Skrillex - Mumbai Power (feat. Beam) [Official Audio]

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[X] ItsInnokkentyYT Gamer-Paradise
А как это приложение называется?
Marcus Fernandes
Marcus Fernandes - 16 hours ago
Isso é Skrillex de vdd
Vaibhav Dange
Vaibhav Dange - 16 hours ago
Pausing every second 😂♥️
Satria Sailendra
Satria Sailendra - 16 hours ago
Emy Aze
Emy Aze - 19 hours ago
GalaxyEDM - 20 hours ago
If my undivided love was turned into a song and the icebreaker was the drop lol
Carla Hernández
Carla Hernández - Day ago
WTF! - 3.5!!!??? 😵
ErenGMG - Day ago
İs This Future Bass?
Ore Dub Trap? Dafug?
Babul Ahmed
Babul Ahmed - Day ago
why did he have to show the project tho? This is the "Official Audio" not the "Official guide on how skrillex made this banger"
Brett M
Brett M - Day ago
What program??
Dj CUTMAN - Day ago
I can't believe how fast Ableton loads
xantalix - Day ago
do this with scary monsters and nice sprites
RamsXGD - Day ago
Mumbai Power PT 2?
Cameron Utter
Cameron Utter - Day ago
hope theres more to come of this....might need to get more subs for my car just to hear that drop better
。音楽趣味 - 2 days ago
Edgar Collemann
Edgar Collemann - 2 days ago
Skrillex now does tutorials in Ambleton, I enjoyed it a lot! 🇧🇷
loser - 2 days ago
virtual riot vibes
Biker Saint
Biker Saint - 2 days ago
Good shit! ♥️🔥
ForestGWolfy Productions
Ill steal this file
Aldrin Laviña
Aldrin Laviña - 2 days ago
1:55 do you guys know how to do that?
42 black white
42 black white - 3 days ago
watching this from a mac and i feel like shit hahaha he is amaziing i love him
Alejandroby - 3 days ago
216.mp3 better
Ezequiel Souza
Ezequiel Souza - 3 days ago
Algum Brasileiro escutando essa explosão de música?
Arman Mirza
Arman Mirza - 3 days ago
love from MUMBAI , INDIA 💕
Skado - 3 days ago
Did you sample the Make War vocals for the drop? If so, that's fuckin awesome haha
T O X I N - 3 days ago
The first time i listened i didn't really like it that much now i somehow went back to it and it's my favorite song
chelero 777
chelero 777 - 3 days ago
omfg skrillex like a boss
jagmohan chandel
jagmohan chandel - 3 days ago
Wow I also have ableton live
Adam - 3 days ago
OTT on everything

They can’t diss me anymore....
N1kitx 228
N1kitx 228 - 4 days ago
Кто русский ставим лайк D:)))))))))))))
Aldo jaja'
Aldo jaja' - 4 days ago
Like si eres de Latinoamerica
Shalini Garje
Shalini Garje - 4 days ago
Is this gonna be on spotify
Encode - 4 days ago
Aizzz Aizzz locura verte locura verte
Jair Rodriguez
Jair Rodriguez - 4 days ago
Droga Auditiva❤
Paola Álvarez
Paola Álvarez - 4 days ago
Skrillex ❤️❤️
Kyronius - 4 days ago
I wish to submit a Complaint...
It's too short.
Brandon Carballo
Brandon Carballo - 4 days ago
Sooooo can I get the STEMS? Lmao
Luz Carina Sanchez
Luz Carina Sanchez - 4 days ago
Alguien que hable español? :v
Gianni Costanti
Gianni Costanti - 4 days ago
y mi ft?
Brecht van Dam
Brecht van Dam - 4 days ago
This is the best Skrillex song I've heard in a very long time, amazing song!
Georg Friedrich Händel
Nearly everyone: I would prefer FL Studio to Ableton
Skrillex: Hold my Live Project
Fredd Sheeran
Fredd Sheeran - 4 days ago
Crack 🤘
Hridayjit Patowary
Hridayjit Patowary - 4 days ago
Skrillex again proved tht he is the God of dubstep 🤘
Merryzap - 4 days ago
Why is this song named Mumbai Power?
Betty Mar Roman
Betty Mar Roman - 4 days ago
Bart Mulder
Bart Mulder - 4 days ago
The energy of this track charged his MacBook battery from 5% to 8 % in 2,5 minutes.
Wojciech Wójciak
Wojciech Wójciak - 5 days ago
Vic Vinegar
Vic Vinegar - 5 days ago
akash jadhawar
akash jadhawar - 5 days ago
damm you are a musician or a computer engineer..???
WestCar - 5 days ago
someone send me the download link for this sonny wallpaper
WestCar - 5 days ago
Wallpaper plz download?
Orluck BNTZ
Orluck BNTZ - 5 days ago
Yo pensaba que usabas FL Studios :'v
Razor - 5 days ago
What's with all the de activated clips?
Mark Porta
Mark Porta - 5 days ago
time to StEaL iT
Mark Porta
Mark Porta - 5 days ago
that cpu cookin my bbq
Szymon Kamiński
Szymon Kamiński - 5 days ago
That sub bass
gud faxt
gud faxt - 5 days ago
Thats gamelan sound was so 🔥🔥🔥
Neero 98
Neero 98 - 5 days ago
collab bro? xd
Jin Luffy
Jin Luffy - 5 days ago
That’s why I’m pretty sure.
Henry V
Henry V - 5 days ago
Thank you so much for uploading this.😍
Drx Cull
Drx Cull - 5 days ago
This is how pro using ableton, not fl studio cracking
Razor - 5 days ago
*Indian Accent* Hello, I am Rajesh from 100% per cent real Cracks YT. Today I will show you how to use FL studio without paying for it. First, you must click the very dodgy link which leads to some dodgy porn site.
ewew wew
ewew wew - 5 days ago
I'm watching .. but. What the f$%k is going on?..
black white
black white - 5 days ago
you're future
The Bass Collection
The Bass Collection - 5 days ago
Jose Kamppe
Jose Kamppe - 5 days ago
Hazme un hijo !!!😍💕
Lion Dubs
Lion Dubs - 5 days ago
-3.8 LUFS damn!
SKYN0RKS FURI3 - 6 days ago
My brain !!!!!!!!!!!
Venøm - 6 days ago
Skrillex is a musical
SIREN Official
SIREN Official - 6 days ago
Those Filter Sweeps! Goddang
Sound Offense
Sound Offense - 6 days ago
skrillex was pulling masterpieces with 4 gigs of ram and stock plugs 10 years ago, thats the level of talent hes on
Gio Ayala
Gio Ayala - 6 days ago
Sonny this is a golden piece of art! We love you !!! This thing is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Noidel - 6 days ago
Next rocket league soundtrack
seebasschin - 6 days ago
The chord progression sounds a lot like Face My Fears
ЯoИИiЁ MoЯЯisoИ - 6 days ago
Me: Skrillex must have the worlds most powerful computer to create this music
Reality: Macbook
Me: 😮😮😮
Bunglay - 6 days ago
so much talent holy shiewt
Bunglay - 6 days ago
after 6 years of wondering what would skrillex do... i see im not doing things too wrong... my music just suck :D
Jordan Payot
Jordan Payot - 6 days ago
It means a lot to a young amateur producer like me. You're a awesome person 🤙 Cheers from France 🍻
J DC - 6 days ago
Does anyone knows how to get that -4 LUFS?
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