I Trapped My Twin Brother in PRISON for 24 Hours!

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Lucas and Marcus
Lucas and Marcus - Month ago
Morena Quaceci
Morena Quaceci - Hour ago
Mercedes Mullins
Mercedes Mullins - Hour ago
I love you all so much I keep on likening every vid!
Skye Harwood
Skye Harwood - 13 hours ago
Yours a the best
Mercedes Mullins
Mercedes Mullins - 23 hours ago
Love u to I wish I could meet u
Jewel Parks
Jewel Parks - 2 days ago
@Willow Hince I love you Granny
Mignelia Guzman
Mignelia Guzman - 2 hours ago
This is a question for Marcus Marcos why won't you put Lucas in jail like he did to you
Dior Brown
Dior Brown - 2 hours ago
I love you guys can you give me a shot out of a iPhone 7
Jazmin Contreras
Jazmin Contreras - 3 hours ago
Marus dober love you
squshies fan
squshies fan - 18 hours ago
Andrzej Lejczak
Andrzej Lejczak - Day ago
Erunii - Day ago
Picjkrnfjk xccccccxxxxxxxxxx. Xxxxxxxt
Gavin Milner
Gavin Milner - Day ago
Hi gabby
elwachin06 - Day ago
Be happy
Santi Mendez
Santi Mendez - Day ago
Can you Do all the family please 😁
Santi Mendez
Santi Mendez - Day ago
Can you please prank your mom and put her in jall please ☺️😂😂😂😀😃😄😁
Deena Joyce
Deena Joyce - Day ago
The inmate did not even do a full push up
Julie Collins
Julie Collins - Day ago
Omg how manny followers for to see you
Speezie 2lettaz
Speezie 2lettaz - 2 days ago
Jail isn’t fun it’s crazy and Bad I’m a big fan 🥰
Francisco Garduno
Francisco Garduno - 2 days ago
Those bars are fake
Enedina Jeronimo
Enedina Jeronimo - 2 days ago
It was gust a toilet seat on the floor
Enedina Jeronimo
Enedina Jeronimo - 2 days ago
That wasn’t even a real toilet
averianna belton
averianna belton - 2 days ago
Alan Joya
Alan Joya - 2 days ago
Gio Torres
Gio Torres - 3 days ago
I am your biggest fan Location and marked
Trinity Buck
Trinity Buck - 3 days ago
It was funny how they both slipped
Norberto Chan
Norberto Chan - 4 days ago
shauna Quinn
shauna Quinn - 4 days ago
Love you so much
Shbd - 4 days ago
Rae’Lynn Brooks
Rae’Lynn Brooks - 4 days ago
We love y’all too 👑👑
Demar Jr Jackson
Demar Jr Jackson - 4 days ago
lucas is a bad brother
Michael Gib
Michael Gib - 4 days ago
ALEAH Howdyshell
ALEAH Howdyshell - 4 days ago
How do I go to jail please tell me please.
ALEAH Howdyshell
ALEAH Howdyshell - 4 days ago
No way why
Enas Mukattash
Enas Mukattash - 4 days ago
Sohail Khan
Sohail Khan - 5 days ago
What did you to do did you rob me or you go to like a coffee do you want us all like a prisoner I played I gave her you’re supposed to go to jail do you have handcuffs on prisoners back does it hurt or something or you get her that our old real haircut but I do you have a do you have fake ones but not in real life are you agree it is like it is there like a bug on you are you in the pros it does feel good dog and put him in jail Who is the other prisoner is your brother I don’t know who he is but yeah you could show me the whole video your toilet or sink is there like a toilet do you have a good thing to watch and he is an injured leg bed to sleep on why do you have to talk to you why do you why do you where are you a prisoner costume like you like us but are you looking to market for kidsOh why are you dying you know why do you read the news of residence feel like I was why are you scared of that Lucas or Marcus
Tyrese Lekay
Tyrese Lekay - 5 days ago
Good prank
Lily Ralph
Lily Ralph - 5 days ago
Are you I love you Carly HD
Taniya Laim
Taniya Laim - 5 days ago
Omg when they were arm wrestling it was so funny because the other dude broke the bed but Marcus was struggling
Abi John
Abi John - 5 days ago
steven duncan
steven duncan - 5 days ago
He deserves that
احمد عباس
احمد عباس - 5 days ago
d d
d d - 5 days ago
You guys are funny
Elizabeth Jenkins
Elizabeth Jenkins - 5 days ago
Elizabeth Jenkins like post video mause Arians grean
Katie Smith
Katie Smith - 6 days ago
I think u did know this guy like if u agree
Katie Smith
Katie Smith - 6 days ago
21 Savage
21 Savage - 6 days ago
Low key funny
Puppy Corns
Puppy Corns - 6 days ago
The person who was in the cell first he looks like buzz light year
carolina tracal
carolina tracal - 6 days ago
I like yor videos😛😉😀
Mercedes Ortega
Mercedes Ortega - 6 days ago
You're crazy
JcB Bonas
JcB Bonas - 6 days ago
Your. The. Best. Twew
Scarlett Jarman
Scarlett Jarman - 6 days ago
you should do your whole house filled with orbize prank
Tiffiney Murphy
Tiffiney Murphy - 7 days ago
It smell stanky in here yo my nostrils burning😂😂😂😂😂
Avery Leonardo
Avery Leonardo - 8 days ago
Hi my name is Avery I I watch all your YouTube video
Isabel Hernandez
Isabel Hernandez - 8 days ago
Lucas needs to go in there😂
Abagail curzon
Abagail curzon - 8 days ago
you guys are the best ever i hope you make lots of fans and ican see you guys be happy with your selfs and i love you all
CuteStKidTv - 9 days ago
Put Lucas in jail
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