Who would WANT a Keyboard like this? - Chassepot C1000 Review

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Fired Soldier
Fired Soldier - 4 hours ago
anyone notice the logo for the url shortcut to the ltt store is linus only in undies??
Юрий Небо
Юрий Небо - 22 hours ago
Это Фиаско Братан
XarrotD - Day ago
Why is LTT being sponsored by coffee
Fellow Person
Fellow Person - Day ago
Please forgive me Linus (and company) becuse I always skip your paid advertisements at the beginning of your kids.
costlertrack - 2 days ago
This is so shit 😂😂😂😂
cyandyedcyanide - 2 days ago
It looks like they tried to arrange the home/end/pgup/pgdn keys like arrow keys... but with left and right swapped.
Nick E
Nick E - 2 days ago
French Rifle for Sale, fired little, never seen battle,has been dropped a few times.
Sebfofun - 3 days ago
Okay that french was a nighmare
Anton B
Anton B - 3 days ago
Hearing Linus speak french makes me feel like I'm watching the wrong Linus.
Offensive Touge Squad
Offensive Touge Squad - 4 days ago
rarssourie XD
C42759 - 4 days ago
Asus Claymore solves the problem of number pad, just cause is detachable.
SoulGaming - 4 days ago
Look mom, its a chopping board
Octaq - 4 days ago
When you try to move the photo in your document but *everything* moves
Unknown - 4 days ago
this guys looks like the male version of will byers mom from stranger things
Dracotonis - 4 days ago
Chassepot: We will move the Numpad.
Customers: What will it cost us?
Chassepot: Eeeverythiiiing......
Marisa Ishmael
Marisa Ishmael - 4 days ago
AliK7 - 5 days ago
Why would anyone get this
The Admiral
The Admiral - 5 days ago
With this video's start, I finally found out why there are so many bloody keyboards on sale missing the numpad...
Alin S
Alin S - 5 days ago
Integrated carrying handle, for chucking it off a 10 floor buildings roof!
Lieutenant Dan's Legs
Lieutenant Dan's Legs - 6 days ago
How much will they pay people to use this keyboard? Because there is no other way somebody would actually get this.
Nathan Crouse
Nathan Crouse - 6 days ago
I learned something today, and that's that Linus can speak French
Brian Lanning
Brian Lanning - 6 days ago
What we need now is for 10 different chinese keyboard makers to hijack this awesome idea, then nail the execution and deliver it for half the price. A carry handle? Really? How about real function keys in a line above the number keys? What a missed opportunity. I won't even get into rearranging the keys. That practically guarantees this product's early death.
SH00TZ - 6 days ago
lolzgaming11 - 7 days ago
I dont need a new psu no thank you.
Anemathis - 7 days ago
What a design tragedy... I can't even fathom what those "engineers" where thinking!
Metal Videos
Metal Videos - 7 days ago
i have NEVER missed the numbpad. i am glad that i got rid of it. useless buttons if you dont do accounting work or what not. i have my number keys on the top of my keyboard as well. does the same thing.
Thomas Lukins
Thomas Lukins - 7 days ago
I Ike it’s weirdness !!
Aure - 7 days ago
Putain, il a parlé en français.
Jonah St-François
Jonah St-François - 7 days ago
This keyboard is literally a nightmare. I've had nightmares that look exactly like that keyboard.
Cyn Hicks
Cyn Hicks - 7 days ago
Small oleds displaying whatever has been programmed would be the future. Accept it wasn't.
Cyn Hicks
Cyn Hicks - 5 days ago
@educational_oven π Lol...I was kidding. You were right.
educational_oven π
educational_oven π - 5 days ago
@Cyn Hicks my bad
Cyn Hicks
Cyn Hicks - 5 days ago
@educational_oven π No, I actually meant accept it wasn't.
educational_oven π
educational_oven π - 5 days ago
James M
James M - 7 days ago
sam 123
sam 123 - 7 days ago
Just for information, the correct form of the french sentence is: sacré bleu chassepot, pourquoi m’envoie tu cela sachant que les raccourci ne fonctionne pas. 🙃
Michael_ Garcia_vlogs
Michael_ Garcia_vlogs - 7 days ago
Just buy 2 keyboards
GuvernorDave - 7 days ago
"so thanks for watching guys CYA"
Carl Vedin
Carl Vedin - 7 days ago
plug in a external keypad.
imgaylolxd - 7 days ago
wait what shift is supposed to be a neighbor of z?
Jeudy Guzman Hernandez
Jeudy Guzman Hernandez - 7 days ago
Do not say bad words.
Charlie Vaux
Charlie Vaux - 7 days ago
my guys with the dragon alls
Marcelo Velarde
Marcelo Velarde - 7 days ago
This proves that human doesn’t like new things and just want the same that he gets used to...
InsanityWithVelocity - 7 days ago
Tony Zhu
Tony Zhu - 8 days ago
Repeating at 2:55. Excellent.
Alex Nelson
Alex Nelson - 8 days ago
I feel like it would just be easier to have a keyboard with a detachable numpad
Ignatiaus - 5 days ago
Alex Nelson shut up and take my money!
David ds
David ds - 8 days ago
What a dramatic keyboard, maybe i would bring this home when im drunk, a very unpleasant surprise when seeing that on the dek next morning ''What have i done...NoooOOOOO"
variabl3 - 8 days ago
Who the hell taught that guy how to shotgun a ... coffee? Oh, Linus.
sageosaka - 8 days ago
Ltt is the only channel that I'm 100% ok with (even encourage) seeing as many shills and ads in.
Orion Wilson
Orion Wilson - 8 days ago
I can't believe you had him shotgun a coffee INSIDE YOUR HOUSE
Thedoctor133 - 9 days ago
I thought that most gamers who used arrow keys were left handed, thus this design disadvantaging itself in that realm as well by mushing the arrow keys in the bottom left corner when the right corner would have been better.
I - 9 days ago
Ill admit that up arrow button is a bit stupid but in sweden we already have a button there for < > | so I would be used to not clicking it.
Octavius Alpharius
Octavius Alpharius - 7 days ago
same, on other EU keyboards we have \ or | there, and to me if the company is french that makes more sense in their layout
vasllz - 10 days ago
damn your french mean nothing
Ben Rajan
Ben Rajan - 10 days ago
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
Dee Gordel
Dee Gordel - 10 days ago
I`m the gamer!!!
I`m the gamer!!! - 10 days ago
Pro101 - 11 days ago
You should do a review on the Razer Viper
AB SinTeta
AB SinTeta - 11 days ago
we all know who wants that keyboard
harris ng
harris ng - 11 days ago
Do this https://youtu.be/Mu7yk-bP6pw but in ultimate version
alexdrizly - 11 days ago
When you are a gun nut and Linus notes that the name is the same as a French Rifle
Marshall Patrick
Marshall Patrick - 11 days ago
I'll stick with my corsair k70
nutiketgotc - 11 days ago
Finally a classic needlefire mechanism for your keyboard. @forgottenweapons
haithem falfoul
haithem falfoul - 11 days ago
please linus....... that wasn't french !!!!!!
Flop Ysh
Flop Ysh - 11 days ago
j'ai compris les "rats de souris" et au lieu de "raccourcis" :D
I've heard the "rats of mouse" instead of "shortcuts" :D
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