Skrillex - Mumbai Power (feat. Beam) [Official Audio]

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Tóth Gergő
Tóth Gergő - 18 minutes ago
99% Volume
1% Dynamic
SJ Sercan
SJ Sercan - 10 hours ago
What is this program ?
Andrey Ayelo
Andrey Ayelo - 12 hours ago
Goosebumps all over my body! I’ve been waiting for this in a long time 😄
Marco Maselli
Marco Maselli - 13 hours ago
Looks like 1505 people misclicked on the dislike button
yusoff yuss
yusoff yuss - 14 hours ago
Crazy man in the world..salute..
Wolfito - Day ago
It's your music unique, yes it s
Regiane Ribas
Regiane Ribas - Day ago
Só eu BR?
TapeJunkie - Day ago
Show the sound design init Skrillex...
TapeJunkie - Day ago
This is the last project init theirs no way he made that with just a few eqs
Mrclo三忍 - 2 days ago
Skrillex - TUTORIAL
Vikram Betal
Vikram Betal - 2 days ago
Director: We don't have budget to make video
Skrillex: Hold my equaliser
ZIRVAY - 3 days ago
How much years i have been waiting this time damnn i downloaded the video to show this to my kids to say i waited since my 10 years old and i am 19 yo so imagine how long time
Money Bam
Money Bam - 4 days ago
Never thought that my two fav artists would collaborate
Paul Museck
Paul Museck - 4 days ago
chee tu que locura
sandip kunwar
sandip kunwar - 4 days ago
Come to Nepal please 🙏 😢🙏
Artem Minyaew
Artem Minyaew - 4 days ago
Omg like like like
Julian Bon
Julian Bon - 5 days ago
hella dope, thanks for the great music
Arnav Palit
Arnav Palit - 6 days ago
What ever Skrillex touches is gold!
Nctap - 7 days ago
Tamo pal picó
Ossmay [Officiel]
Ossmay [Officiel] - 7 days ago
i like how this was at 12 in the morning
Carlo Scrignaro
Carlo Scrignaro - 8 days ago
Opens up Insight, reads -3LUFS...and they complain movies are mixed too loud 🙄 most action movies barely hit -14
Giandrix - 8 days ago
I love this song!
Vitor Rocha
Vitor Rocha - 8 days ago
O melhor que tem na atualidade
Skrillex número 1
1Rodrigo1Vídeo - 8 days ago
Carlos Meza L.
Carlos Meza L. - 8 days ago
CIPANGO - 9 days ago
Nombre de la aplicación???
ZAISS6IX vs NSΛITYI - 9 days ago
Amazing touch matt
ThoughtGaze - 9 days ago
honestly it sounds like shit lmao
Wade B
Wade B - 9 days ago
Thank You!! I need music like that to get up every morning.
Roasted Team
Roasted Team - 9 days ago
create music in the name of india, will get more views and subscriber
Savage Calibre
Savage Calibre - 9 days ago
HeadLock - 10 days ago
I liked some of the 2000s work you did, Skx. Bring that back.
Callum61921 - 10 days ago
Drop the bass , the classic line
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous - 10 days ago
Skrillex flexing with the stock plugins!!!
See Me Please
See Me Please - 10 days ago
Oh my godddd . The Bass to My heart +++ Oh god Thank you... Skrillex
PLUS MISTERY - 11 days ago
Comentario en Español😎
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo - 11 days ago
Thanks You 🙏
Music Critic
Music Critic - 11 days ago
Did anyone else notice the note at 1:03 is slightly sharp?
SFORZA - 12 days ago
Good stuff! 🎶👽
Paweł Chaberek
Paweł Chaberek - 12 days ago
When I actually listened to it the first time i felt the same energy that i used to feel while listening to Bangarang in the year of it's premiere, Skrillex please make more of it, you're awesome, cheers.
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