
When you do the next ones you should have all the winner's. Go against eachother
Leilee Pishva
Leilee Pishva - 11 days ago
everyone complaining about frosted mini wheats, frosted flakes are overrated. I said it
Brendan Joyce
Brendan Joyce - 11 days ago
How a cereal which features cannibals on their box can be seeded #1 I have no idea.
Gacha Destiny Wolf
Gacha Destiny Wolf - 12 days ago
They are talking about how Captain Crunch isn’t really a Captain but why aren’t they talking about the fact that he’s a Captain of a cereal!
Nora Foeller
Nora Foeller - 14 days ago
The fact that lucky charms almost beat mini wheats offends me
Main Stream Gaming
Main Stream Gaming - 14 days ago
Frosted Flakes, or lucky charms should have won
Compact_Pancake - 14 days ago
Captain crunch berry is best cereal ever I’ll never ever change my mind
Isabella - 15 days ago
"I'm so exited my honey oats are in a bunch"-Link....FIX IT FELIX IS THAT YOU??? THE WAY HE SAID IT NOW ALL I SEE IS FELIX
Adah Kinzer
Adah Kinzer - 16 days ago
Where can I find the Rice Krispies Treats cereal??
Ace Gaming
Ace Gaming - 15 days ago
Depends what state you are in, I think.
XxRedpandaFortnite - 16 days ago
I...I..i how could you do that to Frosted Flakes 💔😭
Sandra Mennell
Sandra Mennell - 16 days ago
At 7:18 Rhett says under his breath "these are so good"😂
lexicucu102 - 17 days ago
Lol I’m so happy cus cinnamon is my fav and it won 😂
Sam Ramirez
Sam Ramirez - 17 days ago
I love ceareal!!!!!! Great video!!! Have you tried doughnut ceareal??I uploaded the doughnut ceareal review on my page
Peaches !
Peaches ! - 17 days ago
Frosted flakes is top 3 AT LEAST
Rasta Pasta
Rasta Pasta - 18 days ago
Cotton Candy Randy's an OG when it comes to properly using the spoon.
Flagilament Brand
Flagilament Brand - 18 days ago
My grandpa almost had his second heart-attack when he saw Frosted Flakes (his fav) not continue.
Mercury - 19 days ago
Spoiler alert

The cereal won
Snakepliskin 7
Snakepliskin 7 - 21 day ago
Am I the only one that likes soggy cereal or am I weird
Smiley Emoji Is Back FanOf The Cool Guy Boy
Votes For Each Cereal.
Cinnamon Crunch: 13,238 Votes
Rice Krispies Treats: 3,151 Votes
Cap 'n Crunch: 7,032 Votes
Honey Nut Cheerios: 6,573 Votes
Frosted Flakes: 9,225 Votes
Frosted Mini-Wheats: 6,521 Votes
Lucky Charms: 9,327 Votes
Honey Bunches of Oats: 3,966 Votes
1st: Cinnamon Toast Crunch
2nd: Lucky Charms
3rd: Frosted Flakes
4th: Cap 'n Crunch
5th: Honey Nut Cheerios
6th: Frosted Mini-Wheats
7th: Honey Bunches of Oats
8th: Rice Krispies Treats
Biichann - 21 day ago
I can only imagine how happy Link was
cade spaulding
cade spaulding - 22 days ago
Link why have you abandoned the frosted mini gang
Keith Adams
Keith Adams - 23 days ago
Fruit pebbles...micdrop
ᴀʟᴛᴀᴡᴇʙ - 24 days ago
I’m allergic to Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
BLOOPsuperjuice - 24 days ago
all the cereals where i live are chocolate ones and they are all by the same company :(
Eric Huff
Eric Huff - 24 days ago
Everybody is mad about link putting frosted mini wheats ahead of lucky charms and frosted flakes but no matter what cinnamon toast was gonna win so did it really matter?
brittany brinker
brittany brinker - 25 days ago
You crush the boulders in the rice krispies treats cereal with your spoon.
Manuel Zamora
Manuel Zamora - 25 days ago
Rhett and Link: thinks mini wheats is better than frosted flakes and lucky charms
Dolly Palmer
Dolly Palmer - 25 days ago
🤗I prefer Golden Grahams over Cinnamon Toast
Jeffrey Saavedra
Jeffrey Saavedra - 26 days ago
That 99% of new gen hating on frosted mini wheats...

But frosty flakes is a bit better, my opinion.
victoria grant
victoria grant - 26 days ago
I could see the minis beating the flakes solely because after a point, your milk becomes more sweet than the cereal and the cereal gets soggy. I still think the flakes are better regardless, but I could understand that argument. There is no way the minis beat lucky charms. Absolutely. No. Way.
Gideon Selph
Gideon Selph - 26 days ago
Honey bunches of oats is the best
Sprite Bonn
Sprite Bonn - 27 days ago
Cotton candy Randy looks like something from Al-Qaeda😂
abermen - 27 days ago
No Cracklin' Oat Bran, illegitimate.
Tekdome - 27 days ago
Pls let me know how honey nut cheerios beat captain crunch
Brad Simpson
Brad Simpson - 28 days ago
multi grain cheerios blows honey nut away
Bro Zieg
Bro Zieg - 29 days ago
Did they put milk in before the cereal
dioksyferol - 29 days ago
who tf puts milk first then cereal
Thomas Enright
Thomas Enright - 29 days ago
How did mini wheats beat frosted flakes AND lucky charms
Randomspawn 11
Randomspawn 11 - Month ago
The only challenge for toast crunch was Frosted Flakes and maybe those rice krispys....frosted mini wheats are a joke
cat queen
cat queen - Month ago
How can you put Cheerios in front of Cap'n Crunch
Junior - Month ago
Link is such a dad 😂
gaggle gang
gaggle gang - Month ago
I know I'm strange but some cereal is better when somewhat soggy
BaconCat245 - Month ago
Alright. Where are honey combs. Those things are like god to me
Princess Peasant
Princess Peasant - Month ago
I'm sorry frosted mini wheats over frosted flakes? Lucky charms?? The DISRESPECT.
fUn - 3 days ago
its_n 🤮 is what I think of your comment.
its_n - 28 days ago
Princess Peasant Frosted Flakes and lucky charms are gross and wayyyy to sugary for me 🤮
Timis Molloyis
Timis Molloyis - Month ago
Guys it would of not made a difference either way if Frosted Flakes moves on Cinnamon Toast Crunch would have won either way
Aurelia Easton
Aurelia Easton - Month ago
I think they should have put pop tarts cereal up there
Aurelia Easton
Aurelia Easton - Month ago
It has also got 16 sugars
Fadal Arhab Farouk
Fadal Arhab Farouk - Month ago
Milk first and cereal second???? 😶
Matt The Cat
Matt The Cat - Month ago
My favorite Cereal is frosted mini wheat’s. My least favorite cereal is Grape-Nuts
Matt The Cat
Matt The Cat - Month ago
Captain crunch use to be my favorite
John Haas
John Haas - Month ago
Frosted mini wheats are disgusting
Mae Mae
Mae Mae - Month ago
7:36 I thought that crown went to my queen Raisin Bran?
9:50 plain Cheerios are better than honey Cheerios. Fight me
Wolf Games003
Wolf Games003 - Month ago
They recently changed rice crispy treats cereal to be normal rice crispy but with marshmallows
Khushy Bhaura
Khushy Bhaura - Month ago
Im watching this while eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch, best decision ever.
Emma Annie
Emma Annie - Month ago
Lucky charms is SO much better
chris18228 - Month ago
Well you said the other Cereal will come up later and didn’t you lied
chris18228 - Month ago
You didn’t get it honey-comb cereal
Kyle Bush
Kyle Bush - Month ago
Why is Link wearing man-pris?
Fahmina Zaman
Fahmina Zaman - Month ago
I haven't eaten cereal probably since middle school...and I am super craving cinnamon toast crunch now wow mmm 😊
CrazyDawg 0
CrazyDawg 0 - Month ago
They finally choose something I agree with!
Charles Moseley
Charles Moseley - Month ago
Heathens. First you put frosted mini wheats over frosted flakes. Then you proceed to put LUCKY FRICKIN CHARMS OVER HONEY BUNCHES OF OATES!?!?
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal - Month ago
What about Frosted Krispies?
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal - Month ago
Frosted Flakes with Lucky Charms marshmallows...
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean - Month ago
Jazzy Fresh
Jazzy Fresh - Month ago
I’m eating honey bunch oats while watching this
Can we get 1000 subs with Some videos
Nonon Nono
Nonon Nono - Month ago
Cap’n Crunch mouth!
Grady Moxley
Grady Moxley - Month ago
We just gonna ignore the fact that cap'n crunch lost in the first round, that's disrespectful
really isabel
really isabel - 27 days ago
Princess Peasant
Princess Peasant - Month ago
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