2019 Jeep Wrangler India Review | First Drive | Autocar India

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suraj kandari
suraj kandari - 2 days ago
Budget: mahindra bolero
Ludi Kumar
Ludi Kumar - 4 days ago
World no 1. Best suv, good looking
chhagan marwadi
chhagan marwadi - 6 days ago
shekhar Deshmukh
shekhar Deshmukh - 9 days ago
Sarath To
Sarath To - 12 days ago
Bolero power plus is better,
NISARGD - 14 days ago
63 lakh 94,000
satyam sidhartha
satyam sidhartha - 14 days ago
Happy with Tata nano
Ym Wiseman
Ym Wiseman - 24 days ago
Does it have dealer in India ? Is it introduces in India?
Dr Vikash Kumar
Dr Vikash Kumar - 25 days ago
Anime Alpha
Anime Alpha - 25 days ago
Jeep Wrangler's grill is more aerodynamic. Let's see how much downforce it produces while descending a hill a 10kmph.
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin - Month ago
If this car manufactured in India price will be only 35 lakh
D.Tiwari - Month ago
इतने में तो 8-10 dzire खरीद लेंगे😠
Hollywood hits
Hollywood hits - Month ago
I love he roof
Ramesh chandra Singh
Ramesh chandra Singh - Month ago
This is too pricey.in the middle eastern countries one can buy this below 40 LAKHS
Vijay sreenivas
Vijay sreenivas - Month ago
Don’t have money to buy Wrangler. But will try to buy New 2020 Thar.
मुल्ले भगाओ, देश बचाओ
देखते सब हैं, लेता कोई नहीं 😂
henok buchem
henok buchem - Month ago
I prefer Rubicon though.
Vijay Ramachandran
Vijay Ramachandran - Month ago
63 lakhs for a Jeep makes me laugh
Sam Peter
Sam Peter - Month ago
Laught at your govt modi for 180% tax.
Eric Mervin
Eric Mervin - Month ago
Have you heard about the G-wagon XD
Saffron Maverick
Saffron Maverick - Month ago
Trump must press on his friend Modi to get away the import duty in Jeep . Keeping in mind the Young Indian audience who voted him in. Please Modiji
Bala Murugan
Bala Murugan - Month ago
Can you guys review hummer 2019 model?
Yogi Tekwani
Yogi Tekwani - Month ago
Bala Murugan hummer went bankrupt
Lordy Full
Lordy Full - Month ago
Price in India?
Aukat Indicator
Aukat Indicator - Month ago
Jeep Wrangler ka give away hai kya ? 😂
varinder singh sohi
varinder singh sohi - Month ago
This is a piece of crap, no comfort at all..... Used to own this here in Canada, spent $60,000 and sold for $45,000 after three years....
Nikhil Gupta
Nikhil Gupta - Month ago
Has jeep sourced chassis from Mahendra Bolero..?? 😆😆😆
William Edward
William Edward - Month ago
Hello, Mahindra always copied the great Jeep vehicles. The great american company filed a case in supreme court against the kachra mahindra for using their trade name 'jeep'. Do you know that?
Yash B
Yash B - Month ago
if anybody is buying this car for just looks then buy any Mahindra and transfer the difference money to me i will sponsor your off road trips😄
digvijay dinde
digvijay dinde - Month ago
i have mahindra cl 550 mdi major and bolero......... indian jeep💪💪..... hope one day i can afford wrangler.....dream car👍👍👍👍
Gururaj Koundinya
Gururaj Koundinya - Month ago
Well @ first point what is the difference between off road and main roads. But in INDIAN cities there is no difference between main road and off road....both are same.. ;)
Kunal Gautam Kunal Gautam
IJAZ AHMED - Month ago
That combination of the Italian engine with the Japanese onitshuka tiger....just awesome.
S Kalapala
S Kalapala - Month ago
So does Mahindra use the brand name Jeep or no?
Hellboy - Month ago
Nice Location Select For Review Lonavala Tiger Point My Sweet Home.....👍👍
pranav patil
pranav patil - Month ago
It's scoring only 1 star in NCAP safty test.
Disappointed ..very Disappointed
Sam Peter
Sam Peter - Month ago
But look at realworld scenarios. Its better than rating. Crashtest is basic, fca makes vehicles with overall safety dynamically.
Kanishka Sup
Kanishka Sup - Month ago
AutoCar - This is the new jeep
ME - Hold my Mahindra Bolero :)
Narayan Kannan
Narayan Kannan - Month ago
I’ll take the new thar 20% of this price
Manoj Londhe
Manoj Londhe - Month ago
This kind of cars are needed to drive on road in India..
While looking at road conditions
VP Vaiphei
VP Vaiphei - Month ago
Only in my dreams. Hope just watching it is not a sin.
henok buchem
henok buchem - Month ago
Anirudh Dayma
Anirudh Dayma - Month ago
Which place it is?
SP SINGH - Month ago
east or west.
thar is the best..👍🏻
SP SINGH - Month ago
location looks like sanhok map...
👍🏻 like if you get what I'm talking about
Rohit Nadkarni
Rohit Nadkarni - Month ago
Fantastic review by Cyrus..keep it up!
Abdul Latheef
Abdul Latheef - Month ago
Supet lòok like hummer
Azlan Azlan
Azlan Azlan - Month ago
Doing an off road in foreign countries with the wangler is like doing an on road in India with those tonnes of potholes..ideally this off road Is the perfect on road vehiclal for Indian roads.
Akhil Santhosh
Akhil Santhosh - Month ago
Nithish 19
Nithish 19 - Month ago
It's always sunny in Goa
Given the worse states of road in india this is an ideal choice
Tongsmai Yakcha
Tongsmai Yakcha - Month ago
Dream: Range Rover
Mind: Jeep Wrangler
Bank Balance: Wagon R
Dad: Auto Rickshaw
Livid - Month ago
Jeeps are notorious in international markets for their reliability issues but also popular for their off road skills. I hope they have improved the reliability issues.
Oh My God!
Oh My God! - Month ago
Perfect car for Bangalore road
Lag ger
Lag ger - Month ago
Sir which place ??
Vikram Gaonkar
Vikram Gaonkar - Month ago
65 lac? Hafta maang rahe ho ka ?
edwin vasanth
edwin vasanth - Month ago
I am waiting for just the next September 2020 for Land Rover defender for the sum of 70 lakh...
Timothy Gorde
Timothy Gorde - Month ago
5000 sqft plot with a 1400 sqft 1 story house built on it @ Royal Purandar for 65 lakhs.. Or the Jeep Wrangler? I rest my case!!! 😂 😂 😂
Mogambit Ki maa
Mogambit Ki maa - 26 days ago
Timothy Gorde it isn’t made for people who live in royal purandar
Mohiuddin Ahmed
Mohiuddin Ahmed - Month ago
Isko khareedne ke 10 saal baad ye Delhi mein ban hojaegi Warna abhi 65 lacs dekar leleta.
Manav Mishra
Manav Mishra - Month ago
True Off Roader!!
Sankalp Jhunjhunwala
Sankalp Jhunjhunwala - Month ago
krunal patil
krunal patil - Month ago
64L for offroder? Lol
Nandan Nandu
Nandan Nandu - Month ago
Mod call for Bolero owners🤣🤣🤣
Shardul Kakirde
Shardul Kakirde - Month ago
I've driven it ,,it is very truck like
mak13612 - Month ago
63.94😅🤔🤔🤔🤔. ... Well then it's gonna be a Mahindra Thar!!
Dream ❤️❤️
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