YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind

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Zozo - 26 seconds ago
glitch 1010Q
glitch 1010Q - 26 seconds ago
I actually spit on my phone
Caution. I swing both ways.
Caution. I swing both ways. - 27 seconds ago
This is a REWIND not a MOST LIKED/VIEWED. It was disappointing.
Umair M
Umair M - 27 seconds ago
can this comment get more dislikes then the video?
Ethan Perez
Ethan Perez - 28 seconds ago
Do not only does YouTube create a tier list as a Rewind, but they deploy bots to drown out negative comments. Just what we wanted. Thank you YouTube
Timeless Grass
Timeless Grass - 28 seconds ago
To be honest I’d rather they just stopped doing YouTube rewind instead of disappointing everyone at the end of every year with another crappy rewind.
�lvaro L�pez Ortega
�lvaro L�pez Ortega - 28 seconds ago
I liked for Minecraft
Jhoselin Zapata
Jhoselin Zapata - 28 seconds ago
Me aburrí, viendo los mismos videos, creo que con todo el presupuesto que tienen pueden dar mas que una simple edición, y Latinoamérica ?
FBI Leeroy
FBI Leeroy - 29 seconds ago
Wait isnt this mojo watch?
Eeliac Ynnek
Eeliac Ynnek - 29 seconds ago
This is cool but not a real rewind...
Michael Postlethwaite
Michael Postlethwaite - 30 seconds ago
This was an utter mess
POLAT ALEMDAR - 31 second ago
Enes Batur apimi sona koymuşlar apimi seven beğensin başa gelsin yorum
Tw Ash__
Tw Ash__ - 31 second ago
I'll just Wait For Next Years Rewind
Felipe FF
Felipe FF - 31 second ago
Is loud braba rs
Tomás Costa
Tomás Costa - 31 second ago
YouTube-"in 2018 we made something u didn't like"
Also Youtube-" Let's just make a top 10 and have no work."
I could do better
ayo we got a burger with cheese on it
Atleast i gave attention to the last one this one was just boring and lazy
Roberto Franco
Roberto Franco - 32 seconds ago
Come on, not so bad
Miriam Mile
Miriam Mile - 32 seconds ago
Where are the memes? I haven't seen even a quarter of these videos? Where are the pop culture references? You didn't even say OK Boomer once!!!
Ayss Ay
Ayss Ay - 32 seconds ago
Asin bayraklari gururla TÜRKİYE❤
M11NTY - 32 seconds ago
All i hear is "NUMBER TEN"
B.S.A. Podcast
B.S.A. Podcast - 32 seconds ago
MexicanPanda31 - 32 seconds ago
Guaranteed this is a fake out
Julianna Baker
Julianna Baker - 32 seconds ago
I liked that a lot more YouTubers got recognized but a lot of people are thinking that this is a "lazy" rewind. What if YouTube just made an award ceremony and turned YouTube rewind into that to award the YouTubers for their hard work.
katassocks - 33 seconds ago
i mean its ok
TheKingofTerrorZ - 33 seconds ago
This isn't rewind.
This is Repost
Silvester - 33 seconds ago
**Plot twist**
YouTube made this rewind so bad, so we left a like in the previous one
pacman ang
pacman ang - 33 seconds ago
Alguien que habla español?
Blake Branwen
Blake Branwen - 34 seconds ago
Just look at what you did when your videos did well
KARTUN 7 - 34 seconds ago
2018: 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Niki Niks
Niki Niks - 34 seconds ago
Hey so we heard you didn't like 2018 rewind so.... HERES ANOTHER ONE YOU CAN HATE!
Everyone Everything
Everyone Everything - 35 seconds ago
The laziness is immeasurable :(
Alpha Monster
Alpha Monster - 35 seconds ago
Youtube actually have the balls to put tseries in this video like mr beast and pewdiepie fan be like👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 but at lest pewdiepie wedding and mr Beast made it
R3KTbyHypezz - 35 seconds ago
This is completely in accurate
Pokémon Trainer
Pokémon Trainer - 35 seconds ago
Ankur Dongre
Ankur Dongre - 35 seconds ago
What is wrong with YouTube why the forget about the Indian YouTubers who worked soo hard and some of them have break soo many records. All the care is about PewDiePie... 😒😒
Lazerus - 36 seconds ago
Just because we liked these videos doesn't mean we want them in this Video. this is absolute cringe
Llama S
Llama S - 36 seconds ago
Youtube will blame the budget of youtube rewind 2019 because of coppa
When Trash Streams
When Trash Streams - 36 seconds ago
Why you so mad? Is just a rewind video. I thought it was pretty good! I can just imagine all the people who will see this and be inspired to make their own content! Good job youtube.
xSlashdisc - 36 seconds ago
youtube is doing something different not something we like, Pewds is your turn
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