DOCTOR SLEEP - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

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AszHat - 3 hours ago
i've never had so much goosbumps in my life
fox fox
fox fox - 3 hours ago
lank - 4 hours ago
why is no one talking about how GOOD that score at 1:38 is!!
GoodMachines - 15 hours ago
The long awaited sequel to Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.

I guess Stephen King will hate this one too.
Alexei - Day ago
Who else got chills when the shining theme started at the end
Penny wise
Penny wise - 2 days ago
Here's johny !
Old Heathen
Old Heathen - 2 days ago
Why did I think the girl was blonde originally? I'm thinking the book but it seems so vivid in my memory ~ like I saw it.
drjameselliott - 2 days ago
Thank god Flannigan rewrote the Akiva Goldsman script.
if you subscribe I can feed myself
The shining music at the end got me so hyped
Jamal - 2 days ago
Hits Replay Button*
Joel Ugalde
Joel Ugalde - 2 days ago
Stephen king, please be with this production so it won’t screw this sequel up 🙏🏻
OpusFN - 2 days ago
Wait so it’s a remake from the 1980s
Andy Z
Andy Z - 3 days ago
Been waiting for this. Its on.
Daniel A Arroyo
Daniel A Arroyo - 3 days ago
Me:sees dairy in a Stephen King book adaptation* aw shIT here we go again
Motown Madmann
Motown Madmann - 3 days ago
if this is anything close to the book then this will be an awesome movie. lets how it doesnt stray to far off.
Adrián S. Rangel
Adrián S. Rangel - 3 days ago
2:25 There you are
Jamal - 3 days ago
OOOoooo im definitely seeing this in theaters!!!!!!!!!!! Red Rum!!!!!!!!!! i prefer red wine tho
Jon Paradero
Jon Paradero - 3 days ago
0:00-0:03 really? All that's missing is a cyborg droid general with four arms.
M&M M - 3 days ago
I bet It won't be even half as good as original shining. But still hope I'm wrong.
Patrick Oliver
Patrick Oliver - 4 days ago
Anyone wanting Jack back note - hes been inactive since 2010 and is 82 years old the guy is done with acting
Sugar Shark
Sugar Shark - 4 days ago
Farm Dairy.... 1:42
sweetcinnamonpnchkin - 4 days ago
Got chills when the original theme started to play again
SimeonDoesStuff BG
SimeonDoesStuff BG - 4 days ago
NGL when I saw this trailer in the Cinema I thought it was an adaptation of The shining for like a few seconds before Obi Wan started talking about the experiences he had during the events of The Shining.(I am not very familiar with Stephen King‘s bibliography if you couldn’t tell)
Jinwoo Sung
Jinwoo Sung - 4 days ago
10/10 :)
Daniel Christopher
Daniel Christopher - 4 days ago
One question... why?
rbbt o
rbbt o - 4 days ago
Kinda tired of directors saturating their films in green and orange hues. Please call an end to this trend.
Ric Marina
Ric Marina - 5 days ago
ugly demonic monsters shows up threatening Ewan's character
Ewan: Hello There
ugly demonic monsters: General Kenob
Alex McDowell
Alex McDowell - 5 days ago
I'm so sick of this sjw trash the new Ghostbusters Captain marvel oceans 8 it's all garbage stop stealing male-dominated movies . SJW limp wrists are too stupid to come up with your own movies you just have to steal male movies and replace them with females and they all have been flops let's just replace Danny with a little black girl in it's okay no it's garbage just like this f****** movie will be
Elias Schlüter
Elias Schlüter - 5 days ago
This will 100% fucking ruin the originals legacy. I am so pissed of. I swear to god if this turns out like some cliche annabelle/the nun bullshit of a film. It wont be able to live up to the original. This is just greedy. Money talks bullshit walks.
Yuki Taiyo
Yuki Taiyo - 5 days ago
J'ai lu le bouquin ^^ J'espère qu'il sera aussi bien : ) Et j'espère qu'ils feront aussi les bouquin le talisman des territoires ^^ (je suis fan de ces livre )
Joseph Fago Music
Joseph Fago Music - 5 days ago
Does Johnny identify as a male in this picture?
Vaultboy101 - 5 days ago
How did Danny grow up to have blue eyes when they were brown in The Shining? Hollywood is so fucking lazy they cant even get the simple details right.
Vaultboy101 - 5 days ago
Why, why, why, why, why oh why would you make a direct sequel to one of Stanley Kubrick's greatest films? Way to set yourself up for a massive failure.
PurpleColonel - 5 days ago
Ok I was worried this was going to be some kind of sequel to the crap shining. Thank god.
J Bro
J Bro - 5 days ago
If they can digitally insert a young Carrie Fisher into Rogue One then they can do the same with Jack Nicholson in this. C'mon. It's not that hard.
Voltfestar Wanniang
Voltfestar Wanniang - 5 days ago
No beers and Xbox makes homeboy go crazy
j pun
j pun - 5 days ago
Watch this and Doctor Sleep will make more sense
Vikram Mulligan
Vikram Mulligan - 5 days ago
Apparently they didn't learn the lesson of "2010: The Year We Make Contact". Don't make a sequel to a Kubrick film. You might as well make "Casablanca II: The Beautiful Friendship".
Marc C.
Marc C. - 5 days ago
Haven't read the book, but I can only assume this cult hunting for the "Shine" in specific children are Can-Toi or somehow connected to the Man in Black or the Crimson King?
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon - 5 days ago
This looks so bad lmao
O Williams
O Williams - 6 days ago
I gotta say, I was a 100% down to see this until I saw the trailer. This is clearly a shallow attempt to copy Kubrick's style from The Shining. The director who made this, Mike Flanagan, has made other fine films. It's a shame he didn't try to do his own thing this time.
Funnypenguin18 - 6 days ago
What's the name of the song playing. I know I've heard it before
Aaron Florian
Aaron Florian - 6 days ago
They seriously copied the shining. The theme, the door, redrum, everything. Disgraceful
Kranker Spast
Kranker Spast - 6 days ago
They didn't copy it. The story is something completely different. These are homages to shining and are only described in the first 5 pages of the book to remind you what happened. As shown in this trailer.
Joe Schook
Joe Schook - 6 days ago
Black girl cast as a character described as a white girl in the Original source material. Thought Hollywood was "whitewashing" everything, seems it's black washing these days.
Samuel Barber
Samuel Barber - 6 days ago
Stephen King extended universe
_ Deathb4Surrender _
_ Deathb4Surrender _ - 6 days ago
All he’s gotta do is get the high ground 🤷🏽‍♂️
jim lyon
jim lyon - 6 days ago
J'sens arriver le truc pourri qui va faire bien pale face à "the shinning".
N'est pas Kubrick qui veut.
I feel the rotten thing that will be very bland face to "the shining".
Is not Kubrick who wants.
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones - 6 days ago
The book was pretty good
Alugab Nofuente
Alugab Nofuente - 6 days ago
anyone still remember "Ready Player One" There is the clue of the trailer that we didnt know that was the official trailer xd #Epic #Trailer
Fenris Wolf
Fenris Wolf - 6 days ago
Austin C. Pruett
Austin C. Pruett - 6 days ago
I guess we’re doomed to just keep dragging perfect movies thru the cash grab grinder until the entire cannon of cinema is destroyed.
junaidi hermawan
junaidi hermawan - 6 days ago
Obi wan kenobi to the dark side
MasterZM10 - 6 days ago
Stanley Kubrick’s “THE SHINING” is pure art. This just looks like simply a movie, makes me sad. The shining stands alone, perfect story as is
Kranker Spast
Kranker Spast - 6 days ago
This does not count for the book, which is just as good.
Kevin Quattlebaum
Kevin Quattlebaum - 6 days ago
I hope this at least compares with the book
Jonathan Battou
Jonathan Battou - 6 days ago
2:24 audio inspired by Friday the 13th: Jason Lives 💪🏻 sounds identical
Bradon Hassell
Bradon Hassell - 2 days ago
Or watch the shining. That's part of the main theme.
Wook Sound
Wook Sound - 6 days ago
Nice single piano note bro
2000 Subs With Only Good Comments And No Vids
Hmm, this comes out on my birthday... Maybe i have some shine in me after all
Bill Rogers
Bill Rogers - 7 days ago
Please be good please be good please be good
Mark B-Bing
Mark B-Bing - 7 days ago
Directed by Mike Flanagan? you guys just want to let the original masterpiece rest and not involve this untalented hacks in this shit?
Joe Whitehead
Joe Whitehead - 6 days ago
Mark B-Bing How do you know this director is untalented?
JC - 7 days ago
It’s gonna be poo and part of you all know it.
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