【ENG SUB】《致我们暖暖的小时光 Put Your Head on My Shoulder》EP03--主演:邢菲,林一,唐晓天,郑英辰

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Kang Sherry
Kang Sherry - 23 hours ago
Haha.. so both mom is bff and want their kids to be together.. Hahhahaha..
Nicola Cort
Nicola Cort - 2 days ago
Love it 😘❤
Chung Patience
Chung Patience - 2 days ago
Male lead looks a bit like Sehun from certain angles
翁婴宁 - 3 days ago
翁婴宁 - 3 days ago
翁婴宁 - 3 days ago
翁婴宁 - 3 days ago
翁婴宁 - 3 days ago
blink* Once
blink* Once - 3 days ago
I still ship her with the 2nd lead😭😭😭😭
keziah villanueva
keziah villanueva - 3 days ago
In my mind: Fu Pei?
In her mind: Fart?
anuanaswara Mohan
anuanaswara Mohan - 5 days ago
She is cute and soft
He is cold and kind
The Best & Perfect Jody
kei - 6 days ago
He kinda looks like X1's Junho and I can't unsee it
Rhyzel Sestoso
Rhyzel Sestoso - 6 days ago
This is only have 25 episodes
I need more episode
Like this if u agree..
Habaek Nike vids
Habaek Nike vids - 8 days ago
Really love the intro
AS Imam
AS Imam - 11 days ago
Watching this for like the 4th time. I still dont understand how she could just paste all those doreamon stickers on the wall. Like girl its not your house.
The Happy Soul!
The Happy Soul! - 11 days ago
30:34 Can someone please tell me the song!
Maryrose Santos
Maryrose Santos - 12 days ago
Happy bd GU WEI YI
Maryrose Santos
Maryrose Santos - 12 days ago
Lin yi and momo is duper cute
teggae Yuan
teggae Yuan - 12 days ago
Aso Leinakh
Aso Leinakh - 13 days ago
Too cute,
Gray _silver
Gray _silver - 13 days ago
Japanese horror movie huh
Keabetswe Morelle
Keabetswe Morelle - 17 days ago
We are gettin somewhere
I've been patient enough 😂🔥 all the way from South Africa
Ankita Pal
Ankita Pal - 17 days ago
She such a great actress 😍😍😍😍
Khaye Mavie
Khaye Mavie - 19 days ago
When the doctor comes out, i can't stop laughing 😂
sarah Thakur
sarah Thakur - 19 days ago
He's hilarious while bathing..
Broken Souls
Broken Souls - 20 days ago
Tassila Gonçalves
Tassila Gonçalves - 21 day ago
Shubham Gupta
Shubham Gupta - 24 days ago
14:15 i thought my headphones get damage😂😂😂
Ashy Shoiy
Ashy Shoiy - 24 days ago
Professor Jiang is an icon 👏🏼👏🏼
Rebecca - 24 days ago
max BANANA - 24 days ago
Airha Awalya
Airha Awalya - 26 days ago
jiso blackpink lol😂
Shriya Reddy
Shriya Reddy - 26 days ago
I love her love for doraemon
Heri Arun Heri Arun
Heri Arun Heri Arun - 27 days ago
She likes doreamon a lot lol
Anna Correo
Anna Correo - 27 days ago
Anna Correo
Anna Correo - 27 days ago
am i the only one bothered by how he folds the cover of the book at 16:56
Zeyy Oun
Zeyy Oun - 29 days ago
Why this episode doesn’t have English sub?
Tarkan Akkaş
Tarkan Akkaş - Month ago
Türkçe altyazılı
Aileena Linlollipop
Aileena Linlollipop - Month ago
傅沛 = 放屁 哈哈哈😄😂🤣😂😅
Xian ken Malibiran
Xian ken Malibiran - Month ago
English subtitle plzzzzz......
Alexie Hope
Alexie Hope - Month ago
Why this drama is o famous?
Bijay Nanda
Bijay Nanda - Month ago
Lol when he saw her inner hahahaha
Connie lo
Connie lo - Month ago
타누 Dream Catcher
타누 Dream Catcher - Month ago
Mo mo 😍😍😍
sun bae
sun bae - Month ago
Why chinese's drama spoiled the whole entire things with just the intro? Hahaha
ningning wang
ningning wang - Month ago
肺活量挺大 … 哈哈…
iwantmyplaylist - Month ago
@27:50 变态!!!
Lisa L
Lisa L - Month ago
FP? fang pi😂😂😂
Udenma Mercy
Udenma Mercy - Month ago
Wonderful movie
KBblue 7
KBblue 7 - Month ago
Yep, an arranged marriage just happened.
Houmaira Peerbuccas
Houmaira Peerbuccas - Month ago
there is no subtittle 😔
Sam Siraj
Sam Siraj - Month ago
Both of the boys are cute
Minh Mẫn
Minh Mẫn - Month ago
why is Lin yi SO HOT. Omg I didn’t know a perfect man exist
Gayatri Rupchandani
Gayatri Rupchandani - Month ago
She is really very much obsessed with doremoan
Rose Ramirez
Rose Ramirez - Month ago
Well daaamn this kid is a LOVE CHILD SEVENTEENS won-woo and Leo yunxi 😂
Shihui Ng
Shihui Ng - Month ago
傅沛 放屁 FP 哈哈哈哈
•Sanae Nayfa•
•Sanae Nayfa• - Month ago
In the thumbnail i thought it was jin from bts... any army here??
maple shshsh
maple shshsh - Month ago
这医生能看全科啊 真厉害! 👍
Yaoguo Li
Yaoguo Li - Month ago
The work environment is beyond real. Send the child' father to labor camp.
anj bear
anj bear - Month ago
this is entertaining
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