I owe an apology....

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Xander Malcolmson
Xander Malcolmson - 4 months ago
jt rich
jt rich - 4 months ago
Raddddddd dan is the truth
Tyler Woolford A.K.A. Chicken Little
Disappointed the V2 carbon fiber phone cases didn’t come in the iPhone 8
Mooseman - 4 months ago
I have those wheels you have on your Supra on my honda😂
hendrix herrin
hendrix herrin - 4 months ago
You guys can’t just work on a car can you
Connor B
Connor B - 4 months ago
@8:37 how about even attempting to start filming the 1M sub documentary you promised like 8 months ago
Or why you have the tats you do.
I dunno. Real life person stuff and not always promoting your crappy merch and being a human and not business business business all the fucking time.
BANT3R - 4 months ago
Well goodbye watching you then rip supra
Adrian Mendez
Adrian Mendez - 4 months ago
“Adding to the car” you mean someone else adding. This channel is lame now
Ben Strunk
Ben Strunk - 4 months ago
It’s a damn shame when a car that amazing falls into these types of hands, plz give more love to the supra, it breaks my heart
nelson hernandez
nelson hernandez - 4 months ago
Tj, what car Would you be bringing to Puerto Rico!!!!?????
Alejandro B
Alejandro B - 4 months ago
Me : finally a good long 15 min video

Tj : 5 min about Supra 10 min about his merch
Chris Vaughn
Chris Vaughn - 5 months ago
Sell it you're a bad supra owner..
athfdrizzle - 5 months ago
has a shop, but takes it to another shop. SAD
Sob Phiri
Sob Phiri - 5 months ago
Hey teej, how about bringing back subtitles for the hard of hearing. Loving your vlogs. Love from S.A
Royalty_Stance_Nation - 5 months ago
So the Drop is at NOON (eastern time zone).
Jerome Mariano
Jerome Mariano - 5 months ago
did they up his adderall dosage, holy speed talker
Ford Stoner
Ford Stoner - 5 months ago
I bought my first set of wheels tj!!!!!!
RL Racing Garage
RL Racing Garage - 5 months ago
I feel you bro 8:49
Tokyo JZA80
Tokyo JZA80 - 5 months ago
I love Dan, my goal is to bring my Supra to the US and have him do some work on it that way I can say the Supra gods Rad Dan and Max Orido have both worked on my car.
joshua96793 - 5 months ago
Sucks there is no Galaxy S9 carbon phone case cause I'd have got one of those bad boys but hoping to get a pair of those sunglasses
RideThe6 - 5 months ago
I see a G8 in the background. It will probably spank your supra ::)
BiG Cheese
BiG Cheese - 4 months ago
I Wouldnt doubt it !! 😂
John Lloyd
John Lloyd - 5 months ago
I always get my dentist appointments at 2:30 but only when my tooth hurty
jsus s
jsus s - 5 months ago
Couldnt handle the supra lol
Trent Risetter
Trent Risetter - 5 months ago
tree jones
tree jones - 5 months ago
It’s confirmed tj can’t finish a project.... just drops his projects off at a shop
Tom M
Tom M - 5 months ago
What the fuck was on that guys head?
Shiva Singh
Shiva Singh - 5 months ago
damn boy you on trending
static - 5 months ago
Why u look so tired?
I thought you were Going to keep it stock 😂
Tater Farmer
Tater Farmer - 5 months ago
I want a shift knob. Plz bring them back again. Thanks bro.
ray dayan
ray dayan - 5 months ago
Parts from power house racing heck yeah
ItzWallyMan 100
ItzWallyMan 100 - 5 months ago
Live your new merch inventory but I'm more of a color blue fan. Blue Lanyard would be dope
William Robinson
William Robinson - 5 months ago
Is it a bad coke habit is the question???
Dave Duarte
Dave Duarte - 5 months ago
"Back into the groove" of paying others to build my cars 👍
Working On Projects With Cesar
Work on your own cars
Like Goonzsquad or bisforbuild
Videos are weak asf now All you’ve been doing is picking up cars from shops doing the job
KDcars - 5 months ago
Guess what. I don’t care 🤷🏼‍♂️ 🤣
Speed Demon
Speed Demon - 5 months ago
Devin Robinson Media
Devin Robinson Media - 5 months ago
Itd be cool to see a brz livery based t shirt or sweatshirt
Dentist appointment halfway through the day = ‘a hole’ day off work 😂👌
John Doe
John Doe - 5 months ago
3:57 LOL TEEG, How can You forget such a thing, 1st of October 2018, Dan already saw your supra hahahah, Dan's and Yours Supras were parked together, big Facepalm for that :D
Adrian Transilvania
Adrian Transilvania - 5 months ago
I telling you what thing the supra it's the best ok
Joseph Palacios
Joseph Palacios - 5 months ago
This ain’t the TJ I used to watch lol unsubbed
YungBetoe392 - 5 months ago
“Get back to work, rents due”
FallenInByohazard - 5 months ago
Vlogging + pulling a trailer = full send
Sebastian Goyco
Sebastian Goyco - 5 months ago
Might as well name the channel, TJ & rad industries
Nicholas Curry
Nicholas Curry - 5 months ago
Poor Supra :( wish it could have stayed stock. Ironically a mint untouched Supra is far more unique than a built one at this point
George - 5 months ago
Exactly. Not good for RUvideos content though. You could do a few nice videos with it stock, seeing how it runs on the track, getting peoples reactions, annnd that's all I can think of rn
Jan Soto
Jan Soto - 5 months ago
Whats wrong wit the rx7 buhhh omfg
The J Media
The J Media - 5 months ago
More supra video!!
Bryan Velazquez
Bryan Velazquez - 5 months ago
Dustin could've pushed the supra in himself
my friend
my friend - 5 months ago
Finally Dan at least knows what he’s doing😬
Negative Dan
Negative Dan - 5 months ago
Where’s Mickey been?
Silly Driven
Silly Driven - 5 months ago
Jason Frianela
Jason Frianela - 5 months ago
GOD his haircut is cringing ughhhh
Bobby Tran
Bobby Tran - 5 months ago
No iPhone 8 Plus cases? You’re hosing me TJ 😭
Rene Cruz
Rene Cruz - 5 months ago
Why no love to the iPhone 7/8 and the 7/8 Plus?
Joshua Parton
Joshua Parton - 5 months ago
Dude looks like he needs to be in Straya at Summernats
JDM _drifter
JDM _drifter - 5 months ago
“I got the BOMEXfront bumper with the carbon trim”
Mew - 5 months ago
Still makes me laugh the Supra wheels where custom made for the RX7
Nick Comella
Nick Comella - 5 months ago
91 teg build
Hudson Bogovich
Hudson Bogovich - 5 months ago
glad this man is taking his supra to another shop cause he cant do the stuff himself
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