I Trapped My Twin Brother in PRISON for 24 Hours!

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Lucas and Marcus
Lucas and Marcus - 5 months ago
Toocaram Anissa
Toocaram Anissa - 6 days ago
laura griffiths
laura griffiths - 9 days ago
laura griffiths
laura griffiths - 9 days ago
You have
laura griffiths
laura griffiths - 9 days ago
You're my favourite RUvideosr
laura griffiths
laura griffiths - 9 days ago
Sheretia Dowe-Smith
Sheretia Dowe-Smith - 2 days ago
Hey man who is JAIL LUCAS OR MARCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toocaram Anissa
Toocaram Anissa - 6 days ago
Love channel dobre brothers
Kj Cw
Kj Cw - 6 days ago
Lucas said get me out the other dude said sit down now hahahhahaha😜😜😜😜
Xotricz Splash
Xotricz Splash - 10 days ago
Yoooooooo my boyyyyys
Mia Puell
Mia Puell - 10 days ago
this is so funny
dragon boy21
dragon boy21 - 11 days ago
Hey dobra brotherhs I won
To mare mar
Ratana Ly
Ratana Ly - 12 days ago
You guy have make a good video without me
M Gudbranson
M Gudbranson - 12 days ago
Marcuse I want you to love me
MillieFatKitty 09
MillieFatKitty 09 - 15 days ago
Sick slide bro
MrWickysauce - 15 days ago
That’s funny🤣😄😃😀😁😆
Barbra Hanks
Barbra Hanks - 16 days ago
Love you Lucas and Marcus ❤️
carsynn lehman
carsynn lehman - 16 days ago
i am getting a hooide because you guys are amizing
carsynn lehman
carsynn lehman - 16 days ago
love you guys you are amizing
Nek Minute
Nek Minute - 17 days ago
I love you guys
I love youer channel😙😘😘😙😜
Lolitalovelylove Bileviciute-Mir
Can invanita play as a cop please
Austin Thomas Le Grand
Austin Thomas Le Grand - 22 days ago
Start is sooooo cool. Play Roblox and prank players 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Gerald Harte
Gerald Harte - 22 days ago
And I love you
Zamaya Allen
Zamaya Allen - 23 days ago
Rochelyne Maxena
Rochelyne Maxena - 23 days ago
Take him out now
Marc Desaw
Marc Desaw - 23 days ago
Hadi Nasar
Hadi Nasar - 24 days ago
Loser loser loser Marcus and LucasYou are a bad police officer where is Lucas and Marcus
Chyenne Blanton
Chyenne Blanton - 25 days ago
I like it did it feel good
Kay Angel
Kay Angel - 27 days ago
I love your videos
It’s the best YouTube channel in the world
Madison Roche
Madison Roche - 27 days ago
You just got busted
Davida Aikins
Davida Aikins - 28 days ago
Marcus in the toilet while someone is praying🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Ashley Franklin
Ashley Franklin - 28 days ago
Cool 😎
Natasha Torres
Natasha Torres - Month ago
I love your voice
Olivia Tillman
Olivia Tillman - Month ago
Come to Delray Villa road Lucas and Marcus and Lucas with your girl friend
Prushi Kujtim
Prushi Kujtim - Month ago
Video cool
Natalie Barrios
Natalie Barrios - Month ago
Get lucas back and make him stay in prison for 24 hours with ivanita's ex boyfriend
Andrew Lennon
Andrew Lennon - Month ago
Soma Sheikh
Soma Sheikh - Month ago
Julie Carrillo
Julie Carrillo - Month ago
Omg I can’t believe they did that to Marcus
dez gutierrez
dez gutierrez - Month ago
Is that your freaking dad???!!
k noname
k noname - 2 months ago
When does Lucas dobre go in the challenge with a soulmate
Shepherd - 2 months ago
Edgar Noriega
Edgar Noriega - 2 months ago
QUEEN J.P.M - 2 months ago
yo what's up youtube we getting out of here i'm weak he funny
Geeta Bhudiya
Geeta Bhudiya - 2 months ago
Rose's are red and violets are blue the dobre brothers are awesome and so are you
Akaylia Maxwell
Akaylia Maxwell - 2 months ago
Lucas and Marcus you are really funny
jessica collins
jessica collins - 2 months ago
Jonathan Feliciano
Jonathan Feliciano - 2 months ago
I found your address so i am goin to see you at your house if you see a red truck is me and my dad and sister we love lucas and marcus am sorry am in nice person
M. E. T. 2007
M. E. T. 2007 - 2 months ago
I spend 2 days in Jail and finally they said they said to me it isn't me
But in the next night they took me and i was watching YT
You know why cause the person who have all the CIA was my real dad
Eric's Play Time
Eric's Play Time - 2 months ago
When Marcus fell it was funny
Judale Duggon
Judale Duggon - 2 months ago
I love you Marcus 😩😘😍
Bernie Jones
Bernie Jones - 2 months ago
Shirlynsb Bantay
Shirlynsb Bantay - 2 months ago
Your welcome guys i love your videos
Teresa S. Zabierowski
Teresa S. Zabierowski - 2 months ago
Lucas should go to jail
phase the best hacker in the galaxy
Can't believe by arm wrestling you broke the bed
Little Susu
Little Susu - 2 months ago
Kelsey King
Kelsey King - 3 months ago
yes me
Rea Shiwmangal
Rea Shiwmangal - 3 months ago
Bacon Man
Bacon Man - 3 months ago
ur videos are really Dumb & I oops you die not in the game in REEL LIFE
Patricia mooney
Patricia mooney - 3 months ago
Man United
Ryne Rhone
Ryne Rhone - 3 months ago
KALENA FAAVESI - 3 months ago
Lorena Legarreta
Lorena Legarreta - 3 months ago
You can hear Bebbi the goat at 4:42
Lorena Legarreta
Lorena Legarreta - 3 months ago
If you listen closely at 4:11 it sounds like as if he fartes
Nesrin Souleimam
Nesrin Souleimam - 3 months ago
keepingupwithkatie - 3 months ago
Danny (the other guy at the prison) is Alex older brother💕
Eliana Lozandier
Eliana Lozandier - 2 months ago
@keepingupwithkatie oh his brother thanx
keepingupwithkatie - 2 months ago
Eliana Lozandier alex hassanx is the best friend of cyrus, lucas, marcus, and darius, he has appear in many of their yt videos
Eliana Lozandier
Eliana Lozandier - 2 months ago
Which Alex and is he/she a youtuber
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