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8 291
Krent Mañacap
Krent Mañacap - Day ago
8:26 now everyone's gonna know where we put our money
tiger mouse
tiger mouse - 2 days ago
7:49 Are you tired of being cold, then have no fear yoga mat.
Animal Bandit
Animal Bandit - 3 days ago
potato wasn't cooked
Naki Aldkct
Naki Aldkct - 3 days ago
How can i hide my heroin?
/ rokopes /
/ rokopes / - 4 days ago
99% is not for survive :/
Plum Bum
Plum Bum - 4 days ago
У меня знакомый как-то раз косарь выкинул с пачкой сигарет. )))
Jahnaya Nelson
Jahnaya Nelson - 5 days ago
Those potatoes don't even look cooked
Brittany Bracey
Brittany Bracey - 5 days ago
I guess we supposed to get stranded and all these materials gonna appear wow so helpful😒
The LEGO Enthusiast
The LEGO Enthusiast - 6 days ago
If someone is gonna Rob you then they would probably take your phone aswell so you probably shouldn't put it there.
Ewan Kennedy
Ewan Kennedy - 6 days ago
What if they take your phone
Philip O Callaghan
Philip O Callaghan - 8 days ago
Utterly useless hacks on 90% of these clips
Александр Гранкин
5 minutes crafts MEN
X - doubt
Luxury Hub
Luxury Hub - 14 days ago
I have been in CBRN ARMY force , and during the course for survival after nuclear desaster our instructor sayed to don't use any kind of box in alluminium for cook why it can probably give you cancer and create other problem ( expexially respiratory ) so don't use alluminium for cook is dangerous for your health !!!!!
zaryab cheema
zaryab cheema - 15 days ago
I am doing a project on the first one it works
Qwufi - 16 days ago
Not exactly survival.
LeROYtheLAMA - 18 days ago
Came for the hacks, stayed for the laugh...
Flexispank - 20 days ago
What brilliant advice....next time I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere and desperate to make kindling for a fire....I'll just reach for my trusty FV
Slimey - 20 days ago
6 5 And 4 Is not for Survival
remy rauch
remy rauch - 21 day ago
This doesn't work, what if there's a fire, and 1 as this is a MEN'S video what is with all the female crap. And 2 as I said if there's a fire and as males DON'T WEAR GOD DAMN BRA'S WHAT DO WE DO?!😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔👨👨👨👨👙
m4co tv
m4co tv - 21 day ago
4:20 yes it is men
gadgety G
gadgety G - 24 days ago
Ugly losers from mars who stole from human again showing off pariah power. U r not human u r UGLY GIANT LIZARDS THATS SO DISGUSTING. U R DEFORMED FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. NO AMT OF POWER CN HELP U CHANGE UR PARIAH UGLY GENES.
Michael Sebourn
Michael Sebourn - 25 days ago
cool s man great stuff ww3 survival
Sugar Sweet
Sugar Sweet - 25 days ago
9:40 Giving the person stealing your phone extra cash
Mayur Dudhsagare
Mayur Dudhsagare - 26 days ago
6th Hack 2:57
Can Be Used Daily..
Great Idea... 🤘
Peabody 88
Peabody 88 - 28 days ago
Ive tried that hack with heavy duty zip ties. Dont work too good. I found a better way to get outta them
K. I
K. I - Month ago
Levente - Month ago
When you have all that stuff, you are not "surviving", you are camping, at best. Getting sick of videos giving titles that contain only what they think would be the best keywords instead of actual titles...
Bobs coming For you
Bobs coming For you - Month ago
Herny andriany
Herny andriany - Month ago
4:07 yups, its a men
kanni bhagat
kanni bhagat - Month ago
Same video uploaded like 100th time on this channel
Aadhithiyan -AEIOU
Aadhithiyan -AEIOU - Month ago
EnHarex HD
EnHarex HD - Month ago
4:18 5-Mintes Crafts "MEN"
Kuramazov Extabyte
Kuramazov Extabyte - Month ago
You really gotta show those booties huh
Vincent Lilley
Vincent Lilley - Month ago
7:06 or you could just use your hands like a normal human being. 🖐 🤚
mmcblk05 studio
mmcblk05 studio - Month ago
2:00 - Used it for my whole life. What a new lifehack!
R VideoKo
R VideoKo - Month ago
The money safety travelers it’s not all a good idea for me. Again this is just my own opinion. Thanks
video game player vgp
video game player vgp - Month ago
4:32 this guy remembers me about cristiano ronaldo like if you agree
TheGreat Gecko
TheGreat Gecko - Month ago
Half of these aren't even survival hacks
Kevin Singh
Kevin Singh - Month ago
You mad man I try it .but it works
gopilal das
gopilal das - Month ago
Hi Bro
Hi Bro - Month ago
Clickbait shit
Meraj Ahmad
Meraj Ahmad - Month ago
Click bait
Harpreet Sahni
Harpreet Sahni - Month ago
Men do not have bra’s
Emirhan Alkan
Emirhan Alkan - Month ago
WHY do you show only the same thing this channel sucks
Kiss Me
Kiss Me - Month ago
Arianna LovesDad
Arianna LovesDad - Month ago
why is it 5 minute craft men why cant it be men and woman huh u dont think women can do this too
Mp Mishra
Mp Mishra - Month ago
Kisi ne phone churalia to☢😀😀
Janie Hoek
Janie Hoek - Month ago
Samuel Nesťo
Samuel Nesťo - Month ago
9:43 When someone robb you, he steal phone and cash too. That's not good life hack
Faiza Urooj
Faiza Urooj - Month ago
What will happen if someone wants to eat gum and when, they open the gum's cover.
They' ll definately dance now they must be able to buy 100 gums.
It's ridiculous.
Lệ Diệu Võ
Lệ Diệu Võ - 2 months ago
Gcgjgdco us dj
PikachuTV - 2 months ago
Rubíel Valenca
Rubíel Valenca - 2 months ago
Hello thank
XbetrayedX XwolfenX
XbetrayedX XwolfenX - 2 months ago
I know how to scare you.
Go to 9:39.
Look for the phone percentage.
PickleStew - 2 months ago
The phone money safety thing is absolutely stupid a robber would steal your phone to
Ebrahim Davids
Ebrahim Davids - 2 months ago
David R
David R - 2 months ago
You're alll wanks!!!!!!
Sanjay Tuli
Sanjay Tuli - 2 months ago
Hi wow I am very impressed from you. You r really good.
John Ad
John Ad - 2 months ago
Having your drinks float in your pool is not survival.
Walter Shumate
Walter Shumate - 2 months ago
I like the bar of soap in the nylons... then in an emergency you could give gregarious wildlife a "Blanket Party" beating, and not leave BRUISES that some Fruitcake Liberal might want to prosecute you over. Pretty sure that in a survival situation i couldn't give a crap less if i have Cold sodas or not. Where would les Stroud get ice cubes to put in his "cooler" or "floating Pyrex caserole dish" anyway? That ain't Survival scouts, that's Campfire Girls! Snickerdoodle baking and doing "The Macarena" does very little to improve your chances of survival. In fact, in many cases it may actualy LOWER ones chances of survival!!
Micheal Ryan
Micheal Ryan - 2 months ago
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Jegar Uilla
Jegar Uilla - 2 months ago
pepsi en mi país se pronuncia pecsi
Ing. Lenka Drozdová
Ing. Lenka Drozdová - 2 months ago
diz like
Harold - 3 months ago
So wtf is the point of the toothpaste on the matches?
PK Peshin
PK Peshin - 3 months ago
To make living easy.
Kingsley Chen
Kingsley Chen - 3 months ago
Most of ur videos r fake and could make ppl die or make them waste useful things
Fandakom2 CZ
Fandakom2 CZ - 3 months ago
Those are not extreme survival hacks! Half of them are some kind of design hacks and the other half doesn't make sence.
Corinne W
Corinne W - 3 months ago
At 35 seconds it is still cloudy the. it has fish pee in so don't listen to them
tips trick and tutorial
tips trick and tutorial - 3 months ago
very good. thanks
vincent gathara
vincent gathara - 3 months ago
great big up
Michael Sandoval
Michael Sandoval - 3 months ago
Nice clickbait thumbnail
XChattyHunterX - 3 months ago
Survival hacks for men. As she uses a bra. Lmao
David R
David R - 2 months ago
You wear a bra!
TJ Knight Researcher
TJ Knight Researcher - 3 months ago
4:20 I will remove my girlfiend's bra to cover her mouth against the smoke its a wonderful idea
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk - 3 months ago
0:50 who else thought he was making a bong?
Nathan ELLIS
Nathan ELLIS - 3 months ago
8:30 how to smuggle drugs
RAVI SONI - 3 months ago
Khhgf csegbxthffigxvdei
THE KRALJ - 3 months ago
6:04 it's a stupid
Knowleder RAFID
Knowleder RAFID - 3 months ago
Maddy Wilson
Maddy Wilson - 3 months ago
I'm female this stuff is unisex
Kenaj the Wolf
Kenaj the Wolf - 3 months ago
I'm in the forest. I've got only my phone. How do I get materials???
Arif Budiman
Arif Budiman - 6 days ago
Just watch this vid you will survive
RAAAYOS - 29 days ago
that's not the point of the video... the true importance is always have a cold Red Bull
Generic shitty Fat boi
Generic shitty Fat boi - 2 months ago
Kenaj if you have money in your pocket then order the materials you want.
Henryk Stomach
Henryk Stomach - 2 months ago
If you are in the forest... It doesn't matter you don't have any materials. It's most important you have ring and baloon. So, you will have to leave home only, if you have ring and baloon. Why you want take phone??? To call for ballons' seller?
Mauro Urrutia
Mauro Urrutia - 3 months ago
09:27 que cola. 🤤🤤🤤🤪🤪
ÖMER CAKIR BEYLI - 4 months ago
hong trung
hong trung - 4 months ago
phút 9:21 đến 9:41 tiền giấu mọi nơi. 1 hồi quên là mất tiền
hong trung
hong trung - 4 months ago
phút thứ 6:00 lấy bịt sốp hứng không khí bơm hơi.sau khi bơm đủ hơi chắc xỉu luôn.còn phút 4:24 lấy áo vú để bịt mũi. nếu là con trai ko có áo vú lấy gì bịt chắc lấy quần xì bịt mũi quá. con phut 8:33 có 100usd có cần giấu kĩ vậy ko
Siddharth Gupta
Siddharth Gupta - 4 months ago
What you have Rab in shoes
Lewis Grayson
Lewis Grayson - 4 months ago
4:17 😂😂 so funny
kiên nguyễn
kiên nguyễn - 4 months ago
Nasar K
Nasar K - 4 months ago
Aldwin Harold Bautista Estrada
Am i only the one who hiding money behind my cp case
Ashton Pittman
Ashton Pittman - 4 months ago
I might use these
David R
David R - 2 months ago
a westphal
a westphal - 4 months ago
Who would take the time to blow up that mattress
Harsh Banerjee
Harsh Banerjee - 4 months ago
At 8.40 you have told how to keep money safe but then how we will remove it??
Lets Be Funny
Lets Be Funny - 4 months ago
Cut it open
Tim - 4 months ago
Nr 9 , a potato in aluminium foil and then in a bbq ???? Is that a hack??? Must be a joke !
MLBB Streamer
MLBB Streamer - 4 months ago
4:19 I thought this was for men
Amazing POTATO
Amazing POTATO - 4 months ago
3:31 how will I get out my phone????
Song Bird
Song Bird - 4 months ago
you tell robbers where u also hide our money this is cruelty I'm sorry but you just lost a subscriber I don't like the fact robbers know how to break our locks and can find where all our money is
Song Bird
Song Bird - 4 months ago
this is crazy you could be telling robbers how to rob us all now
What if a thief watches the money saving hacks
Rajendra Kumar
Rajendra Kumar - 4 months ago
You will see purple if yes like
arshad khan
arshad khan - 4 months ago
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