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Dimetri Drossos
Dimetri Drossos - 12 hours ago
im sorry but i thought this was all survival tips? looks like i was wrong. i cant believe these 5 minute crafts channels have so many subscribers because all their content is shit
Leonhard Joerss
Leonhard Joerss - 3 days ago
Slivki show lässt grüßen
Sofosas Growtopia game.
This is not survival. I report this video noobs
Himesh Yadav
Himesh Yadav - 6 days ago
Nicalyay kaisay paisay
Khalid Mehmood
Khalid Mehmood - 7 days ago
Ku ta haram mcmcmdmxmxm
Dully Cz
Dully Cz - 9 days ago
9:27 that' s good...i must buy this type of chewing gum...thx
Werner Keller
Werner Keller - 9 days ago
DonD - 10 days ago
*takes bra off and starts smelling*
Anime Nerd
Anime Nerd - 10 days ago
Thank you 5 Minute Craft I now know what to look for
Tran Thoa
Tran Thoa - 10 days ago
Xạo pin có mở được chìa khóa đâu
Bryson Smith
Bryson Smith - 11 days ago
How are boys supposed to do the 💨🔥 hack boys don't wear bras
⬇️ If you agree
Sopo Giunashvili
Sopo Giunashvili - 12 days ago
InterCity express 125
InterCity express 125 - 15 days ago
10:01 ew is that what I think it is??
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson - 15 days ago
u pussy its just a tampon
frederick danieltan
frederick danieltan - 16 days ago
4:20 fake men
ak69s567 - 16 days ago
Gucci Gamer
Gucci Gamer - 16 days ago
9:41 they can steal your phone and get more money idiot
Mohammed Khalid
Mohammed Khalid - 17 days ago
i said you we went new videos
Technical Ammar
Technical Ammar - 20 days ago
Wow awesome video love your videos
Guga Ptskialadze
Guga Ptskialadze - 25 days ago
9:45 what if they steal your phone
legrospoulpe - 26 days ago
It's old life hack
legrospoulpe - 26 days ago
Where you find batteries
LEGO and Kpop
LEGO and Kpop - 27 days ago
0:20 and where tf will I even be able to find charcoal
Ted 03
Ted 03 - Month ago
Click bait fuck off
gaming with steve
gaming with steve - Month ago
50% are not survival get a disliked by me
Austin Chiu
Austin Chiu - Month ago
what idiot uses zip ties, and ties your hands in front of you
Austin Chiu
Austin Chiu - Month ago
5-minute crafts men, you don't steal your gf's bra and put it over ur face Bru
ComfySunrise - Month ago
4:25 theres a girl using her bra, but there channel says 5-Minute Crafts MEN. I'm so confused, is the men suppose to take a random girls bra?!
Neeraj kumar kumar
Neeraj kumar kumar - Month ago
Very nice😎👍
Vasu Kaloha
Vasu Kaloha - Month ago
It is bad idea
Chais Garrick
Chais Garrick - Month ago
#girl and watching
rolando maestrado
rolando maestrado - Month ago
8:40 wow safe guard
TV GAME - Month ago
Ai dô coi vì cái hình điểm danh
Dominic O'Conner
Dominic O'Conner - Month ago
7:54 maybe how to wind up string not rope. I would like to see some try that with 20 feet of rope.
Asif Khan
Asif Khan - Month ago
Again not upload tips
vinayaka tractors
vinayaka tractors - Month ago
you are pasting hacks from other viedo
Bad Boy
Bad Boy - Month ago
When i was in high school i put my money for lunch in phone mask
Bad Boy
Bad Boy - Month ago
Steal ur phone and get 100 extra
Rocking Destination
Rocking Destination - Month ago
I didn't like the idea of hiding the money under the sole of a shoe....😡🤬
Spin to Team
Spin to Team - Month ago
9:39 to end I just couldn’t survive without it
leyson - Month ago
What a fuck
llama-saur - Month ago
9:39 or they might just steal your phone
llama-saur - Month ago
6:01 might take a while
Sumanth Vooda
Sumanth Vooda - Month ago
if only there's an option to upload an emoji, you could've seen my reaction to this video
Aglarokath Golden
Aglarokath Golden - Month ago
Minecraft 100
Maciek Plus
Maciek Plus - Month ago
Zachęcam do oglądanie mojego kanału Maciek Tech!
ꉓᖇEᗩᗰ_ꉓOᖇGI OᗯO
None of these hacks can save you from radiation.
Bryson Smith
Bryson Smith - 10 days ago
Of course you idiot
Besties Edit junior
Besties Edit junior - 22 days ago
Anmol Goel
Anmol Goel - Month ago
8:33 is so common that thives will steal soap first
Krent Mañacap
Krent Mañacap - 2 months ago
8:26 now everyone's gonna know where we put our money
tiger mouse
tiger mouse - 2 months ago
7:49 Are you tired of being cold, then have no fear yoga mat.
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