I owe an apology....

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Xander Malcolmson
Xander Malcolmson - 13 days ago
jt rich
jt rich - 15 days ago
Raddddddd dan is the truth
Tyler Woolford A.K.A. Chicken Little
Disappointed the V2 carbon fiber phone cases didn’t come in the iPhone 8
Mooseman - 20 days ago
I have those wheels you have on your Supra on my honda😂
hendrix herrin
hendrix herrin - 20 days ago
You guys can’t just work on a car can you
Connor B
Connor B - 20 days ago
@8:37 how about even attempting to start filming the 1M sub documentary you promised like 8 months ago
Or why you have the tats you do.
I dunno. Real life person stuff and not always promoting your crappy merch and being a human and not business business business all the fucking time.
BANT3R - 23 days ago
Well goodbye watching you then rip supra
Adrian Mendez
Adrian Mendez - 24 days ago
“Adding to the car” you mean someone else adding. This channel is lame now
Ben Strunk
Ben Strunk - 24 days ago
It’s a damn shame when a car that amazing falls into these types of hands, plz give more love to the supra, it breaks my heart
nelson hernandez
nelson hernandez - 24 days ago
Tj, what car Would you be bringing to Puerto Rico!!!!?????
Alejandro B
Alejandro B - 24 days ago
Me : finally a good long 15 min video

Tj : 5 min about Supra 10 min about his merch
Chris Vaughn
Chris Vaughn - 24 days ago
Sell it you're a bad supra owner..
athfdrizzle - 24 days ago
has a shop, but takes it to another shop. SAD
Sob Phiri
Sob Phiri - 24 days ago
Hey teej, how about bringing back subtitles for the hard of hearing. Loving your vlogs. Love from S.A
Royalty_Stance_Nation - 24 days ago
So the Drop is at NOON (eastern time zone).
Jerome Mariano
Jerome Mariano - 25 days ago
did they up his adderall dosage, holy speed talker
Ford Stoner
Ford Stoner - 25 days ago
I bought my first set of wheels tj!!!!!!
RL Racing Garage
RL Racing Garage - 25 days ago
I feel you bro 8:49
Tokyo JZA80
Tokyo JZA80 - 25 days ago
I love Dan, my goal is to bring my Supra to the US and have him do some work on it that way I can say the Supra gods Rad Dan and Max Orido have both worked on my car.
joshua96793 - 25 days ago
Sucks there is no Galaxy S9 carbon phone case cause I'd have got one of those bad boys but hoping to get a pair of those sunglasses
RideThe6 - 25 days ago
I see a G8 in the background. It will probably spank your supra ::)
BiG Cheese
BiG Cheese - 23 days ago
I Wouldnt doubt it !! 😂
John Lloyd
John Lloyd - 25 days ago
I always get my dentist appointments at 2:30 but only when my tooth hurty
jsus s
jsus s - 25 days ago
Couldnt handle the supra lol
Trent Risetter
Trent Risetter - 25 days ago
tree jones
tree jones - 25 days ago
It’s confirmed tj can’t finish a project.... just drops his projects off at a shop
Tom M
Tom M - 25 days ago
What the fuck was on that guys head?
SickBuilds FJ
SickBuilds FJ - 25 days ago
damn boy you on trending
static - 26 days ago
Why u look so tired?
XXXTARNTACION - 26 days ago
I thought you were Going to keep it stock 😂
Tater Farmer
Tater Farmer - 26 days ago
I want a shift knob. Plz bring them back again. Thanks bro.
ray dayan
ray dayan - 26 days ago
Parts from power house racing heck yeah
ItzWallyMan 100
ItzWallyMan 100 - 26 days ago
Live your new merch inventory but I'm more of a color blue fan. Blue Lanyard would be dope
William Robinson
William Robinson - 26 days ago
Is it a bad coke habit is the question???
Dave Duarte
Dave Duarte - 26 days ago
"Back into the groove" of paying others to build my cars 👍
Cesar aguilar
Cesar aguilar - 26 days ago
Work on your own cars
Like Goonzsquad or bisforbuild
Videos are weak asf now All you’ve been doing is picking up cars from shops doing the job
KDcars - 26 days ago
Guess what. I don’t care 🤷🏼‍♂️ 🤣
Speed Demon
Speed Demon - 26 days ago
Devin Robinson Media
Devin Robinson Media - 26 days ago
Itd be cool to see a brz livery based t shirt or sweatshirt
Dentist appointment halfway through the day = ‘a hole’ day off work 😂👌
John Doe
John Doe - 26 days ago
3:57 LOL TEEG, How can You forget such a thing, 1st of October 2018, Dan already saw your supra hahahah, Dan's and Yours Supras were parked together, big Facepalm for that :D
Adrian Herepean
Adrian Herepean - 26 days ago
I telling you what thing the supra it's the best ok
Joseph Palacios
Joseph Palacios - 26 days ago
This ain’t the TJ I used to watch lol unsubbed
YungBetoe392 - 26 days ago
“Get back to work, rents due”
FallenInByohazard - 26 days ago
Vlogging + pulling a trailer = full send
Sebastian Goyco
Sebastian Goyco - 26 days ago
Might as well name the channel, TJ & rad industries
Nicholas Curry
Nicholas Curry - 26 days ago
Poor Supra :( wish it could have stayed stock. Ironically a mint untouched Supra is far more unique than a built one at this point
George - 26 days ago
Exactly. Not good for RUvideos content though. You could do a few nice videos with it stock, seeing how it runs on the track, getting peoples reactions, annnd that's all I can think of rn
Jan Soto
Jan Soto - 26 days ago
Whats wrong wit the rx7 buhhh omfg
The J Media
The J Media - 26 days ago
More supra video!!
Bryan Velazquez
Bryan Velazquez - 26 days ago
Dustin could've pushed the supra in himself
my friend
my friend - 26 days ago
Finally Dan at least knows what he’s doing😬
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