Supreme Fast Food Items Challenge

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Donald Bagwell
Donald Bagwell - 3 days ago
Eugene, even in a judge wig, still has the best hair
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wow, awesome
keep sharing them good job
thanks for this
Quizller - 6 days ago
Eugene just sittin there, sad
Sevim Alhassan
Sevim Alhassan - 7 days ago
Congratulations Erika you won a gmm mug
Angelica Elliott
Angelica Elliott - 8 days ago
Eugene would've made the perfect Rhaegar Targaryen.
Jashin V
Jashin V - 8 days ago
Tag yourself I'm Eugene sitting quietly in the back and just watching
Dean Gray
Dean Gray - 10 days ago
is it just me or does it feel like everyone in the comments is doing some serious projecting? like, eugene did almost nothing and people are using their own weird social behaviors to characterize his non-actions. feels really weird to me :/
Marie Schwenzfeier
Marie Schwenzfeier - 10 days ago
I love that Eugene is just sitting there the whole time watching them like “hmm, now which one of these sides is dumber?” 😂
Anjel Ciaravino
Anjel Ciaravino - 10 days ago
Eugene flipping his hair while no one notices is my favourite.
BridlingBelt180 - 11 days ago
Reshiram52 - 13 days ago
Korina Patchet
Korina Patchet - 18 days ago
I want Keith and Link play chubby bunny... Anyone else curious who would win!!?!!
Claudia Torres
Claudia Torres - 18 days ago
Just watched 6, count 6 grown men play with their food....worth it.
Cube the Squid
Cube the Squid - 19 days ago
Annie Taylor
Annie Taylor - 20 days ago
Eugene just doing his own thing. Flipping his wig which is more fabulous than everyone else’s
Ethan Wong
Ethan Wong - 20 days ago
wow, your video is great
that looks nice.
Lve it!
Katelyn Kenney
Katelyn Kenney - 21 day ago
Eugene's quiet hair flips won
Travis 89
Travis 89 - 22 days ago
6:29- that’s what she said- Rhett and Link
kore996 - 24 days ago
Sorry but there was way too many people talking at once in this video. We watch all your videos but couldn’t make it through this one.
Vincent Tavani
Vincent Tavani - 24 days ago
Ángela Gracia
Ángela Gracia - 24 days ago
Is it weird that I find this mouthwatering?
Donald Warnick
Donald Warnick - 24 days ago
Enough already being a horses ass for attention go to the library get a book and be yourself and not a billboard.
yesir75 - 25 days ago
7:35-7:37 Keith.... mmmmmmmm
BananaBread Things
BananaBread Things - 25 days ago
Zach is so thoughtful thinking of Eugene I think when everyone made that comment at the beginning it made him uncomfortable and it’s noticeable throughout the video how he was uncomfortable
Molly - 25 days ago
Zach checking in on Eugene is so adorable. It’s nice to keep to yourself and observe the energy around you sometimes, and it’s especially nice to have a friend check in on you to make sure you’re doing okay.
Claudia Walker
Claudia Walker - 25 days ago
8:05 - 8:17
Eugene trying to fix his hair!
Nick Corneille
Nick Corneille - 26 days ago
Eugene: Wait, is this a competition?
Link: Yeah
Eugene: Oh *prepares for the ultimate battle*
Claudia Walker
Claudia Walker - 25 days ago
Eugene: *remains quiet for the rest of the video*
Josh W
Josh W - 26 days ago
I was expecting overpriced food with a red box logo. Disappointed/10
Dean Rojas
Dean Rojas - 26 days ago
Monse !
Monse ! - 26 days ago
So much going on but Zach checking up on Eugene made this video for me uwu
ForgetNetThrottling - 26 days ago
Chic Fil A is still better
Galadriel - 26 days ago
I like the show a lot more when it’s just Rhett and link
Aries - 27 days ago
Eugene is just feelin that wig haha so adorable
Ya Boi
Ya Boi - 27 days ago
William Girven
William Girven - 27 days ago
Croissants are full of butter...
Nova Bomb
Nova Bomb - 27 days ago
GeNdEr NeUtRaL tErMs PlEaSe. what a joke.
Lee Roy
Lee Roy - 27 days ago
I'm seeing both parties this week!!! I'm so excited!!!
BROgrammer plus
BROgrammer plus - 27 days ago
Eugene: *does nothing*
Everyone: He's so relatable
Me: *does nothing*
Everyone: Are you okay?
Kevyn Carter Music
Kevyn Carter Music - 27 days ago
Eugene is so quiet the whole time lol
Jerica Corbett
Jerica Corbett - 28 days ago
Lmao Zach 8 minutes later : so what’s a win face?
Rock girl
Rock girl - 28 days ago
I love how Eugene is the MVP in this video by just sitting there and watching everyone make crazy stuff.
Mickee Woop-Woop
Mickee Woop-Woop - 28 days ago
Link and Keith are so forward lol... also I feel like Link wants to swaddle Eugene and rock him to sleep lol
Maerin Ha
Maerin Ha - 28 days ago
Eugene feeling himself at 1:08 XD
Trey Sims
Trey Sims - 28 days ago
That is one weird group of guys..
Joanna - 28 days ago
And with that, the legend of the bread puppet is born. All hail fellow leaders of Bread Planet!
Dragon_princ€ - 28 days ago
Eugene’s in the back like I need another 5 cosmos....
Need you now
Need you now - 29 days ago
Eugene in the back is me not doing anything for my group project
Cassie - 29 days ago
keith struggling with the nachos is me struggling in life
Mae Duffee
Mae Duffee - 29 days ago
it's funny...Rhett and Link go from eating worms and pig anus, to making beautiful creations like this. wtf lol
Leopard Bra Brado
Leopard Bra Brado - 29 days ago
Are y’all closet drag?
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