CrossCode - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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dark666105 - 11 часов назад
I will gladly buy this again on the switch!
Splat Splat Girl!
Splat Splat Girl! - День назад
I so want this and a sequel to cosmic star heroine loved that game so damn cool !
TwinTails100 - День назад
TFW you wish you could like YouTube videos twice.
Flashboy284 - 9 дней назад
the hedgehags learned to fly, what choice did they have?
1lapmagic - 10 дней назад
Time for CrossCode team to make the money they truly deserved for this.
Gene Reyva
Gene Reyva - 11 дней назад
Jarrett - 14 дней назад
Omg tho, this is amazing news.
Ralsei - 17 дней назад
Niiice, I was considering buying this on Steam since it was one of my backlog games I’ve wanted to eventually play but if it’s coming to Switch I’ll just dip for that instead.
Tmath - 17 дней назад
but when...
HyperGamer14 - 21 день назад
If you like action RPGs that can have challenging combat, smart puzzles, interesting story and characters and also like exploration, then definitely buy this game! It's totally worth it!
Jonathan Soko
Jonathan Soko - 23 дня назад
This game is not "easy", some may get frustrated but the game is worth the time! It was a surprise for me, for sure
Much Ado About Gaming
Much Ado About Gaming - 24 дня назад
**heavy breathing**
Radical Fish, you absolute trolls
Barrett Andersen
Barrett Andersen - 26 дней назад
Holy crap it's happening! My body is ready. My Switch is ready. GIVE IT TO MEH!
(also yay 500th comment)
drakke125Channel - Месяц назад
I'm so happy it's available on Nintendo. If I play on Switch I won't have to worry about lags and crashes. I'm still gonna suck at those dash jump dash jumps...forgot the acronyms for em...
Nola Kirijo
Nola Kirijo - Месяц назад
Physical release!
Giga - Месяц назад
"Yes. CrossCode is coming to the Switch. Hedgehags can fly. Hedgehags will fly."
Rybutz - Месяц назад
Michel Romero
Michel Romero - Месяц назад
Is it single player only or is there multiplayer?
David Fröse
David Fröse - Месяц назад
Only single player
Kayten - Месяц назад
I want a physical copy!!
JeffreyQProductions - Месяц назад
Well played Chucklefish, well played.
DrQuack - Месяц назад
Time to ask mommy for the credit card kids, for real.
Swoobat Charge
Swoobat Charge - Месяц назад
I forgot about this game a loooonnng time ago, I thought it had died lol
O Circles
O Circles - Месяц назад
Huh, I thought you said the engine was too difficult to port over :o well glgl
The Solar Cobalt
The Solar Cobalt - Месяц назад
Lea is thick tho
Dave E
Dave E - Месяц назад
Oh flying hedgehag...I get it now
Everyth1ng - Месяц назад
Flying hedgehogs, my worst nightmare.
Alexander Sørensen
Alexander Sørensen - Месяц назад
Lia for smash
George Chandler
George Chandler - Месяц назад
Looks like I'll be owning this game on two systems.
Your Pal Drewdle
Your Pal Drewdle - Месяц назад
Very good game, highly recommend.
Chrismas_ Antlers
Chrismas_ Antlers - Месяц назад
KDC705 - Месяц назад
I think I remember playing a demo of this once on Steam. Also I don't think I finished that said demo either.
Pee Buttpoop
Pee Buttpoop - Месяц назад
Buying it again. easy decision.
ZeroSilence91 - Месяц назад
I was about to get this on steam, but I had to check if the switch was getting this first. So glad. Not a huge pc gamer, and being able to play something like this in handheld will be great.
GamingJar - Месяц назад
Im still waiting for the release, REEEEEE
Parnikkapore Prompt
Parnikkapore Prompt - Месяц назад
I hope they retune some of the platforming and bosses for the Joycons, otherwise the Mothmaster's gonna be a PITB.
Unicorns and Compliments
Unicorns and Compliments - Месяц назад
Just wire my direct deposit to a Nintendo account
Sky LightFury
Sky LightFury - Месяц назад
OtakuMonster9366 - Месяц назад
I thought the developer said that it wouldn't be possible to put the game on switch because the game was made in html5 and it was compatible with the switch?
TotallyGlitch - Месяц назад
Man I wish cross code was on the switch. I week later and Christmas comes early.
Voan Siam
Voan Siam - Месяц назад
Day one buy for me.
NJAD0 - Месяц назад
Lea for #smashultimate pls
RocksoC - Месяц назад

Seriously tho. This game will be perfect for switch. Also my favorite game so there's that.
Zeph - Месяц назад
Hope this helps get the game it’s well deserved publicity
Oran Flame
Oran Flame - Месяц назад
This is one of my favorite games of all time. The gameplay and story and everything is so unbelievably good. Don't miss this one. So excited it's coming to Switch!
Souta Knightblade
Souta Knightblade - Месяц назад
heh, even the Creator said... "This game will be in nintendo switch when hedgehags fly"
Luke Liu
Luke Liu - Месяц назад
This game is really good and you should buy it
falcoisaniceguy - Месяц назад
This game is great if you are a gamer, since in this game, you play a game. How cool is that?
Patman - Месяц назад
Christopher G
Christopher G - Месяц назад
You need this game.... don't question it, just buy it.
Nj Njhjh
Nj Njhjh - Месяц назад
oh shucks, that looks neat, I thought it was an rpg but I was wrong
MrRukrio1 - Месяц назад
it's an Action RPG, the usual RPG tropes are a thing, but no turn based battling, you real time battling~
Cold Wolfen
Cold Wolfen - Месяц назад
Played it while it still was in development, its such a great game! Happy to hear its coming out for the switch!
l SpoonX l
l SpoonX l - Месяц назад
Hey uh nintendo? Idk why I'm saying this but since super mario bros deluxe came out can I get a Nabbit Icon For my user? I've been wanting it for awhile because Nabbit is my favorite mario character. ❤

But Mostley Ice Climbers.
Gerardo Perez Araujo
Gerardo Perez Araujo - Месяц назад
Más indies ya no por favor, 😭. Puro juego para celular.
Ziabatsu - Месяц назад
"Not coming to Switch" so I buy it for PC. Now it's coming to switch 90+hours later. It was a fun run, but too late XD
Sr DeSilva
Sr DeSilva - Месяц назад
I'm one of these people that own this game for months, for a few years but only played 30 minutes of it. the switch was announced, came out and i knew i wanted to play it there so didnt touch in since. This game is going to look amazing in undocked mode.
husleman - Месяц назад
this game A MASTA PIECE!!!
Gabriel Salvatore
Gabriel Salvatore - Месяц назад
Please, made a physicalli edition!
Martin the Show
Martin the Show - Месяц назад
Where is animal crossing 2019 I want that Nintendo please show us sneak peak or gameplay
Chris LaFace
Chris LaFace - Месяц назад
I guess hedgehags can fly. Lol. Didn’t another dev say their game wasn’t coming to the Switch and then a few months later it was announced? But seriously no surprise here. The Switch is selling like crazy. Is number in software sales. A first since 2009. Plus, indies sell so much better on Switch then any other platform.
Hyperior V
Hyperior V - Месяц назад
I strongly recommend this game. It will be well worth your money.
Alexandre Goes
Alexandre Goes - Месяц назад
One of the best games I've ever played! It's a must buy!
Zev Zero
Zev Zero - Месяц назад
Can’t wait to buy this!
akaimizu1 - Месяц назад
Guaranteed buy right here.
VasseRx - Месяц назад
Gonna buy this again so hard...
Monika -
Monika - - Месяц назад
We have been given THOT MOBILE
Lucas Horta
Lucas Horta - Месяц назад
Best Action RPG i've played, you can't go wrong with this one!
Zbigniew S
Zbigniew S - Месяц назад
Wait WHAT!? I didn't expect it :)
HalloFrame - Месяц назад
The description doesn't match what the site said ahah
Andrew Helmy
Andrew Helmy - Месяц назад
Jakob Kaelin
Jakob Kaelin - Месяц назад
Ricochet 2! And not by Valve!
MrRukrio1 - Месяц назад
as somebody who owns the game... that is accurate AF.
Fronea Ackerley
Fronea Ackerley - Месяц назад
I remember years ago when this was a free demo on game jolt.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - Месяц назад
Lustrous Sight
Lustrous Sight - Месяц назад
My #1 favorite indie game.
329link - Месяц назад
one of my favorite games of all time! can't wait for this, seriously!
REALLY surprised though, I recall radical fish saying the odds of this happening are EXTREMELY low. extra points for the flying hedgehags too, since they said it would happen "when hedgehags fly".
Josh Legacy
Josh Legacy - Месяц назад
I have this game on PC.
Numa - Месяц назад
Looks nice 😀
Knorkrax - Месяц назад
We all knew deep down in our hearts that hedgehags could fly.
Nick W
Nick W - Месяц назад
I cannot express to anyone how much of a gem this game is. If you wanted more from your Legend of Zelda puzzle dungeons, if you wanted more depth to your action RPG's, if you wanted a game that would ask of you to build upon the skills it taught you throughout the entire game without holding your hand, but only present puzzles that felt fair once you figured them out. This game is for you. Buy it, love it, and sing it's praises, these guys deserve every accolade and success that comes their way.
Pedro Maysonet
Pedro Maysonet - Месяц назад
Pedro Maysonet
Pedro Maysonet - Месяц назад
Oh boy i cant wait till I scar Emilie for life whilst fighting bugs on the go!
QuwehShunMark - Месяц назад
Yes!!!! Take my money! It fights like Secret of Mana, puzzles like Zelda, has tunes like breath of fire, and a story that's gripping like chrono trigger. Don't even need to download the demo cause it's html based. Try it, buy it, love it.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - Месяц назад
Grabbed it on steam; probably gonna pick it up on the switch. Not sure how the controls will translate, but very excited to try
MrRukrio1 - Месяц назад
if it's anything like how it handles with an actual controller on the PC version: pretty well, actually.
mrmike70623 - Месяц назад
Man congrats to them for making it to switch.
Onextale - Месяц назад
Lea in smash confirmed
Kamikaze Ray
Kamikaze Ray - Месяц назад
[Nods in anime]
kubatronix kubatronix
kubatronix kubatronix - Месяц назад
please tell me when more exactly, i need to know
Lysander xX
Lysander xX - Месяц назад
I've been looking forward to this for a while on Switch. I never played it on Steam, but I watch a guy's funny commentary on his own gameplay
FF18Cloud - Месяц назад
Welp, I'm buying this a second time...
Lol, spent like, 50-80 hours on the alpha/beta version...
tempotic - Месяц назад
i think its good, i cant tell because of all the WHAT IS HAAAPENNIIIIIING but i might get it
MrRukrio1 - Месяц назад
watch the trailers from radicalfish themselves: it might be easier to watch some of those tbh...
Darren Cheung
Darren Cheung - Месяц назад
Michael Hoss
Michael Hoss - Месяц назад
We said it'd come to Switch if Hedgehag learned to fly. And as you can see, they learned.
Robert - Месяц назад
Seems this one is a nawesome action RPG. Will pick it up when it's out.
BmoreAkuma - Месяц назад
After learning about how Indies are sitting on a boatload of those Switch bucks , They changed their minds quick.
JERALD D.videojugador
JERALD D.videojugador - Месяц назад
WTH!!!!! Ugly snes games in switch nintendo is 2019 already!!
MrRukrio1 - Месяц назад
*Laughs in Egyptian Mr. Freeze*
J J - Месяц назад
David Stone
David Stone - Месяц назад
Seriously can't recommend this game enough.
Ricardo - Месяц назад
Honestly the first impression i had was great. But real talk this game gets really stale after a while. Dont expect much.
Alder613 - Месяц назад
Nope, sorry. I've been burned one too many times. I'm never trusting an indie developer again.
MrRukrio1 - Месяц назад
there's a free demo on their site, and on steam. try before you come to that conclusion this time.
Niko Forsyth
Niko Forsyth - Месяц назад
Single player MMO
TheZaius - Месяц назад
What? I can SEE the person nodding.
Doon Doon
Doon Doon - Месяц назад
As one of the early backers this is practically secret of mana mixed with phantasy star online. The best of both worlds
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