Top 10 Darkest Moments On Family Guy

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Comments - 3 months ago
Family Guy is one of those shows that doesn't... shy away from going really really dark. Did we miss any moment? Let us know, RIGHT here!
izbiz 08
izbiz 08 - 10 days ago
Evil stewie
Cringey Cameraman
Cringey Cameraman - 12 days ago
Peter setting fire to a hospital.. TWICE
Mikey_Suze Four
Mikey_Suze Four - Month ago
Family Guy's an animated front for the Illuminati so this list doesn't surprise me in the least.
tony flamingo
tony flamingo - Month ago
why darkest why not funny ps:how you go too far with jokes they are jokes just how
Xrod Studios 2005
Xrod Studios 2005 - Month ago hi Your so cool And Rebecca you rock
Elysian Fields Gaming
Just think Stewies STILL better than Joffrey >_>
Trase Gorsuch
Trase Gorsuch - Day ago
What about Fatman and Robin?
Laila The Princess
Laila The Princess - Day ago
I don't understand why people say that Stewie and Brian was the worst episode in the whole season but in my opinion it was one of the best episodes in the entire show. It was a deep episode that made you cry a bit but it showed how much Brian and Stewie care for each other and for Seth MacFarlane you did a damn good job with this episode and Thank you
Dylan Mchatton
Dylan Mchatton - 2 days ago
We're all forgetting peter breast fed stewie
Not Funny
Not Funny - 2 days ago
What if Maggie shot Quagmire
flyfast77 - 3 days ago
Omg family guy fans know this....THEYRE KNOWN FOR DOING COMPLETELY offensive comedy from day one
flyfast77 - 3 days ago
Love how there is no mention of EVERY EPISODE they make of crippled people!! Lol wtf
I Can’t Flush the Toilet
Herbert the Pervert
Squirtlemaster47 - 3 days ago
11:15 oh my god
HPL* Arkham
HPL* Arkham - 4 days ago
Love this show!!!!
Demario Rose
Demario Rose - 5 days ago
Why brian's death isn't number one
jonathan sauceda
jonathan sauceda - 5 days ago
The peter griffin Jr bit was a joke about him being irresponsible
Cole Jackson
Cole Jackson - 5 days ago
Peter junior could be chip
Colton Kuykendall
Colton Kuykendall - 5 days ago
dishonorable mentions? why? This is hilarious the bil cosby one was great 😂
Vulcanin - 6 days ago
a sentient 86
a sentient 86 - 7 days ago
jokes are jokes
they aren't meant to be "shocking" or anything that's called dark humour
like with everything except the brian and stewie episodes
making a song and dance about aids isn't "disgusting" and "shouldn't be on air" because it is a *joke*
1000 subs For a cookie
1000 subs For a cookie - 8 days ago
I want you to pee in my ear
You’ll do it 😃
Raylan Givens
Raylan Givens - 9 days ago
Love her voice.
Freya 8832
Freya 8832 - 9 days ago
This is simular to moments that went too far
Raven Rieck
Raven Rieck - 9 days ago
I like Rebecca, she has the kind of voice where anything she says sounds good.
"Hey guys, it's Rebecca from WatchMojo. The Jews did 911 and should be punished. Here's top 10 pranks to do on your black friends. If you like the video, please give a thumbs up, and beat your wife half to death."
She could say that and I'd still be happy, and I'd enjoy watching the video.
Nina van Dijk
Nina van Dijk - 10 days ago
'They have been going strong since season...'
Me:... One?
'... Four!'
Me: o okay.... 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️
Lily Mason
Lily Mason - 10 days ago
*You killed my homie!* I've never laughed so hard
Sally Maryam Williams {Creepypasta} {Depressed}
Briya Rose
Briya Rose - 10 days ago
DragonOverlord Phantom
DragonOverlord Phantom - 11 days ago
If my mom had a stroke, I'd refer it to Family Guy.
DragonOverlord Phantom
DragonOverlord Phantom - 11 days ago
Oh shit, murder jokes on Family Guy rule. Wait, was the murder scene at 7:36 or something or was it at 4:02?
Michael Linkovski
Michael Linkovski - 11 days ago
Stewie having sexual fantasies about his teddy bear should’ve been number one
Michael Linkovski
Michael Linkovski - 11 days ago
We never see Victor again, I wonder if Stewie killed him
Jesse Churchill
Jesse Churchill - 11 days ago
I think I saw the Simpsons one when it was originally on air. Honestly, I just sat there confused
Heather Schaefer
Heather Schaefer - 12 days ago
you guys are a bunch of pussys
Jeremy Hill
Jeremy Hill - 12 days ago
Brian getting ran over by a car hit me 😢😢
Jeremy Hill
Jeremy Hill - 10 days ago
@Rayyan Ehtisham what I meant by that is it got me in the feels 😢😢
Rayyan Ehtisham
Rayyan Ehtisham - 11 days ago
i think the car hit brian, not you.
DS Grant
DS Grant - 12 days ago
Lisa learns how to play saxophone at school. It's a public school, so to answer her question, it's the taxpayers who pay for it.
mohammed al mulhim
mohammed al mulhim - 13 days ago
mohammed al mulhim
mohammed al mulhim - 13 days ago
what the heck is going on
achraf joundi
achraf joundi - 13 days ago
Had better days Lois had better days 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
achraf joundi
achraf joundi - 13 days ago
Relationship between Bryan and quagmire is so fucking hilarious
achraf joundi
achraf joundi - 13 days ago
It's funny that herbert has no teeth. But when he talks suddenly he has all his teeth back🤔
Will Solace
Will Solace - 14 days ago
"yOu havE aiDs"
MurderousGeek - 15 days ago
*After killing brendas boyfriend*
Peter: I kinda wanna kill somebody else now
FilthyRamenHouse - 16 days ago
That car effect is problaby the caused death of Brian
redman0324 - 16 days ago
The show is funny butt the not so subtle Nazi propaganda embedded throughout the show's history is disturbing and repulsive. Gotta love how today's equivalent to the past's Nazis have rebranded themselves as compassionate liberals. It is quite oxymoronic and couldn't be further from the truth, the exact inverse is true.
Hybrid Gamer
Hybrid Gamer - 17 days ago
Who’s Terri Schiavo?
owen hard
owen hard - 18 days ago
Hey lois
SkyTangerine :D
SkyTangerine :D - 18 days ago
Omg it's the iconic voice behind WatchMojo
Benjamin Night
Benjamin Night - 19 days ago
She looks just like what I thought she would
Allen Steik
Allen Steik - 19 days ago
Ya know Family Guy is technically a rip-off of the Simpsons? Proof: Its a bout a fat guy with an alcohol problem, a wife who should be with someone else, and they have 3 children and a dog. Cool!
Nathan King
Nathan King - 20 days ago
Stewie acts like a girl to be an actor for hsi favroute shoe
Zach Rodriguez
Zach Rodriguez - 22 days ago
This is the first time that I'm seeing Rebecca. It's nice to put a face to the voice.
Pagan Soul
Pagan Soul - 23 days ago
I mean, it’s true family guy is dark, but I can’t be the only one who thinks people are just too sensitive about it.
FireDemon 119
FireDemon 119 - 23 days ago
Almost cried when brian died.
Marielaa Usher
Marielaa Usher - 23 days ago
To me, the darkest episode from Fanily Guy ever was Quagmire's sister episode. Even though they did try to throw some comedy in, the whole story was so dark and disturbing
Michaelforgothispassword - 24 days ago
Oh my God the WatchMojo people have a face
McCraeCook:FormerVHSUser /NewYTCartoonVideoer
What about:
-Every damn inhumane and evil thing Carter Pewterschmidt has done just to save money(hid the cure for cancer and letting people die of cancer,threatening to sink half of Quahog by firing a missile into the fault line to make his real estate water front,tore down an African village to get his money back,abusing Peter by making him skip jump rope and cry,cheated on his wife,slapped and punched a woman on the beach who is his future wife, tormented a adopted child,kept an African sex slave,etc)
-Peter murdering a whale with a forklift(Peter Problems)
-Diane Simmons Murders(And Then They Were Fewer)
-Stewie getting Herpes(Herpe The Love Sore)
-The Killer Cat and The Evil Bar of Soap(Peternormal Activity)
-Stewie getting a head injury which leads to his brain being exposed and bitten by rats,Peter later throwing him in the driveway and gets runs over by Lois while backing up(Brian Griffin's House of Payne)
-Stewie getting scared by the Queen album(Killer Queen)
-Quagmire getting kidnapped and abused by Sonya(Quagmire's Quagmire)
McCraeCook:FormerVHSUser /NewYTCartoonVideoer
I hate Jeff he's such a jerk to Brenda,I'm glad Quagmire killed that jerk
Khiry Jones
Khiry Jones - 26 days ago
The abortion episode
Devin Yamashiro
Devin Yamashiro - 26 days ago
Me (In Halcyon's Voice) Nice to see you again, Rebecca Brayton of
Tet8063 - 27 days ago
this is an epic gamer video
Go commit childish gambino
3:04 is the greatest moment in family guy history.
Andrei McAllister
Andrei McAllister - 28 days ago
What about the time peter found out her wife is Jewish and tried to kill her exactly like the nazis
Saibal Republic
Saibal Republic - 29 days ago
We never knew how important the Stewie saving Brian with the help of time traveling was , unless Endgame happened.
Qwacker roblox
Qwacker roblox - 29 days ago
i feel so horrable that i laugh everytime i hear the peter jr joke
Jasmine Johnston
Jasmine Johnston - 29 days ago
I don’t know what’s a worse song, “You’ve Got AIDS” or “The Vasectomy Song”
Carolyn Nance
Carolyn Nance - Month ago
I love how you can clearly see that the gravestone in your clickbait thumbnail is photoshopped.
Vlad Tepish III
Vlad Tepish III - Month ago
Stewie is getting soft,.
NawDowl - Month ago
i feel like the brians whole gun thing was a way of spreading mental illness awareness, in family guys twisted way
אריאל גולני
אריאל גולני - Month ago
Lavender Dash Farms
Lavender Dash Farms - Month ago
I laughed at every one of these. It's a cartoon. Yes it has it's dark moments but it's not suppose to be taken so seriously.
Gack Taylor
Gack Taylor - Month ago
Since when does Herbert have a first name?
Hannah Willmott
Hannah Willmott - Month ago
I love 💖 Herbert the privet but this song is not really funny 😁
Blueblur1991 - Month ago
Honestly, I’m just glad they didn’t animate crotches in those dumpster babies. That would just be horrifying.
00 Coyote
00 Coyote - Month ago
#10 pedophilia, #9 abortion (baby murder), #8 a deadly global epidemic, #7 burning people alive, #6 animal killing, #5 woman abuse, #4 home invasion and murder, #3 suicide, #2 child abuse resulting in death, and #1 rape, murder, and cheating... People ask why America is in this state.
Alarsin - Month ago
Okay only like 2 of them are actually dark
Alarsin - Month ago
Okay only like 2 of them are actually dark
Andrew Man Gaming
Andrew Man Gaming - Month ago
I like brian and stewie Episode I think the story is good and It has a few funny jokes
Robby Snell
Robby Snell - Month ago
Nicky Edwards
Nicky Edwards - Month ago
2:14 funniest bit ever
TheDiamondKing - Month ago
*you have aids!*
Just Me
Just Me - Month ago
Brian’s death was the saddest moment.
RollinRaichu - Month ago
Rebecca shows us how a spray tan can go horribly wrong.
Tony Vetterli
Tony Vetterli - Month ago
Devonté Diggs
Devonté Diggs - Month ago
I love family guy simply because they cross these boundaries and their dark humor
diego mendez
diego mendez - Month ago
diego mendez
diego mendez - Month ago
diego mendez
diego mendez - Month ago
diego mendez
diego mendez - Month ago
diego mendez
diego mendez - Month ago
diego mendez
diego mendez - Month ago
freeze spell is awesome
Mcstroke is my favourite episode lol
Simon Hartley
Simon Hartley - 14 days ago
freeze spell is awesome Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! “Stop mocking me”.
freeze spell is awesome
Nothing is off limits in family guy absolutely nothing
Rashad Sims
Rashad Sims - Month ago
They go to far at times
Lifefighter _YT
Lifefighter _YT - Month ago
Top 1 Peter breaking his knee
Donna Haynes
Donna Haynes - Month ago
How about all those times Meg was abused, neglected or abandoned by her family throughout the series? (Two I thought were darkest are SeaShell SeaHorse Party and when they left her at a firestation while they were happily reminiscing about her as a baby)
Katheryne Mero
Katheryne Mero - Month ago
This seems so stupid. They make it sound so terrible to cover dark subjects. Guess what? The dog dies. It's hard to deal with unless you're a psychopath. It's nice that they talk about subjects that actually happen instead of pretending that life is easy and pain free. I know how badly some people want it to be; but men like Herbert are REAL. Suicide is REAL. These are things that happen everyday.
Josh Kimbrough
Josh Kimbrough - Month ago
After all these years I finally see what you look like lol
patrick Timmons
patrick Timmons - Month ago
I want to adopt prom night dumpster baby
luis Hernandez
luis Hernandez - Month ago
Wow so that’s how the chicks voice looks.
B G - Month ago
What's everyone's favorite character? Mine is stewie
Mikey_Suze Four
Mikey_Suze Four - Month ago
Brian The Dog for me.
Christian Schultz
Christian Schultz - Month ago
You forgot the time stiew shoot a grey store
0oh. laudlaura
0oh. laudlaura - Month ago
Why are ads so long now
Amina Krupalija
Amina Krupalija - Month ago
Im just a prom night dumpster baby
Me : *sings along*
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