KINGDOM HEARTS III - Opening Movie Trailer

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What’s the point of living if u don’t stan EXO?
I can’t wait!!!
Danny BlaxonTV
Danny BlaxonTV - 42 минуты назад
Why does this go so hard?
pepe lopez lopez
pepe lopez lopez - 42 минуты назад
pronto...muy pronto podremos disfrutarlo
Esteban Ortiz
Esteban Ortiz - 42 минуты назад
For the idiots looking for the bgm it’s Face My fears Utada (feat. Skrillex)
Daryl The Borracho
Daryl The Borracho - 43 минуты назад
Utada Hikara ❤
Na nato
Na nato - 43 минуты назад
Pqp manoo
Game99crazy - 45 минут назад
After all these years, we will all finally destroy that bald headed, yellow eyed bastard.
Enma Lee
Enma Lee - 45 минут назад
Oh my... I cry.
Noctis LuLuem
Noctis LuLuem - 46 минут назад
What a time to be poor
Fantasypenguin - 47 минут назад
Ew what's this trap music bullshit
Олег Моcrow
Олег Моcrow - 47 минут назад
Tears of joy
Adam Wally
Adam Wally - 49 минут назад
A good visual and auditory representation of me trying to figure out the story-line of Kingdom Hearts!
OromoBoyy - 50 минут назад
Bruh this opening was nice BUT tht song was BOOTYCHEEKS😂
Vorance Surves
Vorance Surves - 50 минут назад
Oh shit, didn't know the Chainsmokers were on this
SuperGis s
SuperGis s - 51 минуту назад
Omg me muero yaaaaa
- Neku
- Neku - 51 минуту назад
Everything this video offers is great. I love Kingdom Hearts, the visuals are amazing and the song is so insanely good, i love it. Skrillex is such a great musician
Josh Clark
Josh Clark - 51 минуту назад
My body is ready
DensestBigfoot3 - 51 минуту назад
Smash bros 6?
Patriot Samurai
Patriot Samurai - 51 минуту назад
When this releases im dropping out of life and inserting my soul into my ps4
Ariel Denis
Ariel Denis - 52 минуты назад
Only Christmas gift I need....❤️
ImperiumAutoConsultants - 52 минуты назад
what’s the song
Jamar Thompson
Jamar Thompson - 52 минуты назад
This fueled my workout today! Can’t wait for the full song to drop. Haters can hate but this song is 🔥🔥🔥
Carolus Mark Ezra
Carolus Mark Ezra - 52 минуты назад
Roomy Jacob
Roomy Jacob - 53 минуты назад
Don't mind me............

*just bout to pull out my PS2 and play Kingdom Hearts 2*
phantom prophet
phantom prophet - 53 минуты назад
Aaaaand just like that, I'm 15 again
Your Demiarchain
Your Demiarchain - 53 минуты назад
Please check out my discord, help a man grow :p
よーめん - 53 минуты назад
thank you……thank you……
Zer0Hour17 - 54 минуты назад
I look forward to the fan remixes that change/remove Skrillex's horrible squeaky wubs.
Vika Fauzia
Vika Fauzia - 54 минуты назад
I like this. I have to know the title of this song. Can somebody tell me what the title of the soundtrack?
BrownBroGames - 54 минуты назад
is it just me or is that roxas scene like super clean
adiksaff - 55 минут назад
A single tear comes out of my eye... THE FEELS JUST FROM THE TRAILER!!!!
DUBSTEP INDONESIA - 56 минут назад
Skrillex brought me here
theFallenAce - 56 минут назад
The intro/opening verses gave me an eargasm.
ma yo
ma yo - 57 минут назад
Elchinodiabolero - 57 минут назад
Holly shit yes! Very much yes! A lot of yes! Mucho yes! YES TO THE INFINITUM.
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
So this is ok but 21 isn't? we see y'all mfs smh 😤
Harold NINKO
Harold NINKO - 58 минут назад
More i hear the song , more i appreciate it . ( Sorry for fault am not english)
N4Nate - 58 минут назад
theme song is lit, but wish XXXTentacion was still here to witness this game. he was a KH fan and wont get a chance to play KH 3. RIP X
Fernando Reyes
Fernando Reyes - 59 минут назад
Can't wait to main Young Link.....Oh wait, wrong series
Pshwaye ThaGod
Pshwaye ThaGod - 59 минут назад
The haters are Fortnite players
空翠 - 59 минут назад
Johnny Yoo
Johnny Yoo - Час назад
Kingdom hearts finally making big moves
VjOnItGood81 - Час назад
Well, that was bad. I hope I don't have to hear this song when first playing the game on release day.
Michael Chiaromonte
Michael Chiaromonte - Час назад
I absolutely love Don’t Think Twice and Face My Fears.
zarrar khan
zarrar khan - Час назад
"When you walk away, you don't here me say..."
TK Top Tunes
TK Top Tunes - Час назад
This looks so amazing 😭👍🙌
Viroz - Час назад
I'm gonna be honest and say i don't really like this bit of the opening not just because of skrillex which im not too big of a fan of anyways but the syncing. A lot of the song even before skrillex doesn't sync with the actions in the trailer there are moments of brillence when the beat drops and young xehanort goes to old but thats about it. There's a lot of empty sound that doesn't link with any movement and a lot of big movements with no sound linking.
Sophia C.
Sophia C. - Час назад
aj supreme
aj supreme - Час назад
I took a week of my vacation just to play this game. I am NOT missing this!
sean finch
sean finch - Час назад
BenSwolo - Час назад
Music feels too modern
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez - Час назад
I got one question. What alcohol reference?
SushiRolls - Час назад
I'm ready for Goofy and Donald to constantly yell "HEAL SORA".
Andy Baltazar
Andy Baltazar - Час назад
#1 Trending wtf!!!
LunchBox - Час назад
At first I didnt like the techno part, but its starting to grow on me! HYPEEEE.
I cant wait to see them do an "after the battle" version
saheen kuruvanna
saheen kuruvanna - Час назад
Skrillex fans be like😎😎
Twentyonesunflowers - Час назад
#1 on trending in US 😊 we did it, we waited. August 29,2019!!!
Javier Nieves
Javier Nieves - Час назад
Dude all to who disliked this video please drop off the face of this planet.
Sylas Reidd
Sylas Reidd - Час назад
I feel so complete now
Chief Waluigi
Chief Waluigi - Час назад
idc about the game. Here just because of Skrillex 👽
a1000face88 - Час назад
I don’t mean anything bad but I hope this is the last 1
Tsmitty00 - Час назад
Never before did I ever think there could be so much goodness in one video.
Princess Gamer
Princess Gamer - Час назад
This is epic
PhoenixFire - Час назад
The first minute is immaculate, when the beat drops, I’m out😪
Aeonian Monkey
Aeonian Monkey - Час назад
I loved the video, the music just didn't seem like it fit to me, though. The openings for KH are always so much more impactful with the music. This, on the otherhand, just came off.. weird. I can't even place it.It just didn't mesh well for me. I think that was a terrible choice of song to go with that video.
rebornnora - Час назад
Let me face my fears and let Donald let me down again. For good time sake.
Shaun - Час назад
oh fuck the hype..
Keyastaron - Час назад
now whos all gonna have this on loop til the full version is released
Paul Kochli-Silva
Paul Kochli-Silva - Час назад
My heat can only take so much!!!
Коке Шаукебай
Коке Шаукебай - Час назад
Proximuhtyz HD
Proximuhtyz HD - Час назад
love it when people say " skrillex ruined it " when he was prolly making the song with utada and is responsible for the arrangement. So when you say " i like the start of the song" that was skrillex as well m8
Trevor Kunkle
Trevor Kunkle - Час назад
I’m so happy this is #1 on trending! The trailer is hype, the song is hype! GIVE ME THIS GAME RIGHT NOW!!!
Fairydust25k - Час назад
Sora for smash
Adam Shalashaska
Adam Shalashaska - Час назад
the song is not working
hey its Jojo
hey its Jojo - Час назад
I dont get it is it movie or game
Rony Ventura
Rony Ventura - Час назад
I could do without the edm
David Jared
David Jared - Час назад
First part was awesome.
Max Deview
Max Deview - Час назад
I have less than two months to get a ps4
apothe6 - Час назад
This trailer is like the spiderman pointing at spiderman meme.
AwwLivSos - Час назад
Alcoholic reference?
NeoDuelingKeyblades - Час назад
Kairi was more useless in this OP then DONALD was.
XpertRebel95 - Час назад
2.9k haters r in the depths of darkness
ExDominoXIII - Час назад
Fortnite is still better.
Warpath - Час назад
Y’all think I should get this game even though I didn’t play the other ones?
Meso_Ken - Час назад
Dangelo Lott
Dangelo Lott - Час назад
I just finished watching Thor ragnorak, shit was boss
Aristo Kat
Aristo Kat - Час назад
I've waited literally 14 years for this
By Schick
By Schick - Час назад
Douglas VanWormer
Douglas VanWormer - Час назад
straight goosebumps, 100/10 pre-ordering. this been KH fans most anticipated release for the past decade 😂💯
Black Lagoon Death Squad
Black Lagoon Death Squad - Час назад
anybody who actually likes this game is gay
Disc OnnectxD
Disc OnnectxD - 58 минут назад
Black Lagoon Death Squad hee haw
Disc OnnectxD
Disc OnnectxD - Час назад
Black Lagoon Death Squad ahahahahHha im dying lololol xD
Cassandra Silva
Cassandra Silva - Час назад
Watch my video! Kpop news!!
Big Smoke
Big Smoke - Час назад
#1 on trending!!!!!!!
I'm waiting for you
Matt - Час назад
first smash ultimate, now this, my childhood is revived
Kai - Час назад
Hype music for a hyped game :D
Aquartzy - Час назад
What is kingdom hearts?? Idk anything about it but the song is nice
Daimaou-Sama - Час назад
This but with sanctuary playing instead
The Censor
The Censor - Час назад
1:00-1:12 All day, every day until January 29th
MAC time_
MAC time_ - Час назад
I love this game so much, I just hope Sora isn't such a PANZE like all the other times... . RIIIIIKUUU😩😩😩😩're so big😖
Joe Widdifield
Joe Widdifield - Час назад
I love this so much. Skrillex and Utada mix perfectly.
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